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Curia (Officers' Business Meetings -- But everyone is welcome!!!)

Curia* meetings are business meetings for the Officers and populace of the Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr, to get together for discussions regarding the activities and planning of the Barony. Our bylaws define the Barony's Curia as "Those people in attendance at a Baronial business meeting". Don't be surprised, though, if you hear people speaking shorthand, using "Curia" to mean what is technically a "meeting of the Curia". Nowadays, any member of CAM's populace who attends the meeting may vote at these meetings, and frequently, everyone in attendance at a meeting of the Curia is asked to discuss and show their opinion on many matters.

In CAM, business meetings are pretty much comprised of officers' reports and discussions of plans and property; they're not combined with other activities, though sometimes *after*, some people like to go someplace for food and more socializing. Where usually depends on the taste of individuals who want to go, and what is near where we met. People usually go together, but have split up to hit different venues (and menus) once or twice. [Side-note: When we meet at Brookfield Library, a common venue for "afters" is Kopp's Frozen Custard.]

* Historical note: CAM copied the Middle Kingdom's use of the term "Curia" for referring to its governing body of officers, some time after it formed as part of that kingdom. See this page for some definitions of the word, to see why the Mid and CAM co-opted it for such use.

Click here to check the Events & activities page for dates and locations of upcoming Curia meetings.

Directions & Map(s)

Brookfield Public Library
University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee (UWM) Student Union
William Wehr Physics building
Greenfield Park

Meeting Notes


In Attendance: Abelard, Arnbjorn, Deonysia, Sofonisba, Geoffrey, Armand, Asabella, Adriana, Sibillia, Rachel, Arthur

Officer Reports:
Baron & Baroness: There's an event this weekend. People have offered crash space. Still looking for people to help with lunch at Coronation. Looking for items for gift baskets for Their (new) Excellencies Windhaven and Their (new) Majesties (when they step up). Adriana might have something, also ask the students.
Seneschal: Stepping down in June, will be succeeded by Tatiana. Has received more email from Kingdom Seneschal requesting that groups put in bids for Crowns and Coronations.
Chronicler: Articles are due next Monday, 3/26. Looking especially for parody articles. Read the Tower!
Web: Please send in suggestions for the new website.
MOAS: We have arts and sciences. Socks, sweaters, and stamps were all projects at the last fighter's practice. Everyone should participate in the largesse derby at Coronation. Children's gifts, toys, circlets, tokens, 'masculine items', .... check out the facebook group on the topic. Annetje is the new Kingdom MOAS, and will also be made a Laurel at Coronation.
Knight's Marshal: Come to practice! We had 16 people at practice last week - more people should come and fight! Two newish fighters were there and learning... retired fighters can also come and teach!
Archery: Wednesday nights at West Town Archery. Switching from King's Shoot to Winter Shoot. Rapier: One of the new people is a blacksmith, and he wants to play. Need to remind certain MITs to report, or else they'll lose their standing. No injuries this quarter!
Youth: There's a new Kingdom Youth Boffer Marshal (technically KYACM) and he's cracking the whip. More to follow, including new handbooks and changes! Also, bring your kids!
Thrown Weapons: On hiatus until May.
Chatelaine: Newcomers are out and about - don't stab them! And don't scare them! And use their chosen pronouns! Adriana is putting together a Chatelaine binder with helpful things like an intro to rapier and an intro to heavy fighting. Will someone please write such things? Also, with the influx of more barbarians, still need more pants. Thanks to those who have already donated pants!
Exchequer: Stuff to sign. Need to get the deputy paperwork signed as well. Note: Please make arrangements for event funds in advance of the event. Need to hand money off for this weekend's event - need someone to do the cash handoff before and after. Rachel will pick up the cash from Asabella before the event, then bring it back to Asabella afterwards. Arthur will meet with Asabella to reconcile. Need him to have a review of the books before third quarter. (It'll be different than last time, might take as long as three hours.) Need to have Seneschal, Exchequer, and Deputy present.
Quartermaster: Everything's locked up.
Herald: Nothing to report - side note, congratulations to Katie on her Award of Arms and to Serena on her Black Flame!

Old Business:
Custom Trim: Color correction will happen. Need to get new stuff. We should also get patches!
Boar's Head: We still have a month before bids are due. We should get someone new to serve as autocrat and feastocrat, not just the same five people (assuming that last year's crats don't want to do it again, but they totally can put in a bid...). Adriana would like to be deputy or co-autocrat, if someone experienced will do it with her. (Geoffrey will co-autocrat with Adriana if nobody else does.) What about doing dancing and light fare (stew/bread? Dessert revel?) instead of a feast? We had 68 people last time. Is it worth the effort? Most of the people who stay for feast are either new or old. Let's put this out on the CAM list, maybe on the Northshield Hall. Survey? (We did a survey a few years ago - Abelard has the results.) If we do a survey, maybe phrase it as 'since this is the 40th, we want to make it the best it can be...'. Can we revive the Outback feast for 75 people and sell it out? Suggestion: Boozehead, hosted by Geoffrey and Armand.
Lunch at Coronation: Sybillia, Tatiana will pre-help, Rachel, Arnbjorn will help day-of.
Border Skirmish: We have insurance! We have a site! Adriana volunteered to be A&S coordinator, with Deonysia as backup. Will have a period encampment (hosted by Deonysia), possibly with judging. Invitations have gone out. Someday we'll also have a demo/walkthrough/tours!
Heralds & Scribes: Is this weekend. Attend! Changed some classrooms, Laurel Queen of Arms is coming, can't park on 16th street, parking is available on 12th, 14th, 18th-25th, and in the parking structure.
Bylaws: A motion was made to accept the following changes (loosely defined here, actual text to come): Change 'financial committee meeting may be held concurrently with Baronial Curia meeting'. (They *can* meet separately, but they don't have to.) Reorder officers lists to be alphabetical. Include Asabella's other recommended changes. Motion was approved and voted, and passed.

Guilds and Groups:
See last month, except:
Woodworking Guild: Starting in April on Tuesdays.
UWM Students: Still meeting (but on Spring Break right now). They still want classes. Talk to Winifrede.
Dance: Many of our dancers will be teaching at the Dance Seminar April 28.


In Attendance:Abelard, Ysolt, Armond, Sofonisba, Tatiana, Geoffrey, Arnbjorn, Rachel, Asabella, Rhys, Arthur, Sibillia

Officer Reports:
Baron & Baroness:No words of wisdom. Tatiana was going to help with the lunch for Coronation on April 14 and now can't, so we need new volunteers. See below for more.
Seneschal: Office is open - letters were due Feb 13th. One applicant: Tatiana. Since there was only one applicant we voted to bypass the rest of the procedure and vote. Vote passed. Tatiana will be the new seneschal in June. April 17th is the due date for bids for Boar's Head 2018. Background checks will now require the permission of the Kingdom Seneschal - if you need a background check done, contact the Kingdom Seneschal. The official bullying policy is being worked on by the BOD, but so far it amounts to 'keep records and documentation in writing.' Can't kick someone off-site for bullying or harassment yet.
Chronicler: Reports and articles due Feb 26. Bylaws will be printed in the March issue.
Web: Gathering requirements. Met with the Baroness. Send ideas to webminister.
MOAS: We still have Arts and still have Sciences. We had a good representation at Kingdom A&S. Met once in January, but nobody except the MOAS came. So, new policy re: project days - MOAS requests an RSVP. Working on setting up a project day in March. Asabella made a dress!
Knights Marshal: New fighter moved here from Cleftlands and is adapting well!
Archery: We continue to shoot. No injuries. Wrapping up the King's Shoot. Winter Archery Clinic is the same weekend as Heralds And Scribes.
Rapier: Still having practice. Lots of people are currently out due to injuries and illness. Albrecht will be in charge on Feb 22.
Also, will only bring a minumum of loaner gear to practices now unless specifically requested to do otherwise.
Youth: Upcoming events are Munchkin Madness, maybe Border Skirmish, maybe WW, and Northern Realms War. Not in that order. Bring kids to practice, Thursday nights from 7-9.
Thrown Weapons: Sunday March 4 at 2 PM at Jara.
Chatelaine: One new student. The UWM students would like to request instructors to teach at their Wednesday night meetings.
Exchequer: Turned in year end report mostly on time. (Needed a signature.) Sent check to Washington County Fair Park to reserve Boar's Head. Storage locker is paid through May; we should reimburse Armond $70.47. Moved to reimburse, voted, approved. Should we pay the storage locker for a full year? Moved that we do, voted, passed. Yes, we should. Also, Exchequer office is open. One LOI from Arthur (see last month's notes). Since there was only one applicant we voted to bypass the rest of the procedure and vote. Vote passed. Arthur is the new Exchequer and will step up in April. Asabella will remain as deputy.
Quartermaster: Office is open. Armond offered to extend his office for a year. Moved to accept him in that position, voted, passed.
Herald: Wants to get little white boards to help people design new devices. Will also check into which Baronial awards have been registered with Society.

Old Business:
Custom Trim: Taking names to see who wants trim. Talked to Drixt - he has ordered the sample. Have tentatively ordered 500 meters. Money will be due in April or May or whenever it gets here.
Bar for after fighting: Still haven't found one (but there is Real Chili). Maybe we can do social practice on the first Wednesday of the month after UWM's student meeting? Will ask the students.
Boar's Head: Need autocrats by April Curia.
Coronation lunch: Rachel, Sybillia, Arnbjorn can help on the day of. Tatiana can pre-cook and prep in advance. Sofonisba is still in charge.
Border Skirmish: Need to sign the rental contract and get the deposit. Need someone to do A&S. Will get the insurance things from Society shortly, including Equestrian. When she has all the info, will email Excheqer. Half down as a deposit. (Note, she got the signatures and check before the end of the meeting tonight.)
Boar's Head 2018: Signed the check to hold the date.
Heralds and Scribes: No updates available.

Guilds and Groups:
See last month, except:
Woodworking Guild: Shop (at Armond's) is open. The guild will start meeting next month.
Dance: A few of our people are teaching at the Northshield Dance Seminar April 28.
Brewing and Vinting: Some taste-testing has been happening at Randall's on shop nights (after shop usage, of course).

Northshield Auction: The Northshield Auction is underway for another week. Bid!
WW: Let the autocrats know what you think of the current site! Talk about it on the WW facebook page.


In Attendance:Abelard, Ysolt, Winifrede, Geoffrey, Asabella, Arnbjorn, Armand, Sofonisba, Serena, Sibillia

Officer Reports:
Baron & Baroness:Yule Court this weekend!
Seneschal: Please submit award recommendations to Their Majesties and Their Excellencies! (Too late for Yule Court, but submit for Border Skirmish!) Melrakki was knighted this past weekend and the look of 'deer in the headlights' was great - when they called him up he was completely in shock. Office of Seneschal is open - send in Letters of Intent. Now is a good time to learn...
Chronicler: Last month's redesign of the Tower is a big hit. Articles are due Monday, January 22. In researching the history of Boar's Head for the last Tower, discovered that this past Boar's Head wasn't actually the 40th - we've missed one or two, so it was either #38 or #39. Next year we can do Boar's Head 40 again!
Webminister: Gathering requirements for the website redesign. Let her know if you have any ideas. There's a survey. Looking for anything from 'I like this' to 'change this thing'. Will be at Yule Court. Also, Winifrede received her AoA at 12th Night. Vivant!
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Pretty quiet for December. Checked with the Kingdom MOAS: If someone gets injured during A&S there's no additional paperwork. Wednesday night (1/17) project night at UWM starting at 5:30.
Knights Marshal: One applicant for the position. Since there is only one applicant, and she meets the requirements and approval of the Curia, we moved that we bypass the rest of the process and approve her. Voted, approved. Ysolt will be the new Knights Marshal - officer changeover at Yule Moot.
Youth: We have loaner stuff. Bring kids to practice! There will be youth boffer at Haire Affair in February. There will be a new youth event (Munchkin Mayhem) in June in Windhaven.
Thrown Weapons: Jara is hosting thrown weapons practice January 21 and 28 after archery ends. Locally we are on hiatus until Spring.
Chatelaine: Gold Key is looking for pants. C&I West will make pants at the next gathering.
Exchequer: Doing a lot of paperwork. Re-signing the paperwork that the bank made a mistake with. Office is open, with one applicant. We will vote on the new applicant at next Curia. Asabella will stay on as deputy.
Quartermaster: Trailer is out of the yard and at the public storage facility. We've paid for storage through February and need to pay (expected ~$75) to get through May, at which point we hope to merge the account for the trailer and the account for the locker into one account and pay them together. (May is when the locker contract gets renewed.) We moved, voted, and approved the cost, but aren't sure yet what the cost will be; Armand will have that amount by Saturday and we will cut the check then.
Herald: Beatrice is Serena's deputy. Physical change of officer form has been passed around.

Old Business:
Custom Trim: We have been discussing this on the Facebook page and the email list - Drixt is offering custom trim at roughly $900-950 for 500 meters or $1600-1675 for 1000 meters. It's a lot of trim, but we can probably sell it over time. We will discuss it more at Yule Court. It will be at least six months before delivery, maybe nine. If we can commit to half of the 500 meters, it would be worth it. Base price is between $1.80-$1.90. We should sell it at $2.50-$3.00 per yard. Maybe set it up as a kickstarter to keep track of requests?
Student Meeting at Bar: The students would like to be able to meet after fighter's practice too, but they can't get into bars. We've tried Annex, Sobelmans, Conways, Miss Katie's. Keep looking!
Border Skirmish: Estimated budget - site fee for the weekend: $25 ($20 for members), one day: $20 ($15 for members). To board a horse for the weekend: $20, to board a horse for a day: $10. (Need to pre-reg horses, and bring proof of vaccinations.) Waiting for a lease from the site. Cost will be $1250 - not sure if we pay half that in advance or the whole thing. Hoping to have Helga Ball again. Current site schedule: Arrive at 2 PM Thursday, Troll open from 4-10. Friday Troll from 7am-10pm. Saturday Troll from 7-am-Noon. Site closes Sunday. Ravenslake counterpart is communicating. Midrealm wants this to be a rapier war practice, so we need to rally the Northshield rapier troops. Will discuss this as a possible Princess' Sleeve location when we have a new Princess in April.
Autocrats for Boar's Head 2018: Nobody yet. We need one! Last year we secured the contract in February. Boar's head probably December 1. Seneschal will bring the contract to Curia.
Lunch at Spring Coronation: They have everything Sofonisba needs. She's planning a lunch similar to Boar's Head: soup, side veggies, eggs, apples, cookies. Main course will be gyros. All food will be prepared in advance and served out of nescoes.
Heralds and Scribes: Would like a check for $300 ($250 for site, $50 for incidentals) and contract. (We moved, voted, and approved this expenditure.) Charging $5 per person to get in. Currently have 7 heraldry classes, 8-10 scribal classes, more coming. Has made arrangements to see 'real things' at the library and museum. Bring your favorite scrolls and images for a slideshow. Note, "Site fee is not consent." - Arnbjorn.

New Business:
Bylaws Meeting: Bylaws will be published in the March Tower, after which we will have a meeting to discuss possible changes.
New Northshield Online Auction: Is starting. Please send items for auction to Tatiana.

Guilds and Groups:
(Nothing to report)


In Attendance:Abelard, Arnbjorn, Winifrede, Geoffrey, Eva, Albrecht, Rhys, Sofonisba, Asabella, Armond, Arthur, Sibillia, Adriana, Mysie

Officer Reports:
Baron and Baroness:Happy Holidays! Boar's Head was good. Lighter in attendance than we expected, but good. People had a good time. Ran into Drix (Calontir Trim), who suggested that the Barony invest in custom Baronial trim; the minimum order is something like $1000, but if we pool our resources... Her Excellency will post something on the CAM list and Facebook pages to discuss. (This has been suggested previously.)
Seneschal: Send in letters of recommendation for awards for both the Kingdom and Baronial level. We just had an event - did you see somebody doing something cool? Write them in! Yule Moot is also next month...
Chronicler: Deadline for articles is next Tuesday, December 26. Chronicler has purchased Microsoft Publisher, so the Tower will receive a facelift in 2018 as well - fitting for its 40th year! Chronicler has all 40 years of historical issues except for about 12 issues. (Digital back to 2005, paper before that.) We can't just post digitized copies of the paper issues because of usage rights (authors and artists gave rights to content for paper format, but not for electronic format). Arnbjorn intends to re-publish some of the articles this year. Also, maybe Winifrede will make an index to the electronic copies and update the artisan's library using that artwork. And, maybe scan the paper issues to a digital format so that they can be preserved.
Webminister: Updating calendar, officers pages, and help wanted. Officially starting the redesign, so let her know what changes or new things you would like to see.
Minister of Arts & Sciences: People have been arting. Nobody has died from A&S that we know of. Next Project Day will be at UWM on January 17 from 5-10 PM.
Knights Marshal: Letters of intent for the office are due. No one has stayed dead. Attendance has been light. January 11 will be sponsored by Sofonisba for her birthday. February 8 will be sponsored by Albrecht and Eva (pd). March 8 will be sponsored by Mysie and Dahrien. April 12 will be sponsored by Sigrid (pd). We are having practice this week (12/21) but not next week (12/28).
Archery: Practice continues on Wednesdays at West Town Archery. His Majesty has a new challenge that they will be shooting - a twist on the Nordskein shoot. All of the regular archers are now Aquilas.
Rapier: Attendance has been stagnant. Valentin came to gauge interest in Cut & Thrust, which he expects to offer at a separate practice. Nobody has died, no injuries.
Youth: Practice will be Thursday nights from 7-9 (rather than until 10). Austin - one of our regular boffer fighters - won both tournaments at Boar's Head.
Thrown Weapons: Focusing on snowballs. Otherwise, group is on hiatus until Spring.
Note from the Clerk of the Roster: We are cleaning out the databases to remove expired authorizations. Once this is done, we will ask all fighters to check their profiles.
Chatelaine: Had several people whose first event was Boar's Head, and they will be coming back. New people in general have been sticking around. Still looking for pants to add to the gold key.
Exchequer: Removed old Kingdom Exchequer from bank forms, adding new Kingdom Exchequer. Office is open. Has one letter of intent - they are due in October. Jean found some old records, but we only need to keep seven years of records so he can (and should) destroy them.
Quartermaster: Everything has been washed, thanks to Amadon. The trailer will go back to the shed this month. We lost a few glass bowls but can survive. Side note: need to add storage locker parking space to the budget.
Herald: Has been going through the materials now that Boar's Head is done. The tabards are missing - we think Idonia has them. Deonysia's device has been re-blazoned. Intend to get the Baronial award names and devices registered. Also, does anyone object to combining the Baronial Arts and Baronial Sciences awards (Flaming Swan?)

Old Business:
Boar's Head: We had a post-mortem. Still getting final numbers finalized. Prelim event report says that between gate and feast we did okay. (Thanks to Hamish for saving us money on feast!) Suggestions for food for next year: more gluten-free options. Need a better place for feast table signup. Round of applause for Rhys! Round of applause for Beatrice and Winifred! We were out by 10:30. Thanks for everyone - including the students - who did everything and helped all day. Students also had a profitable lunch, which was delicious. If we can, we should request the same bar crew. Congratulations to the people who received awards! The only complaint Jean heard about the limited fighting was from the fighters who worked with the kids, who agreed that they preferred working with the kids over fighting in the last tournament. We made money. We estimate 68 people at feast - the Troll table needs to better track how many feast tickets are sold. (Shouldn't have to count the tickets later to do the math.) Budgeted conservatively for site and feast - had budgeted for 325 people, saw 295 paid adults with a total headcount through the door ~350 (including children, royalty, and merchants). Flowers were donated, we did not print a site flyer, spent money on ads and site tokens. Need to post a general schedule in multiple places. Need to distribute menu and ingredients somewhere. (These were actually at gate.) Request signs which indicate that the feast area will be used as populace space during the day but will need to be cleared later in the day - this will avoid surprises later. Should make a laminated map of site so we can mark it up in advance. Should officially offer merchant setup on Friday afternoon (1-3PM?) for merchants who are already in town. Need to find or create a stamp for 'payable to' for checks. Bring this to Curia. Since Troll/gate was against the wall this year (so signs can be posted behind it), consider moving it so the line doesn't block the entrance to the building. Should use a tripod to hold poster boards for signage. Need to make the feast sign-up sheet available sooner in the day. Should offer more vegan/vegetarian options for lunch. Shouldn't put onion in everything. Hanging some banners from the ceiling is worth it (helps with volume). Address issues directly to autocrats throughout the day. Need multiple autocrats for overlap of duties. Reducing fighting might have reduced attendance, but impossible to say for sure. Moving Princess's Sleeve meant that some people had to choose between two events. Lots of Midrealm people went to an event there instead of visiting us. Lots of people stayed home sick. There was some grumbling about the shortened fighting, we anticipated it. Since people didn't scale/ration/throttle their fighting they used up their energy faster. Fighters had a chance to wind down and get clean before court. Overall, ending combat early was not a total disaster. Need to designate a site herald who will address all four corners of the big room, the classroom, and the hallway. Maybe the site has a PA system? The response to the tape was positive. (Note: three rolls of gaffer tape from American Science & Surplus.) The list fields seemed to be about the right sizes and shapes. The location of the boffer field didn't seem to matter, crowd-wise; from the traffic flow it might make more sense to move it back to the center of the room. Having a dedicated bardic area was liked. People used the galleries as observation and camera camps. The combined heavy/youth list table locations worked. We were surprised to find that the list ropes were in a black plastic garbage bag. Ideally they should be in the Rubbermaid tubs or maybe a canvas bag; failing that, a not-black plastic bag (preferably one that's clear). Dancing went very well; Belle reported that we had three sets of Black Nag. Once upon a time we had feast before court - maybe revisit that? Ideally we would get TRM's schedule sooner in advance. Feast seemed to go smoothly as a served feast (rather than buffet) - hot food was hot, cold food was cold. The menu looked more exotic than it was, but it wasn't particularly exotic. Some households don't seem to get to feast as a general rule. Heard a comment: "This feast was as good as Cooks and Bards". Almost all of the Northshield food people from our side of the Kingdom were in the kitchen. How do we sell more feast? The low feast/high feast was sort of a flop. The puddings were a success because of cheese (specifically, gouda). Almost nothing came back on the plates except beans, which indicates success. Why are we doing a feast of such magnitude for so few people? When was the last time we sold out feast? Having someone assigned to publicity and social media posts might help with attendance, feast sales, pre-reg, etc. It's something that Nordskogen Twelfth Night is doing well, and we didn't.
Boar's Head 2018: Do we have an autocrat yet? No.
Border Skirmish 2018: We're on the calendar. Will receive the contract in January and will get it signed ASAP. Looking for staff - contact Sibillia. We will be starting on Thursday this year so that the fields can be open on Friday morning. We'll have prestige tournaments on Friday afternoon, torchlight at night. Saturday will be melee and war practice. Troll will open at 5 PM Thursday. Encourage that Sibillia publish the 'cheddar wall' slogans. (Not re-printed here lest we offend someone.) Suggestion: Baroness' Wine and Cheese Party to go along with that, as well as a cheese making competition. Planning is proceeding apace.

New Business:
Tax Motion: The Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr shall adopt the following ongoing policy: The Barony will make an annual donation ("pay taxes") to the Kingdom of Northshield, to be applied to the general find. The donation amount should be determined at the January Curia based on the previous year's income. The donation will be made in two installments (ex: donation of $500, paid as two $250 installments). The first installment will be drafted at the May Curia meeting and mailed to the Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer. A ceremonial presentation can be made in Kingdom Court at our summer event. The second installment will be drafted at the November Curia meeting and mailed to the Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer. A ceremonial presentation can be made in Kingdom Court at our winter event. We discussed this and determined that it should be adopted as a policy but not added to the bylaws. (Language has been modified in these notes from the original.) We voted on this, it was approved.
Annual Budget: We now have new event budget forms and new bankruptcy forms, and a new budget policy - we need to fill out a budget form and submit it to Kingdom. We are not held to this budget. No penalties that we know of. This is a Society suggestion. Budget was discussed and approved; the actual budget will be displayed elsewhere.
Lunch for Coronation: Jara has asked us if we want to handle lunch at Spring Coronation (April). After general discussion we decided that yes, we would like to. Sofonisba is in charge and we will aim for something similar to the lunch from Boar's Head.
Heralds and Scribes: We have permission to use the Marquette Physics Building on March 24 to host a Northshield Heralds and Scribes event. No feast or lunch. Classes will include How to hold the office of Herald in Northshield, commenting on an OSCAR, Voice heraldry in different environments (including an actual medieval church), and other training. Expect Northsield Aegis Herald, Laurel Queen of Arms (Society Names Herald), Polaris Herald, Polaris Signet. Cost for renting the space is $250. Concern: We may not have enough time to pull this all together and get the word out. We moved and voted to bring it to Stallari: passed. (Mysie and Beatrice in charge.)

Guilds and Groups:
(Nothing to report)

Next Curia: January 16 at UWM.


In Attendance:Abelard, Asabella, Rachel, Geoffrey, Arthur, Rhys, Adriana, Beatrice, Jean, John Jacob, Sofonisba, Armond, Dingo, Arnbjorn, Sybillia, Kateryn

Officer Reports:
Baron and Baroness:We will not be holding Baronial Court at Boar's Head, but will do so at Yule Court. We're hangry tonight. His Excellency talked to His Majesty to discuss Boar's Head planning, and also authorized in dagger and case and two-sword (rapier).
Seneschal: Nothing new to report. Turned in his report on time.
Chronicler: Articles are due Monday, November 27. Read the Tower!
Webminister: Boar's Head website updates, Artisans Gallery updates. Contact her if you have suggestions and if you want anything updated.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Nobody has died yet (as a direct result of A&S activities). Seven people were at Project Day (plus Goardlings), so - success! Please give her lists of A&S projects you've participated in for her report.
Knights Marshal: Attendance has been spotty overall. Not sure what to do to inspire more fighting, and coincidentally his term is up. Send in letters of intent. Also, nobody has died - everyone got better. Marshal reports are due November 25. And, we've resumed the 'free/sponsored practice' events on Facebook to inspire attendance from other groups.
Archery: We have practices, though it's mostly just the three regulars. The Gander Mountain building is for sale, so it's probably not going to be a new practice space in the future. Also, nobody has been killed.
Rapier: 4-6 people every week. Report is in - pushing MIT to do his paperwork.
Youth: Report is in. Bring more kids! Also, boffer fighting at Boar's Head!
Thrown Weapons: Report is in. Practices are on hiatus until Spring.
Chatelaine: We've had a couple new people at practice, and we hope they both stick around. Baronial people, make yourself known to the students (many of whom will be at Boar's Head as their first event), and don't be scary! Also, new people should stay through Kingdom Court at Boar's Head because Their Majesties are continuing the tradition of gifts for people for whom it's their first court. Also! We need more pants in the loaner garb, preferably with elastic or drawstring waists, preferably dark colors. Suggestion: raid Goodwill for scrubs and pajama pants.
Exchequer: We still have money. Report is available.
Quartermaster: We have a trailer! There is a form to fill out if you want to use it, which will be either at the storage locker or in the trailer itself. (Ultimately it will be held by the Exchequer.) Insurance is provided by the driver of the vehicle towing the trailer, so if you don't have insurance you can't drive it. Common sense rules - can't borrow it for non-SCA things, don't overload it (rated for 2000 pounds), if your vehicle can't handle that size trailer don't try to tow it. Also, loading the trailer Thanksgiving Day at 9 AM.
Herald: Have not yet seen September letters of acceptance and returns, so nothing new to announce. Will have a consulting table at Boar's Head. Will have some books to hand off at Boar's Head. (One book is currently checked out but will be returned.) Office changeover at Boar's Head.

Old Business:
Boar's Head: We got extra publicity for the BH website because someone had an objection to the presence of a 'low feast' vs a 'high feast', because it smacked of classism; this has been resolved, and thank you to that person for raising awareness of the event and driving traffic to the site. The first of the site tokens are done, and Countess Gwen is working on the next batch. (She needs more pewter.) She expects to finish that this weekend, possibly working from Armond/Sofonisba's house, or from her own studio. Pre-cook lunch for the students - details forthcoming. (Some details: Jase needs to borrow pots to make 8 gallons of soup. Might want to purchase pre-peeled hard-boiled eggs from Restaurant Supply or GFS - Geoffrey will be in touch. Can get plastic utensils from Dollar Tree.) Kateryn needs to plug in the freezer tomorrow (that's today, 11/22). Boar's Head is proceeding apace. Feast pre-cook will be Saturday 11/25 at Armond and Sofonisba's. There will be two peerage meetings (Laurel and MOD) sometime between 2-4 PM, in the royalty room.
Autocrats: We need to find autocrats/event stewards for Boar's Head and Border Skirmish for next year. It would be lovely if those people could be deputies this year. (Note: Danelle will be autocrat of Border Skirmish 2018, with Arnbjorn as her deputy.)

New Business:
Taxes at Boar's Head: There was a motion to pay taxes at Boar's Head, in the amount of $250. Voted, passed.
Gifts at Boar's Head: Their Excellencies will happily accept donations for gift baskets at Boar's Head. Please get stuff to Them.
Letters of Recommendation: Fill them out, both for Kingdom and Barony.
Yule Court: Saturday, January 20, from 3-9 PM, in the River Room at the Schuetze Rec Center in Frame Park in Waukesha. No alcohol or food restrictions. No kitchen, but enough outlets for nescos. $200 deposit, $210 rental, $50 for additional expenses. We voted to give Baroness Kateryn $460 to cover this. (Voted, passed.)

Guilds and Groups:
Dancing: Meeting ad hoc.
Cooking: Feast pre-cook on Saturday at Armond and Sofonisba's.
Brewing: Arthur opened the mead that he made.
C&I: Meeting ad hoc.
Scribal West: Meeting ad hoc.
Students: Have had great turnout at classes. Come teach things! Contact Adriana (Kiana) if you want to teach something!


In Attendance:Abelard, Arthur, Geoffrey, Rachel, Dahrien, Sibillia, Asabella, Rhys, Arnbjorn, Sofonisba, Jean, Beatrice, Winifride

Officer Reports:
Baron and Baroness: Congratulations to the new Prince and Princess, Yngvar and Luce! We also have new champions. Congratulations! Armond couldn't make it tonight. We bought a trailer - now we need decoration ideas. Maybe a decal or sticker or painted image. Send ideas to baron @ caeranterth DOT org.
Seneschal: Nothing new to announce.
Chronicler: Articles due Friday October 27. All the 2016 directories are sold.
Webminister: Winifride has the office. Nothing else to report.
Minister of Arts & Sciences: Art meeting/Project Day Sunday from 12-4 at the Kenosha North Side Public Library. Annetje is running it. Another one will happen Saturday October 28 at UWM.
Knights Marshal: The usual suspects. Not sure what the plans are for Boar's Head - discussions will happen. Probably a Boar's Head Champions Tournament and a Flower Tournament.
Archery: We have archery. We have a new champion. Practices are Wednesday nights at West Town Archery. If the new Son Of Gander Mountain opens this winter we might move.
Rapier: Last week we were lazy. Talked to Cesar - he might want to do Cut & Thrust at Boar's Head if there's time and space.
Youth: Come to practice!
Thrown Weapons: Had practice at Baronial Champs with six throwers. On hiatus unless people want to do a weekend practice.
Chatelaine: No report. We have some donations specifically for the student group.
Exchequer: Nothing significant to report. 3rd Quarter report is done. Office is open - need at least a deputy to train into the job, hopefully before Boar's Head so they can learn how to do an event report.
Quartermaster: We have a trailer! Send artwork suggestions to the Baron email address. Also working on the 'how to use the trailer' guide and sign-out sheet.
Herald: Office will be open as of Boar's Head. We have one letter of intent for the office. Heraldry is slow and steady and proceeds apace. Congratulations to the Crown combatants. Write letters of recommendation for Boar's Head and Yule Moot!

Old Business:
Boar's Head: Most of our staff is in place. Still confirming marshals. (Will have conversations to that end after Curia.) Just over two months away. We can have the moderated Peer Fear discussion again, if TRH/TRM would like to do it. Want to talk to Rhys about food. Spreadsheet to track the pre-reg's (of which we have one) and merchant pre-reg's (of which we have two). Bar will be open from 11-8/9, depending on feast. Court at 4:30 (at Their Majesty's discretion). Feast at 7? Will schedule a planning meeting, probably November 4 at the Marquette Physics Building (following the Baronial Planning Meeting). Using a facebook group for all the staff people (except Kateryn, who will get her information from Tatiana). Silent Auction will be two collections: Alice's things (whose proceeds will go to an animal shelter) and other things (whose proceeds will go to the Kingdom). Ad copy for Boar's Head will be in the November Pale and Northwatch.

New Business:
Yule Moot: Rumor has it that if we ask a certain Baroness she may volunteer to be in charge of the Yule Moot.
Planning Meeting: Saturday November 4 at Marquette Physics Building. Bring suggestions for events for the year!
Future Event Planning: We need an Autocrat for Boar's Head 2018 and a Deputy Autocrat for Border Skirmish 2018. We need them soon so that we can prepare for the next year and figure out if we can handle hosting a Crown/Coronation/SUN/other events next year. (Note: At this time, there's a Spring Crown location but no Spring Coronation, Fall Crown, Fall Coronation, or SUN. We might be able to do a SUN at UWM as a free event (but people will have to pay for parking). Might be a good place for a dance seminar as well. Bring ideas to the planning meeting! And let's have a cat adoption moot!
New Herald: We received a letter of intent from Serena Ordones. After discussion we moved and voted to accept her as the new Herald at Boar's Head.
Guilds and Groups:
B&V: Geoffrey has hops to give away.
Cooking: We should start it up again.
UWM: Meeting twice a month and people are teaching at the meetings. Next class: Persona development with Sibillia (Wed 10/18)

Misc: We need to find crash space for four Canadians this weekend (October 20-22).


In Attendance:Abelard, Adriana, Winifride, Arnbjorn, Asabella, Sibillia, Armond, Rhys, Geoffrey, Arthur

Officer Reports:
Baron and Baroness: Sofonisba is out sick today. Baronial Champions is Sunday the 24th from noon to 9. Food will be pot-luck - everyone please bring a dish to pass. The main course will be roast pork. There's room for everything including archery and thrown weapons. There will be a short court in the afternoon.
Seneschal: Everything will be covered later.
Chronicler: Articles due Monday, 9/25. Remember that the Golden Griffin Challenge includes writing articles for a newsletter!
Webminister: Is ready to hand off the office to Winifride on Sunday.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Nobody has died. Had a project day on Saturday, which was productive.
Knights Marshal: We'd like to see more fighters. Office is open, and letters of intent are due now.
Archery: Season has gone well, and we're moving indoors tomorrow (9/20) for the winter. Wednesday nights at West Town Archery. Rumors still say that Camping World (which used to be Gander Mountain) will have a bigger range. We might hold a late fall regional archery practice at Buck Rub.
Rapier: Had a small injury. We have a newly authorized fighter.
Youth: We have new gear. We'll have a tournament on Sunday to choose a boffer champion.
Thrown Weapons: Will have thrown weapons at Champions. Maybe also at fighter's practice.
Chatelaine: Two recent contacts have come through the website.
Exchequer: We have a new Kingdom Exchequer - Michael St. Christian. He's very business-like. Looking forward to the experience. Asabella is currently looking for a deputy and/or replacement - stepping down in April. The biggest requirement is that an exchequer needs to be organized.
Quartermaster: Haven't been to the site since last month. Will swap stuff with Geoffrey tonight. Will get the dragonwing out of the locker and bring it to Champs to be repaired.
Herald: No new registrations. Arnbjorn is regional herald for this region. (At large herald reports due October 1.)

Old Business:
Boar's Head: There is a website, which is now linked to the CAM site and can be added to the Kingdom calendar. Need volunteers to fill the positions which aren't already taken by students. Around 2 PM we'll have a grand ball which requires the use of the list fields; will include martial classes at that time. Looking for teachers. Cookie caper and silent auction in the merchant area. Boar's Head planning meeting once the staff positions are filled. Hope to get in on Friday for setup. Re: classes, check the Facebook thread of 'what would you like to learn in Northshield'. Asabella can't be there, so someone else needs to handle the money and paperwork.
Trailer: We looked at ads for a trailer from Farm & Fleet and Haulmark. Comparable trailers with a $600 difference in price. Can get a warranty on other. After discussion, we voted to purchase the Haulmark. Vote passed. Asabella will write a check as soon as we have a price. No license plate or registration is necessary. How should we decorate it? (Ideas welcome.) We need a CAM usage policy document / sign-up / mileage log. Quartermaster is in charge and will handle paperwork.

New Business:
Kingdom-level events: We need to host these events sometimes. We'll need to discuss it further. It's tough to get people to volunteer for three events in a year, but we still need to host every once in a while. It would be good to line up autocrats for Border Skirmish and Boar's Head by January (or the planning meeting) so we can know if it's feasible to do Crown, Coronation, or SUN that year. Homework: Everybody find a site. Consider options like not having feast. Talk to Jara about using Jefferson County Fairgrounds. Keep in mind capacity, food, price. Can it host fighting, alcohol, parking, other considerations? What happened to the list Kateryn put together? We can also share events with Jara and Windhaven. If we host SUN at UWM, maybe non-SCA students could attend for free.
Guilds and Groups:
Dance and C&I are on hiatus.
C&I West: Next week.
UWM: Students are meeting the first and third Wednesday of each month. Adriana will get a list of what classes they would like, and CAM members can volunteer to teach them. (Classes will be open to the Barony too.) October 18: Persona class.


In Attendance:Abelard, Arnbjorn, Geoffrey, Armond, Sofonisba, Asabella, Arthur, Jean, Sybillia, Tatiana, Dahrien

Officer Reports:
Baron and Baroness: We have someone interested in the webminister job. Pennsic was fun - Her Excellency personally walked three people to Herald's Point to get them to register their names and devices. Baronial Champions is September 24 at Their Excellencies' house. Discussing combining May Day (Jara's moot) and Spring Moot (our moot) into one shared event.
Seneschal: We have an official bullying policy which has been handed down from Society. We need to post it at gatherings (including fighter's practice, events, and moots) and include it in flyers. This is a new corporate policy. We should probably also include it on the website.
Chronicler: Good job, Asabella, for turning in an article early, and thank you Beatrice for writing content. Articles for the next Tower are due August 28.
Webminister: Nothing to report. Letter of intent has been received from Winifried. Dahrien will talk to her to make sure she has the needed skills.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Nothing to report. Will write an article for the Tower reminding people to keep up to date with what's going on. There was A&S at Pennsic and at WW. Beatrice received a Black Flame at Pennsic for her scribal work.
Knights Marshal: We've had some new people at practice, but generally numbers are low. A bunch of Midrealmers are coming to combined practice on Monday August 21 at KK River Parkway. Jean's trying to instigate a practice at Windhaven on Sunday, Sept. 17. We will need a new KM soon.
Archery: Four weeks left of outdoor practice. Gander Mountain will be closing at the end of the month, which is bad news. The good news is that the store has been bought by Camping World, who will renovate and re-open in November. We will still need a location in September and October - might go back to West Town Archery or encourage people to go to Jara.
Rapier: Need to buy a new tool called a mask tester. Costs about $75, plus tax and shipping. A motion was made to provide up to $100 for this purchase. Motion was approved and voted upon and passed.
Youth: One regular kid at practices. Some youth fighters borrowed armor and weapons and took them to Pennsic, where they fought.
Thrown Weapons: Spent $51 on range equipment and $122.77 on new weapons. Requested reimbursement of $173.77, which was approved. (Note, office has now spent its $50 allowance.) Expecting to bring thrown weapons to the practice on Thursday 8/17.
Chatelaine: Nothing to report.
Exchequer: See written report. Received the event report form and money from Ravenslake for Border Skirmish.
Quartermaster: Everything's good. There's some stuff to be returned to the locker. We need to repair the Baronial shade fly (aka the dragonwing) - will retrieve it from the storage locker and effect repairs.
Herald: Some people submitted names and devices at Pennsic.

Old Business:
Boar's Head: We should have a website soon. Volunteer!
Hospitality Ambassadors: Need some more information to set up the behind-the-scenes stuff.
Baronial Trailer: His Excellency will put together numbers and details, but a new trailer would cost $2,900. Should also look at used ones, but need to wait for details. He did talk to the storage place, who would charge $300 for trailer storage for a year. The new trailer should have a front door as well as a rear door. We would also add a false floor so that we can better store poles, and hooks or shelves (or something) along one wall. We want it in place by October if possible so we can make modifications before Boar's Head in December.

New Business:
Feast Banners: We had an inquiry about producing new banners, but the deadline was too soon to make a decision. Overall, no decision was made.
Support That's Amare: Mare Am thanks us for the donation the Barony made. In the future they will probably use the community center. It was great.
Cookie Caper: Tatiana won't be able to attend Boar's Head this year, so she's asked Gray Fox to run it for her. She is also in charge of the auction, which this year will also include items from Alice's estate. Kateryn will run that, but Tatiana will do the advance work. She plans to set up a facebook page to preview items and will allow people to suggest offers (but not bids); on the day of the event, those offers will set the base bid on items. If you have auction items please bring them to Tatiana, and please remember to bake cookies for Boar's Head.

Guilds and Groups:
Dance: Third Wednesday of the month at Marquette, potentially second Thursday of the month at fighter's practice.
C&I: East, first weekend of the month. West, fourth Wednesday of the month at Sofonisba's.
Clothier's: Hasn't met in a while.
UWM: Lower attendance for the summer.


In Attendance:Abelard, Arnbjorn, Armond, Albrecht, Beatrice, Eva, Sofonisba, Asabella, Geoffrey, Jean, Rachel, Sibillia, Dahrien, Cecilia, Adriana (virtual)

Officer Reports:
Baron and Baroness: Border Skirmish was great. 308 people. Weather worked well for us. The Baronial dragon wing shade fly was ripped by the winds and needs repairs. We pulled it off!
Seneschal: Border Skirmish was excellent. Haven't heard about issues or problems as far as he knows.
Chronicler: Tower articles due Friday 6/23/17. Will be out of the country next week. Handful of directories left. Get your articles in!
Webminister: Still have a website. Working on a redesign with a few people. Has learned new things!
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Submitted quarterly report, indicating that people are still doing things. Will revive monthly project day. Next Wednesday (6/28) is Scribal West. Tomorrow (6/21) is dancing at Marquette Physics Building.
Knights Marshal: We've been fighting outside. Some fighters are youth-approved. The last few "free nights" (aka, sponsored nights) have been lightly attended by heavy fighters. People are coming out to watch us fight on Thursday nights.
Archery: Practice is twice a week: Mondays at Kinnickinnick River Parkway, Wednesdays alternate between Whitnall and Menomonee. Lord Rhys won the Kingdom Archery at ITT's CAT, and Arnbjorn made it to the quarter finals.
Rapier: Practices continue.
Youth: Two regular kids. Bring more kids!
Thrown weapons: Fantastic turnout at Border Skirmish (34 throwers)! Will price out new throwing axes and knives. Will bring budget to Curia in August. We have stands and targets, and can return foam targets to Abelard.
Chatelaine: New interest at Border Skirmish. Nothing else new to report.
Exchequer: Answers to last month's questions: Cannot do discounts for non-members. So, should not give student discounts over age 18. Can't do refunds for service. In 2012 we did not pay taxes. In 2013 we did not pay taxes. In 2014 we paid $250 in June. In 2015 we paid $250 in November. In 2016 we paid $250 in November. Should we do $250 per year, or $250 twice a year? We should pay something sometime. We will discuss this at a later Curia.
Quartermaster: Used enclosed trailer for transport. Worked great. No late fees even though Armond kept everything in the trailer for an extra few days. The students used Alberic's tent. Would like to use funds for the office to buy ropes and stakes for the loaner tent. Intends to make stakes at Baronial Championships. Students say thanks for the loan of the tent!
Herald: Court reports for both Baronial and Kingdom courts have been submitted. No new name and device registrations - talk to Beatrice if you're interested in those. This weekend Beatrice will be at Known World Heralds. Teaching two classes and taking more. She can collect notes and materials from other classes - let her know by 6 PM Wednesday. She can also buy books from Jonya Booksellers if people want her to.

Old Business:
Border Skirmish: Next year should be even better. Sibillia intends to put in for autocrat next year. She will start working on next year's proposal in August. New site tokens next year. Rachel is already volunteering for Gate. Estimated $100 under budget. Rapier injury - fighter split his thumbnail, but they glued him back up and he kept fighting. Recommend that Ravenslake promote some new staff. Also need to make sure Ravenslake knows the rules about what Northshield needs in order to publish the event information in advance; we couldn't promote the event in Northshield because we were missing crucial information and missed deadlines. (This was a criticism from a number of people.) We should look at moving one week forward or back; need to beware of conflicting with Midrealm events, Mermaids, Lilies, and graduations. Had a really good Northshield turnout, many people daytripped. Helga Ball was great. Kristiana was a treat. Goal posts moved! It was wildly entertaining.
Boar's Head: Beatrice and Winifred are working on it. (Winifred is working in Madison for the summer.) Probably not major changes from last year. Need to coordinate with Feastocrat. Now that Border Skirmish is over, looking for staff for Boar's Head. If you want to help, please let us know. Have an A&S Coordinator, have Royalty Liaison. Need gate and a few other key positions. (Rachel will help at Gate.) Considering paring down martial activities and building up non-martial activities, maybe a well-heralded tournament with a ladies' gallery so people can watch and understand the tournament better. Open to discussion. Will set up a Boar's Head Planning Group Facebook group (like we had for Border Skirmish), with the caveat that not everybody is on Facebook.
Baronial Trailer: Would like to table this discussion until next Curia. Side note: Armond's trailer was very helpful and cool.

New Business:
Hospitality Ambassadors: There are members of the Barony who can't make it to meetings or events because of various physical restrictions - no car, no driver's license, medical reasons, etc. They would still like to participate. Suggest creating a group of people who could help with transport, or setting up tents, or other ways not yet apparent. Group should be private or confidential; the people may not wish to advertise that they won't be home or may not want to broadcast the fact that they can't drive or whatever. We're all moving in this direction. Need to seek aid to receive it. (Hospitalliers?)

Guilds and Groups:
Dance: Third Wednesday at Marquette, potentially second Thursday at fighter's practice. Will have more dancing to prepare for Coronation/Crown.
C&I: East, first weekend in July. West, fourth Wednesday at Sofonisba's.
Clothier's: Hasn't met in a while. Wants to meet before Pennsic.
UWM: Lower attendance for the summer.

No Curia In July.


In Attendance: Abelard, Rhys, Arnbjorn, Armond, Sofonisba, Jean, Sibillia, Beatrice, Asabella, Dahrien, Geoffrey, Geronima, Adrianna, Sarah

Officer Reports:
Baron and Baroness: Congratulations to the new Prince and Princess! We have heirs! Please write letters of recommendation for Baronial Court at Border Skirmish.
Seneschal: Nothing new to report.
Chronicler: Articles due Monday, 5/22. Still has a handful of directories left to sell.
Webminister: Talked to Baroness about designs and ideas for a new instance of the website. Will keep looking for input. Is planning a 'look at options' session. He will put something in the Tower.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Things are going well. Send me a list of projects you've worked on to go into the quarterly report. No one has died in crafting-related incidents.
Knights Marshal: No one has permanently died at practice. Attendance at practice has been light. Jean made it to the finals of Crown, Geoffrey made it to the semi-finals. Congratulations! May 'free' practice was sponsored by Her Grace Sigrid. June will be sponsored by Sir Jean.
Archery: Monday (the 15th) was rained out, so 5/22 will be the first outdoor joint practice. First outdoor practice will be 5/17. No one has died in archery-related incidents.
Rapier: Everything is good.
Youth: We have gear. We have some kids. We need more kids. Bring kids. Working on getting people added to the 'approved to work with youth' list, which is the first step towards creating new Youth Boffer MITs. (Form is here: - send directly to Corporate and let the Kingdom Seneschal know that you're doing so.)
Chatelaine: Added the 'Newcomer's Info Request Form' to the CAM website ( Will be out of touch in June but the deputy (Beatrice) can cover for her. Still looking at demo opportunities. Decided not to do the Summerfest Parade.
Exchequer: We're not broke. Do we want to renew the storage locker for a year at $1224? (Motion made, approved, voted, passed.) Need to hear back from Kingdom Exchequer re: electronic banking options.
Quartermaster: Tent Day 5/27 at Armond's house. This Sunday - 5/21 - is 'clean out the storage locker' day. Meet at 10 AM at the locker.
Herald: Congratulations to Lady Adrianna on her AoA and Sir Jean on his Golden Peacock. Working with some people on name submissions. Those are happening. If you need help, please ask. "We need to do the thing."

Old Business:
Border Skirmish: Unofficial budget is a little lower than anticipated, but the official budget is a little hard to pin down. Putting the schedule together. Things are happening, like heraldic consulting and Helga Ball and heavy and rapier and archery and thrown weapons and Court. Did finally get a copy of the contract. Looking for participants for the Artisan's Row - Sofonisba will provide Adrianna with some suggestions, but please volunteer. Need chatelaine flyers at gate. Need to mark visitors with baldrics. Site tokens are poker chips. We will be policing site tokens this year, so everyone - even fighters in armor - should wear them. Their Majesties Northshield and Their Highnesses Northshield will be in attendance. We might have a Midrealm regency court. Write letters of recommendation for Baronial Court!
Boar's Head: Stewards would like a budget. Will discuss the 'no pay pre-reg' option. Will comp royalty and one attendant per royal, will comp previous CAM Barons and Baronesses. After Border Skirmish they will start asking for volunteers to help staff, probably at June Curia.
Financial Committee: The financial committee met and discussed the Boar's Head event budget and, separately, the Boar's Head feast budget. These notes are available on request. End result: The budgets both passed.
Financial Committee, Part 2: The financial committee presented the Boar's Head event budget and feast budget with their recommendation for approval. Curia voted and approved the budgets.
Trailers: Note: At this point this is still a discussion. We have met all of the checklist requirements to purchase a trailer. A Baronial trailer cannot be used for personal reasons (i.e., you may not borrow the trailer to help move a friend.) We would need a logbook of some sort (can be electronic or on paper) to track usage. A brand new 5'x8'x6' trailer costs about $2500. We need to keep the weight under 3,000 pounds or else we need to license it. It's also $10-12 to store the trailer in the same location as the storage locker. Also need to add to the budget some maintenance costs. Want to consider painting/art for the sides of the trailer. If the trailer is loaded with Baronial stuff and going to a location, other things can go along as well; for instance, if the trailer is filled with items from the locker to go to Border Skirmish, you could also throw in your armor. This is primarily for Border Skirmish and Boar's Head, but might also be used for WW or other events at which we might have a Baronial presence. We will need to have approved drivers and, more importantly, approved vehicles for towing. Insurance is covered by the driver. Try to find a trailer with a side door as well as back door. Try to find a back door with a ramp. If we buy it and we hate it, we can sell it. Over the next couple of months let's work on putting together a budget for this, since nobody seems to have any real objections. Exchequer suggests looking for used ones and doing price comparisons. (Note, an older / used one may require more maintenance.)

New Business:
Thrown Weapons Marshal: One applicant: Arnbjorn. We discussed, moved, and voted. Arnbjorn is the new Thrown Weapons Marshal.

Guilds and Groups:
Groups in general are doing fine.
General Schedule: 1st Wednesday of the month is a meeting at UWM. Second Thursday of the month is dance practice. Third Wednesday of the month is dance practice at UWM. Fourth Wednesday of the month is Western Scribal, which this month is the 24th.
UWM Student group: hasn't found places to meet in the summer, so meetings will be at Marquette.

Curia will be at Brookfield in June and August. No Curia in July.


In Attendance: Arnbjorn, Beatrice, Abelard, Geoffrey, Sofonisba, Armond, Rachel, Jean, Dahrien, Sibillia, Winifride (virtual)

Officer Reports:
Baron and Baroness: Words of Wisdom: Bring your towel. We have cookies and chocolates! We have a moot on Sunday at UWM from noon-6PM. We might have another one later - the list of upcoming events is on the CAM calendar.
Seneschal: We have events coming up. I've talked to my Ravenslake counterpart about Border Skirmish. The contract with the Border Skirmish site has been signed, though we don't have our own copy yet.
Chronicler: Reports and articles for the Tower are due by Monday, April 24. There are still a handful of directories left. Send articles and reports!
Webminister: Nothing new. If you're responsible for information being on the website, please check to make sure that information is actually on the website and that it's correct.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Had a project day a few weeks ago, and it was a great success. We will have another one in May. Projects are happening: new dress, boffer weapons, elevation ceremony research, scrolls, new songs, and more!
Knights Marshal: Last week we had a dozen heavy fighters. There is a junior rapier person. Rapier practice has been a little light, and nobody is sure why.
Archery Marshal: Practices continue at Gander Mountain until mid-May, when we switch to outdoor practices. Are fighters interested in a joint practice at Kinnickinnick River Parkway on Monday nights? If so, we'll alternate Wednesdays between Whitnall Park and Menomonee Park; if not, we'll change it up. We will also discuss this topic (combined practice) at fighter's practice.
Rapier Marshal: Nothing to report.
Youth Marshal: Boffer stuff starting this week or next at fighter's practice - we have three complete loaner kits and one more almost complete. We had a Level 1 child at practice last week who should be back, and a Level 3 child a couple of weeks ago who also should be returning.
Chatelaine: Newcomers are getting involved. Would like to arrange some demos this summer. Nobody has died. Another new member in UWM group. We've been invited to march in some or all of the Summerfest Parades, of which there are five: June 28, 29, 30, July 5, 6. No armor or weapons, but garb and a banner (which needs to be approved in advance). Maybe also Germanfest, Scottishfest, living history festivals, the library, and the Border Skirmish site. More information to come.
Exchequer: Out sick.
Quartermaster: Will schedule a time to clean the locker in advance of Border Skirmish, maybe May 27. Maybe we should get some large totes with wheels for Albrecht's tents, which he donated and are in the locker. Question, are the contents of the locker insured?
Herald: Nothing major in the last month. April 1 submissions were particularly amusing.

Old Business:
Border Skirmish: We have information and communication flow. Meeting on the 30th in Kenosha. Porta-johns are arranged. We don't have a copy of the contract, but we know they cashed the check. Northshield royalty is coming - we don't know about Midrealm yet. Need a Northshield merchant coordinator. They have budgeted so that we break even at 230 adults. Looking for historical information about previous Border Skirmish events for the binder. Don't know if we need anything special for heavy weapons scenarios this year. We think we have a Midrealm thrown weapons marshal.
Bylaws: It's been a month since the changes to the bylaws were published. The only new change since then is to change Baron/ess to Baronial Coronet, with appropriate language. Also, can remove 'access to the newsletter' to the requirements for an officer since that is in Kingdom law. There was a motion to approve the bylaws with the published changes plus these notes. Voted, approved.
New Officers: The changes to the bylaws add two new minor officers: Youth Boffer Combat Marshal and Thrown Weapons Marshal. Will post to advertise these jobs, as per the bylaws.
Boar's Head 2017: The budget was sent to some of the officers. Relevant (public-facing) numbers: Site fee for members will be $15 for adults, $13 if pre-registering. Would like to see 325 adults to break even. Will look into 'unpaid pre-reg', the way Nordskogen does it. What if we invite people to sign up in advance to stay late to clean (specifically, clean the kitchen), and in return they are comped either site or feast? Autocrats will look into this.

New Business:
Baronial Enclosed Trailer - Discussion Only: A new enclosed trailer for the group will cost ~$2,000 - $2,500, plus storage costs. We will also need to pay for insurance and registration. (We can store it at the storage locker facility.) Compare against the cost of a rental - at what point does it pay for itself? Run a cost budget analysis. Make sure we have vehicles that can tow it. Will the drivers be reimbursed for fuel? Need to make sure it's long enough to haul tent poles. Benefit: Can use it as storage. Don't need to be on U-Haul's timeline (as in, 'you must return this on Sunday between 9 AM and 2 PM'). Paint job! What's the life span of a trailer?

Guilds and Groups:
Groups in general are doing fine.
Western scribal group will resume in May.
General schedule: 1st Wednesday of the month is a meeting at UWM. Second Thursday of the month is dance practice. Third Wednesday of the month is dance practice at UWM. Fourth Wednesday of the month is Western Scribal.


In Attendance: Abelard, Sigrid, Geoffrey, Rhys, Asabella, Arnbjorn, Sibillia, Beatrice, Dahrien, Armond, Sofonisba, Jean, Winifride (virtual)

Officer Reports:
Baron and Baroness: Words of wisdom: 42. Also, According to chemistry, alcohol is technically a solution. Alice's service is Saturday 3/25 at 1 PM, followed by a CAM post-revel/Irish Wake. We will open the five gallons of cyser.
Seneschal: We had a Bylaws Meeting, and it went well. We think it will make things smoother and more functional. We should have them posted by the end of the week. We'll vote on them at next Curia.
Chronicler: Submissions are due Monday, 3/27/17. Please send in memories, stories, and photos of Alice. Also, we have six directories left for sale.
Webminister: We still have a website. Tell the webminister if you have content to post. If anyone is interested in learning HTML, CSS, PHP, or the job overall, please get in touch. I'd be happy to teach. Geoffrey asked if we have a website/page hit counter. We used to, but don't have one actively running any more. If you want to, we can add it.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Sewing project day on Sunday 3/26 at Beatrice's house, and Sunday 4/2 at UWM. Bring your sewing machines! Come and learn! Nobody has died from A&S projects, as far as we know.
Knight's Marshal: Nothing new to report. The March free practice night was lightly attended, possibly due to Gulf Wars. If people want loaner armor they should go to Randall's open shop night on Tuesday nights so they can look through all of the options and get things repaired or fitted if necessary. The Baron and Knights Marshal will inspect the loaner armor.
Archery: We continue to shoot pointy things at the targets designed to receive pointy things.
Rapier: No report, enjoys cyser. Potential new youth rapier fighter.
Youth: Will start working in earnest in April.
Chatelaine: All is well. New people are pitching in. And we got interest from the UWM demo!
Exchequer: See written report. Will follow up with Kingdom about the electronic statements.
Quartermaster: Will be at the locker in the next week to drop off some stuff. Also, Beatrice and Asabella both have boxes of stuff to hand off to QM.
Herald: Margaret Mellies ("Mysie") der Rosenwinkle has a new badge (a fire-breathing snail), now REGISTERED! Court report for Theodore's has been filed. Consulted on fixing the Baron's name and device. Other things are in the pipeline - ask her if you have questions or need help. The awards from the Barony have never been registered - can we fix that? Herald will look into it. It's certainly something we should do.

Old Business:
Border Skirmish: There is a website at Lines of communication from Ravenslake are relatively silent, and we should fix that. Autocrat is keeping a binder of useful information to pass on to next year's autocrat. Let's play Helga Ball! Beatrice has a connection to get cabbages. We should try using a 'boost' from Facebook to push Border Skirmish. We still need liaisons for Royalty, Merchant, and A&S. (The website also lists that we need Youth Combat and Thrown Weapons marshals, and a Camp Herald.) Their Majesties Northshield will be there.
Bylaws Meeting: We had a Bylaws Meeting, and it went well. We think it will make things smoother and more functional. We should have them posted by the end of the week. We'll vote on them at next Curia. Now would be a good time to make comments.

New Business:
Boar's Head 2017: We have received a bid from co-stewards Beatrice and Winifride, with Rhys as feast steward. Proposed theme: Yule Aboard the Bonaventure (late Tudor and nautical). Beatrice has lots of experience and knows the people to ask in areas she doesn't have the answers; intends for students to staff the roles, with other experienced people as backup. Will make sure they communicate with the people who have done the jobs before - communication is critical to success. Moved to accept the bid. Voted, accepted.
Thrown Weapons Marshal: Add to section 3B of the Bylaws. Will fill the position once the bylaws are approved.

Guilds and Groups:
UWM Student Group: Raided the old Marquette University student group's storage locker, with the caveat that they could only take things they would use (relatively) immediately, and anything they didn't use would be returned; also, as things were replaced or when the students leave the SCA the items would also be returned. [Note that none of this is or was ever Baronial property at all, so this is just a note of incidental interest. The M.U. group was, with respect to the SCA, just a household, and those properties were gathered and donated by its members to the household, and left with their advisor Margaret Mellies (aka "Mysie") when the last active students left.]


In Attendance: Abelard, Asabella, Magnus, Beatrice, Adriana, Sofonisba, Geoffrey, Armond, Deonysia, Arnbjorn, Dahrien, Sibllia

Officer Reports:
Baron/Baroness: Words of wisdom: More people would be nicer with more words to speak. Did you read the Tower this month? Go out and look at websites - not just SCA websites - and look at things you particularly like. Send them back to the Baron and Baroness. The officer's list exists, and should be used for actual business; if things get heated, the moderators will shut the conversation down.
Seneschal: Some officer's names are out of date on the website. Webminister will update.
Chronicler: Articles due Friday, February 24th (or as soon as possible after that). Milwaukee Art Museum has a nice medieval display, which inspired a new feature in the Tower: Photos and articles of medieval treasures that people have seen. Please submit those. Read the Tower!
Webminister: Please look at websites and report back to the Baron and Baroness about sites you like.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: People are doing things and stuff. Please let Sibillia know what you've been working on so she can add it to her report. Event on Friday at Duchess Sigrid's. Nobody has died as far as I know.
Knights Marshal: No deaths to report. Two new people, and seven regular fighters at practice.
Archery: Practice continues on Mondays. Participating in the Seasonal Society Archery competition. Currently 10% of the worldwide submissions are from Northshield, and Rhys is #1 and William # 2 for Northshield in the Winter SSAC.
Rapier: Still having practice.
Thrown Weapons: Yes, we have targets, target stands, and things to throw at them. Don't know when this will start up again, but Arnbjorn is an MIT.
Youth Combat: Abelard will step up in April. Currently working on loaner gear and some possible rule changes.
Chatelaine: Three new students this term. Students gearing up for Theodore's. No deaths that I know of. Putting together office information for the changeover in April.
Exchequer: We have a refund from Boar's Head we need to deal with. Need to check with regional Exchequer to find out exactly how to handle it. Just in case, the Curia made a motion to approve the reimbursement, voted, and passed. SCA policy has changed, and bank statements now need to go to the group Seneschal first (who would then send it on to the Exchequer). To comply, we will switch to using online statements. Logins will be given to the Exchequer, Seneschal, Kingdom Seneschal, and signatories. We will be able to log in, check statements and print them, and that's it. We will use the new seneschal and exchequer email addresses for this.
Quartermaster: Haven't opened the doors since Boar's Head. Still need to get stuff from Albrecht.
Herald: Heraldically the Barony is in good shape. The deputy has been meeting with folks to discuss name and arms submissions.

Old Business:
Theodore's Medieval Academy for Novices: March 11 at UWM. There is a website, on which the schedule will be posted once it's ready. There will be a court, and Their Excellencies would like award recommendations. There's a Facebook event for it. There's also a demo on March 8, which is mostly being organized on Facebook.
Herald's Position is Open: One letter of intent was received (from Beatrice). A motion was made to shorten the process. Voted, and passed. Question: Can you handle the office? Answer: Yes. The Curia voted and approved Beatrice as new Herald. She will step down from the position of Chatelaine immediately, and will continue to house the Gold Key.
Border Skirmish: We've received the information required to post the event on the Northshield website and Northwatch. (Note: It was posted shortly after the end of the meeting.) No equestrian this year. Feast is the same as last year. Still have open jobs: Armored MIC, A&S. There will be a planning meeting.
April Moot: At the planning meeting Cecilia volunteered to be in charge of a moot in April. Need to check with her to see if she's still able to do that, otherwise the UWM students have an alternate plan.

New Business:
Bylaws Meeting: After some discussion, we decided to have the meeting March 11, 7-9 PM, UWM. (After Theodore's.) We will have a call-in conference number.
Boar's Head 2017: We mailed a check and a contract to reserve our dates. Bids are due by March Curia.
Get-together at Duchess Sigrid's: Her Grace is hosting a party of sorts at her house on Friday night, 2/24. (It's also Sibillia's birthday that day.)
Coronets: The silver will arrive soon.
For future calendar events, note: Event Information Officer won't let us put TBD in various fields, but we can say 'Subject to change'. Just remember to update everything (Facebook, Northshield website, actual website) when actual information is available.
Domain Renewal for Website: Dahrien renewed for three years. We have the option of renewing for an additional seven years. which will lock in the price. $14.99 per year (currently). Dahrien will find out if the registrar does an actual ten year registration, or if they renew yearly; there is a fear that the company might go out of business before 10 years, and if they're renewing the DNS every year we might lose the money and domain name. A motion was made to pay $104.93 plus tax pending the answer to that question. Webminister will do the legwork and get reimbursed if needed.

Guilds and Groups:
Dance: Meeting on the third Wednesday and second Thursday each month.
Scribal: Meeting the first Wednesday each month.
Clothiers: Will schedule something.
Woodworking: Garage isn't ready yet.


In Attendance: Sofonisba, Armond, Geoffrey, Dahrien, Beatrice, Arnbjorn, Rhys, Jean, Sibilla, Magnus, Asabella

Officer Reports:
Baron/Baroness: Yule Court was fun
Seneschal: Please review the by-laws (in January issue of Tower and online. There are open officer positions. There is a large banner still at Washington Cnty Fair Park to pick-up. Dahrien may swing by Friday to get it.
Chronicler: Submissions for the February Tower are due Monday, 1/23/17. Directories are available for $2 each
Webminister: Nothing new. Send suggestions for a new website layout to Sofonisba. Brought Brownies & Ice Cream for his and Her Excellency’s birthdays.
Minister of Arts & Sciences: People are doing things and no one has died
Knight’s Marshal: Practices continue, no deaths. During the last No Fee Practice (1/12/17) had fighters from Jara and Windhaven attend. Attendance from CAM fighters not as high as would be liked.
Archery Captain: Practice continues at Gander Mtn. CAM is participating in the Winter Shoot and any participate in the Society Seasonal Archery Challenge.
Rapier Captain: No report
Youth Combat: No report
Chatelaine: We have active new members. Position is open
Chancellor of the Exchequer: We have money. No one has been killed. Boar’s Head made more than $2200.00
Quartermaster: Baronial property is secure. Armond will send his report to Asabella.
Herald: No report

Old Business:
Baronial Coronets: The leather ones have been repaired by Akira. They look great. We are in the queue for getting the rest of the metal pieces for the metal coronets. Magnus confirmed that silver polish won’t harm the brass elements, but we should not use brass polish on the silver elements.
Theodore’s Medieval Academy for Novices & Demo (March 11 & March 8): Lining up teachers for March 11 and fighters for the March 8 demo
Chatelaine’s Office: There was one applicant, Kiana. Curia elected to appoint her as the next chatelaine, starting April 2017. Beatrice will be her deputy as Gold Key (keeper of the loaner garb)
Youth Combat Marshal: There was one applicant, Abelard die Elster. Curia elected to appoint him as the next YCM, starting April 2017.
Chancellor of the Exchequer: Asabella submitted a letter for a third year extension, which was approved. There were no other applicants. She is now actively looking for a training deputy to possibly succeed her by April 2018, if not sooner.
Fall Crown & Coronation: Walworth County Fairgrounds are not available in Sept or Oct 2017. Jefferson County Fairgrounds never responded. Waukesha County Expo and Washington County Fair Park will be too expensive for the usual size of the events. We will continue to look for sites for possible 2018 bids.

New Business:
Herald Position: Needs to step down before term is up, will stay in office until replacement found. Letters of Intent are due by February Curia
Using the fighter site: There were a couple of Facebook discussions on possibly converting the second Thursday No fee practices at Redeemer Lutheran, that are privately sponsored, into a monthly moot, sponsored by the barony. There is a lounge area adjacent to the main hall, that could also be rented for $25 per hour ($75 for a similar 3 hour block as fighter practice) for non-fighting activities and for those who find the sound volume in the main hall uncomfortable. The discussion then expanded to options for general gatherings, that did not take away from fighting time, rotating between Waukesha & Milwaukee Counties, possibly Brandybrook Manor in the west and UWM and other locations in the east. The decision was made to plan for a gathering at UWM in April, which would be a good follow-up after the March demo & event. It was further decided that students with ID could attend fighter practice without requiring the $5 fee. Donations of course are welcome.

Guilds and Groups:
C&I Guild: in discussions regarding a viewing at Marquette University for Italian manuscripts

All other groups & guilds are continuing, no updates


In Attendance: Geoffrey, Jean, Arnbjorn, Deonysia, Asabella, Magnus, Abelard, Sibillia, Armond, Sofonisba

Officers Reports:
Baron and Baroness: Sorry we're late. Please submit award recommendations for the Yule Moot.
Seneschal: It's the end of the year. Please make sure your reports are in. We're filling out the forms so we can continue to use the Brookfield Library next year.
Chronicler: Changeover has happened. Submissions are due by Monday, December 26. Baronial directories are available for $2 each. Read the Tower!
Webminister: We'd like to investigate a new web design. See later in these notes.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: New MOAS paperwork is in place. Nobody has died. Domesday and Boar's Head reports are filed.
Knights Marshal: Reports are in. New Boar's Head Champion: John Le Salvage. Tournaments at Boar's Head went well. Currently no sponsor for January's sponsored practice.
Rapier: Arthur Angus is now the group marshal.
Archery: Nobody has died, except Arnbjorn's crossbow.
Youth: We will look into getting all of the officers and interested parties background checks so that we can all interact with kids. In particular, the chiv are working towards becoming youth MITs.
Chatelaine: Nothing to report.
Exchequer: Still needs an invoice from Washington County. Otherwise, we're good.
Quartermaster: No report.
Herald: No report.

Old Business:
Boar's Head: 416 people (339 paid adults), and we think we more than broke even.
Coronets: Coronets were done on time! Curia voted and approved $50 for repairs to leather coronets. Curia discussed and voted on repairs to metal coronets: The repairs were done using available materials, but to *really* finish them requires casting new pieces in silver. Essentially, $493 for twelve panels and $80 for the other two panels, just under $600. Once we have the molds we can use them for other things as well, such as cyphers. Suggested approving $600 for this. Curia discussed, voted, and approved this expenditure.
UWM student group did a presentation in court to invite royalty and general public to the class day. They are also doing demos the week of that event. Attendance is encouraged!
Planning meeting: Planning meeting happened. See notes elsewhere for the results.
Crown or Coronation Requests: The royalty is still looking for bids for Fall Crown and Coronation, and would like them in by Jan 21. Can we do it? UWM is already looking into it, but let's also look at Walworth County or Jefferson County. Maybe the two buildings at Jefferson County, one for fighting and the other for everything else? Maybe a camping event at Walworth County, plus the indoor building? Geoffrey will investigate Jefferson County. Arnbjorn will investigate Walworth County. Deonysia volunteered to autocrat if at Walworth County. More discussion on this will happen on the officer's list - we will need a bid by January Curia.
Border Skirmish: We need volunteers!
Yule Court: January 15, Muskego Beach House, noon - 10 PM. Alcohol is allowed. Silk banner painting class from noon - 5. (There's a break built in to let things dry.) Potluck. Court. Master Solomon storytelling contest during potluck. White elephant gift exchange following dinner.

New Business:
Their Highnesses Sewing Day: January 28, Sofonisba's basement.
New Website Design: Let's do it. Please look at other SCA websites for design ideas and send them to Sofonisba, who will compile them for discussion.
Officers Mailing List: Let's switch to Google Groups. Someone (Geoffrey or Sofonisba or Armond?) will create the group and invite officers' email addresses (for instance, rather than Arnbjorn's personal email). This will also clean up the officer's list.
Bids for Boar's Head 2017 due by March Curia.
We can request a three-year or five-year hold on the Washington County site (for Boar's Head) if we want to. We will discuss at January Curia. Will that also lock in the price?
General question: Do we need to have feast at events, particular Boar's Head? General opinion, yes. Need to get new blood trained to be feastocrats. Also, add screwdriver, pliers, and wrench to the list of things we bring to the kitchen for future events at Washington County.

Guilds and Groups:
Brewing and Vintners Guild: On hiatus.
Cooking/Herbal Group: On hiatus.
Dance Guild: Dance practice continues. See the schedule on the website or google calendar.
Woodworking: On hiatus until the weather breaks.
C & I Group: Continues. See the schedule on the website or google calendar.
Clothiers Guild: Continues. See the schedule on the website or google calendar.
UWM SCA: Excited about the event in March.


In Attendance:Abelard, Sibillia, Arnbjorn, Idonia, Rhys, Jean, Beatrice, Asabella, Geoffrey, Tatiana, Dahrien, Armond, Sofonisba

Officers Reports:
Baroness: Armond and Sofonisba have been chosen by Their Majesties to succeed Her Excellency Kateryn and will step up at Boar's Head.
Seneschal: Domesday has been filed.
Chronicler: Articles due November 25. Please include your submissions in a generic DOC format, or plain text. Please make the subject line 'Song of the Tower'. Be sure to include your name as you would like to appear as the signature.
Webminister: Nobody has died. Sent a write-up about the officer email shared accounts proposal, summarized as: "Each officer should have an account with attached online storage, so they can pass the account back and forth with the office, thereby handing off historical records with the office." Example: CAMWebminister has a gmail account into which all email is saved, because a future webminister may need to reference current conversations. We *can* use Ipower for this, but it has limited space so we should probably use something more global such as gmail. Most important thing is that all officers should distribute the forwarding address (for instance, Dahrien says "email me at webminister AT caeranterth DOT org", not "email me at Dahrien AT someplace DOT com." Also, when replying to a conversation, make sure that the 'reply to' is also set to that address. To accomplish this as easily as possible you can use the "Identities" function - ask Dahrien for more information. Exchequer would like to use a shared account because all Exch. correspondence needs to be recorded. It's possible to configure gmail to download email to a different device or forward it to a personal account, and still leave the original email in the gmail account; this could lead to double-management (deleting the mail from your device, and later from the gmail account). Suggestion: Go ahead with the offices for which it would be useful, but make it optional for each office. (Note: If Exchequer agrees to do this, all Exchequers in the future need to do it too; this 'optional' agreement means that if Chatelaine can choose to not get a gmail account.) Other suggestion: should update the CAMOfficers mailing list to use the email aliases instead of the officers' personal email addresses, which will reduce maintenance in the future. Also note: should change from the CAMOfficers Yahoo Group to a Google Group. Will bring this up next month.
MOAS: Requested that people send her lists of projects they are working on, because it's time for Domesday. Nobody has died.
Knights Marshal: Practices continue. Nobody has died. Turnout is steady. We've had some new people, and we'll see if they stick. House Ironwood is sponsoring December's practice. No practice on Thanksgiving, but the night before we're making a field trip to Jararvellir's practice.
Rapier: No report, but practices continue.
Archery: Monday night practices at Gander Mountain continue. Nobody has been unintentionally wounded.
Youth: No report. Office will be open in April. Accepting letters of intent.
Chatelaine: Caravan to Midrealm Bardic Madness. If you're bringing newcomers to Boar's Head and need garb, please let Beatrice know in advance so she doesn't have to bring the entire gold key to the event. Quarterly report is due at the end of the month.
Exchequer: We have money. She hasn't killed anybody yet. Report is available. Kingdom Exchequer has been added to the bank account. Ravenslake got their check. Reimbursements for anything (Office-specific expenses or Baronial expenses) in 2016 need to be turned in by December Curia.
Quartermaster: New items in the locker: four chafers and four dishes, four table skirts and clips. Inventory will be posted on facebook. Quartermaster won't be able to pull stuff for Boar's Head - Geoffrey will do it instead.
Herald: If anybody has died I don't want to know about it. No submissions in progress right now. OP will be updated soon. List of Baronial Awards was missing from the website due to a security problem - this has been resolved.

Financial Committee Meeting:
Finance Committee discussed the Boar's Head bid. Modifications were made to the presented bid to correct printed mistakes. Feast is not listed but is capped at 100 people. $15 is a lot for site entry, but $12 means making change all day. Site fees in general are creeping up and $15 doesn't seem that high any more. Discussion was closed and the budget was brought up for a vote. Voted, passed.

Old Business:
Boar's Head: Finance Committee presented the budget for Boar's Head to the Curia. A motion was made to accept the budget as presented. The budget was voted on and approved. We are not discounting pre-reg's this year. Some confusion regarding pre-reg, but a person must submit money in order to have a valid pre-reg. Question was raised for future discussion - how often do we refund pre-regs? Generally, everyone should be volunteering for something at Boar's Head.
Coronets: Magnus swears that the metal ones will be done. (They are wearable in their current state.) The leather one will be available for handoff at practice this week.
Baron and Baroness Polling: Polling complete. Their Majesties have announced that Armond and Sofonisba will be the new Baron and Baroness.
Web Directory: The directory is gone, replaced by a link to the Northshield directory.
UWM Student Group Moot: Their Majesties have granted permission to hold a moot on March 11. It is on the Northshield calendar. Will present invitations to Their Majesties and Their Highnesses to attend, and also to the Baron and Baroness of Windhaven, Jararvellir, and Ayreton (as the closest Baronies). Garb will be optional but encouraged for SCA members - there will be attendees in street clothes as well. It's the weekend before Gulf Wars. Event is free - no budget. All fees are absorbed by the school.
Planning Meeting: 3 PM Sunday November 20, Armond and Sofonisba's house. Details on the website.
Yule Court: Checked for availability, and both locations were available. Took a vote (fireplace vs. no fireplace). No fireplace won. Arnbjorn will look into reserving Muskego Beach House on Jan. 15 and will reserve it; if not, will reserve Menomonee Falls Beach House.
Baronial Paper Directories: Will be printed by Boar's Head. Arnbjorn requested $130 cash advance for printing, which will be returned. Curia voted and approved this. Cost will be $2 per directory.

New Business:
Border Skirmish: A person has volunteered to be autocrat. (Since we are not lead this year, Curia waived the requirement for a formal bid and proposal.) Curia voted, volunteer has been accepted. Sibillia will be CAM autocrat for Border Skirmish. Crown Request: Crown has requested that all groups put forth a bid for Fall Crown and Coronation. The student group will check before winter break to see if they can get a site (namely, the hall across the street which has beautiful stained glass and lots of classroom options). Should keep in mind that it will be tough to staff an event a few weeks before Boar's Head.
Note regarding officer positions: our officers are ultimately here to provide three services in their areas: reporting, meeting, and chain of command. Please keep that in mind when selecting officers.
New MOAS: Tatiana and Siblillia have submitted letters of intent for the office of Minister of Arts & Sciences, because this qualifies as an emergency. (The office of MOAS is a Greater Office. We must have an MOAS in order to remain a Barony. Her Excellency Sofonisba will not be able to hold a Greater Office when she takes over as Baroness Caer Anterth Mawr. Therefore, this is determined to be an emergency situation. During this time of emergency, the Greater Officers agree to circumvent the normal officer election procedure. (There was a motion and a vote to this end.) General summary: Sibillia has been here for a year. She's a member of a few guilds, and also attends armoring most weeks. She is organized and focuses on research. Tatiana has been here for some time. She has served as MoAS for a different group. Has been both a Principality and Baronial officer in the past. Wants to encourage people to do their geek thing, whether or not it's her geek thing, and encourage and support guilds and groups. Question: How do you feel about showing up at Curia and turning in regular reports for the Tower? Both answered in the positive. Question: How would you support guilds and their members? Tatiana: Doesn't want to change how things work. Would discuss it with the members to determine what they are looking for, and provide that. (It would be different for different groups.) Sibillia: Encourages crossover. Facilitates. Brings her sewing machine to armor night to cross-geek. Question: Would you be okay with being deputy if the other person is chosen? Both said yes. The Curia voted and selected Sibillia, who will change over as soon as possible.

Guilds and Groups:
Brewing and Vintners Guild: On hiatus.
Cooking/Herbal Group: On hiatus.
Dance Guild: Dance practice continues. See the schedule on the website or google calendar.
Woodworking: On hiatus until the weather breaks.
C & I Group: Continues. See the schedule on the website or google calendar.
Clothiers Guild: Continues. See the schedule on the website or google calendar.
UWM SCA: Excited about the event in March.


In Attendance: Abelard, Karl, Kateryn, Tatiana, Rachel, Geoffrey, Armond, Sofonisba, Arnbjorn, Dahrien, Jean, Asabella, Beatrice, Geronima

Officers Reports:
Baroness: Polls are due today by the end of the day (either post-marked today, or emailed; tang AT northshield DOT org). Boar's Head ad includes mention of world domination. The Baroness hopes that whomever succeeds her will receive the same support that she has. She will have no further courts - further award recommendations will go to her successors, whomever they might be.
Seneschal: Polls are due today. Then it's in the hands of Their Majesties. Since there are candidates for the Baronial seats who hold offices, if anyone is interested in taking over either of these offices please let the Seneschal know.
Chronicler: Submissions due Oct 23 (Sunday). Please include your submissions in a generic DOC format, or plain text. Please make the subject line 'Song of the Tower'. Be sure to include your name as you would like to appear as the signature.
Webminister: We still have a website. Need to fix the email forms - google has changed their CAPTCHA stuff, which screwed up the forms. It's been suggested that each office use an account specific to that office - for instance, the webminister currently has a shared gmail account, created two webministers ago - so that historical records and conversations are recorded for the next holder of the office. (As the office changes hands, the password is handed off as well.) If we go with google, we have the benefit of unlimited storage size and google calendars. Drawback: taking on the office means adding the new account to all of your devices, and managing a second account can be a hassle. Who would keep the passwords? Webminister or seneschal? Proposed suggestion: Dahrien will write up a cost benefit analysis and a plan, and we can discuss at the next meeting. (Motion made to this effect, voted on, and passed.) Regarding the online directory on our website, we should replace the Directory link in the left navigation bar with a link to the CAM populace listing. This requires that a user have a Northshield profile, but can then look up other peoples' contact information if needed. This suggestion was made as a motion, which was voted on and passed.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: People are making cool stuff, nobody has died. If you see someone doing something cool, tell Their Majesties and give them details. (Not just 'Johnny made something cool!', but 'Johnny made an 11th century trebuchet out of period materials, with complete documentation!')
Knights Marshal: Nobody has died. Still have practice on Thursdays, and once a month it is sponsored; otherwise, $5 per person per week. No sponsor yet for November practice. Note: the first practice in November will be on Wednesday instead of Thursday.
Archery: Rhys will announce a desire to extend his tenure as Archery Captain for another year. Practices are Monday nights at Gander Mountain.
Rapier: Arthur Angus will step up as Rapier Captain at Yule Court.
Youth: Diana will need to make a decision by next Curia as to whether she wishes to hold the position for another year or open the office.
Chatelaine: Still receiving information from the Kingdom website. Had expected thirteen new people at Champions Moot, some of whom made it and some of whom didn't. The Barony received a recent donation of a previous member's old garb, and a motion was made that the students receive it. Motion was voted on, and passed. Beatrice intends to extend her office for a third year.
Exchequer: We have money. Nobody has died. A companion group has misplaced the check we wrote them and they would like a new one, which we will reissue. Fighter's fund is down roughly $200 from when we started in July 2015. Third quarter report has been turned in. Still need the back of someone's driver's license.
Quartermaster: Everything's going fine. Brought along a donation of new garb which (see Chatelaine's report) will be handed over to the UWM students. When people know what they need from the storage locker from Boar's Head, please let QM know. Also, need to update the Quartermaster forwarding address to current Quartermaster's email address.
Herald: Nothing significant to report. Deputy has been consulting with students, some of whom are choosing names. If anyone needs consulting services, please let Beatrice know.

Old Business:
Boar's Head:There are still positions open. People in charge of areas should send updates to the webminister. Annetja and Beatrice and the UWM students will be running gate. Don't forget to pre-reg for the event and for feast! Feast will be buffet style. Need to put together a list of things to get from the storage locker. Will have hot water for dishwashing this year.
Chafing Dishes: We have acquired one. Will be shopping this weekend for the rest of them.
Table Skirts: Will be shopping this weekend for table skirts.
Coronets: Akira and Magnus are working on the coronets, and intend to have them done by Boar's Head.
Baronial Transition Progress: Polls are due today - email to TANG AT northshield DOT org.
New Directory: Updates are going well. Give Arnjborn contact information by October 31. Also, pre-order directories by October 31. Once updates are done, he will shop for a price for printing which he will present at November Curia, with the intent that he will have the directories at Boar's Head. A motion was made that the Barony buy one directory for each greater office and the Baronial seats. Motion was voted on and passed.

New Business:
Sponsor Mare Amethystinum: Once upon a time we sponsored a group in Calontir, and this one is closer to home. Tatiana is running Thatsa Mare for Mare Am next June (June 23-24), and has suggested that we sponsor their feast - that is, donate $200 to them to pay for it. Also, we should all go. There was a motion to donate $200 to Mare Am for the purpose of purchasing feast materials, with any of the leftover money available for them to use in other areas for the event (such as site tokens). Motion was voted on and passed.
UWM Request: In March, UWM has a 'Geek Week' (activity fair for the students, focusing on geeky activities on campus). UWM intends to hold a demo during the week. More importantly, they would like to hold a day of classes on March 11. They have requested 4 classrooms and a social space on campus, with the intention of running five tracks of classes. They would like it to be on the Kingdom calendar, open to everyone, garb optional, completely free, announced as a Newcomer's Day. They will pay for the whole thing, but would like our support. (We also need to petition the Crown to hold an event on this specific weekend, which is reserved for Kingdom Events.) Motion was made to hold the event on March 11, and to petition Their Majesties. Motion was voted on and passed. Geronima (group president) and Beatrice will work with Hillary (class coordinator) to get things scheduled.
2017 Planning Meeting: Scheduled for November 20, 3 PM. Potluck and meeting. Armond and Sofonisba's.
Next Curia Meeting: November 15, UWM.
Yule Court: Suggested location either Muskego or Menomonee Falls Beach House. A motion was made to provide $300 to cover renting the space and pay for firewood. Motion was voted on and passed. A motion was made to put Arnbjorn in charge of the moot. Motion was voted on and passed.

Guilds and Groups:
Calligraphy and Illumination: C&I still working on blanks for Her Excellency and her successor(s) if any are chosen.
Clothiers: Clothiers had a gothic dress fitting last weekend, and did half a dozen fittings and made some patterns. Special thanks to Typhaine.
UWM: Going strong.
Dancing: Still happening.

9/24/16 (Taking place at the Baronial Championships Moot.)

In Attendance: Officers: Katryn, Geoffrey, Asabella, Sofonisba, Beatrice (also Herald proxy), Albrecht, Armond, Hafgrimm (Webminister proxy), Arnbjorn (Chronicler proxy). Other Attendees: everyone else at Baronial Championships.
Notes by: The Honorable Lord Arnbjorn Karlsson

Officers Reports:

Baroness: Polls will be covered by the Seneschal. Concerned that she may not be long for this world. No other words of wisdom.

Seneschal: TANG will send out polls about the choice of new Coronet soon, now that the populace has had a chance to meet and greet the volunteers. Encouraged volunteers to help with Boar's Head.

Chronicler: Deadline for October articles is September 26th.

Exchequer: We have money. Only activity in August was income from the Fighter's Fund and expenditure for renting the fighter site.

Chatelaine: Many newcomers and students at Baronial Champs. Has had many contacts from prospective members. She has the updated kingdom award cards. May make some cards for the baronial awards.

Minister of Arts & Sciences: People are making lots of stuff, and no one has died.

Webminister: We have a website. Recommend that any Yahoo mail users reset their passwords in light of the massive hack at Yahoo.

Quartermaster: We have stuff. Working on updating inventory and making it available online.

Rapier Captain: 2 new authorized rapier fighters. Arthur Angus will take over the Rapier Captain Baronial office at Yule Court.

Archery Captain: Indoor practice has resumed at Gander Mountain, in Brookfield. Curia approved extending Lord Rhys' tenure as Baronial Archery Marshal for another year.

Herald: The College of Arms has registered a badge for the UWM Student Group "(Fieldless) A panther passant gardant contourny sable spotted of diverse tinctures and incensed proper"

Old Business

Boar's Head: The website will be up within 2 weeks, forms are being updated. Sofonisba is the class steward and is looking for teachers. The major event staff positions that still need to be filled are Gate (troll) Steward and Marshals-in-Charge for armored combat, rapier, and youth combat. Please contact the event stewards, Idonia & Albrecht

Border Skirmish XIV: Ravenslake is lead next year, but we still need a co-steward. If interested, please contact Geoffrey. Following Fall Crown, Seneschal will send request for second weekend in June to the Heirs & Stallari Council.

2016 Baronial Telephone Directories: Updates are going well. All gentles in the 2014 edition have been contacted to see if they have any updates. Posted requests for new people to send info for next edition. Due date is Halloween. Given that there have been 20-25 unsold copies during the 2012 & 2014 editions, Arnbjorn wants people to "pre-order, but not pre-pay" how many copies they wish. An extra 10-15 will be ordered for those people who forget to pre-order.

New Business

Everyone said, "Hi!" to newish member Lewis.


In attendance: Abelard, Ysolt, Sofbinsipa, Armond, Eva, Albrecht, Karl, Idonia, Rachel, Arnbjorn, Deonysia, Asabella, Jean, Kateryn, Dahrien

Officers' Reports:
Baroness: We have received one letter of intent for the Baronial Coronet. Will check whether or not we have to go through the entire polling process with just one volunteer, but pretty sure we do so that we can provide feedback to Their Majesties. Geoffrey will send all the information to the TANG tomorrow (8/17). Currently planning Baronial Championships, which will happen relatively soon, which will be different than last year. I hope the new Baron and/or Baroness have your full support - it's not as easy as it looks, and you have to take the bad with the good.

Seneschal: Will give us until the end of tonight's Curia meeting to get letters of intent in. We will schedule a Q&A session either as a separate event, a moot, or an extended meeting of Curia.

Chronicler: Sent out the Tower yesterday. Deadline for the next issue is 8/24 so that it can be published before 8/31. Please make the subject line 'Song of the Tower'. Be sure to include your name as you would like to appear as the signature. Office is ready to turn over - one letter of intent received. Motion to shorten the selection process, approved. Voted to accept Arnbjorn as new Chronicler, passed. Arnbjorn will step up at Boar's Head.

Webminister: Site is up. Move went well. No complaints ... except for the directory, which is ancient and out of date. Much discussion happened, and ultimately webminister will talk to his boss about linking to the Northshield directory. Otherwise, will need to send email to everyone in the online directory and get permission to update and display their contact information all over again.

MOAS: People are making stuff. Nobody's died. Reports are due soon - if you've worked on anything artistic or scientific, please let Sofbinispa know.

Knights Marshal: We have practice. Nobody's died. None of our fighters suffered a heat-related injury at Pennsic. Need more people, and need more people to pay their $5 per practice. Abelard sponsored July's practice. There is no sponsor for the August practice. We still need a sponsor for the September practice.

Archery: Office is open soon. There are no letters of intent yet. Still practicing Mondays and Wednesday outdoors for another four weeks, then will move to indoors in September.

Rapier: New authorized fighter! Working on loaner bucklers. Good attendance. Office is open soon - no letters of intent yet. Will extend the deadline to September Curia.

Youth Combat: We have a plan to incorporate heavy fighting with youth. More info to come.

Chatelaine: Alberic donated a bunch of clothes which are currently in the storage locker. They will be incorporated into the gold key one of these days.

Exchequer: We have money, and nobody's died. Getting married in four days. Geoffrey is now a signatory on the bank account. Still need Kingdom Exchequer. We made money on Border Skirmish. And nobody died. McAfee auto-renewed for $95 - Curia approved reimbursement, but Asabella will work with Dahrien to see if there's a free product she can use instead and then will get a refund from McAfee.

Quartermaster: Nobody's dead. Also, do we have round tablecloths in the storage locker?

Herald: No heraldic submissions at this point, so nobody's dead. Some inquires have been made and she will send them the requested information.

Old Business:

Boar's Head: Theme is 'A Tour of Europe'. Received one official feast proposal from a group of people, each of whom will be responsible for one remove from a different country. Rhys and Rachel would both like to be deputies to the feastocrat. Each of the officers should come up with an appropriate activity for their area, such as a French rapier tournament or an English heavy tournament. Reminders, suggestions, etc. are always welcome. Will get information to the webminister, and will use office-specific email. Suggestion: use a private Facebook group for planning, like WW and other larger events are doing.

Chafing dishes: Sofbinispa reports that she hasn't been able to find them for less than $100, and only has a $250 budget. Tatiana said that she can get them from a restaurant supply place for $40ish. They will talk.

Table skirts: Tatiana reports that she has them in her shopping cart on Amazon but hasn't clicked the button to buy them yet. But she will.

Coronets: Magnus is working on the metal ones and nobody has an update on the leather ones.

New Business:

Web directory/online directory/paper directory: Let's give the paper directory to Arnbjorn to work on. Also, the directory on the website desperately needs updating. See webminister's report, above.

Guilds and Groups:

Brewing and Vintning: Amadon received Master Brewer at Pennsic.

Cooking/Herbal: On hiatus.

Dance: On hiatus until next month.

Woodworking: In negotiations to build a new workshop.

C&I: East on hiatus until next month, West has met. See email from Beatrice.

Clothiers: On hiatus until next month.

UWM: On hiatus until next month.


In Attendance:Abelard, Ysolt, Arnbjorn, Deonysia, Diana, Tatiana, Armond, Asabella, Karl, Jean, Rachel, Kateryn, Geoffrey, Dahrien, Magnus

Officers Reports:
Baroness: We had Border Skirmish. The schtick at court went well, and I'm officially stepping down at Boar's Head. Geoffrey will start the process. Abelard missed court, and here's his award (Augmentation of Arms). Thank you to everyone who helped out at Border Skirmish. I'm going to 50 Year.
Seneschal: Got the report in on time. No issues. Will start the Baron/ess selection process. That's usually a three-year stint, and it's a lot of work, so please consider it seriously. Look for an announcement in the Tower - we'll need Letters of Intent by the August Curia meeting (which will be at Brookfield). If we have more than five applicants we'll need to narrow the selection down. We'll have a Q&A session, and then the TANG will send out letters. Ultimately the sovereigns will decide - in this case it will be Bek Hrodir and Yehudah Khagan. Fun fact: This is the third time Hrodir will one of those selecting the Baron and/or Baroness of Caer Anterth. Geoffrey will send out the timeline.
Chronicler: Deadline for articles is Saturday, June 18. Looking for a lot of photos - please also include a photo release. Also looking for a list of the tournament winners. And officers, please report. Please make the subject line 'Song of the Tower'. Be sure to include your name as you would like to appear as the signature. This issue will be July.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Congratulations to Katerina Unru on being placed on vigil for the Laurel! Otherwise, people are making things.
Knights Marshal: We had fighting at Border Skirmish. We have a new authorized fighter: Mike Katz! 89 heavy fighters at the event. Melees and tournaments and authorizations. Five combat archery authorizations! Plus whatever the Midrealm did. This week is free practice.
Archery: Mondays rotate between Menomonee Park and Whitnall Park, Wednesdays at Kinnickinnick River Parkway. Had a day of shooting at Border Skirmish including a Norse skein shoot which was won by Rhys, Mira, and Bardolph.
Rapier: Had fighting at Border Skirmish. Looked like fun!
Youth: We have four helmets and some arm and leg pads. We need supplies, and we need to get together to work on armor and weapons. (We've been using Jara's stuff.)
Chatelaine: We had new people at the event. Beatrice clothed lots of people!
Webminister: Itasca is the old web hosting provider. Active Domain is the old domain registrar. Itasca wants to close their doors in July, so we shopped around. iPower was recommended, and Dahrien found them to be a great choice. Their service and price are better than either of the other competitors he investigated. Set up three years of web hosting to get a MUCH better price, one free year of domain registration, and one year of domain security privacy protection. (This hides our officers' contact information and provides iPower's contact information instead, to anyone using a WHOIS command on the internet.) Will start work on the website migration tonight, and it might take as long as 24 hours. Has turned in receipts for cost of the new services.
Exchequer: See written report. If you want a refund, fill out a cash release voucher. Switching Eva (out) and Geoffrey (in) to the bank account. Also need Kingdom Exchequer's signature and that of the deputy Exchequer. Quartermaster needs to be warranted. Also, Magnus is deputy Exchequer.
Quartermaster: Will get warranted. Need to thank Alexander du Vatine for hauling everything. Everything's been returned except the SCA signs, which we think Arthur has. Also, a couple bags of clothes to donate - will get them to Beatrice.
Herald: Lots of awards: AoA, Cygnus, Saltire, Griffin, Belleraphon, Augmentation of Arms, Hand of Tyr, and a vigil for Laurel. See upcoming report in the Tower.

Old Business:
Border Skirmish: We had an event. Will post thanks to facebook and email. Thank you all for helping! Thought it went well. Sorry the weather he ordered didn't arrive until Sunday - must have been held up in Customs at the border. We had around 300 people. The marshal reports have been turned in for heavy and archery, and we need one for rapier. Working on a document to give to next year's staff. Next year the heavy fighters need to be closer to the water station. Next year the water bearers need to be prepared with gallon water jugs and tubes to better service the fighters. Next year we will bring back the courtesey patrol. We needed more volunteers for the gate and more waterbearers. And stool ball. Get receipts to Asabella. Ravenslake already has an autocrat lined up for next year - let's start planning ourselves. The tavern was great - thanks to everyone involved. 40 people pre-bought dinner.
Boar's Head: Let's do it. Idonia was going to wait for Border Skirmish to be finished before planning in earnest. Really wants someone to submit a bid for feast but will be happy to accept any volunteers for staff positions.
Storage Locker: Paid in full.
Chafing dishes: No update yet.
Table skirts: No update yet.
Coronets: Found Valerius's designs for the shiny ones. Magnus is working on them. Tatiana is talking to Akira about the leather ones - we want to replace the leather lining and investigate artificial fabrics for padding. Waiting for estimate.

Guilds and Groups:
Dance: Will meet Thursday at fighter's practice.
C&I: C&I West met a couple times this last month.

Misc Notes:
*No July Curia. August Curia will be in Brookfield.
*Chronicler, Archery, and Rapier offices end in December. Letters of Intent due at August Curia.


In Attendance:Abelard, Cecilia, Arnbjorn, Magnus, Geoffrey, Kateryn, Sofbinispa, Tatiana, Idonia, Jean, Eva, Albrecht

Officers Reports:
*Baroness: We have Heirs! Lots of confusion from out of Kingdom, but we're setting them straight. Crown went well - our Barony's fighters acquitted themselves with honor. Baronages were invited to sit head table, and the feast was awesome. Border Skirmish is coming up, so volunteer. There is a letter in the Tower talking about volunteering. Spring Moot in a couple weeks - we need award recommendations!
*Seneschal: If you have a greater officer position, please be aware of your reporting schedule. Have a deputy just in case - need to have someone who can file reports and attend meetings.
*Webminister: Tentatively chosen a new web hosting provider:
*Minister of Arts and Sciences: People are making stuff and nobody's died. People should report on what projects they've been pursuing. Need previous MOAS's reports.
*Knights Marshal: Fighter's practices Thursdays at the church. We don't get as many fighters as we should, considering our current roster. Not sure how to attract the other fighters back to practice. One definite new fighter, a few other new fighters who aren't consistent yet. We're coming up short for money. Maybe we can challenge VK or something? Maybe a tournament once a month? We also need to visit the guys from Ayreton.
*Archery: Outdoor practices Mondays (switching between Whitnall and Menominee Park) and Wednesdays at Kinnickinnick River Parkway.
*Rapier: Doing well and growing. On the free nights we have beginners doing footwork who then switch to dance. Working on loaner equipment - new hoods and gloves and helmets. Need to better communicate the armor requirements.
*Youth: Jara still has practices.
*Chatelaine: New member came to Crown.
*Exchequer: We have money, and a written report. Do we normally publish the Domesday report in the Tower?
*Quartermaster: Need to turn over the keys to Armond - will do it at Spring Moot. We got a bunch of stuff from Alberic - books, tents, some other stuff. (The tent needs ropes and stakes.)
*Herald: Working on the Baronial OP.
*Chronicler: Articles due May 27 for the June issue. Send the Winter Court report. Please make the subject line 'Song of the Tower'. Be sure to include your name as you would like to appear as the signature.

Old Business:
*Border Skirmish: More and more activities on the schedule, and on the website. Youth combat, thrown weapons, and archery have recently been added. Need help with gate, setup and takedown. Need help transporting tents and things from the storage locker. Will have the complete Bomtic tapestry - first display in North America, before it goes on to 50 Year. Their Majesties Northshield will be there, probably not Their Highnesses Northshield, haven't heard about Midrealm royalty. Meeting May 22 at 2 PM at the Perkins in Kenosha. We will have the tavern again, with pre-reserved dinner Friday and Saturday night.
*Boar's Head: Need volunteers, especially for feast. We want something in writing. We should put up the website soon.
*Spring Moot theme: Making things for largesse. Bring your bits and bobs and things. May 28. Potluck. Noon-7. Armond and Sofonisba's house. Room for all outdoor activities.
*Taking over the world: Yes, we will. For the sake of the Barony and the Kingdom!

New Business:
*Storage Locker Renewal: We're paid up through June 30. Do we want to renew for another year? Motion to pay for another year proposed, voted, carried. Keys are held by the Seneschal, Quartermaster, and Exchequer, and the locker is at 76th and Good Hope.
*Website Changes: Dahrien emailed details to CAM officers. We want to be done by July if we can.
*Chafing Dishes: If we want to have buffet-style feasts, we should get some chafing dishes instead of borrowing them. They normally cost $40/$45 each, but there might be deals out there. Six to eight would be great, four at a minimum. A proposal was made to give Tatiana $250 to buy new chafing dishes. Voted, approved.
*Table skirts: To skirt the head table. Can get skirts in Baronial blue for $25 each which will cover the sides and front of the table. Let's get four. Proposal to give Tatiana $150 to buy four skirts, clips, and a tote to carry them in. Voted, approved.
*Fix Baronial Coronets: They're not in great shape. Both sets need work - the leather ones need new leather sewn into the lining, and the metal ones need the center piece completed and some of the pins replaced. Maybe Akira can do the leather? Magnus will look at the metal ones. Good timing because artisans can work on one while the other is in use, then swap them out. As long as they're both completed by Boar's Head. They'll get back to us with estimates.
*June sponsored practice: Jean and Katerina. Will be third Tuesday, not second Tuesday. We'll probably do that again in July and August.
*Next Curia is June 21 (right in the middle of 50 Year) and Kateryn will be at the event. Reschedule for the 14th. We usually skip July. August 16 Brookfield.

Guilds and Groups:
*Brewing and Vintning: Jean wants to rent a beach house for a day and have another brewing day. Maybe add food. Maybe brewing in the afternoon, food and wine pairings in the evening.
*Cooking: Outdoor cooking? Maybe at Armond and Sofbinispa's later in the summer, which will give Katerina a chance to finish her ceramic cookware.
*UWM: Scheduled through summer term.
*Dance: Scheduled through summer term.
*Scribal: Scheduled through summer term. Also, C&I west will meet on Thursday the 19th at Armond and Sofbinispa's at 6:30, followed by hottubbing.
*Woodworking: Will be building a pole barn (24x40) which will host woodworking activities.


In Attendance:Geoffrey, Abelard, Idonia, Karl, Dahrien, Kateryn, Arnbjorn, Beatrice, Cecilia, Asabella, Sofonisba

Reminder: Please don't report anything during Curia which you will then add to your report in the Tower. And remember to send a report to the Tower.

Officer Reports:
Baroness: Working on world domination. We have the best people in the Barony, so we're taking over. Why? Because I'm evil. First the world, then the galaxy, then the universe. Also, we need a seneschal. A number of people have expressed interest, and we have two letters of intent, and one of them is from a greater officer who has withdrawn. More on this later.
Chronicler: Articles due Friday, 4/22. - please make the subject line 'Song of the Tower'. Be sure to include your name as you would like to appear as the signature. This issue will be March, April, and May. Hope to get back on schedule. Working with the webminister to get email working correctly.
Webminister: Helping the Chronicler with email stuff. Please use the email addresses to reach the officers.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: People are still doing stuff. Transferring the office at the end of the month.
Knights Marshal: Still holding practices. Next sponsored practice will be in May, sponsored by Armond and Sofonisba. Some interest in outdoor practices on either Mondays or Wednesdays, also looking at weekend practices.
Chatelaine: Received email about donations, which she'll sort through and distribute to students and gold key. New students and new interest from new people.
Archery: No one has died. Practices on Monday nights at Gander Mountain. Starting outdoor practice May 16. Working with armored and rapier to set up joint practices again, on either Mondays or Wednesday nights. Sponsoring a shoot at Schutzenfest - Norse Skein Shoot. First weekend in May.
Rapier: Practices continue. Have received some new masks to be loaner gear.
Youth: Closest practice is Jara, but has some local interest.
Exchequer: Need some checks signed. We have a new Kingdom Exchequer.
Herald: New book about Japanese names! Beatrice already has it.
Seneschal: We have a Barony. Information for Baron Dughall's memorial service are on the email list.

Old Business:
Seneschal: We have a letter of intent from Geoffrey de la Brugge. We had a motion to vote on him, which passed. We voted, and he won. Geoffrey will be the new Seneschal, pending approval from Kingdom.
Border Skirmish: Planning continues. We need a Gate Coordinator. (Sofonisba volunteered.) Planning meeting May 22, 2 PM, Perkins in Kenosha on Hwy 50. Filled out the form for the insurance check - need a check for the June ad in the Northwatch. Now that we have the staff positions filled, they need volunteers to help do their jobs - the website will be updated soon, so folks can volunteer. We've ordered site tokens (clover charms). We have one pre-reg.
Heritage Weekend: Not enough interest due to bad timing (event is the weekend that most Pennsic-goers are coming home). We'll try again next year.
Boar's Head: We do not have a feast steward, and the event theme will hinge on the feast theme. Will put something in the Tower requesting a feast steward and a theme.

New Business:
Sofonisba will host a largesse-making day at her house. Details to come.
Spring Moot: May 28. Potluck. Noon-7. Armond and Sofonisba's house. Room for all outdoor activities. More information to come.
Next meeting: May 17 at UWM, Union 250.

Guilds and Groups:
Dance: Meeting as usual.
Clothiers: Meeting as usual.
C&I: Meeting as usual. Making scroll blanks for the Barony.


In Attendance:Abelard, Kateryn, Sofonisba, Katriona, Raven, Beatrice, Arnbjorn, Idonia, Eva, Albrecht, Mysie, Dahrien, Bardolph, Asabella

Reminder: Please don't report anything during Curia which you will then add to your report in the Tower. And remember to send a report to the Tower.

Officer Reports:
Baroness: Those of you who haven't should meet Raven and Katriona, who have been in the group for years but whom many of you have never met. He will talk later.
Chronicler: Deadline for Song of the Tower articles is March 27. Please send articles to with the subject line of 'Song of the Tower', no more, no less. Please sign your messages as you wish the article to be signed.
Webminister: Still have a website. Send me information when you want something posted.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Unable to attend due to illness in the family. Nobody has died or been maimed performing A&S activities in the past month, though Randall still hosts armoring night on Tuesdays so who knows how long this trend will continue. See later in these notes re: MOAS applicants.
Knights Marshal: We still have practice, though heavy fighter attendance has been low. Come fight!
Archery: Practices continue, Monday nights at Gander Mountain in Brookfield. Moving to outdoor practices mid-May. We have loaner gear - come shoot!
Rapier: Practices are concurrent with heavy practice (Thursday nights), and rapier attendance is growing. We have loaner gear - come fight!
Youth Combat: Not present.
Chatelaine: Newcomers come in through the student group and other avenues. A member recently donated a large quantity of garb!
Exchequer: See written report. Nothing additional to report.
Quartermaster: We still have stuff. It's locked up. See later in these notes re: Quartermaster applicants.
Herald: Looking for the Japanese heraldry book (NCMJ) which the online listing states is in the Baronial heraldry library - it's not actually in there. Herald will buy a new copy. Also, Raven presented Dughall's achievement of arms (printed out and pretty) to Idonia.
Seneschal: Needs to step down due to health reasons - trying to remove as much stress as possible. Will put her announcement in all the appropriate places. We have a motion to shorten the process from six months to one month, which is passed. Letters of Intent are due one week before April Curia, so that discussions and potentially decisions can be made at April Curia. Thank you all for the amazing support. More information will be forthcoming, or ask Mistress Eva yourself.

Old Business:
Border Skirmish: Planning progresses. Need a day-of gate coordinator and a class coordinator. Will get information to Dahrien for the website. Need to coordinate with Marie in Ravenslake to set up a staff meeting. (Mysie has volunteered to be class coordinator, MSOE students might be able to do gate.) Created a 'how to be a longshoreman' document - will post it with the other 'how to' documents on the website.
Open Practice: Sigrid has offered to sponsor April's practice. Armond and Sofonisba will sponsor May. March practice was a little light due to Gulf Wars and illness. Going to be using a wireless doorbell outside the church so that someone doesn't have to wait in the vestibule for late arrivals.
Boar's Head: One person has submitted a feast bid. No theme yet - maybe next month. The deposit is in and contract has been received. It's on the Northshield Kingdom calendar - need to put it on the Midrealm Calendar.
New Lisbon Heritage Weekend: August 13-14. Overlaps with Pennsic. Response has been light - Arnbjorn will ask one more time.

New Business:
Applicants for Minister of Arts and Sciences: Received one letter of intent from Sofonisba. Made a motion to shorten the process, which passed. Moved to vote on applicant, which passed. Voted. Results: Yes. Office changes in May.
Applicants for Quartermaster: Received one letter of intent from Armond. Made a motion to shorten the process, which passed. Moved to vote on applicant, which passed. Voted. Results: Yes. Office changes in May.
Commemorative Booklet 50th Anniversary: We received an invitation to participate in the 128 page 50th Anniversary Commemorative Booklet by donating $300 to sponsor a page in the book. (This will also result in five copies of the book for the Barony.) They would also need the content of our page by March 31, which will be printed in black and white. We voted to do this. Idonia will put it all together. Achievement: Raven is the herald who got the group's arms registered in 1980, and he has been working on an achievement for them. In his words: "Hello, I'm Raven. As the Barony's former herald who originally got its arms registered (we were able to get a special exception for our green triple-mount on a blue field because of what the Laurel called "excellent documentation"), I wanted to offer some enhancements for its display. On this page, you'll find a file with blue-and-white mantling, and new compound mural & baronial crowns designed in cooperation with Deputy Pursuivant Signora Beatrice de la Campana. Also, there's a proposed design with dragon-and-griffin supporters; I hope there will be some opportunity to voice opinions for and against this design at some moot and on the CAM List, so it can be clearly either accepted or rejected." The artwork is visible on the website at Raven suggested that, if it meets the approval of the group, we make or commission a banner to hang behind the Baronial seat displaying the full achievement. We had a motion to discuss the adoption of this achievement by the Curia, which was then amended to include the possibility of making tweaks and modifications as we see fit or to fit particular situations (for instance, for Boar's Head we might add a boar instead of a dragon, might flip the dragon and griffin, or might replace the toasting goblets with tongs). The motion and proposal both passed, and much conversation ensued. It is important to note also that in Northshield achievements are not registered with the College of Heralds, so an achievement can be adopted by a group but changing it is not a violation of any Heraldic law. The end result of the conversation was a vote to accept the achievement, with potential tweaks as desired. Ultimately we will develop a library starting with the achievement as presented, and Raven will also provide components and variations. This is now in the herald's lap - she will choose what is displayed on the website and host further discussions. In addition, Raven has donated some poster-sized calendars to the Barony, at a recommended $3 per calendar, which includes AS51.
Next meeting: April 19th in Brookfield.

Guilds and Groups:
Dance: Continues and grows. Information is posted to the google calendar and the Tower.
C&I: Continues and grows. Information is posted to the google calendar and the Tower.
UWM: Continues and grows. Information is posted to the google calendar and the Tower.


In Attendance:Abelard, Arnbjorn, Asabella, Alice, Magnus, Karl, Katerina, Jean, Idonia, Kateryn, Cecilia, Dahrien

Reminder: Please don't report anything during Curia which you will then add to your report in the Tower. And remember to send a report to the Tower.

Officer Reports:
Baroness: Went to an event in Minnesota, came back in the snow. The Northshield Kingdom Arts and Sciences Open Division and Triathalon Tournament was great, and a few people from CAM made it out there. We have no letters of intent for the open offices yet, although they were due today, but we'll get to that.
Exchequer: Report is available. Year-end reports were turned in on time. Cash handling for the fighter's fund needs to be handled differently - the exchequer needs to deposit funds within two weeks of receipt instead of four weeks. We'll work out how to handle it. What we submitted in the report is good. Need to renew the license for Excel by Saturday - can investigate Open Office and other options, but just in case we'd like to be able to buy it. There was a motion to allow a purchase of $70 to renew the license by Saturday if it's needed. We voted and passed this motion.
Quartermaster: We still have stuff. Magnus is not planning to apply for an extension to his time in this office. We voted to extend the deadline for letters of intent to March Curia, and that passed.
Herald: See the Tower for report.
Chronicler: Missed the January Tower, so will add those articles to the February Tower. Articles due Friday 2/19. Please send articles to with the subject line of 'Song of the Tower', no more, no less. Please sign your messages as you wish the article to be signed.
Webminister: Will turn in a quarterly report by the deadline (end of February). Working with Raven to set up a heraldic achievement for the Barony.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Out sick. People did stuff, nobody died. Druscilla is not planning to apply for an extension to her time in this office. We voted to extend the deadline for letters of intent to March Curia, and that passed.
Knights Marshal: Fighting still happens once a week (Redeemer Lutheran Church, Thursdays, 7-10 PM). We still have a site. We need more people.
Rapier: Fencing continues, despite fact that I cannot always be there due to Eva's medical situation. Don Dante has run the last two practices. When I cannot be there, I will do what I can to ensure a warranted Marshal is there.
Archery: Monday nights at Gander Mountain. This month we're shooting Their Majesty's Archery Challenge.
Youth: There will be a youth combat track at Fighter's School: Intro to fighting, How to fight like a girl / how to fight a girl, How to fight a giant, Fighting with two weapons, Fighting with great weapons.
Chatelaine: Quarterly Chatelaine report has been filed on time.
Seneschal: Eva is recuperating, expects to be back next month.

Old Business:
Border Skirmish: Arnbjorn met with Marie. This is the 13th Border Skirmish, so we might have the theme of 'luck'; for instance, tournaments of luck or lucky charms for site tokens. Filling in staff positions. Dahrien's putting the website together. Jean is MIC, and is contacting Their Majesties Northshield and Midrealm to find out if they have any scenario preferences. (If he can't get hold of Them, he will contact the chivalry of both Kingdoms, and so on.)
Winter Court Moot: Was great. Weather was great. Attendance was great. The food was great. Court was great. Thank you for the donations.
Boar's Head: Idonia has the contract for the Washington County Fairgrounds and will send it to the officers. Will need to pay half up front. A potential feast steward suggested the theme of Silk Road. There was a motion to sign the contract and pay the money. We voted and this passed.

New Business:
Lisbon Heritage Festival: August 13-14 (closing weekend for Pennsic) in Waukesha. The festival covers periods from Ancient Greece through WW2, so we could fit in. After discussion we decided that Arnbjorn should pass this along to Beatrice.
Baronial Regalia: The Baronial seats have suffered wear and tear over the last nine or ten years and need repairs or replacement. The Baronial 40th Anniversary is coming up in a few years. Maybe we should look at all the rest of the regalia as well. In fact, there's a missing pin in one of the metal coronets and the leather isn't really clean on the leather coronets. Magnus will look at the coronets.
Future Moots? We should have them. Camping? Brewing? Overnights?

Guilds and Groups:
B&V: Investigating the possibility of another brewing moot. There is a Facebook group for Northshield Brewers.
Herbal: Alice is growing an herb garden. Renewed interest. Should have something scheduled by next month.
Dance: 3rd Wednesday of the month at UWM, second Thursday of the month at Fighter's Practice.
C&I: First Wednesday of the month.
Clothier's Guild: Guild meeting at Beatrice's on Sunday, February 28th, for garb construction for those who need first/early garb for themselves. Anyone is welcome to come and bring any project they want to work on.
UWM: Recruiting activities continue at UWM--we had new members at the last meeting, and the next meeting will be tomorrow, followed by Baronial dance practice.
Woodworkers: Hiatus

Please participate in the Northshield auction on Facebook.
The March free fighter's practice will be sponsored by Beatrice, Asabella, and Typhaine.


In Attendance:Abelard, Beatrice, Albrecht, Eva, Arnbjorn, Asabella, Karl, Corin, Fancy, Dahrien, Idonia, Kateryn, Magnus

Reminder: Please don't report anything during Curia which you will then add to your report in the Tower. And remember to send a report to the Tower.

Officer Reports:
Baroness: Yule Court is this weekend. If you haven't gotten in your award recommendations, you're late - but you can put them in for Border Skirmish. We will have court at Yule Court, and there are a number of awards and backlogs. Come to court! Also, Hamish will be elevated to the Pelican at ToC in Tomah. Everyone should come to that!
Chronicler: Song of the Tower articles are due by February 5. Make sure the subject line is 'Song of the Tower', and the article includes your signature as you wish it to appear. Working on the January Tower now.
Webminister: Everything is status quo.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Out sick tonight. If you're teaching a class for SUN, please send handouts to Katerina - handouts are being posted on the Northshield website under 'Class Resources'.
Knights Marshal: Practices continue. The Society Earl Marshal is releasing new handbooks for most of the martial disciplines. Remember, SCA rules trump Northshield rules.
Archery: Mondays at Gander Mountain. Archery Challenge begins next week, 1/25.
Rapier: Practices. New people. Yay!
Chatelaine: Receiving garb donations from Armond and Sofonisba, Dahrien and Mysie, Bardolph, others. Making new contacts, getting new people.
Exchequer: Boar's Head made a profit. Domesday is almost ready (not due until the end of the month).
Quartermaster: Needs to send in warrant stuff.
Herald: Nothing to report here - read the Tower.
Seneschal: We had a demo! Things seem to be going smoothly.

Old Business:
Midwinter Gaming Demo: Had about 15 SCA folks. Some old SCA people turned up as well. Ivar will be in charge next year and has already established contact with the person in charge. He's working on getting a nice room with plenty of floor and ceiling space. We had a bad time slot this year because of the delay in signing up, but still got some interest. Suggestion: We should get our folks to walk around as well as hang out in the room, because people will follow us back to the demo room. Maybe we can work with the masquerade to be the half-time show.
Yule Moot: Saturday 1/23 at the Muskego Beach House. People will be on site by noon, though the moot doesn't begin until 3. Court at 4. Potluck at 5. Gift exchange afterwards. Will bring extra gifts so that everyone can participate.
Border Skirmish: Arnbjorn emailed finance committee the bid for Boar's Head for review. Used last year's numbers as a base. Spoke with equestrian in Midrealm and Northshield and they will be attending SCA 50, so we don't need the arena this year. This means that we don't need as much hay, either. These numbers change the bid slightly. Marie is the Ravenslake autocrat. Arthur Angus volunteered to be CAM Longshoreman. Got interest from some vendors at the demo.
Open Practice: January's was great. February's is sponsored by Jean and Katerina. March will be sponsored by Beatrice, Asabella, and Typhaine. Randall has expressed interest in sponsoring April.

New Business:
Boar's Head bids due tonight. We don't have a bid, but do have a proposal of interest. Voted to accept Idonia and Albrecht's proposal to steward with a pending bid, accepted.
Finance Committee will meet to discuss Border Skirmish bid.
Next month's meeting is February 16 at Brookfield. (Arnbjorn's birthday!)

Guilds and Groups:
Herbal: We have interest from some new people in bringing this guild out of hiatus. Kateryn will look into it.
Dance: Expect two dance practices per month except February which will only have one.
UWM: Considering putting in a bid for Officer's Day, SUN, a Collegium of some sort, or maybe Bardic Madness. More information to come.

Meeting suspended so that the Finance Committee could meet.

Meeting resumed. Finance Committee presented the Border Skirmish bid for a populace vote. It was approved.


In Attendance:Abelard, Magnus, Eva, Kateryn, Asabella, Geoffrey, Arnbjorn, Alice, Albrecht, Idonia, Dahrien, Santa

Reminder: Please don't report anything during Curia which you will then add to your report in the Tower. And remember to send a report to the Tower.
Officer Reports:
Baroness: We had an event, and it went really well. Everyone worked hard. Great work to feast stewards, great work to event staff, great work to everyone. Yule Moot is coming up, and we need Baronial award recommendations. Officers, turn in your end of year (domesday) reports.
Chronicler: Reports due Sunday, December 20. Make the subject line 'Song of the Tower' and please list your name as you would like it to appear.
Webminister: We have a website. Making changes to the Artisan Library page ( New Baronial arms have been posted, some with QR codes.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Nobody died. People loved the classes at Boar's Head. (179 people attended classes.)
Knights Marshal: Practice this week is the last of the year (12/17). No practice on 12/24 or 12/31.
Archery: Practices continue to be Mondays at Gander Mountain. Probably doing the winter shoot competition in the new year.
Rapier: New people, returning people.
Youth: We are receiving a donation of some youth combat gear from Asny and Ansilla. Youth was very popular at Boar's Head.
Chatelaine: Clothed at least ten people at Boar's Head. Lots of new people.
Exchequer: Lots of checks. Paid taxes. Need to get payment worked out with our ISP. From our review, we needed to have two things done by the end of November and those things are done. We have two other things which need to be done by the end of December, and they will be.
Quartermaster: Got stuff out for Boar's Head, and put it all back. Kateryn took some photos of regalia for our records.
Herald: Read the report in the Tower.
Seneschal: Boar's Head happened!

Old Business:
Boar's Head Followup: Final headcount: 421 (401 paid). 33 people at the Princess' Sleeve Tournament. Lots of help on the rapier list. About 50 heavy fighters. This site will let us fight outdoors, but note: need your own marshal outside. Also, this is assuming that next year they don't have an outdoor Christmas light display as they have in some previous years. We were pleasantly surprised to host the Prince of Calontir, especially since we had no Midrealm royalty. Note: don't schedule this event opposite a Midrealm event next year if we can avoid it. More merchants than last year. Cookie caper (which was a private fundraiser) made over $1K. Silent Auction made over $1 and had lots of interest, highest quality silent auction ever. No complaints that we've heard. Everybody had fun. This year will be a tough act to follow. Everyone has turned in expenses and checks will go out soon. Final numbers once the final bill is received.

New Business:
Yule Moot: Steward - Arnbjorn. January 23. 3-10 pm, Muskego Beach House. Kitchen on site. Free beer and wine license. No fireplace at this location. Potluck feast. Master Solomon storytelling contest during feast. White elephant gift exchange at the end of the night. There's a website page and a facebook page for this event. (
Midwinter Gaming Convention: Last year Hamish and Asabella were in charge. This year Beatrice? Randall talked to Ryan (from Lost Hope LARP) who said that Anne (the con organizer) would like us to contact her. Demo is the same day as Tree Girt Sea 12th Night (January 16). Fighting and dancing. We should do this if we can - last year it was a big draw, and we've had interest from other groups (Jara, specifically) in participating.
Border Skirmish 2016: We are lead this year. Call for bids. Arnbjorn has submitted a letter of intent pre-bid. We voted and decided to accept his pre-bid. He will write up a formal bid with budget.
Boar's Head 2016: Please submit bids - some people have expressed interest in co-autocratting, but don't want to discourage others.
Fall Coronation 2016: September 10. Need an autocrat. Possible event sites: Jefferson County Fairgrounds, Ozaukee County Fairgrounds, Easter Seals Building, Urban Ecology Centers... need to research and determine if we can do it, and put in a bid if we're interested.
Next meeting: January 19 at UWM.
Cashbox: Does anyone have one to donate? (Eva and Albrecht might.)
Albrecht would like to buy some fencing masks, which cost more than his $50 rapier allotment. Would also like to set up a 'sewing day' for people to sew rapier fighting garb/armor. Fighters, we will discuss this on Thursday - can we give him some money from the fighter's fund?
Remember, officers have $50 per year to spend on their offices.

Guilds and Groups:
UWM: Will report next time.
C&I : First Wednesday of the month.
Dance: Third Wednesday of the month.
Clothier’s Guild: There was something, but nobody can remember what. This space intentionally left blank.
Brewers and Vintner's Guild: Drinking!
Eaters and Drinkers Guild: Staying in practice!
Herbal/Cooking Group: On hiatus.
Woodworking Group: On hiatus.


In Attendance:Abelard, Alexis, Kayleigh, Beatrice, Albrecht, Eva, Karl, Kateryn, Corin, Fancy, Dahrien, Asabella, Magnus, Druscilla

Reminder: Please don't report anything during Curia which you will then add to your report in the Tower. And remember to send a report to the Tower.
Officer Reports:
Baroness: Has received the gift of salt as black as her heart, and is well pleased. Distributed cookies as a sign of her graciousness. Submit award recommendations for Boar's Head now - scribes are being assigned! Might be a long court. If you have not yet volunteered for a job at Boar's Head, please do. (Washing dishes counts as a job.) If Their Majesties give Her Excellency time in court, we will do officer changeovers for webminister and herald.
Chronicler: Articles due November 25. Make sure to put 'Song of the Tower' in the subject line with no other content, and make sure to indicate the name with which you want the article signed.
Webminister: Nothing to report, except that he came up with a new combat scenario.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Classes and heraldic consultation and demos and scribal play area at Boar's Head. 22 hours of class. We also filled eight class slots at SUN with instructors from CAM. And, bake cookies for the cookie caper at Boar's Head!
Knights Marshal: Practices continue, Thursday nights at the church.
Archery: Monday nights. Got new arrows from China! Also, read 'Agincourt' by Bernard Cornwall.
Rapier: KWAR was spectacular. Practices continue. Would like permission to scrap some broken loaner gear - permission is not necessary, so will do so.
Minister of Youth: Absent.
Chatelaine: Awesome turnout at SUN, where she taught two classes (Intro to SCA and Mock Court). Took 12 folks in 3 cars from UWM. The students received tokens and rings. Planning for Boar's Head. Will have a Buddy Bench. Also, sponsoring a contest at feast.
Exchequer: Had a review done at SUN. It went pretty well - only four action items - and learned other things that we should be doing during the class sessions taught by the Kingdom Exchequer. Needs to replace the (currently electronic) records from 2012 and 2013 with paper copies which were lost or destroyed, print the meeting minutes, identify our general funds, and get the deputy warranted, all by December 31. We also need to include inventory with the Domesday report.
Quartermaster: 'Change of owner' process for the storage locker can happen online. Helping the exchequer with reports. Beatrice has the radios from Green Knight and will return them to QM.
Herald: This is my last Curia as Herald - will hand off stuff at fighter's practice and the office at Boar's Head. Otherwise, article in the Tower.
Seneschal: Haven't heard from TADS re: zip codes, so this is presumed a non-issue. Every office needs deputies!

Old Business:
Boar's Head: Will be awesome. Everybody's coming. Everything's coming along. Light pre-reg, but that seems to be the norm these days. (Presumably nobody uses checks anymore, and that's why.) Lunch is being catered. *Don't bring outside food.* There will be a bar, opens at 11. Jack Flanders has volunteered to run youth combat. We will have a Boar's Head tournament - off-hand ("Sinister") single-sword - and a peppermint stick tournament. We will have the Princess' Sleeve tournament. We will have a "new scribes playspace" at which new scribes can learn and practice with materials under the supervision of more experienced scribes and illuminators. There will be a buddy bench. Give web updates to Dahrien. We need to pay our taxes: we voted to provide $250 for the general fund. Vote passed, approved. Also, bring donations for the silent auction, cookies for the caper. Site opens to staff, royalty, and merchants at 8 and to the public at 9. We can get in Friday until 5 for setup if needed. And, Pete needs a ride - if anyone is coming from the vicinity of UWM and can provide one to her, please let her know. (She's on the CAM email list.)
Open Practice: November's open practice went well. December's open practice is December 10, sponsored by Sigrid. Magnus is sponsoring January. Combining this with dance practice was a nice touch - we had eight people dancing while people fought.
Planning meeting: The dates are posted. Think about moots, stewarding, and locations for the same. We *really* need a steward for Border Skirmish.

New Business:
Yule Moot: The beach house at Waukesha is not available Jan 16, Jan 17, Jan 23, or Jan 24, but the one in Muskego is. We discussed renting Muskego on Jan 23 ($114 to rent plus three cords of firewood = $135), voted, and approved. Need to find a steward for this moot. Expect gift exchange, potluck, and court.
Next meeting is December 15th at Brookfield unless otherwise announced.
Gold Key Garb: All of the garb is between size XL and 'Tent' (either really small or really huge) Need some medium-sized garb. Please donate garb and/or fabric and consider donating time to convert fabric into garb.

Guilds and Groups:
UWM: Would like permission to register a fieldless badge for their use, which will be a Baronial badge: An English panther. We voted and approved. Beatrice will pursue this. Also, is looking into hosting an Officer's Day. Will do more research and put in a bid.
Clothier's Guild: November 21 at Beatrice's to finish some garb. Maybe also the 28th or 29th.
Dance Guild: Meeting twice a month: The normal Wednesday meeting at UWM, and also at the free practice night.


In Attendance:Abelard, Arnbjorn, Idonia, Fancy, Corin, Eva, Kateryn, Magnus, Kyriel, Karl, Alexander, Asabella, Beatrice

Reminder: Please don't report anything during Curia which you will then add to your report in the Tower. And remember to send a report to the Tower.
Officer Reports:
Baroness: We had an event! It was lovely - the site was lovely, the feast was lovely, the people were lovely. It's also a lovely site for camping. Thank you to everyone who helped and everyone who attended - sorry that more people couldn't make it. We have a new Prince and Princess! Congratulations to them, and to the fighters from CAM who fought in Crown. Please submit award recommendations for Boar's Head and SUN, both coming soon.
Chronicler: Articles due October 29. Subject line must be 'Song of the Tower', no more, no less. Please put your name at the bottom in the format you'd like it to appear (that is, sign it with your SCA name). Need to publish the bylaws in November or December Tower.
Webminister: Nothing significant to report.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: SUN and Known World Costume & Rapier coming soon! (KWC&R is just across the Midrealm border in Mundelein, IL.) Lots of classes at both! People should go! Dahrien split his pants, no one died.
Knights Marshal: Still have practices on Thursdays at the church. Will have more 'Open Practice' nights - see below.
Archery: Mondays at Gander Mountain. $8 an hour, monthly and annual passes available. (An annual pass costs the same as four monthly passes.)
Rapier: Still have practices on Thursdays at the church. This week is a rapier tournament with a prize!
Youth: Not present.
Chatelaine: Actively recruiting - a few students, a guy who's been out of the country, and others.
Exchequer: Will submit report to the Tower. Added Eva to the bank account, collected signatures for the signatory sheet. Missing a cashbox (just the box).
Quartermaster: We have stuff. Need to check inventory and drop some things off at the storage locker. The benches borrowed for Green Knight have been returned to their owners. It is possible to switch the 'owner' of the locker if both people are there.
Herald: Nothing significant to report.
Seneschal: Zip codes are an issue again - the TADS Seneschal questioned our use of the Washington County Fairgrounds. Emailed them and asked how they would like to handle it. (Reminder: This has been going on for a few years.) Kingdom Seneschal is aware of the situation.

Old Business:
Green Knight: Great site. Feast and tables made a profit, overall lost money. Thanks to everyone who came. Attendance was light. We can use this site again in the future. It was a little chilly in the evening and at night, but that's just an excuse for winter garb, campfires, and sheepskins.
Archery Moot: 12 archers and Her Excellency, mostly from Jara and CAM. Everybody liked the site - we hope to do it again next year. Jara's fletching guild gifted CAM with a quiver and some arrows which will be added to the Archery Champion Regalia.
Boar's Head: Going well. Planning meeting Sunday at 2 PM at Geoffrey and Tatiana's in Waukesha. So far we're planning to have a caterer for lunch. Need a youth coordinator for both youth activities and/or youth combat. Large class schedule. Minister of Arts and Sciences requests that lunch start by 11 AM so the teachers can all eat. TRM and TRH will attend. (Her Highness is teaching a class.) We will host the Princess' Sleeve Rapier Tournament. Check the website for more information ongoing. Also, will have a silent auction.
Open Practice went well. Next one will be November 12, sponsored by Dahrien and Mysie. Sigrid has also sponsored December 10.
Planning Meeting: November 10, UWM 183.

New Business:
Yule Moot: Bids due by November Curia. Think about that! Maybe have it in January.
Tower Articles Reminder: October 29, subject: Song of the Tower.
Next meeting November 17, UWM, room 183. December in Brookfield?
Please make donations to the Kingdom Travel Fund.

Guilds and Groups:
Brewing and Vintning: Same old, same old.
Calligraphy & Illumination: First Wednesday of every month, preceded by UWM student meeting. Had a class about pigments. Will have blanks to color. Her Excellency is teaching 'Illumination for People Who Can't Draw' at Boar's Head.
Herbal & Cooking/Eating: Maybe Asabella will host one. Eating guild is looking forward to a chance to reconvene.
Dance Guild: Third Wednesday of each month at UWM. Beatrice will be the new coordinator. Primary focus on French Continental and English Country Dancing. Need locations for November and December meetings - maybe a different night.
Clothier's Guild: Been quiet. If anyone wants to go to the Vogue warehouse in Evanston (third weekend in November) contact Druscilla. Karl still has fabric to donate for student garb.
UWM: Continue to have new members. Taking students to SUN, but might need more people to drive. If you can take a student to SUN, please let Beatrice know. UWM might want to host a SUN or Coronation or something colligeumish. Will discuss at Baronial Planning Meeting. Lots of rooms, free AV, large spaces...
Woodworking Guild: Too cold to work outside.


In Attendance:Abelard, Geoffrey, Druscilla, Asabella, Eva, Kateryn, Albrecht, Idonia, Arnbjorn, Siri, Jean, Dahrien, Mysie

Reminder: Please don't report anything during Curia which you will then add to your report in the Tower. And remember to send a report to the Tower.
Officer Reports:
Baroness: There's an event this weekend. Everybody should go to it! There's a new King and Queen. Vivat!
Chronicler: Make sure the subject line for all Tower articles is 'Song of the Tower'. No 're', no 'fwd', just 'Song of the Tower'. Articles due Tuesday, 9/29/15.
Webminister: Nothing significant to report.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Presented list of Boar's Head classes, which will also be in the Tower.
Knights Marshal: Practices continue at Redeemer. Motion made to shorten the candidate selection process for the new Knights Marshal. Passed. Voted to accept Syr Jean du MalChance as the new Knights Marshal. Passed. Vivant to Syr Jean, new Knights Marshal! Thank you to His Excellency Hamish for his service.
Archery: Moved indoors this week. Regional Archery Practice/Moot October 3 at Menomonee Park from 10-4. Information on the website.
Rapier: Practices going well. Tournament at practice this week.
Minister of Children: No report.
Chatelaine: Report will be in the Tower.
Exchequer: Written report presented. Trying to close the Associated Bank account, which should happen this week. Note: Dru can do photocopying and binding at work for less than a copy center. Need two weeks lead time, and need to be able to accept a hand-written receipt.
Quartermaster: We still have stuff.
Herald: Nothing to report, but office is open. We have an applicant. Motion was made to shorten the candidate selection process for new Herald. Passed. Voted to accept Mistress Idonia as new Herald. Passed. She will step up in December when Abelard's term ends.
Seneschal: Report will be in the Tower.

Old Business:
Green Knight Tournament: Be there this weekend, Ledge Park by Horycon Marsh. Truck is reserved. Will get stuff from the storage locker and Marquette on Friday morning. Setup at 1 PM, troll opens at 5 PM. Website is up. Volunteers needed for Troll. Will be picking up list poles, benches, sheet walls, carport, shadefly, three tents, and other things. We have all the campsites reserved. Need to arrange for gate money. FYI, Baroness won't be there on Friday night but will be there on Saturday. Group reading starts at 7 PM (or when critical mass is achieved) – come participate!
Boar's Head: Still planning. Meeting this week (9/24) at fighter's practice, 7 PM, Redeemer. (We'll have more meetings in October.) Need lunch people or else we'll ask site to provide a caterer. Think about Boar's head 2016 - deadline for bids in January.

New Business:
Proposal: Having a paid site for fighter's practice can be a hassle. How about people sponsor nights, maybe once a month, so folks can attend without having to pay? Interested parties can sponsor a night for $75 and everybody can attend. Can still have fighting, and the non-fighting area can be used for dancing, A&S, C&I, hanging out, whatever. This will be a private donation. Eva and Albrecht volunteered to sponsor the second Thursday in October (10/8). Dahrien and Mysie volunteered to sponsor the second Thursday in November (11/12). Siri volunteered to sponsor the second weekend in December (12/10).
Tower articles due September 29 by 7 PM. Subject line *must be* ONLY 'Song of the Tower', nothing else, no 're' or 'fwd'.
Next meeting at UWM, October 20.
Border Skirmish: Need to ask royal permission for the second weekend in June. We traditionally wait until we have heirs, but we run this event jointly with the Midrealm and they have already chosen this weekend. Note, we expect numbers to be down this year because the SCA 50 event is the following weekend. We still need a steward for this event - we are lead this year. Deadline for bids is November Curia. Planning meeting: Sometime in November. We'll try for November 10 at UWM.
Yule Court: Need a steward and a site. Proposals are due by October Curia.

Guilds and Groups:
Brewing and Vintning: Nothing new to report.
Calligraphy and Illumination: Meeting the first Wednesday of each month at UWM.
Herbs and Cooking: On hiatus.
Dance Guild: Meeting the third Wednesday of each month at UWM.
Clothiers Guild: Keep talking about meeting. Maybe the Vogue Warehouse Sale in Evanston, third weekend in November.
UWM: Report will be in the Tower.
Woodworking: Making tables. $35 to buy, $20 to sponsor.


In Attendance:Abelard, Albrecht, Arnbjorn, Alice, Asabella, Beatrice, Kateryn, Eva, Karl, Druscilla, Rhys

Officer Reports:
Seneschal: To save time at this meeting, please only report on things which require discussion or voting. Report everything else in the Tower.
Baroness: Legends Moot is coming up on Sunday, August 30. Please submit award recommendations. There will be a surprise for everyone there.
Chronicler: Tower articles due by 8/25. Put 'Song of the Tower' in the email header. We skipped the August Tower.
Webminister: We have a website. Chiurgeon information removed as per Kingdom requirement.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: A&S prep and class schedule ready for Boar's Head. Nobody has died.
Knights Marshal: Practice continues on Thursdays. We need a new Knights Marshal. We have two applicants: Jean and Lothar. Motion to have a Q&A session at the Legends Moot, and vote at September Curia. Motion carried, voted, approved. We will have a championship tournament on Thursday, August 27 at fighter's practice.
Archery Marshal: We chose a new champion. Practice continues to be outdoors and will do so until it's too dark.
Rapier Marshal: Practice continues on Thursdays. We held the champions tournament at practice and selected a new champion. Albrecht offered to extend his office by a year. Motion made to accept this term extension, motion carried, voted, approved.
Chatelaine: We have interest from newcomers, and Chatelaine will stay in contact. We had some new people at practice last week.
Exchequer: Financial report will be printed in the Tower. We have new rules re: exchequers signing reimbursement checks for themselves.
Quartermaster: Contact him if you need things from the storage locker for Green Knight. If you need to return things, contact him for that too.
Herald: Congratulations to Beatrice on being added to the Order of the Hand of Tyr. LOI due today. Made motion to extend deadline for LOI until September Curia. Motion carried, voted, approved.
Seneschal: We no longer have chiurgeons. Will have the office removed from the bylaws. (We don't have to vote on this.) Note, we should keep track of who previous chiurgeons were so that we can recognize their service.

Old Business:
Green Knight Tournament: With the change of venue and life changes affecting the staff, we've shifted this from an immersion event to a 40th Anniversary event. (Theme is still Green Knight.) We have added a rapier championship. Will be borrowing benches from Jaravellir and hopefully Nordskogen following the Glass and Metalworking event. Will announce the event at the Pas. Posted about tables and got some interest. The event is a little more than a month away and we still need staff - will post which specific positions, but it includes gate and event setup.
Boar's Head: We're doing well. Theme is Traditional Yule. Most of the key staff positions are filled, but we need Gate, Lunch, Royalty Liaison, and a Youth Marshal. The website is up with a tentative schedule and pre-registration. We will have a Peppermint Tournament in place of the Flower Tournament. Would like to have a fundraiser other than the cookie caper - to be discussed later.
Legends Moot: Be there and bring food. Send in award recommendations.

New Business:
October Archery Event: Hoping to meet with the owner of Buckrub and some other places regarding a location and prizes. Want to invite archers from other groups in the area. Will send to Aquila and other archery lists. Maybe a cookout as well. More information to come. Will be October 3.
Next meeting: September 22 at Brookfield Library. Will reserve UWM for October, November, January, March, and May. Will reserve the library for December, February, April, June, etc.

Guilds and Groups:
Brewing and Vintning: Everybody drink!
UWM: UWM has started talking about getting going for the new school year. We have enough students to keep the group alive. Will continue to host C&I and dancing. Will participate in the 'Involvement Fair' on September 9. Hoping to do a big recruitment drive this year.
C&I: Should be starting with the new school year, hosted at UWM.
Dance: Should be starting with the new school year, hosted at UWM. Beatrice is ready to teach 15th and 16th century Italian dance as well as English Country Dance.
Herbal/Cooking: On hiatus.
Clothier's Guild: Will look at UWM for space. Will push to get people dressed by Green Knight.
Woodworking: Monday nights at Armond's. Working on tables for Green Knight. Contact Armond if you're planning to come out - sometimes he has to cancel.


In Attendance: Kateryn (Asabella's proxy), Arnbjorn, Alice, Diana, Druscilla, Beatrice, Hamish (Albrecht's proxy), Geoffrey.

Notes taken by: The Honorable Lord Arnbjorn Karlsson

Due to a scheduling conflict, curia opened with reviewing the sole Boar's Head bid:
* Proposed Steward: Baron Geoffrey de la Brugge, Deputy: Lady Asabella of Caer Anterth Mawr
* Proposed Feast Stewards: Mistress Tatiana Marana Melville & THL Elspeth O'Leary
Curia approved the bid, revised to remove "Royalty food will come from feast proceeds." Society prohibits SCA funds being used for royal room food. A proposed budget will be forwarded to the finance committee.

Officer Reports:

Baroness: Border Skirmish had rain and fun. Baronial Court was held. Her Excellency needs more award recommendations.

Chronicler: not present: Deadline for the July Tower: Friday 6/26/15. Use "Song of the Tower" in the subject line when e-mailing about the newsletter.

Herald: not present: There was a baronial court, including a presentation hunt. Much heraldry was at BS XII.

Web Minister: Not Present: we have a website.

MOAS: We have had Arts & Sciences and no fatalities.

Knight's Marshal: Office is open. No Letters of Intent by the deadline. With his duties as KACM and relocating out of the barony, a successor needs to be found ASAP. Loaner armor care needs to be improved. Borrowers of the loaner armor will now sign an agreement that they are financially response for the armor. Airsoft is no longer a viable practice site. The ownership has changed, and the city has closed the annex that CAM was using. Practice will move to Redeemer Lutheran Church (631 N 19th St, Milwaukee, WI 53233) in the near future. Funds from the baronial fighter fund will cover the $75 per 3 hour practice, with $5 per attendee to replenish the fund.

Archery Captain: A third year extension has been approved for Lord Rhys. Practices continue twice a week. Over two dozen archers participated at Border Skirmish. CAM won 2 out of the 3 shoots.

Rapier Captain: Rapier practice will move with armored combat practice. CAM had 6 rapier fighters at BS XII. Baron Charimmos continues to hold "weapon style of the month" tournies.

Youth Combat: Diana is going through the loaner gear. Several items are not up to current standards. She will look into getting more loaner gear made.

Thrown Weapons: Toussaint and Jois gave two TW target stands to CAM at Border Skirmish.

Chatelaine: 2 UWM students attended BS XII and are very excited about Green Knight and Boar's Head. Met with Karl's son Michael, one is relocating to CAM. No other inquiries. Is going to be inventorying the loaner garb closet.

Exchequer: Curia approved spending $1224 for lump sum storage locker rental, rather than $102 monthly rent payment. Is working on second quarter report with Moria. See Exchequer's report for more details. Society has put new financial policies into effect. See exchequer or Northwatch for details.

Seneschal: no report

Old Business:

Border Skirmish Wrap-Up: Despite the rain, the event went well. No final figures available yet. A couple of issues: more information on the specs and range of the radios needs to be collected. Diana is taking care of that. There was a miscommunication on having the grills ready for after court. Abelard was awesome at longshoreman. Most people were off-site by noon.

Green Knight: Planning meeting was held on 6/9. Has a list of projects that need to be completed. Arnbjorn holding off until BS XII is in the books.

New Business:

Day of Legends Moot - Alice will check to see if her residence is available on 08/30/15, 1-5 pm.

CAM invited to march in 4th of July parade, but given less than 4 weeks notice; CAM will pass this year.

Brookfield Library Demo: have not heard anything from them regarding a demo this summer or fall.

WI Highland Games: invited to hold a demo. With Green Knight coming up that month, will pass this year.

Bayview Bash: General feeling is that the Bash is not the best venue for our organization. The space is not enough for hands-on demonstrations and the general atmosphere is not geared toward educational activities. We will pass this year.

Border Skirmish 2016 - Should we move or postpone Border Skirmish next year? Event would be the week before SCA 50th Anniversary Event (June 17-26, 2016). Arnbjorn will post the question on the CAM list and CAM FB group and gather the feedback.

Guilds & Groups:

B&V Guild - Challenge at Border Skirmish ended in a tie

C&I Group - Hiatus until UWM becomes available

Herbal & Cooking Group - on hiatus. Alice has an herbal garden. Turkeys are getting into it.

Dance Guild - to be scheduled.

UWM SCA - Awesome updated- has 4 solid officers for the whole school year. Will be able to have presence during Fall Welcome for recruitment. Will look into options to allow prospective members to attend fighter practice, with the barony, or others, covering cost of attendees (voucher?)

Woodworking- Resuming at Armond's home on Mondays.


In Attendance:Hamish, Magnus, Abelard, Arnbjorn, Karl, Druscilla, Jeri/Rowan, Tatiana, Geoffrey, Hafgrimm, Kateryn, Asabella, Eva, Albrecht

Officer Reports:
Baroness: Please fill out award recommendations - I have scroll blanks already waiting for calligraphy, just tell me who to give them to. There will be a Baronial Court at Border Skirmish - if it's not raining, court will be outdoors. Their Majesties Northshield are coming, Their Highnesses Northshield are not, His Majesty Midrealm is coming and Their Highnesses Midrealm don't exist yet so we don't know if they're coming or not. In addition, we need a steward for the Legends Moot.
Quartermaster: Nothing to report. Will meet with Nikea to give her some tablecloths when we load up for Border Skirmish. Also, we need to bring the second Baronial chair, torches (Magnus's torches, not the Barony's) for the torchlight tournament and the B&V challenge, signs, corners, garage, barriers, Baronial shadefly. Need to check with the storage locker place just in case they've sent us a bill that we haven't seen, because there may or may not be problems with the Exchequer email.
Chronicler: We'll get the Tower out on time this time. Articles are due on May 29. Please put 'Song of the Tower' in the email subject line.
Webminister: We have a website. It's not broken. Letters of intent are due today. With one Letter of Intent, the Curia voted to shorten the election process and vote tonight. This vote passed. The group voted to make Dahrien the new webminister in September when Hafrgimm's term of office ends. This vote passed.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Stuff has been happening. The Clothier's Guild met to design and build 14th century clothing to help promote the Green Knight Tournament. Lamb to Loom was a good event, and Dru taught classes - people learned things and made messes.
Knights Marshal: Is now the Kingdom Armored Combat Marshal. (The previous KACM's term ended, along with a number of other marshallate positions.) The Crown says that he can hold both offices concurrently - he's not technically his own boss, he's his boss's boss. At practice we've begun a 'weapons style of the month' focus. This month is single-handed mass weapon, and on the 28th we'll have a mass weapon tournament. There is a prize. The next weapon form (next month) will be spear. We've had some heated discussions in the Kingdom lately regarding calibration and there will be more information about that in the Northwatch.
Archery: Started shooting outdoors this week. Mondays will switch between Menomonee Park and Whitnall Park, Wednesdays at Kinnickinnic River Parkway. Fun times have been had and nobody has died. Rhys intends to apply for an extension to his term.
Rapier: Practice continues on Thursday nights at the Airsoft Arena. At the end of each month lately we're having featured weapon style tournaments, and there are prizes.
Youth Combat: New handbook. Diana is preparing for youth practices.
Chatelaine: Reports turned in. Beatrice is the site chatelaine for Border Skirmish. Please let her know if you need any loaner garb. She is also teaching classes about SCA 101 and Award Recommendations.
Exchequer: We have a new account at TriCity. Signatories are done except for Kingdom. We are flagged with the bank as needing two signatories. We have starter checks, but need to order actual checks. Exchequer provided prices at the bank as well as three offline choices. We elected to go with Checks In the Mail but need to check with Kingdom to make sure that our payment method is acceptable. Will also find out if we can get priority processing/shipping on that order, as long as it's not more than $30. We voted yes to this suggestion. Exchequer would like some computer assistance to remove previous officer's personal information from the laptop - she will bring it to Kateryn first. Moira will continue to run the Scrip program until we decide we're done with it. We only have one outstanding check, and then can close the old checking account. Also, will report actual dollar amounts in Tower report.
Herald: Please remember to turn in award recommendations, both for Kingdom and Baronial awards. Read the Tower!
Seneschal: Office is open. Letters of intent are due today. With one Letter of Intent, the Curia voted to shorten the election process and vote tonight. This vote passed. The group voted to make Eva the new Seneschal when Cecilia's term ends; she will serve as deputy until that time.
Minister of Youth: Vacant.

Old Business:
Border Skirmish: Had a meeting. Come down on Friday (June 12) for setup. All kinds of stuff to do. The tavern will have pre-purchased dinner Friday available ($9, ~7 PM), as well as Saturday meals as usual. See the website for more information.
Green Knight: Had a good presentation about clothes. Next meeting June 2, location to be determined. Website is up. Urien's wife has posted a challenge regarding the Pas at the event. Updates and details will come after the meeting.
Boar's Head: Bids are due next Curia.

New Business:
New business rolled into other reports.

Guilds and Groups:
Brewing and Vintning: Drinking! We're involved in a challenge at Border Skirmish to determine who has the best brewers and vintners - come compete!
Calligraphy & Illumination: Waiting to reserve rooms at UWM.
Dance: Waiting to reserve rooms at UWM, but next meeting will be May 27th (location TBD). Oh, and the Jara dance practice was fun - the guild intends to go back
. Cooking and Herbal: On hiatus until after June 20.
Clothiers: Did a class on 14th century clothes. Next meeting TBD.
UWM: On hiatus for the summer.
Woodworking: Season has come and gone, come and gone again, and come and gone again. Working on Green Knights tables. Moira and Kateryn have lumber (trees) available, but people will need to pick it up themselves.


In Attendance:Abelard, Arnbjorn, Hamish, Michael of Ravenslake, Eva, Albrecht, Mysie, Dahrien, Diana, Kateryn, Moira, Asabella, Corin, Myfanway

Officer Reports:
Baroness: We have a new King and Queen. We're sorry to hear of the passing of the previous King and Queen. We also have a new Baron - congratulations to His Excellency Hamish. Her Majesty named some of the Barony as members of the Queen's Guard. Sir Jean has gone on a quest. The weather was beautiful. We had some excitement on the trip home - there was lumber in the road, and Her Excellency's horse threw a shoe. But everything worked out okay. And, her report has been turned in on time.
Herald: See the Northwatch. Congratulations to Her Majesty Sigrid, whose device has passed. Congratulations to Her Excellency Sofbinspa, whose device has passed. And congratulations to Hamish, who has been named a Baron of Vlad and Petranella II's court.
Chronicler: April Tower has been delayed. The May Tower deadline is Monday, April 27.
Webminister: New mailing list. If you aren't receiving email and you think you should be, please contact the webminister or his deputies (Hafgrimm, Abelard, and Dahrien). Also, office will be open soon - letters of intent are due by May Curia.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: People are making things, people are learning things, and nobody has bled to death.
Knights Marshal: We had more authorizations at Fighters' School: Ivar (called Coasty) authorized rapier, and Rurik authorized weapon/shield. We acquitted ourselves well at Gulf Wars - received many tokens from royalty of other lands for service on the field. Began enforcing a new policy regarding loaner armor: You can use loaner armor for a year, but if you're not using it you need to return it so other people can play too. Have recovered the loaner armor from everyone who has had it for over a year, and we have three fighters currently working towards their initial authorizations. Used his stipend to buy supplies for armor and weapon repair - has re-taped and replaced all of the loaner weapons to make them serviceable. The Airsoft Arena has undergone a change in ownership, and we're working with the new owner to negotiate - so far we've asked for some improvements to the space which we're waiting for him to deliver, after which time we'll discuss changing the fees. We do have three backup plans, just in case. (The greater officers would like to know what those plans are.) Knights Marshal office letters of intent are due by June Curia.
Archery: The results of the Winter Shoot have three CAM archers in the top ten for the Kingdom: Arnbjorn holds first place, William holds fifth place, Rhys holds eighth place. Our archers are the only ones in the top ten who are not in Castel Rouge. We will change to outdoor practices on May 11, shooting on Mondays and Wednesdays. Rhys intends to apply for a third year as Archery Marshal.
Rapier: Continue to practice on Thursdays, and holding tournaments once a month at practice. This month's tournament is 'fence from the floor'.
Youth Combat: Diana is the new group marshal for youth combat.
Chatelaine: Communicating via email to various people. Is stepping down tonight. Will check with Nan about the Brookfield Library demo.
Exchequer: Stepping down tonight. Should we continue scrip? Yes. Note, new program from them: Presto Pay. (Don't need to send checks to Moira anymore, you can do it all online now.) Moira will continue to run the Scrip program for another month or two while Asabella gets up to speed. Switching to Tri-City Bank (previously voted to do so). Signatories: Abelard, Arnbjorn, Asabella, Sefa. Itasca needs to cash their check. (Kateryn will talk to Mikey.) Need a check for the Expo Center.
Quartermaster: Need to get stuff from the storage locker for Border Skirmish.
Seneschal: Letters of intent due by May Curia.
Minister of Youth: Office is open.

Old Business:
Border Skirmish: Michael is here. Still need: A&S Coordinator, Waterbearing Coordinator, Security Chief. We have a heavy MIC. Need to send in ads for the Northwatch and Pale. Equestrian will happen, but the details haven't been hammered out yet. Baron Ayreton and Baroness CAM are hosting a brewing & vintning competition / party. Also need a royalty liaison from CAM - Kateryn has volunteered, and if she is Princess then Abelard will do it. We will have CAM court before Royal court. Norse theme. Fighting will be overseen by six valkyries (per field) who will each select one slain warrior; the six slain warriors from each field will compete for a prize. No fundraising is currently planned, but there are rumors of a tournament for breast cancer. Meeting May 17 at the Perkins in Kenosha, time TBD.
Green Knight: Updates on the website. No more ACCEPS. Tuesday April 28 is a script meeting. Sunday May 3 the Clothiers Guild meeting will focus on an overview of 14th century clothing.
CAM List: Has been migrated to google groups. If you are on it but aren't seeing any traffic, please contact the webminister.
Boar's Head 2015 Contract: The Expo Center needed an answer about the site, so we had an emergency phone Curia and the officers voted to have Boar's Head at the Expo Center. Beatrice will release the reservation for UWM.

New Business:
Boar's Head 2014 Additional: We need an event and feast steward. Please submit bids by June Curia.

Guilds and Groups:
Brewing and Vintning: Her Excellency Kateryn and His Excellency Henry have each issued challenges to their populace to bring the results of their best brewing and vintning projects to participate in a bean count challenge on Saturday night at Border Skirmish. (Populace will be carded.)
Calligraphy & Illumination: Meeting May 6, UWM.
Herbal: On hiatus.
Dance: April 29, UWM. English Country Dance. Some of the guild members went to Jara's dance practice and had a great time.
Clothier's Guild: Meeting Sunday, May 3, UWM. Theme: Overview of 14th Century Attire.
UWM: They can't schedule any new meetings until May 1. They are not currently planning to meet on 'middle' weekends, but intend to still have C&I the first Wednesday and dance the last Wednesday of each month.
Woodworking: The season has come and gone and will come again.


In Attendance:Abelard, Hafgrimm, Druscilla, Beatrice, Diana, Arnbjorn, Geoffrey, Tatiana, Magnus, Karl, Konstanz, Alice, Kateryn, Eva, Albrecht

Officer Reports:
Baroness: Is not at Gulf Wars.
Exchequer: Handing off the office to Asabella in April.
Quartermaster: We have stuff. Nikea is borrowing tablecloths.
Herald: No registrations in this month's LOAR. Expecting some next month.
Chronicler: Articles for the April Song of the Tower due Friday, March 27. Please email with a subject line which includes 'Song of the Tower' so it doesn't get lost amidst the flood of other email.
Webminister: We have a website. Working on the future CAM mailing list - currently testing google groups. We're hoping to send invitations to the current CAM list. Office is open - Letters of Intent due by May Curia. Will put this information in a letter to the Tower.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: A&S is going well, no injuries reported. Regaining her feet after health issues, recovering. Do we want to host the SUN first weekend in November? Sadly, we expect to be too busy with Boar's Head. MOAS will respond to the question from the MOAS mailing list.
Knights Marshal: Practice continues. We have several new fighters training towards their authorizations, as well as some new transplants from other areas. In the last few weeks he has been redistributing some loaner armor with the idea that if you have authorized or have had the armor for a year it's time for other people to be able to use it. Spoke last week with the new owners of the Airsoft Arena and we will continue with the current arrangement. Amadan has agreed to become an MIT. No practice 3/19.
Archery: Moving to outdoor practices mid-May. Shooting is good, we're having fun, nobody has died. Master Bardolph and his son are coming to practices now.
Rapier: Practice continues. Don Charismos is holding special tournaments at the last practice of each month - the last one was won by Don Dante.
Youth: Will sort out the status of youth combat.
Chatelaine: Has contacted the library twice to set up the library demo but hasn't gotten a response. Beatrice will take this office in April.
Seneschal: Coming up on six months - Office is open, Letters of Intent due at May Curia.

Old Business:
Border Skirmish: Theme is Viking. Lots of open offices. A&S Organizer, Boffer Marshal in Charge, Heavy Marshal in Charge, Security Chief, Waterbearer. Maybe Thrown Weapons. Note to all marshals: inspect the field a few weeks in advance to see if the site has made any modifications. Equestrian is happening and is arranged. Michael (Ravenslake) will arrange to get the grills, CAM radios, and 'the garage' to the event. Might need CAM list poles. The food tavern will be open. Make sure the ad goes into the Northwatch and Pale by April 1 to get into the May issues.
Green Knight: Will get updates to Dahrien for the website. There are open staff positions which will also be posted there. Need photos of the tables.

New Business:
BH 2015 Contract: Looks like last year's, but there are some errors which need to be corrected. Will take at least a month. Meanwhile, Beatrice is investigating UWM - they have lots of space available that weekend. We have a tentative hold on it. Hamish might have recipes to give them for catering (required if we have feast). There is a bar in the basement which might be able to provide a mobile bar. Will charge for catering, setup (if we need it), mobile bar (if it's available); site is otherwise free. Also, weapons policy prohibits carrying or wearing live steel (including rapier) between buildings; Beatrice will ask to make sure fighting (heavy and rapier) is okay in this space. Diana has also spoken with the theater which may be able to host rapier fighting. Beatrice will investigate these costs and policies.
Outdoor practices: Heavy would rather not do Wednesday nights because it conflicts with Jara and Ayreton. Maybe we can look at a joint Sunday practice again?

Guilds and Groups:
Brewing and Vintning: People who are interested should speak with Jean and Katerina. Also, Northern Brewers might be interested in hosting a meeting.
Calligraphy and Illumination: Eva taught "painting visconti" to the UWM group. Unthemed meeting in April. Eva is also teaching an after-school class at her high school - currently doing visconti, next will do calligraphy.
Cooking and Herbal: On hiatus. Hamish suggested possibly a themed cooking day in the future...
Dance: Met on 3/11 and had a fun and energetic meeting with 7 people in attendance. We did Heart's Ease, Jenny Pluck Pears, Rufty Tufty, and 2 Bransles. We will be finishing the chalkboard list from last week at the 3/25 meeting. The next meeting is at UWM on 3/25 at 7pm in room 250.
Clothier: Met March 1 for four hours, and the nine attendees worked on lots of projects. Still want to teach classes and hold construction days to make 14th century clothing in advance of the Green Knight Tournament. Note, they have a facebook group.
UWM: Last few meetings have been relatively well-attended. Had a transplant from another Kingdom join for dancing. Still holding C&I the first Wednesday and dance on the last Wednesday of the month, and the 'middle' Wednesdays have been lightly attended because they are not themed. Note, no meeting on 3/18 because of Spring Break. Added a couple new people, and a couple people are graduating. Might be able to get Karl's son (who is transferring in the fall) or Hafrgimm's wife to join as well. Not sure when summer space opens for reservations, so can't guarantee us meeting space yet.
Woodworking: The cusp of woodworking season is upon us, so the shops will open soon.

Next meeting: April 21 at UWM.


In Attendance:Abelard, Albrecht, Eva, Diana, Willow, Karl, Beatrice, Mathilde, Annetje, Moira, Kateryn, Arnbjorn, Corin, Myfanway, Asabella

Officer Reports:
Baroness: We had a demo. It went really well. Others will talk more about it. Thank you to everyone who helped, either in or out of garb. This weekend is Scribin' And Imbibin' in Mount Prospect, IL ( and Haire Affair in Falcon's Keep ( The next weekend is Fighter's School in Windhaven (, featuring Deja's elevation and the first vigilant for the Order of Defense.
Chatelaine: We had a demo today. Fabulous turnout - 3 armored combatants, between 8-10 SCA folks overall, including all four student officers. Painting, shooting the mini-trebuchet, food, drink, games, books, and the geek week budget paid for it all. We also have a set of 25 tabletop pictures (two-sided sandwich board things with demo pictures on each side) to use for future demos. Lots of people took fliers, some people also signed up. We hope it pays off for the student group, and they should know more after their weekly Wednesday night meeting. Beatrice will be taking over as Chatelaine, and she will order new business cards. Need to organize another demo at the library. Also, we have interest from some new people, and a donation of some new garb.
Exchequer: Office is open. We have money. Do we want to keep doing the scrip program? (Summary: buy gift cards at face value, use them at face value, the Barony receives a percentage of the face-value price of the card.) People will have to actually use it. You do need to plan ahead, but it's a good investment. They are available for such stores as JoAnn Fabrics, Best Buy, Pick n Save, Piggly Wiggly, and Target. In short, if not this fundraiser, what should we do? Look at the list at, or our list at and Contact Moira with orders.
Quartermaster: Nothing to report.
Herald: Diana's name and device have passed!
Chronicler: Will encourage everyone to write 'small stories', such as the one someone posted about a whiteout on the way to Val Day. Deadline for articles and officer reports is Saturday, Feb 21.
Webminister: Need a bill for the website. Will move Scrip links to the front page. We need to discuss options for the CAM email list, because the current platform is going away - the webminister and his deputies will discuss options and present them via the CAM list, before April 15. (Google groups, yahoo groups, SimpleMail?)
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Health has been improving, and has been attending classes. Will make it to the March Curia meeting. Classes are coming re: making garb for 14th century.
Knights Marshal: Fighting continues on Thursday nights at the Airsoft Arena.
Archery: CAM has contributed 6/29ths of the Northshield score for the Winter Shoot!
Rapier: Continue to have practice on Thursday nights at the Airsoft Arena. Don Charismos is going to hold training tournaments with prizes at practice - watch the CAM list and facebook rapier group for more information.
Youth Combat: There will be youth fighting at Haire Affair and Fighter's School, including classes, authorizations, and tournaments.
Seneschal: Cecilia is pushing through her treatments, and we're all rooting for her. Send her email and positive vibes and good thoughts!

Old Business:
Border Skirmish: Diana met with Michael from Ravenslake. The theme for the event this year is Norse, including Valkyries who will choose one combatant from each field to take to Valhalla. He will send a list of open positions soon, which include Chatelaine, Setup, Cleanup, and Security. They would like to use the large barbecue grills which are in our storage locker (which is fine). What did the heavy weapons folks use for hay bales last year? (I think we used hay bales.) Note, we don't get the horse barn for free this year because we didn't do the Memorial Day demo last year, which (at least last year) was a $750 deal. Who has the two-way radios? (Various people.) What big tents does the Barony have? (The carport for Troll and the Baronial Shade Fly.)
Green Knight Tournament: We had the first planning meeting. The website is up. We're in the planning stages for some project days with the Clothiers Guild. Staffing needs will be posted in the next week or so. One pre-reg so far! (
Meeting sites: Does anyone have anything new? UWM seems nice...
Exchequer Letters of Intent: We have one applicant, Asabella. She has an accounting background and wants the job, and she gets along with Moira so the transition will be easy. We voted to abbreviate the process, as per the bylaws. We voted, and she passed. Transition will happen in April after the first quarter report is done.
Peer Moot: We had 15 people, and it went very well. Representatives from all walks of SCA life and all peerages. There were good, interesting conversations. If there is interest, Beatrice would be happy to do it again. Will send a summary of the moot to the Tower.

New Business:
Coronation Bid: We don't have the resources to put this together at this time, and Their Highnesses have other bids, so we won't put one in this time.
CAM List: See the webminister report.
Tablecloths: Juliana and Nikea would like to borrow some tablecloths for June 20th. Okay? Okay.
Order of Defense Event: Their Majesties are looking for an event on May 1-2 for an Order of Defense event. Event bids are due Friday. Kateryn believes this is a bit aggressive and that we should not do this.
Boar's Head 2015: We need a contract from Washington County Fairgrounds if we're going to use them. We need to look at what we're doing - if this is a feast event, we need a place which will allow us to cook, and if we don't have to cook then we can look at lots of other places. (The number of people attending feast has been declining for years.) We could look at UWM as an option (they have plenty of space), but the catering contract may be prohibitive. Also, we need assurances that they will still have an active group in December. We'll know more soon - they will do research. In the meanwhile, we'll ask them to pencil us in and request a contract.
New sites: Keep your eyes open for new buildings.

Guilds and Groups:
Brewing and Vintning: Contact Jean and Katerina.
Calligraphy and Illumination: Eva taught a C&I class for the UWM students about Visconti drafting and it went well. Eva has also been invited by the local High School to teach illumination: 3-4 classes with homework. Kateryn and Beatrice taught C&I to a girl scout troop which also went well. FYI, at least two teachers per ten students.
Herbal and Cooking: On hiatus.
Dance: Excellent turnout at the last dance meeting - eight dancers, who learned four dances and discussed etiquette. The UWM student union provided a sound system. Next one is Feb 25, and we know how to make more space for dancing next time.
Clothiers: Met on Jan 25. Discovered that a noon meeting on a Sunday doesn't work - church is just letting out then, and streets and subsequent parking are insane. These meetings will now be from 12:30-4:30 at the UWM Union. Next meeting is March 1 at UWM, and will not have a focus; in the future we'll work on construction of garb, and might focus on Burgundian garb.
UWM: It might be possible to secure space on a Sunday afternoon (1-4) in a high-ceilinged room for fighter's practice. Still recruiting! The middle Wednesdays of the month are lightly attended, but the first and last (C&I and Dance) are more heavily attended. The light days will get better as we add topics and interests.
Woodworking: The outdoor shop is closed for the winter. Corin will look at re-engineering the tables (for Green Knight Tournament) to increase speed of production. See the Green Knight website for more information about sponsoring or purchasing a table. (


In Attendance:Abelard, Cecilia, Arnbjorn, Hafgrimm, Constanz, Hamish, Magnus, Karl, Beatrice, Raven, Mathilde, Corin, Myfanway, Asabella, Kateryn, Dahrien

Officer Reports:
Baroness: Went to 12th Night and had a good time. A couple people were put on vigil for the Pelican. Their site tokens were fantastic - silver rings stamped with 'An Bon En' (A good year). The demo went great - we put forth a great effort. We need some officer positions filled, and need a steward for Border Skirmish. Also, read a thank you letter from Their Highnesses.
Exchequer: Absent.
Quartermaster: Our stuff is mostly good. Looking for the tub of utensils - will follow up with Rhys.
Minister of Children: Office is open.
Herald: Beatrice has a new device. (Took seven months, which is about average for Northshield.) Yay! Also, an overdue award was presented at the demo: Alexander du Vatine received a Black Flame.
Chronicler: Reports are due Monday, January 26.
Webminister: Website works. Hey, change your passwords!
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Absent.
Knights Marshal: Practices continue on Thursdays. Four new people in the process of assembling their kits and training, all of whom came from the LARP community.
Archery Marshal: Still shooting things, nobody has died yet. Next month will begin the Interkingdom Winter Shoot on Monday nights.
Rapier Marshal: Absent.
Youth Minister: Absent.
Chatelaine: Order new business cards, or wait until a successor is chosen? Will wait for successor. Letters of Intent due tonight. Has some things to change on the website. A few new people have expressed interest in a number of areas - she has directed these people to the appropriate contacts in the Barony.
Seneschal: Will be out of commission for roughly two months. Arnbjorn (deputy) will cover for her.

Guilds and Groups:
Brewing and Vintning: Continue to brew, vint, and drink.
Cooking and Herbal: Continue to cook and herbalize, otherwise on hiatus.
Calligraphy and Illumination: Meeting first Wednesday of each month in the Student Union at UWM. (Note for all meetings at Student Union: You can park in the basement of the Union, in the lot on Kenwood south of the Union, in the lot north of the Library, or on the street.)They have been requested for a demo with a Girl Scout troop in Brookfield - the scouts are working on a calligraphy merit badge. 6:30 - 7 February 2. If interested contact Beatrice.
Clothiers Guild: Sunday January 25, 12-5 at UWM Student Union room 250.
Dance: Wednesday, January 28th at UWM Student Union room 250 from 7-8:30.
UWM Group: Welcome to Mathilde, president of the group. Group meets every Wednesday evening from 7-10 at the Student Union at UWM. Enthusiastic group. They have a Student Involvement Fair on February 11, and also a demo at Geek Week on Tuesday, February 17 from 10-3. They have a budget to do marketing and print fliers and banners, will serve hot apple cider and fruit water, possibly also marzipan and cookies. Possibly fighting demo - will let us know. Be there at 9 for the 10 AM start, stop at 3 and need to clear out by 4. They will provide tables and chairs. Roughly 50 square feet. Removable barricades to make a list field and dance space. Tables for gaming or whatever. We have signed a contract with them declaring that we are entertainers. If you can commit in advance Beatrice can get you a parking pass.

Old Business:
Green Knight Tournament: New website updates. Planning meeting Sunday January 25, 4 PM, Student Union at UWM, room 250.
Fall Coronation: No updates.
Midwinter Gaming Demo Review: Great demo. We had 27 people from CAM, Jara, Darkstone, Falcon's Keep, and other locations. Middle eastern and English Country dancing - both taught and led dancing. The fighting was awesome and hard - and we didn't wreck the room or the chandelier. Lots of people took fliers. Three people signed up to receive more information, but that's no longer an indication of interest. The people who ran the event enjoyed having us. We fit in really well. That was our demographic. Everyone afterwards was wiped out. Court went well. Photos were great. Space was less than ideal, but we survived. Could have possibly eliminated a table or two, but the room orientation was effective. Thank you to everyone. We've never tapped this community, and have just started to reach out to them in the last year; almost all of our new people have come from this avenue. We hope to have a bigger room next year, assuming we decide to go back. 15 LARP groups, many of whom don't know who we actually are. Please tag the photos and use social media to spread the word. (Want to tap the college groups in this capacity too, because they use Facebook, Instagram, and twitter more than we do.) Special thanks to Don Cy, who did a great job as emcee - he kept up a constant patter which was very repetitious to us but very informative and great for observers. Lots of the non-CAM people were there because Hamish called in favors. The fighting was definitely the biggest draw because it made noise. (Note to fighters - use shields more often at demos.) See if we can get a later start time for the actual demo. Parking cost money, which was too bad. General recommendation appears to be that we should do this at least one more year, possibly more.

New Business:
Demo: We've been asked if we will rent regalia and 'set pieces' for a father/daughter dance. We decided that we don't want to risk the ancient and honorable banners and thrones.
Border Skirmish Event Steward: Raven volunteered to be the CAM steward for the event. Kateryn will provide her with more information.
Peer moot: Sunday, Feb 8. UWM Student Union, room 240. 11-4. Free parking. Posted the details on the CAM list, as well as an essay about the concept. (This is also posted from the CAM calendar page.) Essentially, this is a chance to have the meta discussion about what the current peerages are, what does the populace expect from a peer, what do the other peers expect, what does it take to be a peer, and so on. This is an opportunity to discuss all of these questions with others in a large discussion area. Everyone is welcome.
Chatelaine Office: We had a letter of intent from Beatrice. With only one applicant, we moved and voted to abbreviate the process. We discussed the candidate and voted to make her the new Chatelaine (effective at April Curia).


In Attendance:Abelard, Magnus, Hamish, Kateryn, Arnbjorn, Asabella, Caitlin, Beatrice, Siri, Rhys, Cecilia, Moira

Officer Reports:
Baroness: Boar's Head Yay, Yule Court Yay, Stuff Yay!
Exchequer: End of term is April, will be stepping down. People should apply. The deadline for Boar's Head receipts is tonight.
Quartermaster: Stuff got to Boar's Head and back again. Yay!
Herald: Yule Court happened. Awards: Saphira received an AoA, Constans and Thamar received Baronial Brassards, Nikea received a Whistling Swan, Diana received an AoA, Michael received a Rising Star, Hamish received a Millstone, Deonysia received a Domestic Goddess. There was also court at Boar's Head: Charismos received a Black Flame, Asabella received a Black Flame, Beatrice received a Cygnus, Rhys received a Cygnus, and Albrecht received a Glove. The heralds are consulting with people about their devices and names. Yay!
Chronicler: Articles for the Tower due next Monday (December 22)
Webminister: Nothing to report.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Lots of arts and sciences happening!
Knights Marshal: We continue to have practices on Thursdays.
Archery: We continue to have practices on Mondays, and nobody has died.
Rapier: We continue to have practices on Thursdays.
Youth Minister: Currently vacant
Chatelaine: End of term is April. If you wish to be the new Chatelaine, please send letters of intent. New people came to Boar's Head. Picked up items from an old SCA person who has moved away and will distribute them. Talking to the library about another demo in April (or sometime in the Spring).
Seneschal: Thanks to everyone who stepped in for me at Yule Moot. Haven't heard anything from TADS regarding the zip code issue - as far as we're concerned, this is over and done with. Eva and Arnbjorn have agreed to be emergency Seneschals in case of medical necessity.

Guilds and Groups:
Dance: Want to meet in January on a Wednesday at UWM. Will set a date.
C&I: Has been happening, made three scroll blanks for Yule Moot. Eva will teach drafting the first Wednesday of February.
Clothier's Guild: Will pick a date for January.

Old Business:
Boar's Head: Gate count was 371, and the gate count balanced to the penny. We sold 53 full-price feast tickets at gate, 4 after gate closed, and 9 student tickets, and collected 75 tickets at feast. Pre-reg and merchant pre-reg letters are still arriving via US Mail, so we should move the pre-reg deadline earlier. A few hiccups, which were all handled and were invisible to the typical attendee. People liked the buffet feast - His Majesty declared that it was his favorite feast of the reign. We didn't have the pre-reg stuff, but were able to get the information before gate opened. Depending on what site we use, we need to make sure they know who the event steward is in advance - the site kept sending email and phone calls to the seneschal because it was her name on the contract, and she didn't have the answers. (We should put that on the contract if we can.) We got some media coverage - West Bend Daily News (which is a subscription site, so we haven't seen it). Had a problem with people bringing in food and drink. This may not be the ideal site for BH because it's so far away from where anybody lives (so if people forget stuff at home, there's no time to go get it) and because the attendance continues to decline. But with declining population we had plenty of populace space and space for fighters' stuff! The youth combatants had a great time and were well showcased. If we do Artisans Row in the hallway again it can't also be class space - too loud, too crowded, can't teach effectively. (Can still do demonstrations, just not classes - it works if you have a hands-on thing to do, but not for a lecture.) We had an issue with the bartender, who was not following the rules in the contract and Hamish will follow up with Sandy (at the site) and take it up with her. The website was not updated in a timely fashion. For each event going forward, we really need to try to make troll and pre-reg coordinator be the same person to avoid the snafu we ran into this time.
Green Knight Tournament: We got a refund from DeKoven including the deposit. Received an invoice from Dodge Park for half the fee. Will hit the ground running next month with planning meetings and the website.
Yule Moot: We had food. We built furniture. We painted a castle. We had a scribal table. We had a gaming table. We had court. We had presents. We had a fire. (Awards in the Herald report.)
Fall Coronation 2015: We have a couple ideas for sites. Kateryn will contact Kingdom Seneschal.
Midwinter Gaming Demo: Sent a proposed schedule to a few key people. Will have rapier, armored, dance, and court in 20 minute demo slots. The outside edges of the room will be 'static' demos - gaming, A&S, C&I, etc. One of the other groups at the event is a full immersion LARP, and we should strive to out-do them with authenticity. (Spiff up your kit!)
Meeting Spaces: There is space at UWM. Would like to suggest changing back to an East/West Curia schedule (between UWM and Brookfield Library. We decided to try this in February and April.

New Business:
UWM: The president of their group should be at January Curia. They're having weekly meetings on Wednesdays, with the first Wednesday of the month featuring C&I. Other meetings will focus on dance and other arts and sciences or classes. The group looks strong and should be able to continue next year; elections are in April. If anyone wants to teach a class, please contact Beatrice. Hey, remember this?
UWM Geek Week Demo: UWM would like to invite the SCA for a demo during Geek Week, specifically on Tuesday, Feb 17 from 10-3 in the Concourse. Will find out if fighting is okay in the building, or in the square outside the building, or at all. Otherwise, demo just like the one at the library a few months ago.


In Attendance:Magnus, Abelard, Arnbjorn, Hamish, Moira, Cecilia, Asabella, Kateryn, Grimm, Caitlin, Catherine

Officer Reports:
Baroness: As of Boar's Head I will have only two more years in the Baronial seat. Only three people have submitted awards for Yule Court.
Exchequer: Neither bank will give us anything in writing, and Moira wants to change banks. No-one had objections, so she's going to do it. Six months until office is open.
Quartermaster: Regarding the storage unit, the inventory list is almost complete. A group went to the locker last weekend and cleaned it out - got rid of some stuff, though not tons of stuff. Sorted the linens into 'good' and 'not so good'. A few things were missing, and Fancy and Kateryn requested permission to go shopping to replace them. Motion to purchase two 16 quart and one 24 quart cooking pots, eight half-sheet pans, four 13 quart mixing bowls, for a total of $185.95 ($176.09 plus tax). Question: Should we buy commercial grade supplies instead? Answer: CostCo products are commercial grade. We voted to give Fancy $200 to go shopping.
Herald: The stars on our device have crept up over time, which changes our blazon heraldically-speaking. (The height of the stars in relation to the tower could be caused by many things: the posture of the observer, the time of night, the curvature of the earth, the height of the hills, the settling of the tower into the hill...) Deputy Beatrice has asked that we look at the banners and badges at Boar's Head to determine how serious this problem is. Also, Nikea's device is now official.
Minister of Children: Office is open.
Chronicler: Deadline for Tower submissions is 11/24. Will work with Karl (the incoming Chronicler) to create the next one. Will have directories for sale at Boar's Head.
Webminister: Worked with Midrealm webminister to get the date for Boar's Head on their calendar fixed.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Druscilla is still sick, Nikea is her backup, and they have nothing to report.
Knights Marshal: We continue to have practices Thursday nights and armor-building Tuesday nights. We've been using Facebook to promote practices and gatherings. One such method is the creation of the "Authorize by Boar's Head' page, which has caught on as a motivational tool. People have been using it as a forum for Q&A as well as a way to poke people both in and out of the Barony to get to practice. We've also been recruiting through the LARP folks, which is helping us learn where young people are going these days - why they're playing elsewhere, and what to focus on to guide them in our direction. For instance, LARP doesn't have a focus on period fighting techniques and doesn't have a strong focus on fiber, cooking, or C&I.
Archery: Archery continues Monday nights at Gander Mountain in Gehrke's Corners.
Rapier: Practice continues on Thursday nights. There's a big event Saturday in Green Bay.
Youth Combat: Holding a 'coming out party' at Boar's Head, to show off the new rules and new marshallate. Her Excellency will have special tokens for them.
Chatelaine: Been working on Boar's Head, and after that will work on the Midwinter Gaming Convention. If you're going to be there all day please let Asabella know. Two Girl Scout troops want help with their scribal merit badges - will be working with Kateryn and Beatrice. Six months until office is open.
Seneschal: Nothing from TADS regarding zip codes. Lately there's been a trend of lots of our people receiving awards at major events. Keep up the good work! Also, Domesday is in ahead of schedule.

Guilds and Groups:
Brewing and Vintning: Busy brewing and vintning.
Cooking and Herbal: On hiatus.
Calligraphy and Illumination: Monthly meetings continue. Working on scroll blanks for Her Excellency.
Clothiers Guild: No meeting this month.
Dance Guild: Field trip to International Folk Fair this month. Everyone should totally go. Costumes, dancing, and food from around the world. Check the CAM list for more information.

Old Business:
Boar's Head 2014: Pre-reg is on the website. The schedule will be up soon. Hamish has been working with TRM and TRH to solidify the schedules and other details. Merchant pre-reg is filling up - so far we have at least as many as last year. We are hosting the premiere of the new rules and marshallate for Youth Combat. We also have a rapier marshal lined up. Her Excellency suggested that we pay $250 in taxes to the general fund - we voted and approved this. We also have fundraisers: Toys for tots, the cookie caper, and lunch. The health department issues are sorted out re: having licensed staff in the kitchen. Friday setup from 8-5. Make sure we have the chiurgeonate paperwork in case we need it.
Green Knight Tournament: Went to the Dodge County Parks meeting and secured approval to have the event in Ledge Park if we want to. Waiting for final numbers from there to assemble a new budget for the financial committee. (Might not need to submit it to the financial committee.) Anticipate a price tag of $1600 rather than $3000. Benefits of moving: plenty of parking, alcohol okay. Feast for 150 cooked outside (a meat feast). Exchequer suggested that we write off the $500 deposit for deKoven and replace it with the cost of the tables, assuming we change event sites. Should have all of the numbers and everything figured out by the end of the year. We will need a deposit for Ledge Park as well. Will have a planning meeting Januaryish.
Yule Moot: Menomonee Park Beach House, December 13, has been booked. Setup will be that morning at 11:30. Dancing after the gift exchange. No site fee, but parking fee. Donations welcome.
Fall Coronation: Their Highnesses asked us to consider submitting a bid to host a Crown or Coronation in the near future. Spring Crown, Spring Coronation, and Fall Crown have now been secured, but we'd like to look at Fall Coronation. We should put in a bid. Expect 300 people. Find a site!
Meeting Sites: We continue to meet at the library.

New Business:
First Aid Kit: The old one was found in the storage locker during the cleanup and wasn't in great shape. Now that the expired contents have been disposed of, Her Excellency would like $50 to re-stock it before Boar's Head with new contents - and buy a new box, while she's at it. We voted and approved this.
Banners: Looking for two missing Northshield banners which seem to have vanished around Cooks and Bards. Kateryn will email Shava.
Exchequer Note: Land line phone number is no longer in service. Please use her cell phone number.


In Attendance:Abelard, Hamish, Siri, Asabella, Arnbjorn, Cecilia, Catherine, Kateryn, Karl, Beatrice, Kaitlin, Eva, Magnus, Myfanway, Corin, Dahrien

Officer Reports:
Baroness: We have a new Prince and Princess. We have asked for permission from them to hold Border Skirmish the second weekend in June. We plan to put in bids to host either Crown or Coronation (or both), depending on the needs of the Crown. Please put in award recommendations for Boar's Head and Yule Court, both at the Baronial and Kingdom levels.
Exchequer: We have money, and we made a profit from the Scrip program - see the report in the Tower for details. We're having problems with the bank: they are not checking to make sure that our checks (which require two signatories) are actually being signed by two people. Also, they're being difficult about changing signatories again, and we need to update those, a process which will take a few weeks and we will be unable to write new checks in that period. Exchequer recommends changing banks. She has done research and determined that we should use Tri-City Bank, which does not have fees for Not For Profits. It has locations around the greater Milwaukee area. We discussed it and voted that Moira will find the bank's policies on having two signatories and enforcement thereof, on change-of-signatories policies, and all the costs and fees for accounts at each bank and present them at (or before) next Curia and discuss/vote on it then.
Quartermaster: We have stuff. Will provide an inventory list within the next month, and then will organize an opportunity for people who know what everything is (for instance, cooks can look at cooking equipment) to determine what we ought to have. Maybe November 8.
Herald: A couple devices have been submitted, and four people received awards. More information in the Tower.
Minister of Children: Absent.
Chronicler: Directory is finished. Copies cost $1.50 - see Arnbjorn for copies. Note, on time and under budget. We used Scrip! Deadline for Tower is Monday, October 27. Please submit attachments as .DOC files, not .DOCX. Lord Karl put in a statement of intent for the office. The Curia voted to employ the bylaws to accept an application if there is a single applicant, and also to bypass the Q&A session, extended time period, and secret ballot. We voted and decided that Karl will be the new Chronicler, and will step up at Boar's Head when Arnbjorn steps down.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Please let her know what you're working on.
Knights Marshal: We continue to fight on Thursday nights, combined with rapier. We also continue to see interest from new and returning fighters.
Archery: The champions shoot was lots of fun. Archery continues on Monday nights at Gander Mountain. Note, Gander Mountain has offered us a special monthly rate beyond the usual $30 one - talk to Karl for more information.
Rapier: Continues on Thursday nights. See the Tower for more information.
Youth Combat: We now have a Youth Marshal at the Kingdom level. Youth Marshal training will be available at Officer's Day and Fighter's School and other places. Stay tuned for more information.
Chatelaine: Library demo went great, and they loved us, and they'd be happy to have us back. Over 100 people came. Next demo is in January - the Midwinter Gaming Convention, January 17th from 9-3. Would like to set up small demo 'stations' around the room to demonstrate the width and breadth of our activities - we're not just fighters. Guilds and groups can show off their crafts, for instance. (Note: not sure yet if we can bring in food and drink.) People who are there for the demo will get day passes to the convention. More information will be provided as it becomes available.
Seneschal: Boar's Head insurance will be mailed tonight.

Guilds and Groups:
Brewing and Vintning: Ironwood's event wasn't as well attended as they had hoped, but was still good - people ate, drank, and learned.
Cooking and Herbal: Temporarily on hold.
Calligraphy and Illumination: Two successful meetings this month at UWM - a surface demo (people tried out different surfaces) and a second one. Three new people. First Wednesday of each month at Golda Meir Library at UWM, more if there's interest. Will make some new scroll blanks for the Barony.
Clothier's Guild: Met last weekend - people came and made patterns. Karl notes that he still has piles of fabric. Magnus suggested a book of fabrics and/or swatches to help less-experienced shoppers look for fabrics. ("I know I want linen, but don't know what weight of linen I want.")
Dance Guild: English Country Dance, Thursday 10/23, Asabella's house. November 1, Masked Ball at Jaravellir.

Old Business:
Open Offices: Youth Minister
Boar's Head: Website is up. Sent an ad to the Northwatch and (as of today) to the Pale. Need to check back with the site re: catering question - they haven't returned Hamish's call. Deonysia requested advance funds for feast.
Meeting locations: Remain in Brookfield, which is booked through June. Note, Beatrice has found a fourth student and can get the UWM group off the ground; next step would be a demo on campus. (They can have a demo table two per week.) Should have more information by next Curia.
Green Knight Tournament: DeKoven Center has become difficult. We had planned to do setup in the Great Hall on Friday night, but DeKoven has now booked a wedding there until midnight. This may violate our contract with them. Also, they are hosting a retreat on campus the weekend of our event which will fill the parking lot and residence hall. The event organizers have begun looking at alternate sites, and have focused on Ledge Park in Horicon. We'll know if we can use it after November 4. We can still do camping, with a focus on period encampment. The geography is reminiscent of the place the poem was written. Can we break the contract with DeKoven and will we lose the $500 deposit? Will we have exclusive use of the park? No, but we couldn't guarantee exclusive access to DeKoven either. We can reserve the entire camping area. No parking or entrance fees at the park. Moving from 'the castle' to 'the green knight tournament' in the setting of the poem. We don't need a cap of 250 people, which was in place because of restrictions at DeKoven. We can split feast fees from site fees. We can allow daytripping. If everyone camps, that income will cover the site fee. Will bring more information to next month's Curia.
Baronial Champs: At the planning meeting the group decided to change the format for Champions. This summer we'll announce that the Baroness will attend three practices (one for archery, one for heavy and one for rapier) at which interested parties will fight a tournament. The winners will be invested at Legends Moot, at which the Bardic Champion will also be determined.
Yule Moot: Alice's health issues have precluded the use of her nursing home as a location for Yule Moot. We are looking into the Beach House at Menomonee Park instead.

New Business:
Armor nights: Randall might move armor nights to Mondays.
Visit Alice! She is at CareAge on Barker.


In Attendance:Abelard, Hamish, Arnbjorn, Magnus, Albrecht, Eva, Cecilia, Kateryn

Officer Reports:
Baroness: Went to Known World Cooks and Bards, which was lovely. CAM did Saturday morning breakfast which was well-received and fantastic. Everyone asked for the recipe for Fancy's scones. Also went to Coronation - if you haven't heard, we have a new King and Queen. And we've already had a banishment - SCA Time has been banished from the realm. This weekend is Baronial Champions, and Kateryn will be steward. Also, congratulations to Albrecht on his award at KWCB.
Exchequer: No report.
Quartermaster: We have stuff. If you have stuff which ought to be in the locker, please give it to Magnus. (Note: Eva has some banners and the Baronial kerosene lanterns which she'll try to get to Kateryn soon. Kateryn also has the Baronial regalia.)
Herald: Albrecht was welcomed to the Order of Brigits Flame at Known World Cooks and Bards. Hamish was welcomed to the order of the Hand of Tyr and Fiona received the Cygnus at WW, but finally received their awards at Coronation. And Abelard received the King and Queen's Cypher at Coronation. Read the Tower for more heraldic news!
Minister of Children: No report.
Chronicler: Office is open. No letters of intent, which were due by tonight's Curia. Arnbjorn moved that we extend the LOI deadline until October's Curia. (We voted and passed this motion.) The deadline for new Tower articles is Monday, September 22. Re: Baronial directories, shopped around and found that the best deal is from Office Depot. Will request a scrip card from Office Depot to pay for the directories.
Webminister: Green Knight and Boars Head websites are both up, with more information for both going up soon.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: People are making stuff and doing stuff. Keep it up!
Knights Marshal: Practices continue, Thursday nights at the Airsoft Arena. We continue to increase numbers of authorized fighters. Come fight at Baronial Champs, come fight at demos.
Archery: Practice has moved indoors: 6:30 Monday nights at Gander Mountain in Gehrke's Corners. There is an hourly or monthly fee.
Rapier: Practices continue. We have new people and dons at practice. We didn't have enough rapiers to demo at the Farmer's Market, but hope to have more at the library demo. Albrecht fought in the King's Prowess tournament at Coronation. Also, Charismos might be able to marshal at Baronial Champs.
Chatelaine: Thank you for participating in the Bayview Bash and the Farmer's Market demos - now please come to the library demo, 9/27 from 1-4. We're looking for loaner garb for larger gentlemen. Note, we do have tabards which were made a few years ago for Boar's Head which could be garb.
Seneschal: TADS zip code. Toramassa has suggested that we add a line to the agreement indicating that we acknowledge that the site is on the lands of Turn An Dem See. Kateryn made a motion to include this line in the agreement and it was voted nay. Instead the group suggested that TADS add the line and sign it, and then we can sign it (if it's acceptable). Note, there isn't actually a law about holding an event on 'someone else's lands'.

Guilds and Groups:
Brewing and Vintning: B&V Symposium October 4 at Camp Douglass. One class in particular involves making mead and taking it home.
Cooking and Herbal: Albrecht has some lemon basil which he will bring to Baronial Champs.
Calligraphy and Illumination: Meeting the first Wednesday of each month at UWM; let Beatrice know if you want more meetings. Will be playing with different surface mediums at future meetings.
Clothiers: Looking for projects. Perhaps making larger garb for gentlemen to fill the Baronial loaner garb, or tabards, or arming caps? Meeting at Brookfield Library Sept 27 morning (before the demo).
Dance: At Asabella's house on 9/25, African Dance.

Old Business:
Open Offices: Chronicler, Youth Minister
Boar's Head 2014: We have a website up, with more information being added soon. Will post a list of open positions in the next few days. Their Majesties Northshield will be in attendance. Still need an answer re: the catering part of the site contract - someone needs to ask them if the license requirement is for a catering license or is a servesafe license is sufficient. Cecilia will follow up.
Green Knight Tournament: Waiting to hear back from DeKoven with answers to Moira's questions. Also needs Moira's signature to finish the ACCEPS process. The website is up, with more info being added soon.
Green Knight Tables: We don't have approval to purchase ALL of the materials for the tables, but we need to get started so we'd like approval to buy 1/3 of them. Requested $400 to buy one round of tables and get them started. We voted and approved this, with the suggestion that the $400 be in the form of scrips. Arnbjorn will contact Moira.

New Business:
Meeting Space: Continue to meet at the Brookfield Library. (Kateryn will check with Alice on the remaining dates for the year, just in case.)
Baronial Champions: Saturday, Sept 20, 10 AM-10 PM. Rock River Parkway in Fort Atkinson. Potluck feast. Fun archery shoot, two armored combat tournaments, one rapier tournament (assuming we have a rapier marshal), and bardic competition. Donations welcome.
Brookfield Library demo: Saturday, September 27, 1-4, Brookfield Library.
Baronial Planning Meeting: October 7.
Bylaws Note: Bylaws were published in the Tower last month.
Bylaws change: Section IV.B.: The Bylaws will be published annually in the Baronial newsletter. (Change to:) The Bylaws will be published annually in the March issue of the Baronial newsletter.
Bylaws change: Section III.B: The Lesser Officers shall be: Chiurgeon, Archery Captain, a deputy of the Knight's Marshal, etc. (Change to:) The Lesser Officers shall be: Archery Captain, a deputy of the Knight's Marshal, etc.
Bylaws change: Section VII.A: All officers with the exception of the Baron and Baroness will hold office for a term of two years. (Change to:) All officers, with the exception of the Baron and/or Baroness, will hold office for a term of two years.
Yule Court Date: Will be discussed at Baronial Planning Meeting.
Border Skirmish Date: Need to pick a date and put it on the NS calendar.
Note: Officers are required to either attend Curia or send a representative/proxy.


In Attendance: Abelard, Hafgrimm, Hamish, Arnbjorn, Kateryn, Alice, Asabella, Cecelia, Moira, Eva, Druscilla

Officer Reports:
Baroness: We have a Barony, and we get around. Pennsic, WW, two new knights, a pelican, a laurel, a Cygnus, and more. People got recognized, and the Baroness has turned in her quarterly report so we're legal for another six months. Also we received a thank-you card from the 4th of July Parade people.
Exchequer: We earned some money from Border Skirmish and the scrip program. The financial committee met and approved the budget for Boar's Head with some tweaks; Green Knight was approved with some tweaks but then some additional questions came up which need to be resolved. (See later in these notes, but to summarize: Arnbjorn will do some more work and let the financial committee know the results.)
Quartermaster: We have stuff.
Herald: Heralded a few courts at Pennsic. Did some consulting at Pennsic and elsewhere. Deputy has also done some consulting. We will continue to do so. Also, will update the OP on the website.
Minister of Children: No report.
Chronicler: Office is open - no letters of intent yet. We voted to extend the LOI deadline until September Curia, which was approved. Results of the six month experiment: people prefer receiving a monthly Song of the Tower newsletter instead of every other month, so this will continue. The directory is ready (six pieces of paper double-sided and we want 75 copies), and Chronicler has looked into printing at a couple places, will look into a few more and report back. (Possibly can be printed by a place via a scrip purchase.) Also, reports and articles due Sunday August 24 at 7 PM.
Webminister: We have a website. Office is open. Hafgrimm offered to serve for another year. We voted to extend Hagrimm's office term by one year, and this was approved.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: See the Tower for her four page report. Summary: Lots of people did stuff, and CAM has the longest A&S report in the Kingdom.
Knights Marshal: People went to Pennsic and fought. Amadan and Dante got Nordbandrs on the heavy list field. Armond and Jean were knighted. The final battle was decided in part by the old fat men of the Barony - everybody over 40 who comes to fighter's practice were the last people on the field. Daffyd has returned. Fighting demo on September 6. Library demo (with fighting) on September 27. Baronial Champions Moot on September 20. We continue to have practices on Thursdays at the Airsoft Arena.
Archery: Look at the schedule for practices. After Labor Day will return to Gander Mountain. We lost Pennsic by a total of two archers.
Rapier: We continue to have practices on Thursdays at the Airsoft Arena. Don Toshikage has been teaching recently. Albrecht has good war stories - ask him about the field battle with the Queen.
Youth Combat: No report.
Chatelaine: Farmer's Market Demo recap was posted on the CAM list. The next one is September 6 (8-12), including breakfast and fighting. Bayview Bash September 13. We have the stage from 3-3:30. Library demo, more information later in this report. Working on a new flyer which lists regular practice times and next events. Turned in quarterly report.
Seneschal: Quarterly report is turned in. Haven't heard anything new about the zip code - has contacted the TADS Seneschal and not gotten a response, so moved up to contact Kingdom Seneschal.

Guilds and Groups:
B&V: Jean and Katerina entered and won every category in the B&V challenge at WW. Ironwood Brewing and Vintning Symposium October 3-5 at Camp Douglas. (This is on the Kingdom calendar.)
C&I: Beatrice has been leading meetings at UWM. Moved out of the Airsoft Arena because it's dusty and the lighting is bad.
Clothier's Guild: Met last week, next meeting in September. Will post to the CAM list.
Dance: Wednesday night at KK Parkway: African Dance. Will also choose new dates and class topics.

Old Business:
Boar's Head: Their Highnesses have asked to use Boar's Head as a backup site for Crown Tournament. We received a letter from the site regarding the insurance rider, which Seneschal will follow up on; it involves catering insurance. Note that we have some licensed caterers in the Barony. Will start posting for volunteers for open positions. Moira will do pre-reg.
Meeting Space: We're still looking for a permanent space for meetings.
Green Knight Tournament: Been in touch with deKoven Center to answer questions. The website will be up soon. Question regarding overnight reservations - we will post accommodations information on the website and allow people to register directly with deKoven. That way we don't have to cover the cost of Taylor Hall (the residence space). Also need to answer the occupancy question - one of the rooms has an occupancy limit which is lower than our estimated attendance. Also, need to ask which specific staff will be present that we have to pay for; also, will we have security during bar time and will that cost extra? Is the security staff considered 'deKoven staff'? Arnbjorn will find these answers and get back to us. Event will be posted on the Kingdom Calendar on or around September 1.
GK Tables: Because deKoven is retiring their (140 year old) tables, we are planning to build our own. We need 60 tables, which cost $20 apiece in materials. Since this is not an event consumable it's not in the event budget. The exchequer said 'if you can pre-sell half of them, we'll cover the cost of the other half.' Suggestion: People can 'sponsor' a table for $20 and can 'adopt' (i.e., take home) a table for $30. Note, people have donated $40 so far. Need a photo on the website. Also, we might be able to rent them to the Chicago Swordplay Guild the previous weekend.
Baronial Champs: September 20, Rock River Parkway in Fort Atkinson. Need to give them money. (Arnbjorn is the steward and will send information to Exchequer.) We will have a potluck feast as well as court, and the heavy weapons, rapier, archery, and bardic champions will be chosen. We will also hold the Mama Kat tournament. Send award recommendations to Her Excellency for court. The current champions are designing tournaments.

New Business:
Select meeting date for next year's calendar: Tuesday, October 7, 7 PM, Brookfield Library.
Brookfield Library Demo: September 27, 1-4. Fighting, dancing, C&I, heraldry, embroidery, maybe weaving, maybe games. They will provide supplies if we need them. Maybe print some simple games on paper so the kids can take them home? Maybe a mock court? Maybe print scroll blanks so kids can color and/or illuminate them, and present them in court? Note: They have inspected our heavy weapons and declared them acceptable.
Bylaws: Will be published in the next Tower.
Distribution of agenda electronically: The Curia agenda will be emailed before the meeting. Will bring a few paper copies.
Horsemanship Workshop: Wenna's daughter Lorelei is hosting a horsemanship workshop on September 6, from 12:30-4:30. It will involve classes in safety, tools, and horse psychology. This will be at Clover Valley Farm in Random Lake, and more information has been emailed to the CAM list.


In Attendance: Abelard, Moira, Druscilla, Hafgrimm, Julianna, Nikea, Asabella, Arnbjorn, Cecilia, Hamish, Kateryn, Alice, Dahrien, Katlin

Officer Reports:
Baroness: Border Skirmish was great. We had a hunting court - took the court out to the populace to find award recipients. I'm happy.
Exchequer: We have money. If you have a financial issue, please talk to the Exchequer who is available via email and phone if you don't see her at a meeting. We had an issue with a missing check from Border Skirmish - getting it resolved now - and received a number of receipts from the event tonight.
Quartermaster: Quartermaster acquired a new storage locker at (roughly) Brown Deer and 76th. He and Geoffrey unloaded the truck from Border Skirmish there. Will get keys and the codes to Exchequer and Seneschal. Will put out a call to move the rest of the locker's contents this weekend (June 21-22) or next weekend (June 28-29).
Minister of Children: Not present.
Herald: The deputy and I have done some consulting. She heralded the Baronial Court at Border Skirmish and co-heralded the Royal Court. The following people received awards in court: Lothar de Croix: Baronial Brassard. Charismos of Lakadaemonias: Baronial Brassard. Serafina degli Aldobrandeschi di Firenze: Baronial Brassard. Moon: Baronial Brassard. Wolf: Baronial Brassard. Willow: Baronial Brassard. : Baronial Brassard. Katrina: Baronial Brassard. Johnathan: Baronial Brassard. Kala: Baronial Brassard. Katlin McArthur: Whistling Swan. Corydon Rathbone: Millstone. Jean du MalChance: Whistling Swan. Asabella of Caer Anterth Mawr: Millstone. Randall of Caer Anterth Mawr: Flaming Heart. Karl Keller: Millstone. Fiona Kittridge: Millstone. Katerina Unru: Whistling Swan. Rhys ap Ishmael Llygad Odd: Millstone. Sofonisba Vespasiana Gabrielli: Fortress Virtuoso. Murdoch McArthur: Castle Commander. Corin du Soleil: Castle Commander. Albrecht of Caer Anterth Mawr: Council of Ancestors. Eva of Greenfield: Council of Ancestors. Abelard die Elster: Pelican. Cecilia di Cefalu: Cygnus. Jean du MalChance: Vigil for Chivalry.
Chronicler: July Tower articles are due by Sunday, June 22. Read the Tower. Office is open - Letters of Intent due by August Curia.
Webminister: The website is working. Please remember to email calendar changes, updates, and additions to the webminister.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Quarterly report filed.
Knights Marshal: Quarterly report filed. Francis authorized at Border Skirmish. We had fighting at the event - roughly 90 fighters. We still have lots of new fighters, and still have practice on Thursdays at the Airsoft Arena.
Archery: Practice twice a week, Mondays rotate between Whitnall Park and KK Park.
Rapier: Continuing practices on Thursdays. People are working towards authorizations.
Chatelaine: Tons of new people were at Border Skirmish. Sent dates to Hamish to plan for a fighting/cooking demo at the South Shore Park farmer's market (8-12 on a Saturday). Sent dates to Alice to book the library for a demo there. Hamish will be the coordinator for a demo at the Midwinter Gaming Convention. Do we want to do the Bayview Bash (Sept 13, same weekend as Coronation)? After much discussion we decided to reserve a 10'x10' space ($70), and if more than 10 people agree to be there we'll expand to 10'x20'. If insufficient fighters for a demo, will look into a dance demo. We voted on this and it passed. Re: the Walworth County Demo (Labor Day weekend), Nikea spoke to them and told them that we don't have sufficient numbers and can't do it this year. Asabella has also been approached by some schools looking for demos; will get more information. And, there's an RPG group meeting at the library on Tuesday and Thursday nights - Mythic Adventures is a history-based, Socratic-method-based RPG set in a steam-powered Byzantium. They've got a large group of students from the local high school playing. (The person in charge said it was a sneaky way to teach them history.) Abelard will talk to him in the next few weeks to get him in touch with Asabella to possibly coordinate efforts.
Seneschal: Quarterly report has been filed. We are the only group which responds to requests from new people within 24 hours, and the Kingdom Seneschal thanked us for it. Also, Kingdom Seneschal asked everyone to make sure they request insurance paperwork at least two and a half months before an event; Cecilia will try to get it arranged even sooner than that. Seneschal of TADS has not yet signed the agreement re: the zip code; she said she'd take it to their group and discuss it.

Guilds and Groups:
Brewing and Vintning: Had a challenge at Border Skirmish.
Cooking: Had a challenge at Border Skirmish.
Calligraphy and Illumination: Meeting at Airsoft Arena and UWM.
Clothiers Guild: Meeting Saturday June 21. Will receive a donation of fabric from the silent auction.
Dance Guild: Wednesday June 25th at KK Parkway (near archery practice), 7 PM. Nikea will teach Turkish Dance.

Old Business:
Boars Head 2014: Received a bid from Hamish and Katlin. Voted and accepted the initial bid. Financial Committee will review.
Meeting space: Looked at a potential meeting space at the North Shore Library, rejected.
Green Knight Tournament: Proposed budget. Financial committee will review.
Baronial Champions: Arnbjorn will steward.
Legends Moot: Asabella will steward.
Baronial Directory: Almost complete. Suggest ordering 75 instead of 100. Extras should go to new officers and new paid members.

New Business:
Border Skirmish: Made 330 site tokens and ran out early Saturday morning. Event well really well. Site setup was very fast, take down was also very fast. (Done by 10:30 Sunday morning; staff remained till noon to clear the stragglers off site.) Some hiccups which were taken care of. Awesome job. Suggestions to move archery closer. Silent Auction/Rummage Sale raised just under $500, half of which goes to Ravenslake.
Thrown Weapons: Nikea and Julianna are now Marshals In Training for thrown weapons. Once a week (usually Wednesdays) they will meet at KK Parkway. First meeting will be Tuesday, June 24. Currently throwing knives and axes at 10' and 20'. (No javelins yet.)
Courtesy Patrol at Warriors and Warlords XXI: We ought to volunteer for our traditional time slot, Friday night from 6:30 PM - 2:30 AM. Arnbjorn will organize this and send email to the CAM list.


In Attendance: Abelard, Siri, Cecilia, Asabella, Hamish, Alice, Kateryn, Beatrice, Dahrien, Magnus, Arnbjorn, Kaitlin, Myfanwy, Corin, Albrecht, Druscilla

Officer Reports:
Baroness: Please send in award recommendations for Border Skirmish. There will be a Baronial court at 3 PM Saturday.
Exchequer: Report will be in the Tower.
Quartermaster: Looking into storage unit possibilities. Typical 10'x20' units are $125 per month, but discovered that Public Storage is having a Memorial Day sale. Found three potential locations (88th and Brown Deer, 76th and Dean, 77th and Mill). He prefers 77th and Dean. Area is fenced with gate access, office hours are M-F 9-6, Saturday 9-5. Keypad access from 6-AM-9PM daily. Insurance available ($3000 insurance for $11 per month). We voted and passed the motion to allow Magnus to get this - $69 per month plus $11 insurance, plus processing fees for the first month. Also, would like $6 to repair water jug. Approved.
Herald: Abelard is on vigil for the Pelican and a little shell-shocked. His deputy reports that Katerina got a Bridget's Flame, Nikea submitted a device, and Beatrice is working on a name.
Chronicler: Articles due May 25. Thank you all for putting in effort towards articles and reports. Has been approved to become Kingdom Chronicler and will step up at Boar's Head. Office of the Chronicler is now considered open and is accepting letters of intent; he will be Baronial Chronicler until December.
Webminister: We still have a website. Yahoo will now once again allow CAM email to flow.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: We have active guilds, artisans, sciencers, and other things. People are doing stuff! Welcome to summer. Nikea is the drop-dead deputy and Annetje is research deputy.
Knights Marshal: Fourteen new fighters in various states of repair. A couple of them may be ready to authorize by Border Skirmish. Has witnessed great efforts by the fighting community to recruit and teach the new fighters. At Armored Combat Collegium Armond won the unbelted tournament and Hamish took third. Jean was a finalist in the Bring Your Best tournament. Murdoch and Jean both taught classes as well. Leif is starting Friday night practices in Kenosha this week. We'll be starting a rotating Sunday night practice, starting at Hamish and Fiona's, next Sunday. Thursday practice will be at the Airsoft Arena through the summer.
Archery: Outdoor practices have started: Monday nights rotating between Menomonee Park and Whitnall Park, with Kinnickinnick Park on Wednesdays.
Rapier: Practices Thursday nights at the Airsoft Arena.
Chatelaine: Might have a deputy. Don't forget the June 4 demo at Watertown school if you're available. (Moon can go but needs a ride - contact Moon or Asabella.) Still wants to try the Farmer's Market at the South Shore Market (Saturday mornings), maybe once a month in July, August, September, October. Possibly combine the farmer's market (which is 8-12) with a fighter's practice? Also, do we want to do Bayview Bash? (It's September 13th, same weekend as Coronation.)
Seneschal: Need a steward for Boar's Head. Deadline was today. We voted to extend the deadline by one month. (The vote passed.)

Guilds and Groups:
Brewing and Vintning: There will be a B&V Challenge at Border Skirmish.
Calligraphy and Illumination: They're painting and calliging!
Clothiers Guild: Meeting at UWM was a big success - Cecilia taught, Annetje showed hundreds of examples of brocades. Next meeting is Saturday June 21, 11-1:30, Bayview Library. Get together and make stuff.
Dance: Meeting on the 28th, Long Stride Manor, English Country Dance taught by Beatrice.
Woodworking (new): Mondays in the summer, making tables at Armond's.

Old Business:
Bardic Madness Recap: Event was great, attendance was lower than anticipated because of a death in the community. We lost about $400. We wound up not using two of the buildings we had planned on; we can have those for free if we use the site again. It's possible that we can also get a refund for those buildings. The event was absolutely stunning and amazing. The feast was fantastic. The schedule was loose. We actually got some money back from feast thanks to donations - that money went to Moira via Cecilia.
Border Skimish: It's happening. Everything's happening. Bring stuff for the silent auction. Write letters of recommendation for awards. Baronial court at 3 PM Saturday.
Baronial Directory: You have until the end of this month to get information to Arnbjorn. He should be finished with his work in June, and then will get it printed. Note: Do *not* send this information to the list.
Meeting space: This item will stay on the agenda until we have a new confirmed new location. Until then we'll be meeting at Brookfield Library.
Baronial Champs and Legends Moots: Need stewards.
Green Knight Tournament: Should have budget to submit to the financial committee by next Curia. The core group (Kaitlin, Fancy, Dahrien, Mysie, Arnbjorn, Deonysia, Valerius, Eva, Albrecht) have mapped out a plan for what needs to happen and by when over the next year and a half. Over the summer we'll start building the legs for the tables. (The tables will be used for high feast and auctioned off after the event.) We're treating this like a medieval theater group. The website needs to be up by the end of July so that people can pre-reg. There will be 'dorm' space. Will be doing a live read of the story on Friday night. There will be a pas, quest pieces, both a high and low feast, and activities for kids. We can't lock in prices for the food until September. We are all over this. It's rolling. If you have any questions, ask. After Border Skirmish we'll have more regular meetings. Need to have a certain amount of people registered by Febuary. The prices are set, with the exception of feast price. Note, all spaces at this event are pre-reg only.

New Business:
Bylaws: When should we submit the bylaws for review? Does the finance committee want to review the financial components first? We should wait for the exchequer to be at the meeting before we discuss it.
Crown: Got an email from Toramassa: Do we want to host Spring Crown?
Brookfield Library: They would like us to do a Saturday demo for the kids in September.
UWM: If you know students at UWM who would be interested in re-starting a group there, please put them in touch with Beatrice. She has two students who are interested and needs two more. ("Students" are defined as paid students in the summer or fall terms.) A group there would get us free meeting space, quarter-cost printing, and more benefits. We'd like to get people in place by September so they can sign more people up.


In Attendance: Abelard, Cecilia, Arnbjorn, Moira, Hamish, Kateryn, Nikea, Alice, Marie, Hafgrimm, Magnus, Siri, Albrecht, Corin, Myfanway, Dahrien

Officer Reports:
Baroness: Thank you for coming. Good to see that we have so many people interested in the business of the barony. Thank you to Moira and Thomas for opening their home. Went to Coronation - we have a new King and Queen. They were lovely. Sofbinispa is on vigil for the Laurel. Good day, lovely weather, but the weather on the drive home was lousy. The strange coronet has been identified - it was made for Alice. We'll ask the creator if it should be considered regalia or if it should go to Alice, and also see if he wants to finish it. Also, Katarina Unru is the new Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences.
Exchequer: We made some money and we spent some money - see the Exchequer report in the Tower. Remember that we are still doing the Scrip program as a fundraiser - see explanation on the website and in the Tower, and will send out an email about it again. It takes some getting used to, but it's great once you start using it. Planning to send the order this week - please contact her if you wish to add to it. (If she places an order on Monday she should have it by Friday.) Working on first quarter report. Still working on changing over the checking account to the new signatories.
Herald: The herald and his deputy have consulted with folks about names and devices. Will add the new Known World Symposium to the library once the Baroness finishes copying it for him. Please contact the herald or his deputy with questions about names or devices, if you want to register something, or if you just want to chat in heraldese.
Minister of Children: Not present.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Not present.
Chronicler: Deadline for the May Tower is Tuesday, April 22. Read the Tower!
Webminister: The website is still up. There have been problems with the mailing list, but those are at the provider's end (Yahoo in particular) not our end. Also, heartbleed is a real thing. Change your online passwords!
Knights Marshal: We continue to have practice at the Airsoft Arena on Thursday nights. We've invited rapier fighters to join us, and they've been present for a couple weeks. We have nine new fighters working towards their initial authorizations. We're doing well with loaner armor, and have hosted an armoring day to work on the helmet tops from the storage room. We should have 6-8 new helmets soon. Recently polled the fighters regarding practice locations and times, and decided to stick with Thursday nights at the Airsoft Arena for the summer but will also add outdoor spaces on Sundays. We'll probably rotate between outdoor sites - if people wish to host, please let Hamish know. Also want to organize trips to other practices.
Archery Captain: Having fun shooting. Will move outdoors in May. Will host the contest to choose Her Majesty's Archery Champion at Border Skirmish.
Rapier: Joined the armored combatants on Thursdays. Might add a quarterly additional practice with a guest teacher.
Youth Combat: Jara now has a youth combat practice on Wednesday nights.
Chatelaine: Not present, but sent a report: If anyone is free for the Jara demo at the Watertown Middle School on June 5th please go and help them out. Contact Asabella for more info. Need a few more people for gate at Bardic Madness. Help me out! (Side note, I am day-tripping Bardic, can Cecelia pick up the gate box from Moira and bring to the event? I can take it all back after. Let me know, thanks.) Come to Dance Guild on Thursday, April 17th at 7pm at Longstride Manor! And, please donate stuff for silent auction at Border Skirmish! And, maybe consider the Walworth County Fair demo over Memorial Day weekend.
Seneschal: Nothing to report.

Guilds and Groups:
Brewing and Vintning: Discussed meads.
Cooking: Will do an herbal remedy class in the fall.
Calligraphy and Illumination: Meets Thursday nights at fighter's practice in the Airsoft Arena.
Clothier's Guild: Next meeting is April 19th at the Bayview Library, constructing undergarments. Looking for more teachers. Will plan future meetings at this meeting. Side note: The place which sells lots of fabric at $6 per yard will be having another sale. We'll be informed.
Dance Guild: Thursday at Longstride Manor will be Persian, from 7-8:30. And yay for Asabella keeping the webministers up to date.

Old Business:
Bardic Madness: Lunch plan is coming. Please come join us at the event! Also, looking for people to help clean up Sunday, from about noon until 2:30. There is no pre-reg for this event. If you're interested in helping out, please contact the autocrats.
Border Skirmish: There's a lot going on. We still need a head of security and volunteers for Troll. There will be raffle prizes tied to the site token checks. Might have a rapier MIC lined up; if you know someone who wants to be the Northshield MIC for the rapier combat please let the autocrats know. If you want to volunteer for any other job or to help an existing job, please contact whomever is in charge of that job. (Staff positions are listed on the website.) Next meeting is May 4 in Fox Lake. We *are* going to be coursing the hounds; whether or not you can bring your dogs to the event to camp has not yet been decided. (Nikea needs to talk to Ravenslake.)
Boar's Head: Letters of intent/bids are due next Curia.
Baronial Directory: Has sent email, posted on Facebook, and used other methods to contact folks - if you want to be in the new edition of the Directory, contact Arnbjorn.
Meeting Spaces: We have been having problems finding locations. We currently have the Brookfield Library reserved every other month. Seneschal would like Alice to reserve it for the intermediate months as well, and we can cancel meetings if we find another place. Suggestions: Oak Creek Community Center, Oak Creek Salvation Army, Greenfield Salvation Army, Gravity Connect, North Shore Library. Also, look at warehouses for events.
Quartermaster: We have two candidates: THL Nikea and Lord Magnus. Q&A is scheduled for tonight.
Opening Statements. Nikea: Volunteering for quartermaster to update, itemize, upgrade, and organize the storage locker. Magnus: Ditto.
Q: What is the most important thing that needs to be done? N: Get an updated list and upload it to the website, get rid of what we don't use. M: Yes, and sort out the ownership paperwork. (Get the right person on the contract.)
Q: Since it's been impossible to talk to the storage locker office person, how are you going to do this? Alternately, what about another location? M: I hope to find another site with the help of Kateryn's list, switch to a better place. Also, need to reaquire the materiel which is in peoples' houses that should be in the storage locker. N: Ditto. Was planning to relocate. Once we know what we have and what we don't need, we might be able to get a better and smaller space.
Q: Can you move stuff? I.e., do you have a large enough vehicle to move things, and do you have any back problems? N: I have a truck. M: I have a station wagon.
Side note: We should get a new lock for the locker, and labelled keys (Seneschal, Quartermaster, etc.)
The Curia moved to bypass the requirement to wait until the next meeting and vote tonight. Voted and passed. A vote was held, and Magnus is now the new Quartermaster.

New Business:
Baronial Championships: Money is due to Rock River Parkway to secure the site. We voted and approved this location, and also voted and approved paying the deposit. Next meeting will be May 20 at Brookfield Library.


In Attendance: Arnbjorn, Abelard, Constans, Thamar, Cecilia, Eva, Hamish, Siri, Kateryn, Alice, Magnus, Asabella, Dahrien, Sofonisba (Remote)

Officer Reports:
Baroness: We have new people this week who moved here recently from Mistig Waetru: Constans and Thamar. Welcome!
Exchequer: We had expenditures this month, most notably reservations for Washington County (Boar's Head site), Walworth County (Border Skirmish site), and Girl Scouts of Wisconsin (Bardic Madness site). Scrip orders are always welcome - please visit the information on the website and purchase some. The financial committee met online and approved the Bardic Madness financial bid (with the addition of a youth fee). Note regarding bids: While Curia approves an event bid, the financial committee approves the financial part of a bid. This is a two-step process, and the second step is still new for us. We need to publish the signatory information in order to change the checking account, as stated here: Kingdom of Northshield Exchequer: Elizabeth Jensen; Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr Seneschal: Carol Yanke; Barony of Caer Anterth Exchequer: M. Kay Roberts; Barony of Caer Anterth Officer: Paul Knappenberger. We voted on this and it was approved. Quartermaster: Office is open, but we have two applicants: THL Nikea and Lord Magnus. At the April Curia we will have a Q&A session for them. Note: Kateryn has done research into storage lockers in the area and has provided this information to folks at Curia.
Herald: Please contact me if you want help with your name and/or device.
Minister of Children: No report.
Chronicler: The April Tower is coming up. Submissions are due Sunday, 3/23. Two questions for the populace (which will also be posted on the email list): Would people rather receive the newsletter via email ('pushed' to them) or continue to view it on the website ('pulled')? It will still be posted on the website and Facebook in either case. Question: Would people like to have an index of articles? Eva has volunteered to scan old newsletters for archival purposes. Note, we need permission to re-print these. Eva will also start tracking people down to obtain permission.
Webminister: Make sure to tell webminister if you want information about upcoming events disseminated on the website, calendar, etc. What, where, and when. If nobody tells the webminister, there's no guarantee that the information will be posted.
MoAS: No report.
Knights Marshal: We had some information on the website which wasn't up to date, and that was as much the officer's fault as the webminister. All officers, please make a note to look at your pages and make sure your information is up to date. Social media is helping us - if you want access to our heavy weapons page on Facebook, let Hamish know. We had 23 people at practice a couple weeks ago, more than half of whom were in armor. We have seven new fighters, most wearing Baronial loaner armor. Will add a second, maybe a third, weekly practice when the weather gets nice.
Archery: Planning the archery portion of Border Skirmish, working with HRH Elizabeth's people to have a Royal Champion shoot. Arnbjorn will be MIC. Looking forward to practicing outdoors again.
Rapier: Moving slowly to the Airsoft Arena on Thursday nights to have a unified practice site again.
Chatelaine: Life is busy - buying a house. Needs a deputy - please contact her if interested.
Seneschal: Went to the Border Skirmish meeting. It's moving along. Looking forward to it. Volunteer! Bardic Madness is also moving along.
Chiurgeon: We don't know the status, but today was the last day to submit feedback regarding the position in the SCA.

Guilds and Groups:
Brewing and Vintning: They're drinking.
Cooking and Herbal: They're eating.
Calligraphy and Illumination: Moving to Thursday nights at the Airsoft Arena, in the hallway (not in the fighting hall).
Clothier's Guild: Third meeting is this week at Beatrice's house, 3/29, 2-4:45 PM. This session will be a lecture on medieval undergarments, and the next meeting will focus on making medieval undergarments. The guild intends to continue this pattern (lecture, make, lecture, make...) until they assemble entire outfits from the inside out.
Dance Guild: Meeting next Thursday, 3/27, 7-8:30 PM, at Longstride Manor. Focusing on Persian women's dance. Will also be setting new dates and topics at that meeting. Also doing something at Border Skirmish.

Old Business:
Border Skirmish: We're doing a little bit of everything - raffle, heavy weapons, rapier, archery, food, drink, hafla, quaveh, beanbag toss, coursing, equestrian... If you want to volunteer, speak to Nikea.
Bardic Madness: It proceeds. Hope to have nice weather so we can have a fire outdoors. Need six volunteers for kitchen staff. Looking for people or groups to provide non-feast meals - talk to Eva or Annetje. Need help at gate. Note for future events: This site has an archery range.
Marian Center: We have a letter from the Marian Center regarding what we need to provide in order to apply, and there's a bunch of information and materiel which we may not have. The question of whether or not we move there may be moot.

New Business:
Proposed amendment to bylaws: "Upon receiving a request for a budget approval, the financial committee will communicate their decision, or need for further information, to the steward(s) within two weeks. When further information is provided, the financial committee will notify the steward(s) within one week of receiving the new information." The group discussed this, and made several comments; ultimately the Curia did not vote on this question and the tone of the conversation implied that it is not needed. Some additional notes from the conversation: Financial committee meetings are not 'closed door' meetings and anyone can attend, but only the members of the committee can vote on matters. Autocrats can be invited to these meetings. Electronic meetings for simple requests are acceptable.
Directory: Arnbjorn will contact people to make changes to the directory, including removing people who may not wish to be there anymore.
Deadlines for Boar's Head bids: May Curia
Upcoming Moots: We need stewards and locations for Baronial Champions and Spring Court. Sofonisba will look into May 3 at Fort Atkinson. Please respond to Kateryn's email regarding moots.
Potential Demo: Watertown Middle School, with Jaravellier, June 4 (Wed) mid-day. Looking for people to host 'stations' featuring various A&S functions, as well as a 'half-time' heavy weapons demo. Will post it to the CAM list, will tell Jara that we're interested. This is for 375 7th graders.
Potential Demo: Janesville Ren Faire, May 17-18. Same day as Armored Combat Collegium in Jara. This probably won't work out.
Potential Demo: Walworth County Fair, Labor Day weekend. Same weekend as Known World Cooks & Bards event in Jara. This probably won't work out.
Potential Demo: Brookfield Public Library, any time. Will talk to them further - maybe sometime in fall?
General Note: New officers should be told by their predecessors what things need to be updated (including webpages and sub-pages).
Curia meetings: Booked at Brookfield Public Library every other month.
Locations: Eva may have a lead on the new Salvation Army community center in Greenfield.


In Attendance: Attendees: Kateryn, Mysie, Beatrice, Magnus, Nikea, Asabella, Arnbjorn, Karl, Rhys, Hamish, Drusilla, Paul, Eva, Katlin, Murdoch, Cecillia, Moria, Julianna, Saphira, Annetje, Hieronymus, Dahrien. Notes taken by Arnbjorn.

MOAS Q&A: (Due to Drusilla needing to leave early, the Q&A for MOAS was held first.)
Why does she want to be MOAS of CAM? I am comfortable with CAM and has considered CAM for her home group for the past two years.
What are your goals in office? To work with the other officers where duties overlap with MOAS, and find out how MOAS can help other officers.
With the hour long commute from Sheboygan, how to you plan to attend curia and other officer meetings? Possibly Skype or telephoning in when I can't come in person. Possibly use proxies. I hope to have 2-3 deputies.
What are your strengths and challenges? Strengths: Intelligence, enthusiasm, abundance of creativity. Challenges: Intelligence, enthusiasm, abundance of creativity. And being crazy.
Motion was made to abbreviate the appointment process. Motion passed.
Motion was made to approve Drusilla's appointment, effective May 2014. Motion passed.

Officer Reports:
Baroness: Many hands make light work- many positions are still open for Border Skirmish. CAM is the lead group. Proposed Calendar to be discussed after Marian Center discussion.
Chancellor of Exchequer: Balance: $17,876.52. Scrip is open. Electronic withdraw for Scrip has been set-up, can get cards within a business week of order. No letters of intent submitted for CoE. Moria asked for a one-year extension. Extension approved.
Quartermaster: Office open. No letters of intent received.
Herald- Beatrice, deputy herald, serving as proxy- Abelard is working on registering CAM awards & orders. Working on establishing consultation times, possibly with C&I.
Minister of Youth: no report from Corydon. Nikea reported that Northhshield is a two month test kingdom for the YAFA program, which will gather mentors for children to work on projects. Badges will be given for completion. Mentors will not need the background check, but either the parent or someone with an active background check will need to be present.
Chronicler: Great turn-out for submissions for the February Tower. The deadline for the March Tower is 2/23/14. Read the Tower.
Web Minister: Dahrien reporting as deputy- We have a website. People can submit online CAM directory profiles at: .
MOAS: No report.
Knights Marshal: Practices are going very well at the Airsoft location, found through the efforts of Murdoch & Randall. Sir Andrew Greencloak has been coming to practices to mentor. Rhys & Karl are two of the newest armored fighters. The armored combat corps is growing. Talking with Aryeton about a joint practice near the state line. Staying with one practice per week now.
Archery Captain: Practices on Mondays at Gander Mtn. No one has died or been wounded. Holding a Winter Shoot on 3/10.
Rapier Captain: Eva reporting as proxy: Practices on Thursdays at the Glendale Synagogue. Space is too small to hold more than rapier practice. Albrecht looking into possibly moving practice to Airsoft, which as room for both practices.
Youth Combat: no report from Corydon. Hamish is looking into AC combat rules for 16-17 year olds (have two teenagers who are interested).
Chatelaine: Working on demo stuff. Contacted the Midwinter Gaming Con about having a booth there next year. Waiting to hear from them. Looking at organizing another demo at the Southshore Park Farmer's Market later this spring/summer. Katlin mentioned that the LARPers are holding an event this weekend at the Airsoft location. People are welcome to hang-out/help-out at her booth there.
Seneschal: received the 2014 general insurance certificate.
Chirurgeon: Still vacant.

Old Business:
Washington County Fair Park: Motion made and approved to hold Boar's Head 2014 at the WCFP.
Border Skirmish: Budget was approved by the Finance Committee. Full report will be in the Tower.
Open Positions: Chancellor of the Exchequer (extension approved) and Quartermaster.
Marian Center: Finance Committee recommendation: The barony should rent a 10x10 room for officer & meeting space from March 1- June 1, then transfer to a 320 sq ft room, to be used as storage and meeting space, after storage locker lease expires on July 1. If the recommendation was adopted, Moria and Tomas offered to pay the difference in rent between the 100 sq ft room and the 320 sq ft room for March-May. Cecilla offered to donate $15 per month as well. The Marian Center will guarantee the lease through 2015.
Questions and concerns included: concerns about only have the Marian Center less than 2 two years and would the 320 sq' room be big enough for storage and meeting space (this was a major point of discussion). There were also questions of access to the Marian Center. Seneschal would have a key. Barony would have to determine who else got keys.
Concerns about staying with the current storage locker included lack of lights and climate control, and possibility of pests. Pests would just as likely be problem at the Marian Center. Storage at the Marian Center would keep property in climate control lit area, making inventory easier.
Annetje made suggestion of keeping equipment used for outdoor events (such as carport, grills, etc.) in a smaller storage locker, and keep the indoor event property (mostly feast related) in the 320 sq' room.
Motion was made to adopt the Finance Committee recommendation. Motion failed.
Motion was made to refer the Marian Center back for further review. Motion passed.

New Business:
Bardic Madness: 3 bids have failed and a fourth one is opposite a Midrealm bardic event. Eva, Annteje, and Dahrien submitted a proposal for CAM to submit a bid host Bardic Madess on April 26, 2014 at the East Troy Girl Scout camp. Proposal suggests reserving the lodge and two bunk houses for $650. Reserving space for camping raises cost to around $800. With a $10 site fee and approx. attendance of 100-1500, bringing in $1000-$1500, site is more than covered. Katlin and Hamish will prepare a simple feast. Motion was made for the barony to submit a bid, pending approval of the finance committee. Motion passed.

Guilds and Groups:
Brewers & Vinters: Still drinking, still making beverages.
Cooking Group: Meeting this Sunday (2/23) at Typhaine's. Theme is camp food.
Herbal Group: on hiatus. Nikea is making herbal remedies for the family.
Calligraphy & Illumination: Meeting on Wednesday (2/19), planning on meeting 1st & 3rd Wednesdays. Looking into alternative location, other than Marquette. Airsoft is currently too dusty, but that may change in the future. Joanne Fabrics may have space available for crafting groups.
Clothier Guild: Meeting on Saturday (2/22) at Bayview Library, 2-4:45pm.
Dance Guild: Meeting on Thursday (2/27) at Longstride, 7-8:30 pm. Beatrice is teaching English Country Dance.


In Attendance: Cecilia, Siri, Tatiana, Teb, Julianna, Saphira, Hamish, Abelard, Arnbjorn, Nikea, Catherine, Typhaine, Kateryn, Asabella, Myfanwy, Corin, Dahrien
Officer Reports:
Baroness: Slightly harmed (broke her foot). Is going to Flesh Wound - travelling with Teb, who is a new fighter.
Exchequer: We have money. We're set up with the scrip program - will send in an order once we have enough requests to pay for shipping. You can see the sheets at and, and you can go to to see the overall list of what is available. Moira is having computer issues and will let us know when she's totally back. Did submit her Domesday.
Herald: Took a deputy (Signora Beatrice). Hoping to attend the Heraldic and Scribes event in April in Windhaven. If you need any help with researching names or creating a device/coat of arms, feel free to ask.
Minister of Children: Nothing to report.
Chronicler: Should we go back to a monthly Tower? Discussion: Hard to get people to report or write articles every month, let alone every two months. When it's every two months it's hard to remember to get it done; if it's every month it's easier to regulate. Hard to think of things to write about every month. Motion to do monthly and get reports in, voted and passed. Will check in six months to see how it's doing. Articles/Reports are due on Sunday, 1/26.
Webminister: Hafgrimm will remain in his office and intends to file an extension for another year. Otherwise, we have a website and everything's working.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Reported to Kingdom. Will be teaching at SUN. If you're working on anything related to the arts and sciences, please let her know.
Knights Marshal: Abelard looked at a possible fighting space, which we'll discuss later. Looked at the Marian Center yesterday. We set up a Facebook page (SEWAC:!/groups/719956424682003/) and a google calendar ( for discussions and planning practices. Some of the more venerable fighters of the group, such as Andrew Greencloak, have joined the Facebook page. People are talking there - it seems to be a hit. We're hoping it continues to go well. We went through the storage room at Marquette and threw some things out, sorted some things, and discovered lots of good armor. We're talking to others about adding to it, as well. We'd like someone in the fiber arts community - possibly Asabella, as the Chatelaine - to go through the five bins of fabric and decide what's worth keeping and what isn't. Next month's Curia meeting is at 7 in the Physics building - let's meet at 6 to go through the storage room. By then we should be able to answer the question of 'Does this belong to the Barony or the Marquette group, since the Marquette group appears to be defunct.' Possibly some of the materiel can be auctioned, with the profits going to the Marquette group, if it still exists?
Archery: Many archery-appropriate things have been shot at, and no one has been hurt. Practice continues at Gander Mountain in Brookfield on Mondays.
Rapier: Practices continue. No-one has died. Looking forward to finding a new combined site.
Youth Combat: Nothing to report.
Chatelaine: Lots of email. Someone reported that they recently moved here from another Kingdom, attended Boar's Head and felt like an outsider. By contrast, she also received an email from another person from another Kingdom who has gushed about how welcome she feels. Please make a point to be nice to new people; if you see someone sitting alone for a long time, maybe go up and talk to them. Especially at Boar's Head, where we're the hosts. We are all Chatelaines, all of us. Hoping to set up something with the retirement community - expanding a demo or moot to include the families of that community.
Seneschal: Received two letters of intent for Minister of Arts and Sciences: Nikea and Druscilla. Next month we invite them to Curia to introduce themselves and participate in a Q&A session. Note: Nikea has now withdrawn, but we still want to have a Q&A with Druscilla.
Chiurgeon: The BOD is considering dropping the Chiurgeonate based on legal counsel - currently accepting comments at If you have comments on this, please make them known.

Old Business:
Boar's Head 2014: December 5/6 are on hold at the Washington County Fairgrounds.
Border Skirmish: Keiley is the Ravenslake steward. She likes Nikea's ideas. They will meet and plan a full staff meeting. Nikea's ideas revolve around the questions Who are you, Where did you come from, and How did you get here? Cooking challenge. B&V challenge. Scribal challenge. Youth stuff. And the usual. So far we have a person in charge of pre-reg, and a person in charge of the potluck. Will post a list of open positions, so please volunteer. Remember, we are lead this year - we are primarily responsible for staffing and running the event, with supplemental help from Ravenslake. The status of the equestrian rental is still up in the air - the County Fair folks aren't sure yet if we can use the equestrian area because someone else has a prior claim for that weekend, but if we can't have it we'll be compensated some other way. (Reminder, we did a demo at their County Fair last summer in exchange for free use of the equestrian area this year.)
Zip Code update: The Stallari Council decided that the zip code 53095 should be part of the Shire of Turn an Dem See. We can write a contract to give ourselves rights to use the Washington County Fair Park for events with let or hindrance and without having to pay 'rent' to TADS. We'd like to ask an attorney to look at the language as well. Note, this has caused some tension - let's remember that we're all friends here. Additional note, this is happening in other parts of the Kingdom as well - apparently a cartography snafu has ceded zip codes to multiple groups at the same time.
Possible new fighting space: Redeemer Lutheran Church, Wisconsin and 19th, is a big church with lots of space. They have a large gymnasium/auditorium that we can rent for $25 per hour for fighter's practices on weeknights. We have their permission to fight in this space as well. No decision was made at this time.
Marian Center Walkthrough: Nikea and Dahrien both took photos and posted them. and We would pay $248 per month to become members, which gets us a storage/office space (possibly on the first floor) and the ability to rent available rooms for $25 apiece. This would potentially replace the storage locker, give us a space to meet for Curia, and possibly give us a fighter's practice location; the site could also possibly be used for events such as Boar's Head. We can use the 'terrazzo' space on Thursdays and Sunday afternoons (after 3 PM) for fighter's practice, though that kind of floor is extremely slippery when wet and might not be safe. (The floors are made of small, hard clay tiles.) Available spaces are a gymnasium, auditorium, Home Ec kitchen, main kitchen, gym balcony open space, auditorium open space, Fifth floor hallway (for archery practice).The price for these rooms is $25 per location per event, except the gym (which is $100 per event) and the auditorium (which is negotiable and capped at $250 per event). Note, 'an event' could be an evening fighter's practice or a Friday (setup)/Saturday for Boar's Head. The Home Ec kitchen has six countertop stove units and one refrigerator, but we can rent additional refrigerators. Tables are available to rent at $2.50 and chairs are $.50 each. The prospect of having all of the dishes stored on-site in a vermin-free environment is very nice for the woman who washes every dish before an event. Note: They are anticipating developing this space - maybe - in 2015, and if that goes through they will convert two of the three buildings to housing. (Renters would move into the third building.) If the site goes away in a year, we would have to find a new space for storage, meetings, and fighting again, but at least it gives us a year of breathing space. We should be able to hold Boar's Head at this space for under $1000, as opposed to at Washington County for $3-4000. We ought to do a cost/benefit analysis. We will meet again to do a second walkthrough on February 1 at Noon - meet on Superior at the second entrance (not the first where the gate is). After the walkthrough we will go to the St Francis Brewery (or another location to be determined later) to discuss. We can then put the numbers in front of the Barony.

New Business:
Storage Locker: We need to pay the storage locker, which is overdue. We had been waiting to pay pending the results from the Marian Center, but we should pay for the next six months. We voted, and voted yes.
2014 Calendar: Let's plan the dates for 2014 on the CAM email list, and bring the results to February Curia.

Guilds and Groups:
Brewing and Vintning Guild: People are brewing and vintning.
Cooking and Herbal Guild: February 23, Corydon and Typhaine's house. Theme is Camping Food. You can arrive as early as 2 PM, we'll start cooking at 4 PM.
Calligraphy and Illumination Guild: Met, and will plan another meeting.
Clothiers Guild: February 22, Bayview Library, from 2-4:45 PM.
Dance Guild: January 23, meeting at Longstride Manor (Kateryn's house). This meeting will be a discussion about what people want to do at a dance guild practice.


In Attendance: Albrecht, Abelard, Arnbjorn, Tatiana, Alice, Kateryn, Moira, Nikea, Cecilia, Juliana, Saphira, Teb Tangris, Hamish, Fiona, Myfanwy, Corin, Mysie, Siri, Dahrien

Officer Reports:
Baroness: I'm the new Baroness. Boar's Head was a great success. Feast was a great success. Lunch was a great success. Fighting was a great success. Merchants were a great success. Cookie caper was a great success. Well done everybody. Albrecht now has free time again, and is working on belt tokens again; he has finished and handed over the one for Seneschal.
Exchequer: We have money. (Talk to an officer to find out how much.) We are set up with the Scrip program. Copies of the order form were handed out at the meeting and will be uploaded to the website - Moira picked what she thought would be the most popular items and put them on the form, though there are many other stores available. Talk to Moira if you want more. When you're ready to order, tell Moira. Note, we will not place an order before it's paid for. We have already made money with this program. Scrip is here: page 1, page 2. Term of office is up in May - send letters of intent to Exchequer, Baroness, and Seneschal by January Curia. Moira is willing to stay for another year if necessary. Note: a private fundraiser which does not go through court can go straight to Kingdom. Also: Found an inexpensive nesco. Donating it to the Barony. Also: Need another signatory. Abelard will be the new signatory.
Quartermaster: Position is open. Need to get Cecilia's name on the contract - she will make arrangements to get there and sign the paperwork.
Herald: We had a Baronial Court at Boar's Head and another at Yule Court. Court reports will be in the Tower.
Chronicler: Doing a January issue - send pictures from Boar's Head, articles, etc. The deadline is January 2. We need reports from each officer. If we publish photos, waivers must be signed. (Tatiana will take care of the waivers.) Note from the Baroness: Officers MUST report to the Tower.
Webminister: Website is up and running. Hafgrimm is temporarily incapacitated but has left the officer in the hands of his deputies. Term of office is up in May - send letters of intent to Exchequer, Baroness, and Seneschal by January Curia.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: No report, but don't forget A&S day January 11 at Shorewood Library from 10-3. Term of office is up in May - send letters of intent to Exchequer, Baroness, and Seneschal by January Curia.
Minister of Youth: No report.
Youth Combat Marshal: No report.
Knights Marshal: Boar's Head fighting went pretty well. We have a newly authorized fighter, and have seen a general renewal in fighting. There's lots of loaner armor in the room full of loaner gear - we'll go through it and clean up what we can, catalog it, and throw out whatever needs to be disposed of. (Also, one fighter has mixed his personal armor in with the contents of the room and he needs to get his stuff out.) We're working on a possible new fighting site (Redeemer Lutheran Church at 19th and Wisconsin). Special thanks to Abelard for helping get the new fighter trained, clean the storage room, and co-MIC the fighting at Boar's Head.
Archery: Nothing to report except practice, Monday nights at Gander Mountain in Gehrke's Corners. FYI, a few people are looking for 15 pound bows.
Rapier: We have a newly authorized rapier fighter: Corin. Working on a regular practice space.
Chatelaine: Still working on followups from Bayview Bash. Working on organizing a meet-up for new people in January or February.
Seneschal: Received a thank-you letter from Sandy Held, the coordinator at Washington County Fairgrounds (where we just had Boar's Head).
Chirurgeon: Office still open.

Old Business:
Boar's Head Recap: A&S display went very well. Next year we'll give them more time. The scribes were particularly thankful to have their own room. Artisan Row was excellent and very well received. Thank you to Abelard and Hamish for taking over as Marshals In Charge of the heavy combat list when Akira had to drop out due to work conflicts. We should make staff baldrics (like what we use at Border Skirmish). Some hiccups involving sales of feast tickets - people at Troll said we were sold out, but we had 40 tickets left. We also had a person who tried to buy a number of tickets but was told that he couldn't because everyone in his party had to be trolled in first. Complaints about the site and feast prices, which is explained by estimated attendance: Midrealm now has conflicting events. Why wasn't BH on the Midrealm web calendar? Because we got it into the Pale and assumed the two were tied together (like they are in Northshield) but they aren't. We did make a profit. Note: Reimbursements are now closed. Feast came in under budget because some of the food was donated. Got a message from Kaydian (winner of the Boar's Head Champion/Crestfallen Tournament): Very glad that we played along with the crestfallen tournament antics - he hasn't had that much fun in a tournament in a long time. The cookie caper was a big success and earned money. The fundraiser for kidney research also raised money for each of its charities. Suggestion: Coffee was a huge hit - a third of the money (from the kidney fundraiser) came from coffee. If you were staff at Boar's Head please see Arnbjorn to receive a bead. We did have negative feedback about how court was done, especially the court on the rapier list field. The Marquette students were on site until we kicked them out at midnight, still washing dishes and cleaning. So was Karl Kellar. Thank you to everyone who stayed - we couldn't have gotten out without them. If anyone knows when the Marquette students will be at a moot, please let Kateryn know in advance. The fact that we had populace space was great, but we weren't as crowded as previous years; could have used a smaller space.

New Business:
Boar's Head 2014: Voted to request a contract for Washington County Fairgrounds for December 5/6, 2014. In the meanwhile we will investigate the Marian Center in Bayview/St. Francis. Used to be St. Mary's. Not entirely wheelchair-accessible. They have an auditorium and a gym and kitchens. If we do a straight rental it's $50 per hour per room. If we become members we would get a discount ($100 for the day for the gym, $25 per hour per other rooms). $98 per month to become members. $150 per month will get us storage space (300 sq ft). Note, it's a not-for-profit organization. Nikea will organize a trip to see it.
Border Skirmish 2014: We have a bid from Nikea to host the event. Reviewed the bid and voted yes.
Baronial zip code: We own 53095 (West Bend). When Lub Siochail's status was lowered the zip code became available and we acquired it because the Washington County Fairgrounds (where we sometimes hold Boar's Head) is there. The Cartographer says we own it. Mommy Mommy lives there, and wants to be considered a member of Turn An Dem See (that is, wants her presence to be registered as living in their lands). His Majesty asked us to give the zip code to TADS with a contract stating that we could have rights to use the Washington County Fairgrounds whenever want to unless parties want to renegotiate. After some discussion it was decided that the actual proposed language is too 'squishy' and, ultimately, the Curia voted not to give the zip code to Turn An Dem See.

Guilds and Groups:
Brewing and Vintning: Nothing to report.
Cooking: Nothing to report.
Calligraphy and Illumination: Eva will start this again in January. It will likely be a travelling thing.
Clothiers Guild: Will meet January 11 at Shorewood Library from 10-3 as a sub-set of the A&S day. First meeting will include planning for the future, but please bring projects for sewing and sharing. Sofonisba (used to be known as Gabrielle,) is working on a tabard project which will be the focus of the February meeting. If you're interested in helping with the tabards, Sophisba will also be at Flesh Wound at the end of January.
Dance Guild: Thursday nights at Kateryn's starting in January. Nikea or Asabella will teach the first class. Will post more information when it becomes available.


In Attendance: Mysie, Fiona, Hamish, Hafgrimm, Abelard, Rhys, Julianna, Nikea, Saphira, Catherine, Albrecht, Eva, Tatiana, Kateryn, Moira, Arnbjorn, Maureen, Cecilia, Asabella

Officer Reports:
Baron and Baroness: This is our last Curia sitting up front. Thank you to everyone for all your hard work, especially those who have served as officers in the last few years. And thank you to the populace, and to everyone who helped the events run smoothly, and everyone who we're forgetting. We really appreciated the opportunity to serve as the Baron and Baroness, and we're looking forward to the transition and the new Baroness, Kateryn.
Exchequer: Contact the Exchequer for the current balance (not published on this public website), but we do have money. We are officially part of the scrip program - Moira brought a sample order form with her (attached to the Exchequer report). Be aware that we're still getting everything set up, and in time we'll be able to order online. Moira will hold orders until we have enough to pay for shipping. This is a non-fundraiser fundraiser, so let's make it work! Note, office will come open in a few months. Letters of Intent are requested at the January Curia meeting.
Quartermaster: Office is open, please submit letters of intent to the Seneschal.
Herald: One remaining job before stepping out of the office: Hafgrimm's new device, which is almost done. Has sent Gabrielle her documentation for her new name. Will hand off the office to the new Herald (Abelard) in court at Boar's Head.
Minister of Children: No report.
Chronicler: Q&A for Arnbjorn tonight. The Tower came out. I hope Arnbjorn can get more response than me - by my deadline I only had three officer reports to publish, so ... we have to do better. If it wasn't for the Curia notes the Tower would almost be empty. I didn't take the job to be an investigative reporter and write the articles myself. And thank you to everyone who contributed.
WebMinister: We have a website, and we have a Boar's Head website. Note, office will come open in a few months. Letters of Intent are requested at the January Curia meeting.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Can't find parking, so can't attend the meeting tonight. No report. Note, office will come open in a few months. Letters of Intent are requested at the January Curia meeting.
Knights Marshal: Barony's group report is filed. We don't currently have an indoor fighting site, and our outdoor fighting site is Hamish and Fiona's backyard on Sunday afternoons, weather permitting. People are otherwise going to Jaravellier (Madison) and Ayreton (Chicago) for practice. Suggested practice location: Redeemer Luterhan Church at 19th and Wisconsin has a gym and other large rooms and they rent their space.
Archery Marshal: We continue to have practice at Gander Mountain in Gehrke's Corners. Attendance is three or four people. Looking for other opportunities and events to shoot at over the winter. Archery marshal reports are due December 1.
Rapier Marshal: Q&A for Albrecht tonight.
Chatelaine: Turned in her report. 35 email addresses came out of the Bayview Bash - will send them links to the new Newcomer Portal. Still want to set up something social for January.
Seneschal: Nothing new to report.
Chiurgeon: Office is open.

Old Business:
Boar's Head: Boar's Head is two weeks away. Meeting tonight after Curia. Apparently we will have lots of court and at least four vigils during the day. We've sold 13 merchant spaces and there are more available. Some pre-reg already - please pre-register! Feast is $16 for high feast. Still need a kitchen cleanup person, and people to help load the truck after the event. Friday's setup is from 8-5. Various staff members will post additional volunteer opportunities. Tatiana has the hospitality baskets. Please bake cookies (or bread) for the cookie caper! Money will be donated to charities.
Green Knight Tournament: Meetings postponed until after Boar's Head.
Border Skirmish: The dates are set. We need an event steward. We are the lead this year.
Bylaws Changes: We voted and approved these changes: Added V.m: [An individual may hold no more than one Greater Office at a time.] Added VI.K: [In the event that there is a single applicant for an office that Curia determines is qualified, Curia may elect to abbreviate this process.] Change XII.B.2 to: [Neither the Seneschal nor the Chancellor of the Exchequer may be an Event Steward for an event during their tenure. This policy does not restrict these officers from serving as Moot Stewards. This policy also does not affect other local Officers or anyone holding a Regional, Kingdom, or Society Office.]. These changes will be published to the website.
Baronial Polling: The polling process is complete, and Their Majesties have chosen Baroness Kateryn to be the new Baroness of Caer Anterth Mawr.
Yule Moot: Nikea has secured a new date and time of December 15, from 3-9:30 PM at Alice's. The space is reserved. We voted and approved this change.
Rapier Captain Q&A: We have a letter of intent from Albrecht. It was suggested that we abbreviate the process and skip the Q&A, and the Curia will vote yea/nay on his appointment at the January Curia meeting.
Chronicler: We have a letter of intent from Arnbjorn. It was suggested that we abbreviate the process and skip the Q&A, and vote tonight. We did 'eyesies-closies' to vote secretly, and the result was that Arnbjorn will be the new Chronicler. He will assume this office in January.
Curia meeting space: Maybe alternate between Brookfield Library and Marquette? Since Marquette no longer has a student group, we can't reserve it; we might get bumped with little or no warning. Proposed reserving Brookfield Library for January, March, May, and August; February, April, June tentatively at Marquette.

Guilds and Groups:
Brewing and Vintning: People are still making new beverages.
Cooking: People attended the cooking last Sunday and it was great. The next one is December 22 at Corydon and Typhaine's, and the theme is 'Nordic'. No lutefisk, please. The theme for March is 'encased in bread'.
Calligraphy and Illumination: Will begin in January.
Dance Guild: Will begin in January. Looking for teachers!
Clothier's Guild: Since three out of the five advanced teams at Griffin's Needle were from CAM, we should have a gathering to sew. The clothier's guild will meet one Sunday per month at a location to be determined. Maybe Marquette.

Note: Alice has been under the weather and would appreciate visits! But you should call first.


In Attendance: Cecilia, Eva, Albrecht, Abeleard, Arnbjorn, Kateryn, Typhaine, Alice, Hamish, Rhys

Officer Reports:
Baron and Baroness: We attended the Brewing and Vintning event, which was very nice. Good classes, amazing feast. We also went to Crown, which *also* had a great feast. Welcome to our new Heirs, Siegfried and Elizabeth! Cardinal Stritch has voted to disband as a group - we're not sure of the reasons. Marquette is also not a viable student group, at least for this semester. So, please think about possible meeting sites, especially for winter fighters practices. Maybe meetings in places of worship? Maybe it's time to go back to Sunday afternoon gatherings, whether we fight there or not. We'll figure it out. (Some meeting ideas: Sons of Norway, Moose Lodge, Serbian Hall...)
Exchequer: Posted expense report on the CAM Officers list.
Quartermaster: Office is open.
Herald: Gabrielle wants to change her name. Hafgrimm wants a new device. Heralded court at Baronial Championships, heralded a little at Crown. Office is open. (Please see New Business, below.)
Minister of Children: Nothing to report, but Corydon thinks he still owes the Barony two banner stands.
Chronicler: Nothing to report. Reports are due for the Tower by October 31.
Webminister: Nothing to report.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: If you have A&S activity which you'd like to appear on the MOAS quarterly report, please let Typhaine know. Also, Griffin's Needle Challenge is this weekend. And, SUN is February 8.
Knights Marshal: Looking for help finding a site. Karl might be able to get us the sand volleyball court at The Horny Goat in Bayview. Office is open. (Please see New Business, below.)
Archery: Mondays at Gander Mountain. $30 for 30 days. Office is open. (Please see New Business, below.)
Rapier: Need a new rapier marshal. (Please see New Business, below.)
Chatelaine: Nothing to report.
Seneschal: Working on the money for the Boar's Head reservation. Will double-check the dates and locations for November and December Curia.

Old Business:
Green Knight Tournament: On hold until after the first of the year.
Border Skirmish: Dates are approved: June 13-15.
Bylaws Meeting: Shorewood Library, October 29, 6-7:30.
Baronial Poll: Polling is closed. Met with Cedric the TANG briefly at Crown; Their Majesties would still like to interview the candidates.
Curia Meeting Space: Maybe we can change meetings to Sundays? We might be able to still get space at Marquette. Maybe Fey can get us space at the Milwaukee Public Library downtown?
Baronial Championships: Great event, great turnout. New champions: Heavy weapons: Armond. Mama Kat Tournament: Murdoch. Archery: Karl. Rapier: Corin. Bardic: Akira. Also, we did well on site collections.
Boar's Head: Her Highness Elizabeth would like to hold the Rapier Princess' Sleeve Tournament at Boar's Head. Will plan accordingly. Next planning meeting is Tuesday October 22 at Marquette. Also, we're having a project day on Sunday, October 27 at Marquette to make props for the event.
Bayview Bash: Collected some money in the collections plate.

New Business:
Yule Moot: Nikea has offered to steward this event at Alice's place on December 14, but we can't get the space until 7 PM. Cecilia will ask Nikea to either look for another date or change from a potluck to hors d'oeuvres/dessert. Note, January 11 is the next most likely date.
New Group Knights Marshal: We held a Q&A for Hamish as a candidate for office. We voted, and approved him as the new KM.
New Archery Captain: We held a Q&A for Rhys as a candidate for office. We voted, and approved him as the new Archery Captain.
New Herald: We held a Q&A for Abelard as a candidate for office. We voted, and approved him as the new Herald.
New Rapier Marshal: Albrecht submitted his name as a candidate for this office. We will hold a Q&A for him next month.
Alverno: Alverno College has a program by which members of the community can sign up to teach classes. It's possible that we can use this as both a recruitment tool and a method to hold fighter's practice. Albrecht has done this, but has lost his contact there. Keep this in mind for future educational possibilities.

Guilds and Groups:
Brewing and Vintning: Members of our B&V community attended the recent event. They had a great time and learned things.
Cooking: Has some dates for possible meetings. Will post them to the CAM list.
C&I: After the turn of the year we'll have monthly C&I meetings, which will likely move from place to place (probably in peoples' homes).
Cardinal Stritch: Stritch has decided to disband their group.
Marquette: Marquette is still on hiatus while they try to re-form their group in the eyes of the University.


In Attendance: Albrecht, Hamish, Eva, Asabella, Arnbjorn, Dahrien, Ceclia, Kateryn, Tatiana, Moira, Abelard, Rhys

Officer Reports:
Exchequer: Presented the minutes from the Financial Committee meeting. To summarize: We are a nonprofit organization, which does not mean that we cannot or should not make money. It means that all profits are used to further the objectives of the business, as opposed to being shared among the owners. The Exchequer will report monthly on income, expenses, and balances at the Curia meeting. A "happy place" financally would be to have $20,000 in the bank before major expenditures would be undertaken. We need to consider fundraising as a means to get us to our "happy place", and continue to do fundraising to keep us there if necessary. Expenditures which do not require a financial committee decision are as follows: Any expense over $100 that does not involve site fees. Any site fee for meetings, moots, etc that does not exceed $200. All other expenditures must be approved by the financial committee. Fundraising idea: Scrips. These are basically gift cards for stores at which we all already shop, which we would purchase for an amount slightly below face value. For instance, a $100 gift card might cost $95. Note, we would buy these cards all at once and pay in advance. (The Barony can't afford to purchase them as an investment.) The Exchequer can provide us with an order form - will try to put it in the November Tower. It might be possible to open this opportunity to people who will be attending Boar's Head - this will require further discussion. Another possible fundraiser idea: Griffin's Hub (car dealership) offered cars to be test-driven; for each test drive we would receive $20.
Baron and Baroness: Attended Coronation, which was wonderful. The site, the people, everything was great. Spectacular weather. If you get a chance to go to Skerjastrond, you should definitely go. Court was on the riverbank and was very picturesque. There was fighting and fun, and we now have a new King and Queen. Feast was really good too. There is currently a facebook conversation about the division between the heavy and rapier fighting communities, which began with a letter about a cadet (rapier student) being ridiculed in the rapier community for accepting a squire belt (marking him as a heavy weapons student). Do we want to have this conversation at the Baronial level? How do we facilitate the division? General conclusion: we don't need to have this conversation because our fighting community members get along; there is good-natured teasing back and forth, but not divisive teasing. Suggestion: Possibly our fighters get along because they share a practice space and the communities' personnel overlap.
Quartermaster: Office is open.
Herald: Green Jenny has had life issues arise and is no longer available to be considered for the position of Baronial Herald. Abelard has submitted a letter of intent. A Q&A session will be held at next Curia. Also, the Herald is working with a member of the populace who wishes to change her name.
Minister of Children: Corydon was not available. No report.
Chronicler: The Tower is posted. The Baronial Transition information has been published there. The next issue will be in November, then January. It would be great if we had photos from Boar's Head and/or moots and other things. The office of Chronicler is open; if there are no applicants, Tatiana has offered to remain in office until someone replaces her.
Webminister: About to publish the URL for the Transition website.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Please send her anything A&S related for her report.
Knights Marshal: We are currently looking for an indoor practice space. Ironwood is hosting the last outdoor fighter's practice on Thursday night, September 19 (rapier and heavy, no archery). Is investigating possible new spaces in conjunction with other people who no longer fit at the potential new Bucketworks location. Office is open, one applicant has sent a letter of intent: Hamish. A Q&A session will be held at next Curia.
Archery Marshal: Indoor archery practice began this week at Gander Mountain. Gander Mountain will give us a discount on the 30-day pass. Office is open, one applicant: Rhys. A Q&A session will be held at next Curia.
Rapier Marshal: Green Jenny has had life issues arise and is no longer available to be the group Rapier Marshal. Office is considered open - please send letters of intent to the Baron, Baroness, Seneschal, and Rapier Marshal.
Chatelaine: Need contacts for the schools. It's a big market and we want to tap it.
Seneschal: This is Ceclia's first Curia as Seneschal!
Chiurgeon: Office is open.

Old Business:
Bayview Bash: The Bash is Saturday, 9/21. People can arrive as early as 8:30. Asabella will be there between 9 and 9:30 with breakfast. Cars can drive on the street until 10:15. Our booth must be set up by 10:45. The Bash starts at 11. We will close our booth down at 5 PM, though the Bash goes until 11 PM. We have stage time for a fighting demo from 2:30-3:30, and we need fighters and an MC. We will also put out a donation jar. Be aware that we are cross-promoting with the Turkish dance group. Kateryn is providing a fire extinguisher, and CDs.Tatiana is providing another EZ-Up (10'x10'). We're also setting up a photo area again, and we need a fancy chair. (Albrecht will bring the Baronial seat.) Bring whatever looks cool - armor, books, etc. If you want parking nearby, get there by 10 AM.
Boar's Head update: Next Tuesday (September 24) at 7 PM at the Marquette Physics building. Positions left to fill: Gate coordinator (Troll), youth activities, event herald, ministers of the lists, kitchen coordinator. Ads have gone to the Northwatch and the Pale. The website will be up soon. Pertinent information is on the Northshield website and a facebook page. Ceclia's name is now on the contract, which we had to renegotiate to rent Friday night (for setup) in addition to Saturday.
Walworth County Demo Recap: The days of the demo were beautiful - all the weather we had came after 4 PM (when the 'demo' was over for the day). We almost got nailed by a flying parking garage. Lots of really intense interest, lots of great questions, lots of people who crowded our area so much that people behind them had to wait to talk to us. People told us that they hadn't come to the County Fair in years but did just to see us. If nothing else, we've planted some seeds. Next year this conflicts with the Known World Cooks and Bards event and the Glass and Metalworkers Symposium. We will begin discussing next years demo starting in January. And to stress the pont, the interest was real.
South Shore Farmer's Market Demo Recap: Didn't quite work out as planned. Mysie and Asabella were there and will try it again on September 28th. Another possibility is October 10.
Green Knight Tournament: Waiting on layout information from Kaitlin.
Date for Border Skirmish: Waiting for Toramassa to get back to us about the weekend we chose because we need a 'second weekend of the month waiver'. He might be waiting for Crown. (Note: This date is already listed on the Midrealm website.)
Bylaws 'tweak' Meeting: Scheduled for Tuesday, October 8 , 7 PM, location TBD.
Curia Meeting Space: The Seneschal would like us to have a regular, recurring meeting space which does not change from month to month. She would like to recommend Brookfield Library for this, and would like us to reserve the space through January at which time we can revisit the question. Note, Stritch has offered us space for November 19.

New Business:
Baronial Poll: Polls have been sent out. The TANG reports that some people have already replied. Please fill out your poll and return it. More information is on the website and in the Tower. Their Majesties have expressed an interest in interviewing the candidates themselves.
Yule Moot: We need a steward for this moot, or it will not happen. Seneschal will post it to the CAM list.
Knights Marshal submission: Hamish spoke about his qualifications for the office. He is well qualified and interested. We will have a Q&A session for him next Curia.
Rapier Captain: His Excellency Albrecht is investigating the process of becoming an MIT for rapier, with the intention of applying for this position.
Next Year's Planning Meeting: We will discuss this at the next Curia. Bring your calendars.

Guilds and Groups:
Brewing and Vintning: Ironwood is hosting a brewing and vintning symposium in Coille Stormeil on Saturday, September 28.
Cooking: Nothing to report.
C&I: In January Eva will start a (probably travelling) monthly C&I meeting.
Dance Guild: Asabella hopes to start a dance guild in January.
Stritch: Had their organization festival. Waiting to hear the results. No current students are heavy weapons fighters, so we don't have practice space there at the moment.
Marquette: Has lost their group status due to a paperwork snafu, and are working to get it back. They might be functional again by January. Mysie is working with them.


In Attendance: Albrecht, Hamish, Eva, Asabella, Arnbjorn, Dahrien, Ceclia, Kateryn, Tatiana, Moira, Abelard, Rhys

Officer Reports:
Exchequer: Presented the minutes from the Financial Committee meeting. To summarize: We are a nonprofit organization, which does not mean that we cannot or should not make money. It means that all profits are used to further the objectives of the business, as opposed to being shared among the owners. The Exchequer will report monthly on income, expenses, and balances at the Curia meeting. A "happy place" financally would be to have $20,000 in the bank before major expenditures would be undertaken. We need to consider fundraising as a means to get us to our "happy place", and continue to do fundraising to keep us there if necessary. Expenditures which do not require a financial committee decision are as follows: Any expense over $100 that does not involve site fees. Any site fee for meetings, moots, etc that does not exceed $200. All other expenditures must be approved by the financial committee. Fundraising idea: Scrips. These are basically gift cards for stores at which we all already shop, which we would purchase for an amount slightly below face value. For instance, a $100 gift card might cost $95. Note, we would buy these cards all at once and pay in advance. (The Barony can't afford to purchase them as an investment.) The Exchequer can provide us with an order form - will try to put it in the November Tower. It might be possible to open this opportunity to people who will be attending Boar's Head - this will require further discussion. Another possible fundraiser idea: Griffin's Hub (car dealership) offered cars to be test-driven; for each test drive we would receive $20.
Baron and Baroness: Attended Coronation, which was wonderful. The site, the people, everything was great. Spectacular weather. If you get a chance to go to Skerjastrond, you should definitely go. Court was on the riverbank and was very picturesque. There was fighting and fun, and we now have a new King and Queen. Feast was really good too. There is currently a facebook conversation about the division between the heavy and rapier fighting communities, which began with a letter about a cadet (rapier student) being ridiculed in the rapier community for accepting a squire belt (marking him as a heavy weapons student). Do we want to have this conversation at the Baronial level? How do we facilitate the division? General conclusion: we don't need to have this conversation because our fighting community members get along; there is good-natured teasing back and forth, but not divisive teasing. Suggestion: Possibly our fighters get along because they share a practice space and the communities' personnel overlap.
Quartermaster: Office is open.
Herald: Green Jenny has had life issues arise and is no longer available to be considered for the position of Baronial Herald. Abelard has submitted a letter of intent. A Q&A session will be held at next Curia. Also, the Herald is working with a member of the populace who wishes to change her name.
Minister of Children: Corydon was not available. No report.
Chronicler: The Tower is posted. The Baronial Transition information has been published there. The next issue will be in November, then January. It would be great if we had photos from Boar's Head and/or moots and other things. The office of Chronicler is open; if there are no applicants, Tatiana has offered to remain in office until someone replaces her.
Webminister: About to publish the URL for the Transition website.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Please send her anything A&S related for her report.
Knights Marshal: We are currently looking for an indoor practice space. Ironwood is hosting the last outdoor fighter's practice on Thursday night, September 19 (rapier and heavy, no archery). Is investigating possible new spaces in conjunction with other people who no longer fit at the potential new Bucketworks location. Office is open, one applicant has sent a letter of intent: Hamish. A Q&A session will be held at next Curia.
Archery Marshal: Indoor archery practice began this week at Gander Mountain. Gander Mountain will give us a discount on the 30-day pass. Office is open, one applicant: Rhys. A Q&A session will be held at next Curia.
Rapier Marshal: Green Jenny has had life issues arise and is no longer available to be the group Rapier Marshal. Office is considered open - please send letters of intent to the Baron, Baroness, Seneschal, and Rapier Marshal.
Chatelaine: Need contacts for the schools. It's a big market and we want to tap it.
Seneschal: This is Ceclia's first Curia as Seneschal!
Chiurgeon: Office is open.

Old Business:
Bayview Bash: The Bash is Saturday, 9/21. People can arrive as early as 8:30. Asabella will be there between 9 and 9:30 with breakfast. Cars can drive on the street until 10:15. Our booth must be set up by 10:45. The Bash starts at 11. We will close our booth down at 5 PM, though the Bash goes until 11 PM. We have stage time for a fighting demo from 2:30-3:30, and we need fighters and an MC. We will also put out a donation jar. Be aware that we are cross-promoting with the Turkish dance group. Kateryn is providing a fire extinguisher, and CDs.Tatiana is providing another EZ-Up (10'x10'). We're also setting up a photo area again, and we need a fancy chair. (Albrecht will bring the Baronial seat.) Bring whatever looks cool - armor, books, etc. If you want parking nearby, get there by 10 AM.
Boar's Head update: Next Tuesday (September 24) at 7 PM at the Marquette Physics building. Positions left to fill: Gate coordinator (Troll), youth activities, event herald, ministers of the lists, kitchen coordinator. Ads have gone to the Northwatch and the Pale. The website will be up soon. Pertinent information is on the Northshield website and a facebook page. Ceclia's name is now on the contract, which we had to renegotiate to rent Friday night (for setup) in addition to Saturday.
Walworth County Demo Recap: The days of the demo were beautiful - all the weather we had came after 4 PM (when the 'demo' was over for the day). We almost got nailed by a flying parking garage. Lots of really intense interest, lots of great questions, lots of people who crowded our area so much that people behind them had to wait to talk to us. People told us that they hadn't come to the County Fair in years but did just to see us. If nothing else, we've planted some seeds. Next year this conflicts with the Known World Cooks and Bards event and the Glass and Metalworkers Symposium. We will begin discussing next years demo starting in January. And to stress the pont, the interest was real.
South Shore Farmer's Market Demo Recap: Didn't quite work out as planned. Mysie and Asabella were there and will try it again on September 28th. Another possibility is October 10.
Green Knight Tournament: Waiting on layout information from Kaitlin.
Date for Border Skirmish: Waiting for Toramassa to get back to us about the weekend we chose because we need a 'second weekend of the month waiver'. He might be waiting for Crown. (Note: This date is already listed on the Midrealm website.)
Bylaws 'tweak' Meeting: Scheduled for Tuesday, October 8 , 7 PM, location TBD.
Curia Meeting Space: The Seneschal would like us to have a regular, recurring meeting space which does not change from month to month. She would like to recommend Brookfield Library for this, and would like us to reserve the space through January at which time we can revisit the question. Note, Stritch has offered us space for November 19.

New Business:
Baronial Poll: Polls have been sent out. The TANG reports that some people have already replied. Please fill out your poll and return it. More information is on the website and in the Tower. Their Majesties have expressed an interest in interviewing the candidates themselves.
Yule Moot: We need a steward for this moot, or it will not happen. Seneschal will post it to the CAM list.
Knights Marshal submission: Hamish spoke about his qualifications for the office. He is well qualified and interested. We will have a Q&A session for him next Curia.
Rapier Captain: His Excellency Albrecht is investigating the process of becoming an MIT for rapier, with the intention of applying for this position.
Next Year's Planning Meeting: We will discuss this at the next Curia. Bring your calendars.

Guilds and Groups:
Brewing and Vintning: Ironwood is hosting a brewing and vintning symposium in Coille Stormeil on Saturday, September 28.
Cooking: Nothing to report.
C&I: In January Eva will start a (probably travelling) monthly C&I meeting.
Dance Guild: Asabella hopes to start a dance guild in January.
Stritch: Had their organization festival. Waiting to hear the results. No current students are heavy weapons fighters, so we don't have practice space there at the moment.
Marquette: Has lost their group status due to a paperwork snafu, and are working to get it back. They might be functional again by January. Mysie is working with them.


In Attendance: Abelard, Arnbjorn, Cecilia, Nikea, Mysie, Albrecht, Dahrien, Rubyn, Julianna, Kateryn, Green Jenny, Hafgrimm

Officer Reports:
Baron and Baroness: Went to WW - it was amazing. Everyone did a fantastic job. Katerina and Jean rocked with their brewing and cooking - Jean was declared brewing champion, and Katerina was declared early period cooking champion. The weather was amazing, too. Also went to Minot, and everyone should go there if you have a chance. And you can take the train!
Exchequer: We will receive a check from Ravenslake for our portion of Border Skirmish. We're still waiting for the event report to officially close it out.
Herald: Nothing significant to report.
Quartermaster: No report.
Minister of Children: No report.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: No report.
Chronicler: Report will be in the Tower.
Webminister: Been learning stuff and making behind-the-scenes changes.
Fighting: BucketWorks on Mondays, KinnickinnicK Park Thursdays, BucketWorks or Leif's Fridays, Hamish and Fiona's Sundays.
Archery: We'll be outside through mid-September.
Rapier: Thursdays are doing well. We've got new people and lots of interest.
Seneschal: This is Nikea's second-to-last meeting in this office. We have two candidates for the position of Seneschal.
Chriurgeon: Office is open.
Chatelaine: Bayview Bash needs to be added to the web calendar for 9/21 from 11-4. Setup at 9:30 am. We're checking on stage time. We also needs ideas for the booth, tables, the garage (and someone to get it to the demo), fighters for the demo. Will be in touch with Akira about the fighting portion. Still wants to do a demo at the farmer's market. Planning a 'newbie night' in October or November once we have a regular meeting spot again. Has been working with Typhaine to restart the dancing guild, which will really start once her softball season ends.

Old Business:
Boar's Head 2013 update: Bull's Head budget is approved. We'll have a planning meeting after Pennsic.
Green Knight Tournament: We'll have a planning meeting after Pennsic.
Walworth County Demo: Eva did a phone 'interview' with the committee. We have lots of space available - a corner of the fairgrounds. (Not quite sure which corner yet - will do a walkthrough after Pennsic.) Fair would like to see us set up a village. They will allow us to camp. This is during their County Fair, so we'll have lots of spectators. We can also do equestrian. (Eva has contacted other groups, notably Jara re: equestrian activities.) The Fair is eager to see what we can bring. Depending on where we are we might be able to bring archery (with nets behind the targets) and siege weapons, fighting, the scriptorium, whatever. It's Labor Day weekend, Aug 29-Sept 2 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday). Talk it up, find out when people are available, and once we have enough for each day we can commit to those days.
Legends Moot: Cecilia hasn't been able to reach Corydon to find out if/when we have Alice's place, but has a backup plan. We took a brief recess so that Kateryn could call Alice directly. Confirmed: August 11 (Sunday) from 1-4 at Alice's place. Potluck, demo, possible fighting, other Legends Moot activities.
Baronial Q&A: Greenfield Park (124 & Lincoln) outdoor picnic shelter, Thursday, Aug 8, 7 PM.

Old Business:
Date for Border Skirmish 2014: Should we look at June 7 or June 14? (June 21 is Ragnarok Rampage in Midrealm.) We voted to select the weekend of June 14 (actually June 13-15). Nikea will contact Ravenslake and the Walworth Fairgrounds to verify that this is okay.
Q&A for Seneschal: There are two candidates for the office of Seneschal: Lady Cecilia di Cefalu (known as Cecilia) and Comtesse Guenievre du Dragon Vert (known as Green Jenny). The Barony asked questions of them. This is a summary of their answers. Any mistakes or misinterpretations are mine (Abelard).
 Opening Remarks:
  *(Cecilia): I've been in the SCA for two years. In the real world I'm used to leading large groups, where my job is to listen to people and gather information and use that information to make decisions.
  *(Green Jenny): I've been in the SCA since 1987. I've held a variety of positions, including seneschal, herald, and rapier captain. In real life I work with a number of not-for-profit groups. I've been in the Barony for five or six years.
 Q: Why would you like to be Seneschal for Caer Anterth?
  *(C): Would like to serve the Barony in a greater capacity. Has prepared for it by gathering materials such as handbooks and advice. Is a good neutral party.
  *(GJ): Would like to give back to the Barony. Thinks she can do the job and do it well. Experience in the real world and in the SCA. This is a time of transition - want to help lead the group into the future.
 Q: What do you hope to achieve as Seneschal?
  *(GJ): There has been tension lately, but it's been getting better. Has been both the Baronial and Kingdom Seneschal. Has helped other groups. Want to help grow the Barony and get new people in. Plug into the social niches so we can get and keep people.
  *(C): Want to maintain the level of organization that the current Seneschal has established. Make it an attractive place to bring in new people. Thinks the Barony is needed in the world today, so we should do what we can to keep it alive. Will work to make the Barony more visible.
 Q: What would your approach be in working with other officers?
  *(C): Find out what they need and provide it. They know what they need and want, so will help support it. That's what she does in the real world too. We have a rich resource here in the people, so we should use it.
  *(GJ): Two-fold matter. To serve the Barony as a coordinator, to corral the kittens. With regard to the officers specifically, the Seneschal is required to know what everybody's doing - not to tell them what to do or how to do it, but need to know. Guide conversations, summarize, keep track of the laws, be the objective person who can put on the brakes. The bad part about being an officer is putting your personal opinions aside and doing what the group wants do to.
 Q: What is a weakness you have that may come into play?
  *(C): Has horrible bronchitis in the winter. Her fear is that she may miss meetings if she's too sick.
  *(GJ): Not a native to the Barony. Her history is with the Midrealm, with Nordleigh, and with Nordskogen, which means she has different perspectives than the experienced people in the Barony - which could be a weakness but also could be strength. Also, just stepped down as Kingdom Thrown Weapons Marshal and wouldn't object to a break. Also, no personal email or facebook during the business day.
 Closing comments:
  *(C): I've said what I wanted to say. This is just the cherry on top of the cupcake.
  *(GJ): We're heading into a transition period with a new Baron/Baroness or Baroness, and I'm confident that I can work closely with any of them. I've got a wide background and strong experience base, and I can do it, but so can Cecilia.

Guilds and Groups:
Brewing and Vintning: Took B&V to WW and won stuff!
Herbal: Will meet when things get cooler. We should grow herbs and things near Charlie's bees once Bucketworks moves. (Charlie keeps bees on the roof of Bucketworks.) Also, Green Jenny has lots of oregano and people are welcome to it.
Cooking: Waiting to organize something.
Calligraphy and Illumination: Mondays or Thursdays in the Marquette Physics building once the semester starts.
Stritch: Will need support in the fall.
Marquette: Will needs support in the fall. Also, Annamarie and Cyrus are getting married this weekend.

Additional note: Happy birthday, Baron Albrecht!

6/18/2013 - Brookfield Public Library

In Attendance: Albrecht, Eva, Nikea, Moria, Kateryn, Corydon, Tatianna, Hafgrimm, Typhaine, Guenievre, Asabella, Corin, Myfanwy, Cicilia, Alice, Margaret Malise, Dahrien, Katlin, Rathbones the Younger, and Arnbjorn (acting note taker)

Officer Reports:

Baron & Baroness: Border Skirmish was a great success. Baron Albrecht read a card from Their Majesties Midrealm.

Exchequer: Barony has money- Actual numbers will be in the Tower. We are now being assessed a new fee from the bank. Moria determines that it is not enough to merit changing banks at this time.

Quartermaster: Everything taken from the locker for BSX is back, except a Northshield banner and the baronial water cooler. Given that the baronial water cooler is leaking and there is a general need for water coolers for the major events, Kateryn moved that new coolers be purchased. Cicilia will price them and present the costs at next curia.

Herald: Nothing to report, read the Tower. Office is open for letters of intent.

Chronicler: Plans to have next issue out on July 1st. Deadline for articles is June 27, by 6 pm.  Office is open for letters of intent.

Webminister: We have a website. Nothing else to report

MOAS- Quarterly report has been submitted to kingdom, late due to family medical emergency.

Knight’s Marshal: Monday & Friday practices will continue at Bucketworks until Pennsic. Friday practice may move to Kenosha, near Gray Fox manor. Sunday practices are being help at Hamish & Fiona’s manor. No Friday practice at BW on 6/21 [after curia note, practice will be in Kenosha, near Gray Fox manor]. Reminder: Friday practice and potluck next Friday (6/28) at BW.

Archery: No report

Rapier: Green Jenny broke people at BSX, with the rapier activities. CAM has 14 rapier fighters. Some MSOE rapier fighters are coming to practice.

Seneschal: Letters of intent for seneschal are due today. Two applicants, Countess Guenievre and Lady Cicilia. Their LoI will be published in the July/August Tower. The populace can submit any questions for the candidates to Nikea by Friday, July 12. A Q&A will be held at the July curia, and the vote will be at August curia.

Chatelaine: The loaner garb, along with many other donations, raised over $1000 for the Astrid fundraiser at BSX. The booth space for the Bayview Bash (9/21) has been paid for.  The booth times are 11a-4p. Akria will be organizing a fighter demo. Baronial business cards were handed out at Pride Fest. Asabella is suggesting we hold a “Newbie Night”, perhaps in October, and encourages people to bring a friend/newcomer. Details are pending the fate of Bucketworks.. She is looking for contacts for the Marquette and Cardinal Stritch student groups. She is also exploring other summer festivals that we can do demos/have a booth at. Mysie suggested having a picnic & demo during the South Shore Park farmers market.

Old Business:

Border Skirmish X: Estimated 300-350 in attendance. Up from approx 270-90 last year. Currently estimating $700-800 in profit, to be split between the two groups. Final fiqures are not in yet.

Bayview Bash: covered in Chatelaine report

Boar’s Head: Budget has been submitted to the Baronial Financial Committee (the greater officers).  Some concern expressed over the “Bull’s Head” name and the $5 fee for pre-assigned daycamp/presence space (such space is also available without per-assignment for free). Asabella requested space for a Chatelaine point. Mysie request that people save/procure the rounds for office hole punchers for the “fireworks” at BH feast. Arnbjorn will follow-up with the WCFP about whether or not we can have confetti at the site.

Green Knight: nothing to report

Day of Legends Moot: Cicilia suggested a picnic at Hawthorn Glen Park (between Milwaukee & Wauwatosa, on State St.). Corydon & Alice recommended a demo & potluck at Alice’s new residence. Corydon would wear Price’s surcoats, representing all the Legends, and fight all comers. Cicilia was voted as moot steward. She will work with Corydon & Alice on their idea, with Hawthorn Glen as a back up plan if Alice’s residence doesn’t work. Looking at either the second or third weekend in August.

New Business:

Yule Court: Letters of Intent for moot steward are due by August curia

Request from Walworth County: They are holding an “Old World” Farmers Market at the Walworth County Fair Grounds (Border Skirmish site) Labor Day weekend. If the SCA agrees to host a demo with artisans, and possibly fighters, during the market, we could have the horse arena for free (a $700+ value) for next years Border Skirmish. There are some additional details that are need, that Baroness Eva will follow-up on, but the curia was very open to the idea. The Wisconsin Highland Games is on the baronial calendar, but no one has volunteered to be the demo coordinator for that event, and Arnbjorn is not involved with Wisconsin Scottish this year, so curia agreed to forgo the Games in place of the Farmers Market, pending more information.

July Curia Location: William Wehr Physics Building. Marquette University on July 16th.

Baronial Candidates: Two sets of volunteers: 1) Mistress Kateryn of the Amber Mists and 2) Lady Deonysia of Rye and THL Arnbjorn Karlsson

Baronial Candidates Question & Answer session: August 8- Location TBD.

Guilds & Groups:

Brewers & Vinters Guild: They will be serving some of their wares at WWXX

Cooking/Herbal Group: Cooking on hiatus, herbal meeting in the fall.

Calligraphy & Illumination: Kateryn is doing stuff, no formal activities planned.

Cardinal Stritch: Ambrose & Gabrielle are transferring to either UWM or UWP.  Marcella and others are leading small group at CSU.

Marquette Medieval Society: Two graduates this year. MMS down to 2-3 students, but they may get some grad school members.

After motion was made & seconded, Curia was adjourned.


In Attendance: Abelard, Akira, Eva, Asabella, Green Jenny, Nikea, Carol, Corydon, Typhaine, Kateryn, Moira, Tatiana

Officer Reports:
Baron and Baroness: Welcome to a busy summer. Albrecht is unable to attend tonight because he's in Indiana for work. Please sign up to help with Border Skirmish - Ravenslake has filled all of their slots, and we should be able to fill the others. At this point His Excellency and are not planning to put in our names for Baron and Baroness this time around. We encourage people to think carefully about the job, and to consider submitting letters of intent.
Exchequer: We have money. Actual account information will be in the Tower. Exchequer quarterly report has been submitted.
Quartermaster: We still have stuff. This office might be open soon - need to verify the date that Jean started.
Herald: The herald's office is bored and has nothing to report. Typhaine needs some help with her device, so that's something to work on, but otherwise - please ask for help with your devices, names, or other heraldic things with which you might need help! Also, office will be open in December - please submit letters of intent by August Curia.
Minister of Children: Received a couple tubs of boffer equipment. Some of it needs to be repaired. Corydon does not have a youth combat warrant yet.
Chronicler: Tower came out this month, the next one is will come out in July. Also, office will be open in December - please submit letters of intent by August Curia.
Webminister: Nothing of note to report. We're trying to find a good solution to the calendar pages.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Please tell the MOAS what you're working on. Typhaine is working on an incentive program - coins or pouches or something. Will be at Border Skirmish and Mermaids.
Knights Marshal: Welcome to Spring. Monday nights heavy practice at 7 PM at Bucketworks, with a separate space for rapier at 7:30. Tuesday night's armoring and heavy practice at Randall's at 6:00. Thursday nights combined heavy/rapier/archery practice at Kinnickinnic River Parkway starting at 6:30. Fridays we'll have a heavy practice at Bucketworks or at Leif's. Sundays will be a barbecue and heavy practice at Hamish and Fiona's new place in Racine. Border Skirmish is coming - we need a way to transport 90 bales of straw. We also need help making some banners for the event, and six foot lengths of rattan to use as banner poles.
Archery: The schedule is in the Tower and on the website.
Rapier: Off and on lately, but the primary practice is now Thursday nights at 6:30 at Kinnickinnic River Parkway.
Seneschal: Letters of Intent for the office of Seneschal were due today. Rumor has at least one in the works. Nikea's last meeting as Seneschal is August. The Curia voted to shorten the length of interim time from four months to three months. We will look for Letters of Intent at June Curia. Also, Nikea sent in the reservation for the Green Knight Tournament. (We already gave them a deposit.)
Chatelaine: Welcome Asabella! Went to fighter's practice last week, and will be talking to some people about demo opportunities. Leone offered to hand out business cards of flyers at PrideFest. The Curia is okay with that. What about cost? If she needs help with printing, talk to Nikea. We'll leave the details to Asabella. Coronation (Sept 14) is *not* a conflict with the Bayview Bash (Sept 21). Curia voted to do Bayview Bash again this year. Asabella will talk to Julianna to make reservations, etc. We voted to give her $150, which should cover the registration and incidentals. We have lots of loaner garb - some of it will stick around, some will be donated to auctions at other events.

Old Business:
Green Knight Tournament: The contract to reserve Taylor Hall (lodging) has been signed. Will schedule the next meeting for after Border Skirmish.
Bylaws: The bylaws were edited and passed. They are posted and are available on the website.
Border Skirmish: Morning court has been changed to evening court. Heavy weapons inspections will start at 10 on Saturday, with fighting at 11, until 4 or 5. Torchlight tournament Saturday after court - Round Robin format, with prizes donated by artisans. We're also asking for donations for the Kicking Cancer's Ass Campaign. We need to move roughly 90 bales of straw from a farm to the site, and then will need to move it around the site. Storage locker question - where are the heavy weapons wooden field constructs (the 'corners')? We need to transport the corners, the garage, the pavilion, list poles, and possibly other materials from the storage locker. Rapier is setting up their town scenario and will be dying sheets for it. We have a working fountain! The rapier scenario is 'A pox on both your houses', the Montagues vs Capulets in Verona. Populace will be invited to 'interfere' with the battle as not-entirely-passive bystanders. We hope to get lots of people to the event - this is a Midrealm heavy weapons regional practice as well as a Midrealm rapier regional practice. Hope to open the rapier field at 10 and start fighting at 11. We'll fight until we all fall down. His Highness Hrodir will be attending, but not camping. Their Majesties Northshield and Their Majesties Midrealm will all be camping. Her Majesty is having a sari-wrapping mimosa party on the battlefield on Saturday morning. Court will start in the evening, 'close to sunset'. Remember, financial questions and comments should be directed to the local exchequer. Food: Friday and Saturday dinner are pre-reg only. Breakfast and lunch will be a la carte. No food Sunday. Friday dinner ~ 6 PM, Saturday dinner ~5-8 PM. There will also be merchants in the food hall. Asabella is running Gate and needs volunteers. FYI, Nikea will not be at the event.
Spring Moot: Friday May 24, Bucketworks, 6:30. Potluck. Bring projects. Prizes for the best Spring/flower item or presentation.

New Business:
Legends Moot: Letters of Intent for the Legends Moot due today. Thinking about a Friday evening in the park thing. Asabella will look into running this, perhaps as a 'bring people' kind of demo. We will table this conversation until the next Curia.
June Curia: Brookfield, June 18.
Baronial Transition: Their Excellencies have chosen to step down. We need letters of intent by June 14 (before June Curia). Email and snail mail addresses for Nikea are in the Tower, and she will be at Spring Moot and Mermaids if you want to hand her something. If you have questions, please ask. Nikea won't reveal the names before June Curia.

Guilds and Groups:

Brewing: Beer tent at Border Skirmish. Posted details for WW Brewing and Vintning Challenge.
Cooking and Herbal: Have been experimenting with teas. Roasted coffee demo at Mermaids. Probably no cooking until fall.
Calligraphy and Illumination: Waiting for Deonysia.
Stritch: Ambrose and Gabrielle have moved to UWM. Luis and Theresa (Marsella) will be in charge next year.
Marquette: Alyson and Amanda have graduated. Nelson (Quintus) and Jacob (Jacques) will be in charge next year.


In Attendance: Hafgrimm, Albrecht, Eva, Ambrose, Gabrielle, Akira, Abelard, Carol, Nikea, Moira, Arnbjorn, Tatiana, Siri, Green Jenny, Kateryn, Julianna, Corydon, Typhaine, Alice, Mysie

Officer Reports:
Baron and Baroness: We have a new King and Queen. They are really pumping up Border Skirmish. His Majesty is calling the muster - He wants to clear the borders of the Midrealmers. They're very excited about the opportunity for equestrian activities at the event, too. Border Skirmish will be the Midrealm's first war practice of the season, and we all want it to be a big event.
Exchequer: We have money. (Actual numbers will be listed in the Tower but aren't reported in this notes.) We received our reimbursement from Kingdom.
Quartermaster: No report.
Herald: Nothing to report.
Minister of Children: There's a new plan for children in the future, see YAFA later in these notes.
Chronicler: Next Tower deadline is May 1. We really want to see something from all of our officers, greater and lesser. If a person wants to look at the Tower, they want to see content. So get us some content! May 1 is the deadline, and the issue should be done the following week.
Webminister: Nothing to report. Please make sure to cc: the web minister on upcoming events and meetings. Please check the site to make sure that *your* meeting is listed there correctly. It's up to all of us to make sure that the website is current.
Knights Marshal: We have practice at Stritch on Wednesdays and Sundays, Marquette on Mondays, and Bucketworks on Fridays. Randall is having a practice on Tuesday and Thursday this week as well. When summer arrives (in 6 weeks or so) we'll have Thursday nights at KK Parkway. When Marquette closes for the semester we'll also have Bucketworks on Mondays. Working on Border Skirmish plans. Will be leaving promotional materials in various places like Bucketworks.
Archery: Archery will start on Monday at Gander Mountain on Moreland in Goerke's Corners. Sign the waiver there, pay $5, come shoot.
Rapier: Two new rapier people, and Don Charismos is moving to the Barony.
Youth Marshal: No progress, so nothing to report.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Survived the plague. Reports are in!
Seneschal: Next Friday (April 26) at Bucketworks we're having an organized gathering. There will be fighting and food and projects, and turkish coffee. Also, there is a new social media policy which includes how *not* to talk to the media.
Chiurgeon: Office is open.
Chatelaine: Office is open (as of the reports).

Old Business:
(Arthur And The) Green Knight Tournament: We're fleshing out details. We had a meeting last week. The site is the DeKoven center in Racine, WI. We'll be reserving Taylor Hall so people can stay on site - $85 for a triple, $65 for a double, $55 for a single. People will sign up when they register for the event. Working on a deal to provide breakfast as well. The site is going to be retiring their trestle tables (which are over 100 years old) and replace them with plastic tables, so we're discussing the possibility of building tables to use instead of those. Need to sort out the details of who would pay for them and what to do with them afterwards.
Bylaw Meeting: At the last meeting we discussed addendums but still haven't discussed the financial piece. May 5 will be the last meeting, from 1-3:30 at Bucketworks, and we will be voting on the bylaws at that time. Officers, please try to attend or send proxies. If you can't attend, please send comments to someone who can. If we can't finish these up at the May 5 meeting we might have to postpone the process until the next annual bylaws review at the end of the year.
Border Skirmish: Meeting Sunday 4/21 from 2-4 at Perkins in Kenosha. We're light on volunteers from CAM. There's a website at . The tavern (food) will be running, serving breakfast and lunch as ala carte meals and dinner as a pre-registered feast. Tatiana could use help in the kitchen. Mysie will need help with waterbearing on the list fields.

New Business:
Spring Moot Letters of Intent: With no actual letters of intent, it was proposed that the May Moot be a Friday night potluck and Spring Court at Bucketworks. Kateryn will be in charge. Akira will check the calendar and get back to us as to available dates.
Letters of Intent for Chatelaine: We've had three Letters of Intent for the office. The officers reached a tie when discussing it and brought it to the Curia for a vote. The Curia voted on the three applicants and selected Asabella. She is our new Chatelaine and will begin the paperwork process. Vivant!
Boar's Head: Please tell Mysie what cool things you're doing and how they might tie into Boar's Head In Spain. For instance, based on someone's research we're going to have hobby-horse bull runs at upcoming events - make your own hobby-horse bull and bring it to Boar's Head! So, what cool things are you doing, and what articles can you write to that effect?
YaFA: (Youth and Family Achievement Program) The SCA is going to institute a new age-based youth program, which will award merit badges for youths and mentors. It's in the rough stages and should roll out in the next 4-6 months. Different Kingdoms will have different levels of involvement, and Northshield is planning to participate. Also, the SCA is releasing a new Kingdom Seneschal Handbook which includes this program.
May Curia: May 21 at Bucketworks.
That's Amare: Tatiana and Geoffrey have space in their vehicle if anyone wants to go to That's Amare on June 22.

Guilds and Groups:
Brewing and Vintning: Various folks have hooked up with Ironwood. People are posting information to the Facebook page.
Cooking: Typhaine's house won't be available until June, but if anyone wants to volunteer their house we can have a meeting before that.
Herbal: Nikea has been making herbal teas. If anyone wants to make teas, tinctures, or cordials they should contact her.
Calligraphy and Illumination: Mysie isn't teaching this summer, so her schedule should allow her to organize something.
Stritch: Still fighting Sundays and Wednesdays. No practice this Sunday, though. Gabrielle and Ambrose are going to switch to UWM, but someone will maintain the Stritch group.
Marquette: All but two members are graduating this year, so they will need some help with recruiting next semester.


Present: Abelard, Arnbjorn, Albrecht, Akira, Eva, Kateryn, Mysie, Annetje, Ambrose, Gabrielle, Green Jenny, Hieronymous, Dahrien

Officer Reports:
Baron and Baroness: Going to Coronation, need tokens and gifts to hand out. We really mean it this time. Fabric, pouches, baskets, jewelry, cord, tokens... we can use the Project Day (Sunday, March 24) to make more things for this purpose.
Exchequer: Submitted request to get the settlement money back.
Herald: Filed quarterly report. Put a neat article in the Tower.
Minister of Children: Has a new book: Scrap Craft for Youth Groups.
Chronicler: Presumably a report will be in the Tower.
Webminister: Calendar is being updated regularly.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Filed a quarterly report.
Knights Marshal: The Bucketworks Thursday night practice is moving to Fridays as of March 29. When Marquette wraps up for the semester we'll change Bucketworks to Monday nights. Otherwise, we can have social practice once or twice a month on Fridays as well.
Archery: Still on hiatus. Might go to Jara for a Sunday afternoon practice, otherwise they'll wait until the outdoor archery season starts in mid-May.
Rapier: Submitted quarterly report. There's a new guy (Eddie). Otherwise, various rapier folks have various illnesses so practices have been fairly sedentary. But well-populated.
Seneschal: Seneschal office ends in September and Nikea does not intend to ask for an extension. Letters of Intent are due to the Seneschal, Baron, and Baroness by August Curia.

Old Business:
Green Knight Tournament: Meeting next Tuesday (March 26), 7 PM, Marquette Physics Building, Lab 002 (enter through north doors).Bylaws meeting: Next meeting Thursday April 4, 6:30 PM, at Bucketworks. Notes available on the website, .
Border Skirmish: Still in search of a theme, which will probably be 'Skirmish'. Marshals are communicating and have lots of good ideas. We will have hay (or straw) bales, and marshals are putting together a plan to maximize the fighters' energy from both a physical training perspective and a fun perspective. We will have equestrian and maybe also coursing. $15 per person for the whole weekend, $10 per person for daytrip. Need 275 people to break even. There is an indoor arena - not sure if we've reserved it. Need a merchant coordinator. The site token team has been waiting for a theme. If anybody knows of any large parties which are planned (a la WW), please let Akira know so that he can plan accordingly. We should consider this site for future winter events as well.
Should the CAM list be public or private? Comments: Let's leave it public. Every few years we have dustups but things have quieted down again. Depending on the service we choose, a private system might give other benefits as well such as an online directory and contact list. There is value to knowing that your communications are public - people are more likely to be courteous. Important things can be discussed at Curia or on the private Officer's list. At the least, we'll have the same problems whether the list is public or private. If we go private, we need to privatize the archives as well. If we go private, we need to decide when we kick people out. (When they move? A month later? Six months later? When are they no longer part of the social group we consider to be 'the Barony'?) We voted to leave it public. Note: if you do have something urgent or critical to discuss, bring it up to an officer because they have other avenues of communication. Additional note: We will investigate the option of 'skype-ing' into the meeting so that people who can't be physically present can at least have some kind of presence.
Bids for Boar's Head: Arnbjorn, Mysie, and Fiona have submitted a bid (Fiesta de Cabeza de Toro). The group discussed it and voted to accept the bid.
Spring Moot: Jara isn't available to run the Tri-Barony event any more. We need a volunteer to run the moot and a location. We will discuss it at next Curia. If we don't have any offers/bids, we won't have the Spring Moot this year. If you want to be the steward, please email the Seneschal, Baron, and Baroness. Note, the date is somewhat flexible.

New Business:
April Curia Location (4/16): Decided to ask Alice to reserve Brookfield Library. Fallback position, Bucketworks.
Bids for Baronial Champions Moot: Arnbjorn made a bid for Baronial Champions Moot. September 28, Rock River clubhouse (we're already pencilled in). Fee is $110 plus $50 refundable deposit. We voted yes.

Guilds and Groups:
Brewing and Vintning: Need to communicate with Amadan and Iron Wood for future plans.
Cooking and Herbal: No news.
Calligraphy & Illumination / A&S: No news.
Stritch: Practices Wednesdays and Sundays. This Sunday (March 24), Project Day starting at noon. Armoring will take place in the Excercise Room, fighting starts at 4. Other crafts in the same room as before. There will be signs posted. Last day of classes is May 17.
Marquette: Monday practices, Thursday meetings. Mysie will be teaching a class about navigating with sunstones. Last day of classes is May 10.


Present: Nikea, Eva, Arnbjorn, Deonysia, Green Jenny, Moira, Akira, Jean, Kateryn, Tatiana, Abelard, Julianna, Christine, Dahrien, Ambrose, Gabrielle

Officer Reports:
Baroness: It's cold out! Albrecht is visiting Texas. We went to SUN and returned to some house troubles, but we have a great SCA contact who works for a roofing company and everything will be okay. SCA-wise it's been kind of quiet.
Exchequer: Paid bills, including the storage unit through June (pending possible move of storage location). One of the bills was the domain registration place, which costs less if we pay for more than one year at a time; would like to renew for a total of five years. Curia voted to renew for a total of five years. Re: reimbursement from legal fees, Exchequer recommended that we ask to receive as much as we can. (Kingdom has given us the choice of leaving the money in the general fund or getting the money back.) We would prefer to donate how much we want to where we want and when we want; we intend to donate money to the general fund, but not necessarily this much and not at this time. Much discussion of this topic occured, which doesn't need to be recorded here. In the end, Curia voted to request the money back.
Quartermaster: We still have a lot of stuff. We donated some to the silent auction at Boar's Head which helped, but Jean didn't go through the whole locker before the event and we still have things to donate. When the weather warms up again he'll go through the rest of it. Planning to build a rack so that we can store banners flat instead of rolled up and leaning in a corner. Will continue to investigate storage locations including Bucketworks.
Minister of Children: Everybody's sick, so nothing to report.
Herald: Names and devices for Katarina Unru and Jean du mal Chance have been approved according to the herald's office, still waiting for official notification.
Chronicler: Next Tower comes out in early March. If you have articles or reports please send them to Tatiana by March 6.
WebMinister: Digest mail may not be working - please report any issues to Also, part of the domain registration (see Exchequer) includes the option to turn on whois registration protection. If activated, this prevents people from seeing the actual name, phone number, email, and snail mail address of the registrant - whois queries will instead return the ISP. First, this contact information should be the Seneschal as the legal representative of the group. Second, we voted to spend the money to get this protection.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Sick. Will post to the CAM list.
Knights Marshal: Sunday Stritch, Monday Marquette, Wednesday Stritch, second and fourth Thursday at Bucketworks, first and third Friday at Bucketworks. Adding new training methods and drills. Akira will be MIC at Border Skirmish this year.
Archery: Still on hiatus until we can find a new indoor site or the outdoor season starts.
Rapier: Picking up momentum now that we have Marquette space again.
Youth Combat: Don't know anything yet.
Seneschal: First, welcome to new person Christine. Chiurgeon and Chatelaine offices are still open. We have lots of loaner garb (Gold Key) - Nikea has gone through it and reduced the volume from six large storage bins to four large storage bins. Even if nobody else takes the office, she needs somewhere else to store these bins. Maybe we can donate some of it to survivors of Sandy or the Hattiesburg, MS tornado? It could also be used as materials for new garb. Will bring some to Stritch Project Day on Feb 24. A woman named Amanda has contacted Nikea about a demo at a Girl Scout function this summer, for which participants may be compensated. Contact Nikea for more information. Also, please look at the moots and events calendar; if you have comments, questions, or would like to volunteer to do something please contact Nikea.

Old Business:
Green Knight: Planning meeting postponed until last week in March.
Bylaws meeting: Rescheduled for March 12 at 6:30 at Bucketworks.
Boar's Head Contract: First, there are some changes to the Washington County contract. We have 'first right of refusal' for Friday before the event - we get the space for free unless someone else wants to reserve it, in which case we can rent it at half price for the day. The catering requirements have changed to include an insurance policy for the food ($150) and 20% charge if we don't use someone from their list of caterers. We also need to pay the site $1 per plate of food served at feast. In addition they want $.50 per person admission fee to the site. We need to commit by March 12 to pay the deposit. We voted to pay the deposit even though we have not yet seen an event bid and do not have an autocrat.
Border Skirmish: Annetje has asked a number of people to cover various staff positions. We still need a merchant coordinator, CAM chief Troll, and CAM setup. Note, Ravenslake is the lead this year and Marie is the autocrat from their side. Ideally we would also like a thrown weapons marshal (Green Jenny will see what she can find) and a siege weapons marshal. Quiet camping will be a little larger. We might build communal benches to put under the shade flies during fighting and around the bardic fire at night. Possibly hay bales?
Private or public CAM list: Tabled in the interest of time.
Bucketworks: Will tour after this meeting; otherwise, tabled.
Bids for Boar's Head: Postponed; due at March Curia.
Spring Moot: Jararvellir, Windhaven, and CAM are discussing a possible three-Barony May Day Moot. In theory this will replace our Spring Moot. Note date conflicts: May 4 is Midrealm Coronation in Chicago and April 27 is Bardic Madness.
Request: Julianna would like to borrow the parking garage and grills for her class reunion the weekend of Sept 15.
Baronial Champs: Bids are due in March. Arnbjorn will get us pencilled in for Rock River Parkway for September 28th. (Money won't be due until August.)
March Curia: Will be at Bucketworks.

New Business:
Request: Julianna would like to borrow the parking garage and grills for her class reunion the weekend of Sept 15.
Baronial Champs: Bids are due in March. Arnbjorn will get us pencilled in for Rock River Parkway for September 28th. (Money won't be due until August.)
March Curia: Will be at Bucketworks.

Guilds and Groups:
Brewing and Vintning: There is an opportunity to connect with Amadon and his household, which is heavily into brewing and vintning. More information coming.
Herbal: Shooting for March for the next meeting.
Calligraphy and Illumination: Mysie's work schedule has been very difficult. Deonysia volunteered to try to set something up once a month, possibly at Bucketworks.
Stritch: Fighting on Sundays and Wednesdays. They will host a project day on Sunday, Feb 24 from 10-5 in the Blue Room (the room above the Exercise Room). They intend to have two project days per month for the rest of the semester.
Marquette: Learning things at their meetings - will try to get a list.


In Attendance: Arnbjorn, Eva, Albrecht, Moira, Green Jenny, Gabrielle, Abelard, Akira, Kateryn, Hafgrimm, Alice, Myfanway, Corin

Officer Reports:
Baron and Baroness: Nordskogen 12th Night was fantastic - great turnout from the Barony. Yule Moot is coming up (Jan 19) - please submit award recommendations. The Bylaws meeting is coming up (Jan 27). The Gawain Event planning meeting is coming up (Jan 21). Jararvellir's Baronial changeover is going to happen at Flesh Wound (Jan 26) and we'd like to give them gifts - if you have gifts we can present, please get them to the Baron and Baroness or Green Jenny. We'd also like gifts and largesse so that we can give the new King and Queen something at Coronation!
Exchequer: We have money. Exchequer will now distribute actual reports at Curia meetings, which will also appear in the Tower. New checks are in. Boar's Head accounting is done, with the exception of an outstanding check. Let's continue to look at ACCEPS as an option for allowing people to pre-reg for events with a credit card.
Quartermaster: Waiting for the weather to clear up before cleaning out the storage locker.
Herald: Went to Nordskogen 12th Night and helped with court, also served as Hall Herald for the event.
Chronicler: Sent her report to the Seneschal. This month is a non-Tower month, so no reports due; however, feel free to send in reports and articles early for next month's Tower!
Webminister: Nothing's broken except the Knights Marshal page. (Abelard's note: Fixed.)
Arts & Sciences: Nothing to report.
Youth: Nothing to report.
Knights Marshal: We'll continue to use Bucketworks until the end of the month, at which point we can re-evaluate - will put out a bucket for collections starting this week to use towards a Bucketworks membership. The colleges start their practices the last week of the month.
Archery: On hiatus until public archery enthusiasm dies down. (The normal practice spaces now have 'league nights' every night except Fridays and Sunday afternoons.)
Rapier: Has been on hiatus, but will have practice this Thursday and next Thursday at a private location. Contact Green Jenny for more information if you want to join them. Will go back to Marquette when it starts again (Jan 28).
Seneschal: Nikea's sick, and Arnbjorn's filling in; nothing else to report.
Chatelaine: Office is open.
Chiurgeon: Office is open.

Old Business:
Gawain and the Green Night: General planning meeting Monday, Jan 21, at Marquette. In the Physics lab on the lower level by the North entrance.
Bylaws Planning Meeting: Sunday, Jan 27. People have asked to not meet in someone's home because it can be too distracting; let's look at possible locations. Bucketworks (would cost money)? Stritch? Anything more western? What about a restaurant's meeting room? We voted to move the meeting, location TBD. Albrecht and Eva will look into the possibility of a restaurant's meeting room and report back. (Suggested location: Edwardo's Pizza in Wauwatosa on Bluemound.)
Brewing and Vintning Practice Wrapup: It was cool. We made beers, mead, cordials, and learned a lot. The beer will be served at the Yule Moot on Jan 19.
Yule Moot: Saturday, Jan 19 at Menomonee Park Beach House from Noon until 11:30. Potluck - bring a dish to share. Lots of activities planned, see the website or Facebook page. ( Note, there is a gate fee at the park entrance of $5 per car.
Boar's Head Survey Results: General results: Don't get rid of Boar's Head. Abelard will send the results to the CAM list.
Boar's Head 2013 Location: We heard back from the Tripoli Shrine and their prices were too high for us. We should look at our backup, Washington County Fairgrounds. We voted: request contract from Washington County Fairgrounds. Also, Kateryn volunteered to head up a committee to find a new site for 2014 and onwards.
Curia Moot: Feb 17, but we need a location which isn't someone's house. What about Willoway or the building behind the archry range at Menomonee Park (where the camping moot was a few years ago)? Kateryn will look into Willoway as it is more central. Someone else will check into the other location.

New Business:
CAM list public or private: Tabled until next Curia.
Need a more permanent location: Tabled until next Curia. Note, however: Exchequer would be more comfortable paying for a 'permanent space' if it could also house the Baronial storage - that is, move the contents of the storage locker to a new 'permanent space' location and fold the costs together. Akira says that Bucketworks has lots of space available for storage, but doesn't know how much it will cost. He suggests a tour and a meeting with Tim to discuss price.
Baronial Freezer: Yes, we have a Baronial freezer. (It's a stand-up freezer.) It has been stored in Alice's garage for many years, but she is moving and can't have it in her new location. Kateryn will take it. (Alice also has a chest freezer available. Abelard might want that.)
Border Skirmish: No news.
Call for Boar's Head Proposals: Due by February Curia, March at the latest.

Guilds and Groups:
Brewing and Vintning: A group of B&V folks went to Great Lakes Distillery and had a great time. Recommend a field trip.
Calligraphy and Illumination: Still working on getting a recurring time and location for C&I.
Cooking: Temporarily postponed.
Stritch: Fighting on Sunday afternoons (3-7) and Wednesdays (possibly as early as next week).
Marquette: Classes started on Monday. They will have fighter's practices on Mondays starting Jan 28 and their weekly meetings on Thursdays.


In Attendance: Akira, Abelard, Julianna, Corydon, Myfanwy, Typhaine, Corin, Arnbjorn, Nikea, Albrecht, Gabrielle, Green Jenny, Moira, Kateryn, Tatianna, Mysie, Dahrien

Officer Reports:
Opening Comments: Please save Boar's Head discussions until the end.
Baron and Baroness: Boar's Head was great, but we'll talk about that at the end. Please send award recommendations for Yule Moot - due to a computer malfunction, previous recommendations were lost so please re-send the ones you've already sent as well as some new ones. The bylaws meetings have been very productive, and kudos to Nikea for her efficiency.
Chatelaine: The office is officially open. There are no letters of intent. The deputies are not able to take this position. Webminister will change the Chatelaine web page to note that the office is open and point Chatelaine email address to Seneschal. FYI, there's lots of loaner garb. It's been cleaned out and sorted through and filtered, and there's still lots of it. Not much for men, not much for larger people, but lots of good, quality garb. If you want to pick through it, please speak with Nikea. Note, some of it could be repurposed...
Exchequer: The new checks are ordered, which includes new deposit slips, for a total of $180. We have money in the bank. Boar's Head is mostly closed out. (Should be complete by the end of the Curia meeting.)
Quartermaster: No report.
Herald: People received awards at Boar's Head, so congratulations! Read the Tower for more. The herald year-end report is complete.
Minister of Children: Nothing to report.
Chronicler: Articles are due on January 5 for next Tower. Please send articles and pictures. Remember, officers are expected to report. Received a Blackfox award for the Tower, but it's really for the Barony - Tatianna will try to include an image of the certificate in the Tower.
Webminister: New google calendar at - please send comments to Abelard, Dahrien, or Hafgrimm (or to the office at
A&S: We have awesome A&S. Read the Tower for more!
Knights Marshal: Colleges are closed until mid-January. (Marquette: 1/21, Stritch: 1/22.) Akira is working with Bucketworks to set up a relationship between CAM and BW for practices - first practice at this site is Thursday Dec 20. We have access to a large garage area and exercise area. We should be able to set up exercise and training equipment so we can mix it up; will set up a training program including stretching, yoga, etc. Possibly we can set up an arrangement like the old key site through fighter donations. Probably enough space for both heavy and rapier. There is money set aside for this kind of endeavor in the Baronial accounts. This will be a more permanent site so that we always have a place to come back to when the colleges aren't available. Also, turned in KM report to the Kingdom Officers.
Archery: Continues to be Thursdays at West Town Archery. We have loaner equipment!
Rapier: Thursday nights will be sewing at Green Jenny's house to make new rapier gear, but will switch to Bucketworks if it's available.
Youth: No new information.
Seneschal: There's stuff coming up. Please try to attend. Happy holidays!
Chiurgeon: Office is open.

Old Business:
Green Knight Tournament: We met! We issued a formal challenge at Boar's Head Court! We'll meet again in January.
Bylaws: We got through all five pages of the existing bylaws document. Next meeting we will discuss addendums. Next meeting is January 27 at Randall's from 12-3. (His place is smoke-free and pet-free.) If you need a ride, please ask on the CAM list. If you can't make it but have input, please send that input to the Seneschal, Baron, and/or Baroness and they'll make sure it gets read in. [There followed a discussion about lack of communication and miscommunication on the CAM list.]
Brewing and Vintning Practice Session: Jean sent a report which will be printed in the Tower. We made a Sahti beer, an English brown ale, ginger beer, juniper berry cordial, and others. We'll have the Sahti at the Yule Moot. Brewing by firelight was awesome.
Yule Moot: More information in the Tower and on Facebook page. Lots of stuff planned. January 19 at Menomonee Park Beach House!
Border Skirmish: Letters of Intent for co-steward due at this meeting. Annetje will be co-steward (with Marie from Ravenslake) and Ambrose and Gabrielle will be deputies.

New Business:
Special note: Treegirtsea 12th Night is in a new location.
Next Curia will be 1/15 in Brookfield, then 2/17 will be the Curia Moot. Need a location. March will be 3/19 at Stritch.

Guilds and Groups:
Brewing and Vinting: Set up a facebook page (Beer and Mead Creation) - ask Katerina and Jean to get access.
Cooking: Will get together January 13. Theme is 'Chocolat' - dinner foods made with chocolate. (You can look up 'Chocolat scene' on youtube for more information.)
Herbal group: On hold until March or April. Alice gave Nikea a ginger plant and a rosemary plant which she's looking forward to harvesting.
Stritch: Closed until January 20. First practice will be January 22.
Marquette: Closed until January 15. First practice will be January 21.
Boar's Head Discussion Part 1: Recap:
Receipts are turned in, as far we know. (We received the last site bill today.) We had a profit. 467 people, 93 at feast, 28 merchant spaces. Recommendation: Don't use the Waukesha Expo Center again because they're expensive and they nickel and dime us. There were conflicts in the kitchen because the caterer and our feast team shouldn't have been in the same space. The merchant coordinator should do merchant pre-reg, the troll coordinator should handle the rest of pre-reg. We feel that it was very successful. Feast was phenomenal. The fighters all went home tired. Fighting space was too small, but we worked with what we had available. A&S was amazing. The merchants did well (except one). Rapier looked great. Classes were great. Liked the site for the layout, it's just the office people that are a problem. The Baron and Baroness thanked the staff. Feast, A&S fighting - all the feedback was positive. The ship was awesome. The staff was stellar. It ran very smooth. We might have had people sitting feast who did not pay. We need to be aware that this is happening - need to check their feast tokens. Can we post a standard pre-reg form on our website? (Yes.) Perhaps in the future we can put a link to the pre-reg form in the invitation email? Also, we should promote ACCEPS so that we can accept credit/debit card payments in advance. We should send a letter to the County to let them know about our experiences. The only people who complained to the autocrats were staff. Now, should we hold it next year?
Boar's Head Discussion Part 2: Future:
The chivalry think highly of the event. This used to be known as one of the tournaments to get noticed by the chiv. 5 pairs of royalty was a good draw. People liked it, but people would also like to steal the weekend. What do we want it to be? It's an anchor event for the Kingdom. Summary: Nobody wants to get rid of it. So, do we make it smaller or larger? Both expo centers are awful for fighting because of the floors - but most spaces have floors that can be damaged. We can't afford to replace a location's floor if it gets ripped apart by armor. Many sites will either refuse us or charge lots of extra money if we want to hold fighting there. Maybe we can look at cardboard floors or rubber mats, like Nordskogen uses? Corydon, Typhaine, Corin, and Myfanway looked at Tripoli Shrine last night. It's gorgeous. The site fee is higher ($3500), but needs clarification. Almost everything is included in that price: the whole building, 250 car parking lot, concession stand, bar, classrooms, tables, chairs, feast, 500 seat banquet hall. We don't have to do cleanup. They already hold martial arts events there, and they are familiar with heavy fighting in the SCA. They have a 'no weapons' policy which would prevent rapier - but it may be possible to demonstrate that this is sporting equipment and not actually weapons. We would need to get in our reservations very quickly, and need to have an event steward, and can't take bids until we know answers to the questions. To that end, mount another expedition. We need to run another survey to determine the 'sacred cows'. "What must be there for you to attend?" Possibly send it to all of Northshield. Will discuss the results at next Curia.


In Attendance: Abelard, Akira, Nikea, Eva, Corydon, Ambrose, Gabrielle, Hafgrimm, Typhaine, Albrecht, Mysie, Geoffrey, Moira, Kateryn, Julianna, Green Jenny, Arnbjorn, Corin, Myfanway

Officer Reports:
Baron & Baroness: We got a thank-you letter from Their Majesties. Thank you for attending our extra meetings lately. Please continue to do so - it's important to hear everybody's thoughts on these subjects.
Chatelaine: Office is open as of January Curia.
Exchequer: We have money. We've received some reservations for Boar's Head. Quarterly exchequer report has been filed. Talked to the Kingdom Exchequer about the fact that our bank doesn't check both signatures on our checks, and he said that it's still an SCA requirement but we don't have to change banks to rectify it. Moira would still prefer to order new checks with two signature lines - 400 checks (with duplicate checks and two signature lines) would cost between $100 and $150. Curia voted and approved this purchase.
Quartermaster: Mysie has some donations for the storage locker. Kateryn will take them.
Herald: We need some field heralds for Boar's Head. (We have sufficient court heralds for the event.)
Minister of Children: Nothing to report.
Youth Marshal: Tried to get hold of the Kingdom Youth Combat marshal and hasn't been able to.
Chronicler: Get your reports in for the December Tower - it's not too soon!
Webminister: The website is working. Hafgrimm is the official webminister. If you see something that's broken, please let him know.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Please let me know what A&S you're doing or have done so that I can report it in the quarterly report. Also, I have a deputy now - Gabrielle!
Knights Marshal: Fighting is still going on. Once the Colleges are closed for winter break we'll have some space at Bucketworks.
Archery: No practice this week. Need to find out if we're back to Mondays in December or still Thursdays.
Rapier: Might be increasing our numbers of rapier fighters! Also, I went to KWAR and had fun and learned stuff!
Seneschal: Thank you for coming to the meetings. We're not done yet! Would like more Seneschal deputies. Remember that the Chiurgeon office is open!

Old Business:
Boar's Head: We have some pre-regged people. More people can pre-reg! Having a short court at 9:45 AM. We'll have five sets of royalty. We also have classes. We've had our last meeting, and things are ticking along. First pre-cook went well. We need lots of retainers - contact Kateryn. We will also need help in kitchen, as well as servers. If you need anything out of the locker, we need to know by Monday December 5. (Email Tatiana or Julianna with these requests.) There will be both heavy and rapier - look at the website for the schedule, but be aware that it might change. We will also distribute an exit survey (both on paper and electronically) to gather feedback from this year's event and help plan for next year.
Green Knight Tournament: The planning group will get together at Arnbjorn's next Tuesday (Nov 27) to work out some details, and there will be a larger meeting in the new year.
Bylaws Meeting: Went through the officer changeover process. We'll be posting notes and ongoing changes, but not the 'live' document until it's finished. The next meeting will be Sunday, December 16, 4-7PM, at Corydon and Typhaine's.
Brewing and Vinting Meeting: December 15, Menomonee Park Beach House. More details will be sent on the CAM email list.
Yule Moot: We'll have dancing and more! More details will be sent on the CAM email list.

New Business:
Letters of Intent/Bids for Border Skirmish: Annetje submitted a letter of intent, and Ambrose and Gabrielle intend to submit a letter of intent. We will vote at the December Curia meeting. Letters of Intent will be posted to Officers and CAM email lists.
Baronial Calendar Meeting: See notes. We need a location for January Curia (maybe Marquette). We also need to find a library or other meeting location, or another Brookfield resident to reserve the Brookfield Library while Alice goes through her move. Hafgrimm will look into the March Curia meeting at his son's high school on Walnut. If you want to steward or autocrat a moot, be aware that the dates are not locked in stone. We voted to accept these moots and events.
Boar's Head 2013: We had a long discussion about Boar's Head 2013.

Guilds and Groups:
Brewing and Vintning: Come to the making session on December 15.
Cooking Guild: We had a cooking day, it was great. The next meeting will be in January, theme will be 'main course with chocolate, not desserts'.
Stritch: Practice on Sunday after Thanksgiving. Next semester will include classes on Sundays. We will have a project day early in the semester. We invite CAM folks to come speak to the club at one of their regular meetings. Campus will be dark from December 14 until January 20.
Marquette: Monday (Nov 26) they're making Christmas cards. Campus will be dark between December 15 and January 14.

Planning Meeting:
Here is the proposed Baronial event calendar for next year:
January 19: Yule Court - Menomonee Park Beach House- Lady Katerina Unru - moot steward
February 17: Curia Pot Luck Moot: Steward & Location TBD
May 5: Spring Court- Steward and Location TBD- Moot bid due by February Curia
June 7-9: Border Skirmish- Applications for CAM steward due at November 20, 2012 Curia meeting
August 9: Legendary Cook-out- Steward and Location TBD- Moot bid due by May Curia
August 31-Sept 1- Wisconsin Highland Games Demo- Waukesha Expo Center- Demo coordinator needed
September 28: Baronial Championships and Michaelmas Court- Steward and Location TBD- Moot bid due by March Curia
December 7: annual winter event (tentative)
December 15: Yule Court- Steward and Location TBD- Moot bid due by June Curia
If you wish to steward a moot, please submit a bid that includes a proposed venue, costs, and description of activities. There are 4 months that currently do not have anything scheduled. A fall curia pot luck (in September, October, or November) has also been suggested.
Curia Locations:
January curia will not be at CSU, need a location. Maybe Marquette?
February Curia will be at Curia Pot Luck meeting, at a location to be determined.
All members are encouraged to check out their local libraries, and other public areas, in which to hold Curia and other meetings.
We are looking for another Brookfield resident, who can act as a back-up library contact for Baroness Alice.
If you are interested in the Barony hosting a Kingdom event (Coronation, Crown, SUN, Bardic Madness, Heralds & Scribes, etc..), or a new local event, please submit a proposal/bid to curia. Proposals and/or bids should be in line with our establish event guidelines.


In Attendance: Abelard, Typhaine, Corydon, Geoffrey, Tatianna, Hafgrimm, Jean, Katerina, Julianna, Green Jenny, Rose Marian, Arnbjorn, Alice, Kateryn, Moira, Nikea, Eva, Albrecht, various youth of the Barony

Officer Reports:
Baron and Baroness: Crown was great. Their Majesties are happy with what we're doing with CAM. Thank you for coming to the bylaws meeting. More meetings are on their way!
Chatelaine: The office is open. My deputy (Brithwen) has expressed interest in the position but works a second-shift job and is unable to attend Curia. Would anyone care to be co-Chatelaine with her, or take the office? Will post this to the CAM list as well. Haven't heard back from the contacts we made at the Bayview Bash, which is not uncommon - most of what we get from that event is word of mouth and renewed interest each year. It's an investment. We did hand out half a box of business cards, though, so something should come of it. Side note: Tatiana needs to submit a receipt for the new banner.
Exchequer: We have money. The third quarter report isn't done yet because of a bank error, and we're working with the Kingdom Exchequer on it. Also, we've learned that our bank does not require two signatures on checks though we still require it. To that end, Moira will look into new banks and bring back the results at the next Curia. Moira would also like to get new checks with two signature lines, and possibly print (at the top of the check) 'This check requires two signatures' on them - this will wait until we have the results of her search.
Quartermaster: Would like to clean out the storage locker. There's a bunch of stuff to go through. Curia voted that Jean can sort through the locker and either dispose of things which are not needed or bring them to Boar's Head to put on a table and give away for free. (Examples, soiled fabrics, rusted servingware.)
Herald: Heralded court at Baronial Champions. Herald report will be in the Tower. We have some submissions (names and devices) in process. Please submit award recommendations to Their Excellencies for Yule Moot and to Their Majesties for Boar's Head.
Minister of Youth: Did a demo for a home school group, roughly 40 people. Set up camping stuff and got lots of interest. For Boar's Head he has some things planned but is looking for volunteers to run childrens' activities so that he can fight.
Chronicler: Tower articles are due next Monday (Oct 22). Expect the Tower to come out at the begining of a month instead of at the end.
Webminister: Still learning. The deputies are having fun with code.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: The report from Coronation is in. Read the Tower for more!
Knights Marshal: Practices on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.
Archery: October practices are moving to West Town Archery on Thursdays instead of Mondays.
Rapier: Opening the house for rapier-themed movies on Thursday Oct 18 (no practice at Marquette). Found out that we have more authorized rapier fighters than she knew about. Known World Academy of Rapier is coming up. And we have a newly authorized rapier fighter!
Youth Marshal: Working on it. Looking for loaner gear - there's some in the storage locker and some folks in the Barony have some. Will send email.
Seneschal: At the Bylaws Meeting Nikea read a letter from Marwen, which she read to us again. She will share this with anyone who wants to see it, just drop her an email. Here are some ideas and proposals Nikea has:
- Would like to start a 'From the desk of the Seneschal' report once a week, which will include both "boring" stuff (signed a contract with a site) and "interesting" stuff (Moot coming up!). Will try to communicate more in general, but will also need input and feedback.
- We are accepting letters of intent for co-autocrat for Border Skirmish. (Marie is the autocrat from Ravenslake.) We are approved and on the Northshield and Midrealm calendars for the second weekend in June. We'd like to have letters of intent by the November Curia meeting where we can discuss them, and we will then vote (silent ballot) at the December Curia meeting. What are we looking for in this LOI? What ideas you have, what you'd like to accomplish as autocrat, what past experience you have. Feel free to talk to Marie, though make it clear that you're just gathering information and aren't actually the autocrat yet. This is a letter of intent, not a bid. (Don't need to include location, don't need to include budget.)
- Planning meeting: At this meeting we will only establish dates for established events, not who's going to run them. If you have ideas for new events we'd like to see them as bids, so they won't be scheduled at this meeting.
- We should be transparent.

Old Business:
Baronial Champs: It was lovely. The champions are: Archery - Hafgrimm. Heavy weapons - Murdoch. Rapier - Dante. Bardic - Gabrielle Roslyn Morley. It was great. Armand and Gabrielle did a fantastic job.
Boar's Head: Lots of things going on. The website is up to date with changes up through Monday. The feast data is there. Who has the bathroom baskets? The baskets are in the storage locker, but the contents need to be reaquired. Green Jenny is making royalty baskets - please provide her with donations. Currently we expect Their Highnesses and Their Majesties Northshield - we've invited Their Majesties Midrealm and will invite Their Highnesses Midrealm once there are some. Note, communications with Royalty should go through Kateryn. We are having a Queen's Guard rapier event as well as Queen's Guard A&S event, and details will be forthcoming. We believe we have shower access - will verify. We have a lunch caterer who can bring pre-cooked food, thus avoiding potential kitchen overlaps. The caterer will also provide food for the royalty room. We have cancelled the cookie caper. Related note: No outside food. Also, can't use electrical outlets on site. Don't forget to preregister! We will have a competition: Best-dressed male, best-dressed female, best-dressed child, best day camp, most chivalrous. Secret judges will be chosen later. Also, we will have pre-cook days scheduled later.
Green Knight Tournament: Will have a stewards meeting and then a staff meeting after the Boar's Head hullaballoo has died down.
Bylaws Meeting: We got through 2.3 pages, which is pretty awesome. Next meeting is Monday, November 12, location TBD. (Backup location: Corydon and Typhaine's house.) There may be more meetings.
Baronial Planning Meeting: November 18, 1-4 PM, Cardinal Stritch. This meeting will be setting the calendar, not the stewards. After the meeting we will bring it to the Curia for a vote to approve it.
December Curia: Yes, we are having a December Curia at Brookfield.
Yule Moot: Waukesha has raised their rates. Do we still want to have the Yule Moot on January 19 at the Beachhouse for the new cost of $121? Voted yes. Note, this price includes three bundles of firewood because they don't allow people to bring their own firewood anymore.
Note re: reserving sites: Should try to keep Yule Moot in the same calendar year because rates go up. (Can't reserve a January date for the Beachhouse until October, at which point the new rates have been set for the new year.)
Brewing and Vintning Session: Need people to commit to attend. December 15 at the Beachhouse. Rate has increased to $78. Voted to approve the amount. Note,
we have permission specifically to do brewing. The contract has been handed off to the Exchequer.

New Business:
Coronation Profit: Profit was $144. We give half to the Kingdom because it was a Kingdom event. Suggestion: Give the other half to the Kingdom as well?
Voted, approved. Giving all the profit to Kingdom.
Taxes at Boar's Head: We typically give $250 as taxes at Boar's Head. Should we do this again? Voted, approved.

Guilds and Groups:
Brewing and Vintning: See above, having a 'practice session' December 15.
Cooking and Herbal: Illusion food, Sunday, October 21, 2 PM Corydon and Typhaine's. Will also include a discussion about cooking at an upcoming Cooking
Symposium and a conversation about a website for the cooking group.
Stritch: Practice on Sundays and Tuesdays, and a Project Day coming up. Exact date TBD.
Marquette: Having practice on Thursdays and classes on Mondays. Had a Project Day which was a success; will have more in the future.


In Attendance: Akira, Abelard, Caitlin, Arnbjorn, Guinevre, Jean du Malchance, Typhaine, Corydon, Albrecht, Eva, Nikea, Rubyn, Julianne, Kateryn, Myfanway, Corin, Murdoch, Dahrien, Ambrose, Gabrielle, Jean Baptiste

Officer Reports:
Baron and Baroness: Coronation was spectacular. Thank you to the stewards and the populace for making it so. The Bayview Bash was also excellent. Well done. Thank you. Baronial Championships is coming - some folks from Windhaven and Jaravellir are coming. Maybe we will use the fort!
Chatelaine: The Bash went really well. We had people show lots of interest and gathered 28 email addresses for photos. We have a little more interest every year. Office of the Chatelaine will be open in January.
Exchequer: Moira couldn't make it. We still have money, and send all receipts to her. (Kateryn has her address if people need it.)
Quartermaster: We have too much stuff. He's been auditing, and there's lots of extra stff that we don't need and should purge. The 'old' photographic inventory only shows about 1/5 of the contents of the locker. How should we address it? If it hasn't been used in X amount of time it should be pitched or sold? We should pick a day and gather a group of people (including specifically some cooks and some fighters) and go through the locker. Jean will propose some dates for people to get together - need at least three other people. The locker is at 94 and Springdale, near the Majestic movie theater (which is visible from I-94), across from Sam's Club.
Herald: We have a new King and Queen, a new Count and Countess, and a new Black Flame. Only one person in the Barony received an award in Court, which means that people need to submit more award recommendations. Kateryn has created a new border for the website and a scroll, which she brought to show us. It's cool!
Minister of Children: Was surprised at Coronation to only have seven children attend his youth area, and three were his kids. (Would prefer to see a 'daycare' at events, where parents can drop off their kids.) The kids who were there had fun. He has lots of questions regarding the office which he's asked to the Kingdom Youth Minister, and he's waiting for answers. There was lots of interest from the Bayview Bash about kids and youth combat. Note, there is a 'Northshield Parents' email list and facebook page; he will try using and maybe re-building those.
Chronicler: No Tower this month. Articles are due by October 21, but can be sent in any time between now and then. Also, the Northwatch is looking for articles about costuming and rapier for an upcoming issue.
Webminister: Nothing to report. Changeover mostly done.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: We had A&S at Coronation, judged by three random people who had never judged A&S before. Unfortunately this meant no written feedback for the participants, but it was still very well received. Also, got a thank-you letter from the person who won the A&S.
Marshal: All fighting moves indoors now. Sundays from 4-7 at Cardinal Stritch, Tuesdays from 7-11 at Cardinal Stritch, Thursdays from 7-9 at Marquette. The Bash went off well and he has some ideas for improvement next year. Still, there was a crowd watching and maybe we'll get some interest from it. We had 18 fighters at Coronation, which was fewer than we expected but worked with the tournament format.
Archery: Practices move indoors - West Town Archery on Monday nights.
Rapier: Practices more indoors, to Thursdays at Marquette from 7-9. Did you know that we have 11 rapier folks? Guinevre can't make it to Baronial Champs but Don Charismos and a cadet will attend to run rapier activities that day.
Seneschal: First, Fina's "the nature of SCA events" email and Facebook page is going around. Think about what we want our events to look and feel like, and bring that to the Planning Meeting. Do we have enough events? Too many? Should they have a different focus? Second, Her Majesty Luce is scheduling a big Girl Scout Demo in Rochester, MN sometime in 2013. She's looking for teachers. Ask Nikea for more information. Third, Abelard made the compiled Bylaws changes available on the website at, with the changes highlighted in this document: Please review for the Bylaws Meeting. (In case you want them, the Word versions of these are at and The Bylaw meeting is scheduled for October 9, 6:30 PM, at Stritch.

Old Business:
Coronation: Got a lot of positive feedback about the event and the site, but negative comments about the signage. (See below.) We also needed an interior map for the site. Apologies for the communication about the cafeteria food which went out too late for many people to see it, but also apologies for the quality of the food. The University people were completely blown away - they said things like 'We didn't know this was possible.' The catering people were thrilled to make our food but complained that they didn't get more time to shop. (They also asked for contact information for at least one of the merchants.) The cleanup staff was very pleased that we did most of the cleanup ourselves. And they were all impressed that the SCA kids were so well-behaved and that they took care of themselves - basically, that they weren't wild animals. We didn't get in trouble for having food at the fundraising table, in fact the University staff bought some of it. Overall people liked the site, though some complained that it was too modern. Still, it was better than the Expo center - didn't feel like a big metal box. (Maybe we can dress the walls with tabbed curtains? And the big painting that Alexander made?) And people thought the event ran smoothly, including the royalty. Even the food was really good, with the possible exception of the leek soup. Question: Why did we change the price for kids at the last minute? Answer: It was suggested that making that change would reduce the cost for kids (don't have to charge them a non-member surcharge if they get in free). It did not go to Stallari and it should have - in the future, be aware that any changes to a Kingdom Event must go through Stallari. (In the event recap report someone should explain why the change was made.) Before we put in the next bid for a Kingdom Event we should review the Stallari guidelines to make sure everyone is clear on them.
Bayview Bash: Reports are basically mixed in with the officer reports. Lots of people stopped in with questions, lots of people said things like 'I hoped you'd be back!'. The volunteers we had worked very well together. The fighting demo was great and everyone had fun. And nobody got hurt. This demo is really starting to pay off. Julianna would like someone else to run it next year, please. (You don't have to be a resident of Bayview to do so.) Question: Can we sell things? Answer: Yes, but the fees and paperwork is different and we'll need a merchant to work with. Perhaps a merchant wants to request the space next to us? There is a facebook page for the Bash with photos. And overall, thanks to everyone who has been working at the demos.
Baronial Champions: Come have fun. Sunday, September 30, Fort Atkinson.
Boar's Head: Will move the planning meeting to a different Sunday. We still have some open offices: Head server, feast hall setup, rapier marshal (Guinevre can coordinate but not be the marshal), children's activity steward (Corydon?), site setup, kitchen cleanup. Theme is Celebration of Travellers. Katerina is working on lots of things. What about a photo booth, portrait photographers, or a 'put your face in this hole and get your picture taken' display? Need a photographer...
Green Knight: Will be a planning meeting after the nuptual madness is over.

New Business:
Bylaw Meeting: Scheduled for Tuesday, October 9, 6:30 PM, at Cardinal Stritch.
Baronial Planning Meeting: Scheduled for Sunday, November 18, 1-4 PM, at Cardinal Stritch.
Demos in 2013: We were missed at the Highland Games and should return in 2013. It's Labor Day weekend, same time as the Harley Davidson 110th birthday. (Theme for Highland Games might be "Our pipes are louder".) Lisbon is having a 'timeline' event in August, 8/17-8/18. It would be great to put together a group. They cover history from Greece through World War II.
Signage: Corydon is in charge of making at least six new signs, probably sandwich boards, maybe also posts with spinny arrows on top. Jean, Albrecht, and Rubyn volunteered to help. The Barony voted to pay for the materials.
Border Skirmish: Ravenslake is in charge this year, but we need a CAM event steward as well. We think you'll be working with Marie.

Guilds and Groups:
Brewing and Vintning: Proposed a guild meeting on December 15 at the beachhouse in Menomonee Falls Park, at which people can make meads, cordials, and beer. They requested that the Barony pay the site fee of $65. Voted and approved. This could be the first 'practice night' of many.
Cooking: October 21 at 2 PM at Typhaine and Corydon's house. Theme is Illusion Food. Does the CAM cooking group want to cook a meal at the Bardic and Cooking Symposium?
Stritch: Sunday and Tuesday fighter's practices. At Sunday practices they would like various folks to teach specific thing, not just to have sparring. They have 12 new people interested in their group. They hope to have some 'make and take' meetings, but in any case they will have monthly meetings. Also, people need to sign the new Stritch waiver.
Marquette: Had their first couple meetings and everything's going well. The origami catapults went over very well. They will get back to us with a list of classes they'd like to see. They meet weekly (Mondays).


In Attendance: Nikea, Albrecht, Eva, Akira, Hafgrimm, Carol, Moira, Typhaine, Corydon, Tatiana, Alice, Abelard, Gabrielle, Arnbjorn, Conandil, Green Jenny, Robyn, Andrew, Dahrien, Julianna

Officer Reports:
Baron & Baroness: Please, be courteous. Please, be brief. Please, be respectful. Courtesy begins at this meeting. We have a number of events coming up in the next couple months - Legends, Coronation, Bayview Bash - so please attend what you can and help where you can. Also, if your schedule isn't already too full you can go to When In Rome in Gimli over Labor Day, or to the Middle Kingdom Academy of Defense in Ravenslake in the Midrealm. Please submit award recommendations!
Chatelaine: Bayview Bash is coming up. See later in these notes. Question for the Chatelaine: How do I get people connected to the 'gold key' garb collection? Answer: connect them with Julianna, who will invite them over to the house (deLeon Crossing), where they have three tubs of garb available.
Exchequer: Started getting reservations for Coronation for merchants. Also, found a mistake on the website which the webminister has now corrected - email address was linked wrong. Also, hasn't received the email invitations for the yahoo group yet.
Minister of Children: Cory has a brand new helmet and wants to do youth combat. We need a youth combat marshal, and Corydon is volunteering.
Chronicler: Reports are due Sunday, August 26th. Articles don't have to be officer reports, they can be anything - write about an SCA experience you had, something that happened at Pennsic, what Gulf Wars was like, a book review, or anything else you enjoyed and are passionate about. Kingdom Law says that in order to remain a Barony we must have at least a quarterly newsletter, and getting articles and submissions for a monthly one has been like pulling teeth. Can we try every other month instead? After much discussion and a vote we decided to try publishing every other month on odd months (September, November, January, etc).
WebMinister: Hafgrimm will be the new web minister once the paperwork is finished, and Dahrien is the deputy in charge of doing stuff. Officers, please check your pages on the website. We need to get permission to publish personal information and artwork or creative endeavors. (Personal information includes anything more than a person's SCA name.) We have a few waivers to this end on file already and would like to get more. Note that these files are currently stored on a section of the web server which is not accessible via the web. People raised concerns about potential identity theft and liability in cases thereof, and the web minister agreed that he would look into storing them in entirely offline format (CD or DVD).
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Need to make an MOAS report. Please send Typhaine lists of A&S projects so that she can create this report.
Knights Marshal: Fighting will continue at outdoor practices until darkness shuts us down.
Rapier: Guinevre du Dragon Vert (Green Jenny) has announced her intention to be the new rapier marshal. This was accepted by the Barony.
Seneschal: The office is up in a year. If you would like to learn how to be a seneschal by first serving as a deputy, or if you just want to be a deputy, please let Nikea know.

Old Business:
Legends Moot: This Saturday (August 25) at Alice's at noon. This moot is to celebrate and remember those members of the Barony who have passed. We will have a potluck, so please bring something for it. Also, please bring your own chairs. There will be demonstrations/classes on making glass beads, making period beer, and making silk banners; otherwise, feel free to bring your own projects. Also, fighters are invited to fight in the Mama Kat heavy weapons tournament.
Bayview Bash: September 15. Typhaine had offered to bring props for photo opportunities, but can no longer attend; she will send the props along. (We intend to give people an opportunity to take photos with props, which we will then send to them.) We now have our own sign and business cards thanks to Tatianna, so we don't need to borrow the sign from Turn An Dem See or generate our own business cards. Fighting demo is scheduled for 2:30 and will last for at least 45 minutes - please contact Akira if you are available to fight. Ideally we will demonstrate not just sparring but also period techniques. We are developing a presence at this event - let's continue to do this. Julianna asked for money to purchase breakfast and lunch for our folks at the demo, to come from the Chatelaine budget; Curia voted to give her $100 from the general fund as if this is its own event. (That is, the money will not come from the Chatelaine budget.)
Baronial Champions: Sunday, September 30. (Note: the date has been changed from September 29.) Gabrielle has asked for money for the site ($100 as site fee, $50 refundable deposit, $150 for sundries). Voted to give her $300 as requested, but she needs to talk to Exchequer so that Moira knows where to send the check. Their Excellencies have invited Their Excellencies Jaravellir, who may move fighter's practice to this location that day.
Coronation: September 8. Staff, if you have information for the website please get it to Dahrien because he needs to post it ASAP. Also, if you have questions for Their Highnesses, please go through the royalty liaison (Kateryn) We need volunteers, especially at Troll. RoseMarian needs to contact Moira about the 'troll boxes'.
Banner Stands: At the Coronation planning meeting we discussed the needs for banner stands. (The site, as many others, will not allow us to hang banners from the walls. In order to display banners and other examples of heraldry, we need banner stands.) Corydon suggested that he could make some for low cost, and he brought a prototype to show us. Made of birch plywood it has four beveled 'feet' which lock together to form a base with a square hole in the middle, a pole, and a cross-pole with finished ends. (The cross pole can be attached to the main pole or suspended, and the two poles can be made to lock into each other - he would just need to know that in advance.) He requested money to make eight sets, which includes the base, the main pole, the cross pole, paint, and bags to carry everything. We voted to give him $120 to make 8. We can discuss future ways to leverage this in future meetings (for Baronial use, for royalty gifts, etc), and he is available to make them as personal commissions as well.
Boar's Head: It's happening on December 8. We need more information and will post more about it as time goes on.
Bylaw Reviews: We will review the Bylaws at a meeting in November, time to be determined. Before that some suggested changes will be published in the Tower.

New Business:
Table linens: Valerius and Adeliz have asked to use the Baronial table linens for their upcoming wedding. No objections, as long as they come back clean and folded. (They are permanent press, so we can't say 'washed and ironed'.) They need to talk to Tatianna to acquire these items.
Conducting and Documenting Planning Meetings: Their Excellencies would like to know what's happening in the Barony. When they cannot attend planning meetings for events, they have asked that autocrats/event stewards please send them copies of the minutes/notes when possible so that they can speak intelligently on the subject when questioned by royalty. (For instance, they might want to know who the staff members are before the website containing that information has been created.)

Guilds and Groups:
Brewing and Vintning: Making beer on Saturday at the Legends Moot.
Cooking: Will try for an October meeting, with the theme of Illusion Food.
Stritch: Coronation is September 8 at Stritch, and they're all busy preparing for it. Sunday afternoon fighting/social practices will begin at the Knights Marshal's discretion. Their group will meet on Tuesday nights.
Marquette: Fighters practices will be on Thursday nights, and their group will meet on Monday nights.

Miscellaneous Notes:
Alice's banner was misplaced at last year's Legends Moot. Has anyone seen it, or does anyone know where into which safe place it was stored?
Rubyn is looking for unfinished scraps and pieces of wood for his projects.
Akira received a door prize of a calligraphy set.


In Attendance: Rubyn, Hafgrimm, Abelard, Akira, Kateryn, Fancy, Tatiana, Moira, Julianna, Corin, Arnbjorn, Albrecht, Nikea, Mysie, Typhaine, Alice, Andy

Officer Reports:
Baron and Baroness: Her Excellency is not able to attend, but is doing well. Border Skirmish was fairly brilliant. The tavern was excellent. Break-Feast was spectacular. His Majesty declared that caramel french toast is his new crack. WW is coming up - hope to see many of you there.
Chatelaine: Office is open in January. Start chatting it up. Also, we have a new person working on garb.
Exchequer: We have money. We lost money on the kids event and made money on Border Skirmish. We're still checking the books and collecting receipts from Border Skirmish so we don't know the final numbers. The new troll system (the card system) is a good one, and we'll use it for events from now on.
QuarterMaster: We have stuff. The feastocrats (that is, the people who use the feast gear/tablecloths/etc) should go through the cooking materials and discard whatever we don't use, based on what's practical and what isn't. Talk to Jean.
Herald: Working on two names and two devices, for Hafgrimm and his lady. The Tower report will be the first in a series about beasts and positions.
Chronicler: I apologize for last month's Tower being so delayed. Please get me your articles by Sunday, 6/24.
WebMinister: Handing things off to Grimm, though Dahrien will continue to do work on the site.
Knights Marshal: Fighting will continue. Tuesdays and Thursdays at KK Park, Fridays at Leif and Astrid's.
Archery: Shooting will continue. See the website for practice times and locations.
Rapier: Someone has become an MIT with the expectation of taking over as the group rapier marshal.
Seneschal: It's been a long month. Please volunteer more often - we had lots of positions that needed help at Border Skirmish, and people didn't step up to fill them. We need to keep an eye out for site tokens at events as well... moving the rest of this into the Border Skirmish notes.
MoAS: Read the Tower.

Old Business:
Modern Cooking Day: Fancy won the Spoon. We learned how to make candied ginger that doesn't take three months!
Youth Event: Note: There is a conversation about this on the CAM list as well. Lost money. We had more staff than attendees, and fewer people than last time. The cost of the site was a factor, but it would have been lower if more people came. Leif, Morgan, and Corydon were considering using the site for a pas d' arms. Perhaps the 'tournament of short roses', in which each kid sponsors a fighter and chooses the fighter's weapons, teams, and victory conditions and is paired with the fighter (not on the field, but as a supporter) through the tournament? Sort of like a live-action video game for the kids? One person commented that "the site fee is too high" is not a valid argument - if people want to come, they'll find a way. And honestly, the cost of the event was lower than the cost of a day's entertainment in any other venue. If we want to have a site and play our game, we have to pay for it. Plusses: The site was stellar. The kids never got bored - their attention was held all day. They worked together, they learned, they got along. Maybe it's time to not do this event because we lose money and we drain our volunteer pool? Maybe we need to expand it beyond just kids (such as using it for the pas)? If we have adult activities, the kids activities will suffer. Is a $300 loss really that big a deal? Can we soak it up? This year there was a problem with scheduling - this event was on the calendar for a year, but we still lost people to other events which got scheduled a couple months out. Can we work with the Scouts somehow - maybe they can waive the site fee and we can open it up to them? Ultimately, the Kingdom Youth person wants us to alternate with the western side of the Kingdom, so let's revisit this topic for next year (2014).
Border Skirmish: Note: There is a conversation about this on the CAM list as well. It will be revisited at August Curia. Great site, except for people with allergies. Everybody loved the site. Set up troll at all of the gates. Security: Needed more people. Make people park in the parking lot. Breakfast feast was great, but there was a problem: 68 adults and 8 kids paid for feast, and there were seats for 125 people, and the hall was filled. Maybe we need to start checking feast tokens. Also, it looked like we had more people than paid troll. Should move troll closer to the rest of the site - it wasn't visible from the campground, the fighting field, or any of the rest of the activities. Also, the directions on the website took you past troll but directions from google brought you in the 'back' gate which was closer to the campground. Camping was very spread out - maybe it can be compressed? There was a high Midrealm turnout but a low Northshield turnout. Fighting comments: For future events at this site, maybe we can get hay bales from the stable instead of using colored paint? (Some fighters were colorblind.) Some administrative marshal problems, but nothing too bad. Maybe we can do artillery next year? The trees were a big help. Needed more water and cups. (Person in charge of water was new to the job.)
Coronation Meeting: July 1, deLeon Way (Nikea and Julianna's house).
Boar's Head: We've paid for it. Planning meeting: July 29, noon, deLeon Way (Nikea and Julianna's house).
Green Knight: We handed out Save The Date flyers at Border Skirmish.
Curia Moot: Tabled until next meeting.

New Business:
Youth Activities: Let Nikea know about youth activities.
Bayview Bash: We are signed up. Put on your thinking caps - how can we make it more exciting and draw more people? People are noticing us, so we should step it up. Akira is going to run the fighting stuff.

Guilds and Groups:
Brewing: The Charter has changed hands. Will be bottling onion and garlic wine in a few weeks - watch the CAM list. Cooking/Herbal: If you want to host cooking night and you have air conditioning, let Typhaine know. Next cooking night will involve herbal ingredients to some extent. Stritch: Brought a new person to Border Skirmish who is from UWM and wants to start a group there. Marquette: Amanda's back on campus. Mysie now has a 'giant horse' and will challenge students to make more of them, then tilt on the green.


In Attendance: Abelard, Typhaine, Albrecht, Eva, Nikea, Tatiana, Moria, Rubyn, Alexander, Gabrielle, Ambrose, Arnbjorn, Julianna, Andy, Akira, Grimm, Siri, Rosemarian

Officer Reports:
Baron and Baroness: Went to Crown, along with some others from the Barony. It was excellent, and we now have a new Prince and Princess (Yngvar and Luce). Vivat! The people in Castel Rouge were wonderful hosts. We've got lots of stuff coming up, so we'll see lots of each other.
Chatelaine: Don't have an awful lot. Started pushing for the Bayview Bash - we need ideas and people. Everyone should come and play so we can make this year bigger and better; we've been pushing the envelope every year, and this year we should make it bigger than life. There's a new person at the meeting tonight (Rubyn), who just moved here from the Midrealm, so say hi.
Exchequer: We have money. Successfully received the office from Magnus (that is, everything has been handed over).
Quartermaster: If you have stuff that belongs to the Barony, please let Jean know so that he can keep the inventory list accurate.
Herald: Read the Tower.
Minister of Children: Has gone through all of the Baronial youth equipment and paperwork, and has started to build portable 'entertain kids' kits - games, toys, and whatnot which can be used to entertain and teach kids. He's looking for marbles, scrap leather, wood he can turn (to make tops), really good string (also for tops), etc. to make more of these kits.
Chronicler: Thank you to everyone who wrote material for the last Tower. It was awesome. Keep it up! For the last three events we had 'newsy' articles which read more like event ads for the Northwatch, which is fine, but Tatiana would prefer something more informal. A few people have offered to write 'columns' for the Tower, such as games and book reviews, so look for those in future issues. Remember that you don't have to be an officer to write for the Tower! We'd love to see historical articles - if you have a special moment or memory from an SCA event, please write it down and send it in. Even if it's older than the Kingdom of Northshield. Deadline for the next issue is Sunday, May 20.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Collecting a list of what A&S the members of the Barony are working on. There was a treb shoot since last Curia, which was lots of fun, and the Metal Moot. (Review later in the notes.) Cooking and Herbal Guild meeting is coming on Sunday, and the theme is 'modern recipes', and we're going to have candied ginger, lemon peels, orange peels, and other things. Suggestion: Chocolate-covered candied bacon! There's also a library project coming up - read the Tower.
Knights Marshal: Switching to mostly outdoor locations for the summer. We'll try to use Bucketworks as an indoor backup in case of inclement weather. Currently we're planning to have practices Tuesdays and Thursdays at KK Park, Fridays and Leif and Astrid's, and Sundays at Humboldt Park. Sundays will be more of a training practice than a sparring practice - not just a 'come and fight' practice, but more actual training. We'd do things like yogao, chi keung, techniques, and drills. We need to cover the middle ground in order to grow and excel, and it would be great to incorporate some of the rapier and cut/thrust skills and techniques, and he'll have more on that as it develops. Want to bring back the ideals of the 'key site' days, and to 'market' ourselves better. Working on a deal with Bucketworks, which he'll then present to Curia, but they're currently discussing a membership with a monthly fee which would include practice space, possibly expanding it to include 24/7 access and storage space. We currently have about five people regularly at practice (not always the same five), and we'd like to expand that to ten.
Archery: Started outdoor practice. See the website for details. If you have ideas for practice spaces, please let William know. Currently we have Thursdays at KK Park, Mondays alternating between Whitnall and Menomonee Park.
Rapier: FYI, Toshi will be starting graduate school so someone will need to step into the role of 'main rapier guy'.
Seneschal: I've been absent lately and very busy, so thanks to everyone who stepped up to fill in my shoes. Events are happening - please volunteer where you can. Be helpful, share, contribute, be generous.

Old Business:
Spring Court: Thanks to Jean for making it all work out. Got the deposit back, which Tatiana will send to the Exchequer. Did some officer changeovers. We had fighting, court, combat brewing, food, and cleanup, and had new people. Yay!
Metal Moot: We had two forges, and made metal shovels under the tutelage of Aaron the Younger. He has open shop, by the way - contact him or the Baron for more information. People had fun and learned stuff.
Youth Event: Corydon and Typhaine have taken over most of the planning. Corydon's doing the quest, which is now a quest for runestones: Kids will go from task to task and learn skills, and they'll earn runes at each station.(Etchings, brass rubbings, sewing leather, painting, decorating cookies, learning games, memorizing poetry...) He's also made new crowns for this year's youth royalty. He's looking for marbles/pente sets, by the way. All of the kids will go home with cool stuff. Five of the virtues will be represented by stations. Arnbjorn will teach stool ball. Fiona will teach a class about catapults. Feast is planned to be phenomenal. Please talk this up and come, and bring kids. They're the future, you know.
Border Skirmish: Volunteers wanted - talk to Astrid. Need troll, need kitchen help, need security. Need donations for the auction, part of which will be silent and part of which will be live (starring Kateryn). Midrealm is apparently bringing a large force, including the King and Queen. We will also have the King and Prince of Northshield. We need people to work Saturday morning at 5 AM on the breakFeast. We have trees! And showers! And running water! And electricity! The tavern will be running Friday and Saturday - the menu is on the website.
Coronation: Site is at Stritch. The site is great, with huge rooms. We'll have fighting in the courtyard with an indoor backup space. Will be catered. The chapel for court. Perfect place for pomp and circumstance - bring your best. Lots of loaner garb available, and classes about how to recognize royalty. It will be awesome!
Cam 40th: We got confirmation from DeKoven that they got the deposit, and we're signed up. Starting to strategize. Meeting coming soon.
Boar's Head: Planning meeting soon. Looking at filling the volunteer positions. Theme: Celebration of travellers. Need help with decorating - should have the website up soon. Event will include an A&S Pentathalon. Also, Moira is the feastocrat.
What would get you to come to Curia?: Timing, the day, and the location. Once in awhile (once or twice a year) we should have a Sunday meeting, possibly at a far-reaching location. Include, don't exclude. Maybe bring back the Curia potluck from time to time, or the Curia moot, or combine Curia with the planning meeting. Typhaine will make a door prize for the next Curia. If you have more ideas, let Nikea know.

New Business:
Communications/Negative Concerns: We've heard this comment from time to time: If X happens, the Barony will fall apart. That's just not true. Words are powerful, and we should be cautious in our comments. Think about changing how we view issues and problems, and look at expressing them so that they become something we can do something about. More on this coming in an email from HE Eva.
Demo on the Sunday of Legends Moot?: A Cub Scout troop has invited us to do a demo on the morning of Legends Moot at Burlington Campground. They would like little booths/stations with crafts, fighting, etc. They would like to know by next month. If you want to come, email Rosemarian. They'll take anything we can give them.

Guilds and Groups:
Cooking and Herbal: Sunday May 20 at 2 PM at Typhaine's. Modern recipes, candied ginger, lemon peel, orange peel. Corydon's offering a prize for the best recipe.
A&S 50: Beadmaking at Legends Moot, maybe a couple beers. Eva wants to make a small mead.
Brewing and Vintning: Bottled the beer. Made onion wine and garlic wine, which has now been racked. (Will rack again, not sure when he'll bottle it.) Moira has wine bottles if people want some.
Marquette: Students are gone for the summer but hope to see us at summer events.
Stritch: Students are gone for the summer but hope to see us at summer events.
UWM might be starting next school year. They're excited about the possibility.


In Attendance: Abelard, Moira, Tatiana, Typhaine, Myfanway, Corin, Hafgrimm, Magnus, Jean, Dahrien, Mysie, Ambrose, Jean Baptiste, Sigrid de la Mare, Gabrielle, Caitlin, Murdoch, Marcella, Albrecht, Eva, Kateryn, Arnbjorn

Officer Reports:
Seneschal Note: Nikea is not present because she's taking care of Julianna post-surgery. Kateryn is acting as Deputy Seneschal.
Baron and Baroness: We went to Coronation and it was great. His Majesty Northshield offered the army to His Majesty Midrealm, and was informed that the Northshield army "won't be needed" because Midrealm and the East have united this year. Instead, the Children of the Dragon and the Children of the Tiger will unite against their parents. The Metal Moot is coming, Spring Court is coming - please send in award recommendations. Happy to see so many people at Curia! Also, Crown is coming and Their Excellencies are going. They need things for gift baskets! Please drop off donations by May 9 (the Wednesday night before Crown).
Chatelaine: Read the Tower. Lots of new people, keep your eye out for them. Sometime before Coronation Baroness Kateryn will teach a class about court manners, etiquette, and 'how to recognize a hat'. The loaner garb (gold key) will be there as well. And be aware that we use a lot of jargon which won't make sense to new people, so you might have to stop and explain yourself as you're talking to them.
Exchequer: We still have money. We have a new Exchequer: THL Moira. Be aware that she's quite fond of saying 'no'. Working on the transition of the office.
QuarterMaster: Went to the storage locker and confirmed that there's stuff in it. Didn't do inventory last weekend because he went to Coronation instead, so he'll try to do it this week instead. If you have items which should be in the locker, please let him know.
Herald: If you want your name and/or device registered, let the herald know. Tower articles will include information about 'heraldese'.
Minister of Children: Still waiting for his warrant. Nikea will follow up.
Chronicler: Articles are due by Sunday (4/22). Please write articles, and remember that all officers should submit reports as well.
Webminister: Hafgrim has announced his intent to be the new deputy for a month and then to be the new webminister, following a 'behind the scenes' tour of the site. If you have information for the Border Skirmish website, please send it to the Ravenslake WebMinister. If you have information for the Youth Event, please send it to ours.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Garlic Wine is on April 29. The Metal Moot/Playing With Fire is May 5. (More information later in this missive.) Typhaine will step in as the new MoAS. She's a self-described A&S geek, and will have 'office hours' at practices. She intends to be a database of resources, and will promote conversation of A&S and projects on the CAM email list. And she'll be teaching A&S for kids too.
Knights Marshal: We have practice at Marquette Monday nights until the first week of May, and Tuesday nights at Stritch until the second week of May. (Need to confirm these dates with the students.) Will switch to Thursday nights outdoors at KK Park the first week of May, more information forthcoming. Probably also outdoors on Sunday afternoons.
Archery: Will start shooting outdoors May 14 - rotating Monday nights between Whitnall Park and Menomonee Park, Thursdays at KK Park.
Other Missile Weapons: Marquette is having a treb day on May 5. Meet at the Marquette Physics building at 1ish.
Seneschal: Read the Tower.

Old Business:
April Moot: April 28, 1:30-7:30 at the Schuetze Center in Frane Park in Waukesha. Bring what you want. Only planned activities are fighting and Court, but if you want to teach classes please contact Tatiana and Jean. (Tatiana's in charge while she's there but can't stay all day; Jean will take over when she leaves.) There is no kitchen, but there are outlets. Also, there's no place to clean feast gear; if you bring feast gear, also bring a bag to transport your dirty dishes home.
Metal Moot: May 4, 5, 6 at Albrecht and Eva's house. Will have at least two forges. We'll have a particular project in mind (making a coal shovel) which will teach different blacksmithing techniques. We'll also have pewter casting. If armorers want to bring basic equipment and work on that, that's fine too. We can also cook outdoors. It's the evening of the 4th, all day on the 5th, and some of the day on the 6th. More information will be coming.
Youth Event: The website is up. Corydon is making crowns for the kids. We have the castle for the kids to sleep in. The challenge is all put together. Special guests are coming!
Border Skirmish: Mysie is sponsoring a big warlord tournament with lots of prizes for the winning team. Julianna is working on the Break Feast (breakfast feast) and could use help. Tatiana is bringing the tavern, providing dinner Friday night, and lunch and dinner Saturday, roughly 11-8. (Different food for different meals.) Royal Court will likely be in the morning, and there will almost definitely be no Baronial Court.
Coronation: The theme is "Northshield - Bring Out Your A-Game". Will have high-ranking people from the University to impress, as well as the usual high-ranking Northshield people. Let's showcase what we're all about. Please bring banners and banner stands because we can't hang anything from the walls. We will have heavy fighting but no rapier, details contingent on the incoming royalty. (Rapiers are banned from campus because of a strict 'no weapons' policy. Heavy weapons fall under the category of 'sports equipment'.) There are still openings for staff positions.
Boar's Head: The theme is 'Celebration of Travellers'. The website will be up soon. Katerina is sponsoring an Arts and Sciences Pentathalon. We've sent in the contract and the check. Julianna is looking into lunch options. We can do the cookie caper if we pay 18% to the site, which is standard; it's a good fundraiser so we'd like to do it again. Please bring banners to decorate the hall - we probably won't hang them from the rafters. We'll have fewer merchants. We won't have the bleachers. And we can't use the outlets without paying lots of money for them. There are still open staff positions - contact Tatiana.

New Business:
Curia Meetings in June/July/August: We discussed and voted, and decided that we will have June and August in Brookfield (assuming it's available) and no Curia in July.
Wisconsin Scottish Highland Games Demo: It's Labor Day. We discussed and decided that we're too busy this year so we can't make it.

Guilds and Groups:
Brewing and Vintnig: We brewed an Irish Stout - bottling will be at the *Garlic Wine session on April 29. Also, making Garlic Wine on April 29.
Herbal and Cooking: We'll set something up.
Marquette: School year ends May 5, so practices will end then as well. Treb launch on May 5.
Stritch: Demo on May 1. Students will be available as early as 4, though the demo doesn't start till 7:30. Please bring stuff! Will have tables for A&S, fighting, and maybe tents/pavilions. Next week's "A&S at fighter's practice" activity is embroidery. Last day of classes is May 11.


Officer Reports:
Baron & Baroness: Spring Court is coming. Put in award recommendations! Come play and enjoy the weather. Coronation is coming up (April 14), and we need gifts for Their (incoming) Majesties. Tokens, jewelery, or whatever - we'd like to put together a bundle of items for them, but have run out. Please talk to Their Excellencies if you have items to donate. Border Skirmish is also on the horizon, and we need volunteers. Talk to Astrid or Leif. If you want to try a position you've never tried, they can set you up with a more experienced backup. We'll also have a breakfast feast at that event, and will need volunteers specifically for that. (Talk to Julianna about that.)
Chatelaine: Welcome to Ulrich and Illaria (sorry about misspelling your names), people who moved here from the Outlands (New Mexico). Chatelaine will start pushing the Bayview Bash soon - let's make it bigger and better. If you want to run it in the future or have ideas, let her know. We're really building a presence at that demo, so let's continue to do so.
Exchequer: The check for the settlement is done. The money market account is closed. We still have money. We haven't made a deposit yet for Border Skirmish and we probably need to. The office is open, and please be aware that we must have an Exchequer in order to remain an SCA group. Please send a letter or intent to the Baron, Baroness, Seeneschal, and Exchequer.
Quartermaster: We have stuff. Going to do a fresh inventory. There's a check-in/check-out form on a clipboard at the storage locker somewhere, which Jean will dig out - please use it. If you have things that belong in the storage locker, please return them to the locker or give them to Jean at fighter's practice.
Herald: If you want the Herald to look something up, or you need her to shout, please let her know.
Minister of Children: Has filled out the background check and is waiting to receive his clearance letter.
Chronicler: Articles are due by Sunday (March 25). If you reply to her email, please change the subject line (remove CAM from it) so that it doesn't go into the CAM folder and get lost. You don't have to be an officer to write for the Tower - please submit any articles, letters, art, or whatever.
Webminister: Abelard is awesome. Dahrien's office is ending - he's willing to keep maintaining the website if someone else wants the title. (Please submit letters of intent to Baron, Baroness, Seneschal, and Webminister.) The Youth Event website is up.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: We had a Heraldic Project Day, which was great. This weekend is a Stout Making Day (Sunday, March 25) at Longstrider Manor (Kateryn's house). Next month we're having a Garlic Wine Making Day. Coming up soon is a 14th Century Garb day. The office is open - please submit letters of intent to Baron, Baroness, Seneschal, and MOAS.
Knights Marshal: Akira's life should get less busy soon. He's still working on securing practice space at Bucketworks - he should have a proposal next week or so. It might be time to consider outdoor practices.
Archery Marshal: Practice is still Mondays at West Town Archery. (Note, new location.)
Seneschal: Any contacts must be signed by the Seneschal. (This will be added to the Kingdom Bylaws officially, but for the moment be aware that it's the rule.) All open offices, moots, etc - please help, volunteer, and participate. We must keep officer positions filled in order to stay a valid SCA group.

Old Business:
Metal Moot: Working on finalizing the site. This will be a mini-event, reprising the metal moot from a few years ago. The location has a forge and other equipment that we'll need, and we should have the site for Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday (May 4, 5, 6). We'd like people to pre-register so that we know how much coal and other materials to get. Volunteers and participants welcome!
Spring Court: April 28 from 1:30-7:30 at the Schuetze Recreation Center in Frame Park in Waukesha. There will be fighting, and there will be court. Note: some of the people involved will be leaving early to attend a wedding that day. If anyone wants to teach or hold a planned activity, please let Tatiana know. (Katerina will be in charge when Tatiana's not there, but Tatiana's still the Event Steward.)
Cam 40th Anniversary (Gawain Event): Valerius and Arnbjorn brought their presentation again. They propose: CAM's 40th Anniversary should have a theme of Gawain and the Green Knight, September 26, 2015. The event will be at DeKoven in Racine and focus on the Arthurian Mythos. It will be a "full" immersive opportunity to play within part of the story. There will be a quest on the grounds to mimic Gawain's quest for enlightenment. There will be a pas - each team will be sponsored by the Knights of the Round Table. Feast and Court will be combined and will also be part of the quest. (We will offer a high feast and a low feast, based on the feasts presented in the book.) This is not meant to be exclusive, but we will provide lots of opportunities for people to make heraldry and clothing appropriate to the period. We need to submit a $500 non-refundable deposit in order to secure the dates, and six months before the event we will need to pay the remaining balance ($2500). This money is refundable only if the DeKoven Center can re-book the space. Note: We need to cap attendance based on occupancy limitations at the site. The proposed cap is 250 people. (The break-even point for this is a site fee of $21.50 per person.) We have the chapel, gymnasium, assembly hall, great hall, and the grounds. (Lodging is also available on site.) Comments from people at the meeting: People all over the country are already interested in this event, even with the site fee so much higher than other SCA events. It's critical that we start talking this up *now* and get the seeds planted and the challenges issued. The Curia voted that we make the $500 deposit, and two weeks before the six-month deadline (March of 2015) we decide if we have enough interest and pre-registrations (suggested 75%) to make the final deposit of $2500 and go forward. (A note: the Baronial Championships could be moved to the Legends Moot that year.)
Border Skirmish 2012: Most positions are filled. Contact Astrid and Leif, and if they don't get back to you contact them again. (When contacting Astrid, use the Polaris Signet address because she doesn't check her other email address as often.) The Tavern will be there to serve lunch and dinner, the Quave (coffee house) will be there as well. Assuming that Their Majesties have Court at the regular time - Saturday afternoon, after fighting - there will not be a Baronial Court because Their Excellencies will be at a graduation. Note: This site has showers, trees, electricity, flushies, and parking.
Boar's Head: Tatiana and Julianna are the event stewardss, Katerina is the deputy. The theme is Celebration of Travelers. The site token will probably be a pilgrim's badge. They're trying to make it more interesting, and there will be more information in the Tower. Will sign the contract for the site tonight.

New Business:
Youth Event: Typhaine and Nikea are the event stewards. The event will be May 25-27 at Camp Rokilio (where the last one was). The theme is the History and Values of Northshield, as exemplified by Sir Conn at Gwyneth's Investure. (As Her champion, Conn was tasked to find people who exemplified the knightly virtues, and he did so.) We have a feast steward. There are many planned activities. The kids will form a compass rose with lights, and there will be special guests invited to embody the virtues. (See the website at for more details about the activities.) This event should be a big deal for us - please talk it up and make it so.
Coronation: We have submitted the six page bid and it has been accepted. Event will be September 8 at Cardinal Stritch University. There will be a site fee of $5. Feast will be $15 for high feast and $13 for low feast. The feast will be catered - don't bring feast gear. We should finish the Baronial banners! If you want to help, talk to the event stewards Nikea, Alice, and Julianna.
Curia location: Some people have expressed displeasure at splitting Curia between two locations. (People don't like attending only half of the meetings due to distance, people don't feel that they are 'in tune' with the Curia or aware of what's going on.) There will be more discussion on this topic in the future.

Guilds and Groups:
Cooking and Herbal: On hold until they can decide on a date and location.
A&S 50 Projects: Going well. Had an embroidery class last week and learned three stitches. Sunday (March 25) we're making Stout. Next month is Garlic Wine. April 1 is African Dance at Longstrider Manor. We'll learn to make glass beads at the Legends Moot, and 6 and 10 panel dresses at a Project Day at Marquette.
Vintning and Brewing: Jean is taking it over. Stout Day will be the first activity, March 25 at Longstrider Manor. He will also write articles about brewing for the Tower. There will be a Brewing Day coming - maybe at Legends Moot. Please save your leftover grains for making bread...
Marquette: 3/22 class on rivets, buckles, and straps. 3/29 class on candles and candle clocks. Still have practice on Monday nights. Hoping to attend upcoming events such as Bardic Madness. Project Day March 31 - would love to see CAM folks there. Will have something for the Tower.
Stritch: Will have something for the Tower. Finally have permission to a demo on campus, which they've scehduled for April 3 (a Tuesday night). This will be instead of fighter's practice. They also invite everyone to practice embroidery at practice on March 28th, and will be encouraging different projects at future practices. And please let the group know if you have fundraising ideas.


Officer Reports:
Baron and Baroness: We had an emergency Curia meeting to discuss the settlement, and that's all taken care of. Thank you all for your support, financial and otherwise. There are lots of things coming up. Thank you, Arnbjorn, for the Heraldry Moot. Keep up the good work!
Chatelaine: Read the Tower.
Exchequer: Having paid our portion of the settlement, the checking account is too low to handle the payments we anticipate for the next year. We also have money in a money market account. Recommend moving the money from the money market account to either a Not-For-Profit Savings Account or to the primary checking account. (Interest in the money market is roughly 1.5%, interest in an NPF Savings Account would be .1%.) We voted to move the money from the money market to the primary checking account. Another thing: Should we allow electronic transfers into our checking account, for purposes of donations? Recommendation: let's look into ACCEPS (which uses), PayPal, and standard electronic transfer. Also, the Exchequer office is going to be open soon. Please send letters of intent to the Seneschal, Baron & Baroness, and Exchequer.
Herald: Had a great Heraldic Moot. Almost finished my banner! Lots of people learned about (and tried) silk painting, lots of people spent time with the book heralds, and Guinevere's class was very informative. Now we all know the difference between a tabard and a surcoat! In other news, I'm your new Herald, having received the badge of office.
Minister of Children: Has sent in the background check paperwork.
Chronicler: Deadline for new Tower submissions is next Sunday, Feb 26. Please send them in on time, with a subject line that indicates that your email is for the Tower. Anyone can write articles or submit photos or art. We want to get a count of how many people actually read the Tower online; if people aren't reading it every month maybe we don't have to publish it that often.
Web Minister: Term of office expires in May. Willing to continue if people want me to, or to step down, or to keep doing the work while someone else holds the title and attends meetings and turns in reports. Note: Web Minister does not have an active deputy. Check on the website to find out when officers' terms are expiring.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Typhaine is the new deputy. She'd like to hold another chausses/cotehardies day in March, possibly 3/10 or 3/31. Also, we'll be having a Metal Working Moot, but it won't be safe for children. It'll be the first weekend in May at a shop near Capitol and Port Washington.
Knights Marshal: Armored combat is in good health so far. We have two weekly practices hosted by the colleges, and I am continuing to work with Bucketworks to secure availability for additional practices. (We have some great talent in our area and to make the most of it lots of practice is required by those with the desire to achieve their best. It is my goal to secure 3+ slots of martial arts training to be available to local SCA martial artists. Some of the SCA 'Legends' achieved their status by being able to practice 4-5 times a week. I want that kind of opportunity for all our local fighters.) I will be meeting with the new head of Bucketworks (Tim Syth) - James (the previous head of Bucketworks) is now leading a different larger aspect of the organization. Tim likes the ideas I have brought forth to him, and later this week we will be meeting in person to go over some more options. This includes continued 'free use' of space for small groups under the Angry Young Men, Limited membership, but I will also be discussing what options would be ($) for the local fighter base to have its own membership (and its own keys, and dedicated space beyond just available open space) as well as a general fitness area in Bucketworks. While I strongly support the college practices and am grateful for them, I believe finding an indoor site that is control of the local SCA fighters year-round - either as a group of individuals (as per the old key site) or through Baronial support (which I wouldn't turn down, but neither expect) - is the best way to grow the local fighter base in both quality and quantity. Having our own keys and dedicated space would mean 24/7 access, as long as one of the two keyholders could be there. Options for additional keyholders may be possible as well.
Seneschal: See the Tower.

Old Business:
Boar's Head 2012: We had decided last year that BH2012 would be run by the officers of Curia. We have received a bid from some other interested folks (Julianna and Tatiana). The Curia voted to make them the event stewards and shelve the existing plans for the event. Note: Boar's Head will be December 8 at the Waukesha Expo Center. (Also, Nikea handed off the contract to Julianna and Tatiana, who need to sign it and put down the deposit.)
Settlement: We donated some money and covered some other groups. See the Emergency Curia Notes on the website for more details.
Heraldry Project Day: Great time. Lots of consulting and other things. Arnbjorn wants everybody to know that he actually needs three color copies of submissions, not two as previously stated. He's looking forward to lots of submissions as a result, and we're all looking forward to new banners.
Border Skirmish 2012: Since it's CAM's year to host Border Skirmish, Astrid is hoping to get the members of Curia to head up their areas in wrangling folks to be in charge of those activities. If not, we're asking for assistance in directing us to people who we can contact to cover those areas. We will need all areas covered, including children's activities and boffer fighting. Areas of interest we need filled are: Troll (Astrid will handle pre-reg), Heavy Weapons, Rapier, Archery/Thrown Weapons, A&S, Class Coordinator, Herald, Children's Activities, Security, Bardic, Games. Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in making this year's Border Skirmish the bestest evah! Side note: The theme this year is 'It's Only A Game'.

New Business:
MOAS: The office of Minister of Arts and Sciences is open a little early. Please submit letters of intent to the Seneschal and Baron and Baroness. We'll make a decision by April Curia.
Spring Court Moot: Tatiana has been looking for a site, and would like to reserve the Schutz Recreation Center Activities Room (in Waukesha) for April 28th. Will cost $180 - requires a deposit of $400, but we get the extra back. We voted to do this. Event will either be 2-8 or 1:30-7:30, and we have to clean up afterwards.
Legends Moot: Will include beadwork/lampwork/glass and brewing beer. More information to come.
Yule Moot: Katerina has reserved the Waukesha County Beachhouse for December 12 (12/15/12) as a fallback location and date because she has to wait until October to reserve it for the date she really wants, which is January 19 (1/19/13). We are allowed to rent this space for any non-martial activities. The theme will be 'Winter Games', and the event will include using a trebuchet to throw snowballs into the lake. (Not at each other, because that would be a martial activity.)
CAM 40th Anniversary: We looked at an event proposal from Valerius and Arnbjorn to hold the CAM 40th Anniversary at the DeKoven Center in Racine on September 26, 2015 (9/26/15). The theme will be Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Katlin would be the feast steward. From the proposal: "The concept for the event is a full-immersion experience based on the 14th century poem 'Sir Gawain and the Green Knight'. The basic synopsis is: At Arthur's Yule Court a Mysterious Knight, all in green (with green skin and hair, and a green horse) arrives and challenges the knights to a wager. Gawain accepts and beheads the knight, who picks up his head and orders Gawain to meet him at the Green Chapel in one year's time to accept the return blow. Gawain goes through various trials before meeting the Green Knight and earning his respect." This event will recreate the poem's 14th century minuet, with a higher-than-usual expectation of period authenticity. The event's activities will be bease on the 3-4 scenarios depicted in the poem, including various Arthurian elements such as the quest. Prior to the event CAM will have book club nights to read and discuss the poem (possibly including different variations of the tale), and clothes-making days to help those who wish to make 14th century attire. Regarding the feast, Katlin has suggested a dayboard for lunch and an evening high feast and low feast, recreating the feast as described in the book. The event will be advertised as 'full immersion', meaning that nothing modern is visible and people will be expected to be in 'full high persona'. ("Bring your A Game.") We will have fighting in the form of a Pas (as described in the poem), with a gallery to determine the winners. Period entertainment for the kids, such as puppet shows. Assume no merchants. Note: we may have to cap attendance at 250 people based on occupancy restrictions. We then discussed the proposed pricing ($25 per person, plus feast). Some people think it's too much money for an event, others think it will be fine because we have plenty of time to build hype and getting people excited. Would like a $500 deposit to reserve the DeKoven Center for September 26, 2015 (9/26/15). We need to know the cancellation and refund policy before we approve this - tabled until March.

Guilds and Groups:
Herbal Cooking Guild: Hope to meet in March, or else April; more details as they become available.
Brewing and Vintning: Geoffrey will teach a class about garlic wine once he's healed enough. Might make beer at the Legends Moot, the grains from which will then be used to make bread. Katerina is still cleaning the house to prepare for meetings there, and is trying to get information and the charter from the previous head of the guild.
A&S 50: The first project is done (silk banner making)! Plan to do an embroidery class, taught by Lewina, at her home or the library. Intend also to do something at the Metal Moot, and to do wood carving. African Dance will meet Sunday (2/26) at 2 at Longstrider Manor. Dahrien will add an A&S 50 Projects section to the website and the calendar.
C&I: Eva is trying to get C&I started again. It will probably be Sunday afternoons, once or twice a month, including field trips to Fort Atkinson and Kenosha to learn from people who live there. Working on dates now.
Marquette: Temporary hold on loaning out the armor while they categorize/list it all. Held a puppy chow sale to raise money. They need an adult sponsor (someone older than 21) for Gulf Wars - please contact Amanda. Thursday night meetings will feature movie night once a month, as well as classes (they will get us a list of what they'd like to learn) and projects.
Stritch: Thank you for attending the Heraldry Moot. We need to discuss Curia dates for the dates that the College isn't available (June and August). Three of the Stritch students intend to be at Fighter's School. Fighter's practices have changed to Tuesdays to accomodate class schedules, including fighting after Curia meetings. They'll know as of March 10 if they're going to be hosting Coronation. They're having Club Carnival on Wednesday Feb 29 from 11-1, and would like people to show up if they can.

02/12/2012 - Emergency meeting on a Sunday to decide a special issue


This meeting was held to dicuss a Baronial payment and possible donation; read on. A couple of other unrelated topics were briefly touched on, since we happened to be together, but that was the reason for the meeting and main topic of discussion.

The following is quoted from - Google Quick View and - Google Quick View:

"The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA) has been operating under the burden of a massive and difficult legal battle that has critically drained resources and caused significant ongoing difficulties for the organization. In October 2011, the board of the SCA and its legal counsel were finally able to resolve this issue, but not without significant financial costs."

We will not try to elaborate further in these notes, so that we can avoid accidental misinformation or misunderstanding. If you wish more information and detail, follow the links above, which take you to documents hosted on the SCA's official website.

The important thing to know for the purpose of understanding these notes and the reason for this meeting is that the SCA has financial debt which it can only meet by using money from all of its branches; money belonging to any part of the SCA does belong to the SCA. To meet their obligation, the SCA requires a fixed percentage from each branch of any level (essentially, from each SCA bank account). Each Kingdom must send the total due for itself and all of its branches, and may collect that money in any way which it sees fit. Our Kingdom, Northshield, will pay the total amount out of its coffers, and asks all of its groups to pay what it can of their own calculated debt, but not to pay more than what they can afford to spare. If a group can pay its full amount, great; if it can pay extra to help offset another group's portion, great. But we're told that no group should leave itself without enough money to conduct its business. We had this meeting for the officers and anyone else in the Barony interested in discussing our group's payment.

On the Wednesday before the meeting, our Baron and Baroness participated in a conference call with the King and Queen, Northshield's other Baronage, and the Stallari Council. If you send a personal donation to the Kingdom, it will lessen the amount the Kingdom has to pay; if you send to corporate, it will not lessen the *Kingdom* burden, but will go to help offset corporate costs. The SCA had policies with two insurance companies to cover debt of the current sort, one of which eventually paid. The SCA's lawyers are confident that we will eventually win a lawsuit to make the second insurance company pay on its policy, and if and when they do, the SCA will distribute any recovered monies back to the Kingdoms; and Northshield will make sure that local groups get their monies back before the Kingdom confers are refilled. The SCA and Northshield's leaders want to make sure that all people understand what is happening. The King and Queen prefer that you send any private donations to Northshield or your local group to help cover those expenses. [Note that the branch payments in total were calculated to pay the SCA's total remaining debt from the settlement, so "extra donations beyond the branch contributions" should not be necessary for these legal costs; thus, your donations through your local group or Kingdom will help offset their expenses -- and if moneys they donated are refunded, your money has become a donation to your group or Kingdom, rather than being distributed throughout the Society. The Board of Directors (BOD) also suggests that private donations go to Kingdoms or local groups, in this short letter.]

As the group at this meeting was talking about donating extra money to help defray costs for less-rich groups, Dahrien suggested that we should be sure to hold in reserve at least enough to cover our three upcoming events: Youth Event, Border Skirmish and Boar's Head. Exchequer Magnus said he thought that we only need to cover the first two, since those will bring in money to help with the third, and he thinks we would be okay. Boar's Head deposit is $2,000 (erring on the side of caution), and the others are about $1,000 for the Youth Event and about $3,000 for Border Skirmish. So, basically, keeping approximately $6,000 on hand would be good in the Seneschal's eyes.

The group decided to pay our own full amount and donate an additional $2,220, for a total of $6,200; the donation amount will cover payments for the next four smallest group payments not already covered by Nordskogen (plus a few cents), those being:

Shattered Oak$610.50
Trewint/Western Keep$609.76
Tor Aerie (Nordskogen)$570.49

Miscellaneous ...

There have been corporate charges. Youth now has its own director. They are pushing for stronger presence of youth and looking for youth officers.

President of the SCA has two directives:
#1 HAVE FUN. This is a game, have fun.
#2 Make the game fun for everyone: youth, fighters, non fighters, everyone.

All contracts have to go through the Seneschal, and the Seneschal has to go over every word, to make sure that they all fit guidelines.

Currently there are 13 subsidiaries of the SCA (Like SCA WI, Inc), and they are shooting to get 55 over the next couple of years.

Curia Meetings Will Remain On Tuesdays


Cardinal Stritch group is moving fighting practice to Tuesdays (see Calendar). They said that they would cancel on nights that there was Curia, or schedule for later, if we wanted. They are planning longer practice hours than other weeknight practices, anyway, from 7-11pm; and Curia always ends earlier than that.

The question was asked, "Should we move Curia to a different day?" Magnus and Corin both state that there are plenty of practices, and Curia is important and needs to stay on the same night and time. Dahrien agreed, and others did as well, and it was decided that Curia will remain on Tuesdays.


Officer Reports:
Baron and Baroness: Had some people ask about starting dancing again - how do we restart it again and make it fun? And not too stuffy? We need a space and someone who can teach it. We've been getting more award recommendations - thank you! Keep your eyes open for new sites. Regular practices at the colleges will be starting soon, which is a good chance to broaden our horizons and recruit new folks. Flesh Wound is coming soon, and we'd like to make a good showing. (It's on our lands and we've never seen any compensation for it.) Also, we would like to request some support for awards - largesse and tokens would be most welcome. (Scroll blanks, trinkets, whatever would be cool.)
Webminister: Not much is different from last month. Read the Tower!
Chatelaine: Nothing to report.
Exchequer: Boar's Head report is done. We still have money. Will be stepping down in April - please send letters of intent to Baron, Baroness, Seneschal, and Exchequer.
QuarterMaster: Will be stepping down in April.
Herald: Had three people approach me with devices (two) and names (one) which had been rejected, and they want to re-submit. Anbjorn has been transferring things to me (like the library), but he will be running the Heraldic Day Moot in February. If anyone wants to work on names, devices, or whatever, talk to Kateryn.
Chronicler: Handing office over to Tatiana. Send articles and reports by Jan 22.
Knights Marshal: Akira is the new Knights Marshal. Practices at Stritch, Sundays 1-4. Monday 1/23 at Bucketworks, 6:30-9:30. Marquette starts again 1/30, 7-9.
Archery: Monday nights at West Town. Come shoot!
Seneschal: Read the Tower.

Old Business:
Border Skirmish: Astrid is meeting with Ravenslake regarding offices and positions and locking in prices for things like portapotties. We have signed the contract with Walworth County Fairgrounds.

New Business:
Heraldic Project Day: This is to encourage more usage and display of heraldic materials - banners, devices, crests, etc. It's February 18 from 11-6 at Cardinal Stritch. We'll have classes about silk banners, the submission process, conflicts, and the heraldic library. If you want to see or learn anything specific, please ask Arnbjorn and he'll arrange it. Come play!
Heritage Weekend Demo: Lisbon (near Murton) has a living history weekend, which draws re-enactors from a really wide variety of living history groups (from the Romans to Vietnam). Are we interested in joining them for a demo weekend? Aug 11-12 (the last weekend of Pennsic). Camping is allowed, but encampments must be period during 'public' hours (8:30-4:30). Period dress only during that time - nothing non-period can be visible. This is open to any living history group.
Yule Moot: Let's move it to January. Katarina will be the moot steward. Location is TBD.
Metal Working Moot/"Bring Your Own Fire Moot": Sometime in Spring or Summer. A chance to work with smithing, forging, pewter casting, glass work, lampwork, etc. Need a location, which should be outside (though we need cover for some demonstrations). Possible locations - Little Aaron has a shop with a forge and plenty of outdoor space. Maybe the local colleges have space? What about Bucketworks?
African Dance: Nikea is offering a class starting in late February which will meet twice a month.
A&S 50 Challenge: There's an A&S 50 Challenge, to celebrate the SCA's 50th anniversary. People are encouraged to learn or do 50 new things, do 50 of the same thing, or do 50 things your persona would do. We should participate and keep a record, which we could post on the website (with pictures).
Equipment needs for the Barony: Kateryn purchased some walkie-talkies for the Barony and would like to be reimbursed. Voted and approved.
Boar's Head 2012 Scheduling: Washington County only has one building available on Dec 1 (the first weekend in December), so Nikea has requested that they pencil us in for Dec 8 weekend. Also, they have raised their prices - this year cost $3850 for both buildings, next year will be $3400 for one building, plus $.50 per person, plus $100 per hour for the cherry-picker to hang banners. We should look at alternate sites - Waukesha County, for instance, which has better kitchens now. Arnbjorn will look into Waukesha County, Kateryn will look into another possibility, and they will bring their findings back to the group.
Boar's Head 2012 - Change it up!: Boar's Head is boring. What would make it more fun (for non-fighters)? Classes that are more workshoppy - look at the Northshield Artisans Database. Dancing. A pub (the Pickled Pig!) - what does a liquor license cost? Games. Taverns for lunch. What about switching the schedule around - feast and court in the beginning of the day, fighting in the afternoon? Note: TeslaCon is December 1. Should that make a difference to us? This will all be discussed more online.

Guilds and Groups:
Cooking and Herbal Guild: Nikea will come up with something in the next month or two.
Brewing and Vinting: Katarina would like to start this group again in a few months.
Marquette: Practice starts again on January 30 from 7-9. O-Fest is Thursday January 20. Four of the Marquette students are going to Gulf Wars and want someone to camp near - to whom should they speak about camping with Northshield? They will have new officers after Spring Break.
Stritch: We're back! Practice started this past Sunday and will continue to be Sundays from 1-4. They have the site for Curia reserved. Coronation at Stritch might actually cost money - apparently the school had underestimated the size of the event. Curia needs to know how much money that will be so that we can include that in the bid to the Stallari. All set for the Heraldic Moot. They also have an organization-fest kind of thing - they'll let us know when and where so that we can come play.


Officer Reports:
Baron and Baroness: Things are going pretty smoothly and relatively quiet. Albrecht sends his regrets that he can't be here, as he's returning home from a business trip. [He arrived later in the meeting.]
Chatelaine: We found out that Bayview Bash 2012 will be September 15. New people are getting garbed for Boar's Head. We had a new person come to fighter's practice on Monday night.
Exchequer: Report will be in the Tower. He's working on getting the signature card at the bank changed.
Herald: Office is open. Please submit award recommendations for Yule Court.
Minister of Children: Need to finish paperwork.
Chronicler: Reports and articles are due by Sunday, November 20.
Knights Marshal: Office is open. Fighting is happening at Stritch on Sundays and Marquette on Mondays.
Archery: No West Town Archery next Monday (November 21).
Seneschal: Working with someone who might request a demo next year. Milwaukee Admirals contacted her to offer discount tickets if we show up in garb, and also offered discounted rental space for meetings.
Webminister: Nothing interesting to report.

Old Business:
Border Skirmish: Curia chose Walworth County Fairgrounds, which is charging us $1000 for the park. This gets us running water, electricity, and camping (and the campsite has trees). We also want to rent portapotties for the far end of the list field. (The list fields are huge.) Also, we can lock the entrances.
Boar's Head: Everything's covered and running smoothly. Meeting on Saturday November 19 at 1 PM at Marquette Physics Building.
Yule Court: Getting things organized, working on an activity. Remember to bring food for the potluck!
Baronial Directory: Done. 100 copies: $144. Bright yellow so we can find it. $1.50 per directory - talk to Arnbjorn.
Baronial Planning Meeting Recap: We met, dates and events are chosen, see Curia page for the results.
Bylaws: We made some changes to the bylaws which will be published separately.

New Business:
Coronation bid: We will put in a bid for Coronation in September 2012. Wolves Hollow (Stritch) can get us the Conference Center, the chapel, and maybe the kitchen. Won't cost us anything. Need to sort out site fees and how the monies are disributed - can we donate half the proceeds to the University organization which funds the student clubs? (Need to find out if they're not-for-profit.)

Guilds and Groups:
Cooking/Herbal Guild: January's meeting will probably be Andalusian. The cheese was a big success, and they figured out hwo to salt the cheese so it will keep until Boar's Head.
Stritch: We will have practice on Sunday the 20th and Sunday the 27th.
Marquette: We will have practice on Monday the 21st. Mysie will bring the physics club's force pads and wants to record data - how hard does a polearm hit? So, come to practice. Project Day was a success - made game boards for the fund raiser as well as a few other small projects.

11/08/2011 - Baronial Planning Meeting For 2012 Activities

Greetings All,

Here are the results of the 2012 Baronial Calendar planning meeting. This is not an exhaustive list, nor does it in any way mean that other ideas can not or will not be considered at a later date.

The most exciting thing about this is that we have Stewards for most of the planned Events.

If I got anything wrong, left something out, or you have changed your mind about something, please let me know at your earliest convenience.

I am listing these in order as they occur during the year.

Current Calendar Plans:

  1. February 18, 2012 Herald Project Day.
    Steward: Arnbjorn
  2. April 28, 2012 Spring Court.
    Steward: Tatianna
  3. May 25 thru 27, 2012 Youth Event.
    Stewards: Typhaine and Nikea
  4. June 8 thru 10, 2012 Border Skirmish.
    Stewards: Astrid and Leif
  5. August 25, 2012 Legends Moot.
    Stewards: Tatianna and Alice
  6. September 8, 2012 Submit Bid to Host Coronation.  Site: TBD.
    Stewards: Nikea, Julianna and Alice
  7. September 22, 2012 Bayview Bash.
    Steward: Julianna
  8. September 29, 2012 Baronial Championship.
    Steward needed
  9. December 1, 2012 Boar's Head.
    Stewards: Curia
  10. December 8, 2012 Yule Court.
    Steward needed

Future Projects:

  1. 2014 Baronial Championship & 40th Anniversary.
    Steward: Arnbjorn.  With Valerius to assist with possible site location (DeKoven).
  2. "Let's Make Things with Fire" - A Metalworkers' & Glassworker's & Other-firey-stuff-workers' Moot for Spring 2012.
    Stewards: Albrecht of Caer Anterth Mawr, Dahrien Cordell

Future/long term planning:

  1. Gawain and the Green Knight event
  2. Formal Pas d'Arms. That's French for "Passage At Arms", and refers to formal combat tournaments, often involving both individual and team competitions of various kinds, ladies in the gallery, personal heralds, pageantry, really fancy fun stuff.

Now that you have gotten this far through these lists, I am also adding the need for volunteers for the following Moots and Events:

  1. Baronial Championship: Event Steward needed.
  2. Yule Court: Event Steward needed.
  3. Coronation: Feast Steward needed. Those who are interested in doing a feast for this event will need to get to Nikea, Julianna and Alicetheir proposed bid by the end of December so we can have it in the bid to be submitted to Kingdom.
  4. Boar's Head: Event Steward needed. . Bid proposal to be submitted to Curia.

Seneschal, Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr


Officer Reports:
Baron & Baroness: October and November are quiet times for the Barony as we prepare for Boar's Head.
Chatelaine: Had some new people at Stritch fighter's practice and project day over the last few weeks. They're very excited. She has a mailing list from Bayview Bash and has been sending mail to that list, but hasn't heard much back from them; she'll keep it up until the end of the year and if people aren't interested she'll stop then.
Herald: Office is open. He's heard from one interested person. Sent Dahrien some updates for the website, and now the Order of Precedence (list of all of who has received what awards for the Barony), the list books in the Heraldic Library, and the Herald's page are updated.
Minister of Children: Corydon is now the Minister of Children. He will also look into how to become the Youth Marshal.
Exchequer: We have money. Finally closed the books on Border Skirmish. We lost some money compared to last year, and we think that's because of the decrease in people camping.
Quartermaster: We have stuff.
Chronicler: Office is open. Articles are due by 10/23.
Webminister: Nothing to report.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Griffin's Needle Challenge is this weekend - quite a few people from the Barony are going. Hoping to schedule another clothing day (chausses, cotehardies, etc), but weekends have been too busy. Cooking and herbal weekends are going well.
Knights Marshal: Practices are Sunday afternoons at Stritch, Monday evenings at Marquette.
Archery: Practices are Mondays at West Town Archery.
Seneschal: The Shire of Skerjastrond have asked for help with an event. Nikea would like to suggest that we take them on as a 'sister' group, and possibly schedule a bus trip to one of their events. Also, as of November 2010 we own the West Bend, WI zip code (the location of Boar's Head).
Old Business:
Boar's Head Update: If you want to help with the Boar's Head pre-feast, please contact the feast stewards. Next meeting will be Thursday, October 27 at Marquette.
Baronial Champions Recap: Read the Tower.
Border Skirmish Site Walkthroughs: Various people went on a walkthrough of the Walworth County Fairgrounds and the Racine Country Fairgrounds. (We are also considering the McHenry County Fairgrounds - Astrid has been talking to Ravenslake about that.) Each of the three sites are more expensive than Simmons Island (the site we've been using). All sites have fences and gates, and we would have exclusive or nearly exclusive access to them. We would be able to use half of McHenry's site, which has buildings, no shaded areas, a kitchen with two ancient stoves, and two showers. Walworth has six showers, water, electricity, trees, and a decent kitchen. We would not be the only people on their site that weekend, but would control the gates. And the fighting fields are huge. Racine is an odd site - it's split between the County Faigrounds and the Old Settlers Park. They have 8 showers, brand new structures, and large open fields. No kitchen, but water and electricity are available. No trees in the camping area. Buildings are available during the day but not at night. We're waiting on definitive prices for all three.
Bylaws: No changes suggested.
Directory: Lots of updates. Took out the awards list (since the OP is up to date on the website) and listed only the highest title for each person. Brought a mockup for review. Should have a price estimate to print it soon, and will have it available at November Curia and Yule Moot.
Cooking and Herbal Feast Recap: It was great. Lots of food, mostly pork and herbs.
New Business:
Date for 2012 Baronial Planning Meeting: November 8 at Stritch. 6:30 PM.
Storage Locker Site Search: We're currently paying $95 per month for the 10x20 locker, and the best price Siri could find was $95 for a 10x10. We'll stay where we are for now and keep looking.
Heather Dale Concerts: October 30, 2-3 PM, St Joan of Arc Chapel at Marquette, and October 30, 7:30 PM, Randall and Anna's House. Donations suggested: $5 at Marquette, $15 at the house. (Donations cover travel expenses.)
Guilds and Groups:
Cooking Guild: 2 PM, November 6, Typhaine's House. Theme will be cheese.
Herbal Guild: Will look into combining the herbal and cooking guilds, and having combined informational and practical sessions. Making cheese this weekend so that they can test freezing the cheese for Boar's Head.
Marquette: Will bring five people to Boar's Head.
Stritch: Growing. Had a big meeting last weekend, and might have another new fighter. Will give us a date for the Masquerade Ball when they choose one. Yule Moot planning is going well. Curia voted to give them $50 to cover expenses. Come to Sunday practices!


Officer Reports:
Baron and Baroness: Thank you for participating in the demos. They were great, and generated lots of interest and lots of education. Please make award recommendations for Baronial Championships, which is this weekend. By the way, we need ideas for regalia for the Bardic Champion.
Chatelaine: We have fun on Saturday at the Bash. (See Bash Recap below. We also had a guy from Albequerque. Brithwen is the new Chatelaine deputy, and she's very excited.
Exchequer: We still have money. Vote to reimburse receipts from Bayview Bash, passed. Please remember to get expenditures approved in advance. We need to visit the bank to sign a new signature card since Caitlin is no longer Seneschal and Arnbjorn will step down soon as Herald.
Quartermaster: We still have stuff. Do we have a list of who has the storage locker keys? The office hours at the storage locker are difficult to work with - can we find one that's easier to handle? Siri will look into a new locker, with the suggestion that we should move over Boar's Head weekend because we'll have a truck and most of the contents will be removed anyway. Note, we currently pay <$100 for our 10x10 space. Herald: Will have office hours at Marquette and Stritch practices. Stepping down at Yule Court, but will continue from month to month if necessary.
Minister of Children: We have children. Corydon will take over as MoC in November. He might also become the Youth Combat Marshal. The Youth Event should be quiet until January or so.
Web Minister: Nothing to report.
Chronicler: Please send articles and reports by Sunday, September 25.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Nothing to report.
Knights Marshal: Sunday fighters practice changing to Cardinal Stritch as of October 2.
Seneschal: This is Nikea's first meeting as Seneschal. She's instituting the new policy that everyone should stand when it's their turn to speak.

Old Business:
Highland Games Demo Recap: It was Labor Day weekend. Despite the rain on Saturday it was well-attended, and we had some interest. Yay!
BayView Bash Demo Recap: Really good turnout, lots of interest. The kids loved the pictures. (We dressed them in garb and/or armor and took photos for them, and allowed their parents to take photos too.) Cleanup was fast and easy, and we were out by 5. Akira will run the stage activities next year, so we'll try to get him more stage time to play with. A young lady stopped by (Carol) wanting to join us.
Boar's Head: The theme is Marauders of the Waterways. We have all officer positions filled. We might have a Herald's table. Jean will do pre-registration, and Magnus will run Troll. The website is under construction and will be released when it's done - still need text from A&S, Archery, and Lunch. The next planning meeting is Thursday, October 27, and after that Saturday, November 19. Does anyone know where the walkie-talkies are?
Baronial Champions Moot: Will be Saturday, September 24, beginning at 10 AM. Inspections will be at 11, and tournaments begin at noon. Their Excellencies will meet with their polling orders in the afternoon (2 PM: Fortress Virtuosos, 2:30 PM Castle Commanders, 3 PM Twr Mawr). Court will be at 4 PM. Feast will be after Court. Bardic championships will be during feast. By the way, we need ideas for regalia for the Bardic Champion.
Planning Meeting: Will schedule this at next Curia for November.
Followup to Long-Term Planning Meeting: Should discuss electronically. Perhaps on the Forum?

New Business:
Advertisement/Printing: Tatiana has a connection to VistaPrint, which can make large signs, business cards, brochures, rubber stamps, etc. for a reasonable cost. (We would pay to get artwork uploaded to them, and then pay shipping and handling for whatever they produce.) Proposed $100 seed money for an initial run of items, approved. Initial run: Chatelaine and generic Baronial business cards, two signs, possibly more. If you want business cards for your office, tell Tatiana.
Border Skirmish 2012: Leif and Astrid have put in a bid for Border Skirmish 2012. It was approved. If they win Crown, they will have a backup person in place. Also, Mistig Waetru (in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan) wants to hold a Border Skirmish event the same weekend as ours, since they're on a different border. No objections.
Walworth County Fairgrounds: Site Walkthrough has been changed to October 16, 10:30 AM. More details forthcoming. (This is not the day of the flea market. No money will be charged.)
McHenry Fairgrounds: Walkthrough TBA.
Racine County Fairgrounds: Haven't been able to get hold of them.
Princess Ball: The Clare Oasis organization has invited us to do a demo of sorts at their Princess Ball, October 8 (the same day as Crown), from 5-9 PM. Their site is the Marian Center (the old Cardinal Stritch location) in St Francis. Nikea suggested that we hold a mock coronation for each of the 'princesses'. If anyone is interested in helping, please contact Nikea.
Bardic Madness Bid: We found sites, but we've decided to allow another group to host the event because we just did it four years ago.
Bylaw Review: We will publish the Bylaws in the next Tower for review.
CAM Directory: Do we want another run? Arnbjorn will do it.
Yule Moot: Does anyone want to be the steward? Cardinal Stritch has volunteered to steward this as a group.

Guilds and Groups:
Brewing and Vintning: The position of Guildmaster is open.
Calligraphy and Illumination: The position of Guildmaster is open.
Cooking/Herbal Groups: Hosting a cross-guild feast October 15 at St Ed's. Cooks should arrive around 2 PM. Food will be served at 4 PM. Foods should include herbs. Bring an ingredients list, and make enough to feed 10.
Marquette Group: We're here! Fighting on Mondays all year, same time (7-9 pm), same place (old Open Pantry, see website for directions). Classes and meetings on Thursdays. Want to do a Project Day.
Stritch Group: We now have officers! First event will be a Masquerade Ball, October 14. Anyone can come - we'll let you know what time. Attended the University Club Fair, at which Delphina and Murdoch came and fought. That plus a Fiore demonstration as part of a class has brought in 7-10 new people. Looking for people to teach classes, attend sewing days, A&S, etc; can do stuff on Sunday afternoons during fighter's practice because the space is so large.


Officer Reports:
*Baron and Baroness: Pennsic was lots of fun. There were lots of classes, lots of tagging, lots of fighting. Valkyrie cheerleaders. Dahrien is now a Pelican - congratulations!
*Exchequer: The most recent report is complete and has been sent in. We're pre-paid for Bayview Bash.
*Quartermaster: We have lots of stuff. Please let the quartermaster know if you're taking something out, even if you return it before anybody notices.
*Chatelaine: Dougal has things to donate to the Barony - 2 29-gallon tubs of garb, books, and other sundries.
*Herald: Office is open. Congrats to Dahrien, Master of All That Is Wrong and Honorable. Need to find a new Herald to continue as a Barony. (Will step down in December.)
*Minister of Children: Running youth activities for Boar's Head: Will have a four-stage activity for the kids which should take most of the day. Office is open, and there may be an applicant.
*Chronicler: Reports are due Sunday August 20. Office is open.
*WebMinister: Nothing to report.
*Minister of Arts and Sciences: Nothing to report.
*Knights Marshal: Nothing to report, but note that Marquette will start Monday night practices again September 12.
*Archery: Will move back indoors mid-September.
*Seneschal: Stepping down. New Seneschal will be Nikea.

Old Business:
*Bayview Bash: We have reserved a 10x30 space. It's the same space as last year. We have the stage from 2:30-3:15, and a 15 minute window on either side of that time for setup. Abelard is in charge of the fighting demo portion. We expect lots of people. Turn An Dem See will join us and bring their sign. We need to secure business cards, and we need a source of them. We will also have brochures. Julianna will write some skits for folks who are wandering. The box for the portable garage/carport is dead, and we should consider a replacement for it - Curia voted to approve up to $100 for a new container. Jean will measure the poles and materiel, Abelard will look at possible bags at Gander Mountain.
*Youth Event: New proposal. Needs a check for the camp, and a signature on the contract. The event is on the Northshield calendar already. TADS will do lunch. The break-even point with the new pricing is 50 people.
*Boar's Head: Progressing nicely. Need someone to run Troll and Pre-Reg. (Jean might volunteer.)
*Day of Legends Moot: August 27th at Alice's House at Noon. Pete needs a ride. Gather your legend stories!
*Scottish Highland Games Demo: September 3-4, Waukesha County Fairgrounds. Let Arnbjorn know if you will be there so he can add you to the list and get you in the gate for free.
*Banners: If anyone wants to help finish the banners which were started last year, please let Eva know. She will be working on them. We'd like to have them done by Boar's Head, so the site doesn't look like a warehouse.
*Meeting Places: We'll start switching between Brookfield and Stritch again, but we still need to have a meeting in Waukesha or points west. Also, Typhaine volunteers her house as a meeting place.
*Planning Meeting, part Two: What came out of the meeting was the need to write demo scripts. Experts in various fields need to write two-minute scripts about their areas of expertise, then five minute scripts, then half-hour scripts.
*Planning Meeting, Part Three: We need to schedule this, sometime in mid-late October.

New Business:
*Baronial Champs: Sat September 24. Get award recommendations to the Baron and Baroness. When you bring food for the potluck, please don't use tinfoil, plastic, or paper plates.
*Heritage Weekend: There's a group in Waukesha which had a Heritage Weekend last weekend (Aug 11-12), which is not limited to United States heritage. (They had romans, for instance.) Some folks from Windhaven were there, so we should be there next year. It happens to also be the closing weekend of Pennsic, as well as Poorman's Pennsic, but it's still worth looking into.
*Forums: Do we want to keep the website running or not? General opinion is to keep the site there for another six months and see if traffic picks up.
*Museums: We should talk to the local museums and see if they are interested in us setting up 'living exhibits' - we can do demos, displays, etc. Maybe teach some things. Get the Peers to do things to show off their arts and sciences. We should try to tie into current exhibits. "What's coming up, and how can we enhance it?" Note: Participatory Archeology.

Guilds and Groups:
*Herbal Guild: Need to discuss and plan the October 15 mini-feast (which will be at St Ed's).
*Brewing and Vintning: Alasdair is stepping down as the leader of this guild, so we need a new one.
*Cooking Guild: Gwyneth is stepping down as the leader of this guild, and Typhaine is taking over. She'll let us know when and where to meet.
*Marquette: Fighters practice will resume on Monday nights as of September 12. They might want some help with O-Fest, their Activities Fair.


Officer Reports
Baron and Baroness: Rose Tourney was a lot of fun. Many people from the Barony were there. The tournament itself was great, the feast was fabulous. Dahrien was put on vigil for Pelican, and Geoffrey was made a Court Baron.
Chatelaine: Bayview Bash is coming up. See 'New Business' for more information. Looking for a "talking points" brochure. (Hamish has one, which he'll provide.) Also looking for information about other SCA groups' demos, canned or scripted, which can be adapted to our purposes. For Border Skirmish, Julianna is working with the Ravenslake Chatelaine to set up tours. Please volunteer to lead a tour!
Exchequer: We have money. Paid the bill for the storage unit and the archery equipment.
Quartermaster: People are meeting at the storage locker Thursday night at 6 to pick up things for Border Skirmish - if you need anything or can haul anything, please meet there.
Herald: Nothing new to report.
Minister of Children: Will have childrens activities at Border Skirmish. See below for more information about the children's event.
Chronicler: People liked the hyperlinks. Submit articles by the 24th.
WebMinister: Need to catch up on some work on the website. Wants to have a cut-and-paste party to update the last of the HTML pages to PHP - more information forthcoming.
Knights Marshal: Two practices each week (Thursday nights KK park, Sunday afternoons Kletzsch Park). Beginning to look for a successor.
Seneschal: Office is open. Needs to step down in September, so letters of intent are absolutely due by August Curia.

Old Business:
Border Skirmish: Weather should be nice. TRM and TRH Northshield will be there - sadly, no royalty from the Midrealm. (The Baron and Baroness Ayreton will be there, though!) Need to put together another gift basket - cordials, jellies, tokens, note cards are welcome. No soaps or candles, please. Meet at the storage locker at 6 PM Thursday (6/23) to get stuff out and loaded into vehicles. (Should talk to Alexander about the trailer he's bringing.) We need to cut a check for taxes, which we'll put towards the General Fund. Setup starts Friday at 9 AM. We've contacted local press and will be dropping off flyers at local libraries.
Boar's Head: Will be meeting after Border Skirmish.
Planning Meeting II: This can wait until next meeting. (Note: at this point in the meeting we were all getting soaked with rain.)

New Business:
Quarterly Tower: Do we want to change the Tower to a quarterly publication? Abelard said no - there is always at least one thing in the Tower which is timely, and it's information which isn't always communicated via the website and email. Not everyone is in touch with all of the forms of communication, but the Tower is always in the same place. We could, however, make every fourth issue focus on the arts; we could also add monthly themes like Shava did with the Northwatch.
New site location: Racine County Fairgrounds. (Technically in Union Grove.) It has lots of big buildings, an outdoor area with bleachers, a dining hall with kitchen, and other amenities. Prices are flexible - estimated cost for a weekend rental of the big hall and dining hall would be $1750. Note: no web presence. We want more information!
Fundraising idea: Group rummage sale. Is anyone interested?
Highland Games demo: Labor Day weekend. It sounds like there's interest...
Bayview Bash: September 17th. Should we get three spaces this year? (Last year we got two and expanded into the third because it was empty.) Should we get the stage this year? We voted yes for both. Essentially we ought to use the same setup as last year, with the garage-sized shade fly and tables. We'll try to get the same location as last year, too. We will also have a better sound system to provide for dancing. When we request stage time, we'll also request a cushion on each end of the time so that we don't have to lose the stage to people cleaning up or taking down their shows. We will invite Turn An Dem See again, and any other groups that want to come. We will also have an actual sign-up sheet as the date gets closer. Would like to use nice card stock, pre-printed with the website and group name, on which our calligraphers can write peoples' names (like Baroness Kateryn did last year).
Security at WW: Don't forget to sign up for Friday night shifts at WW, or else we'll remove the Barony's name from the time slot.
Youth Event: Nikea and Typhiane presented a proposal to do the Youth Event again. It would be at Camp Rokilio in Kiel, WI. The last weekend of May 2012 (May 25-27 - Memorial Day weekend) is available, and the camp is currently empty that weekend. The MN groups discussed having a youth event in 2011, thinking that we could alternate with them (we did 2010, and this would be 2012). Nikea brought a proposal for the event, which suggests renting the Castle and the Dining Hall (not the Viking Ship this time), which provides a place to sleep and a place to eat and perform other indoor activities. We expect the event to have a larger draw than last time. It's easily day-trippable for the Barony (only an hour from Milwaukee). Parking won't be a problem. Border Skirmish 2012 is targetted for the weekend of June 8-10, which is close, but the staff overlap shouldn't be heavy. Still need a feastocrat, teachers, and general volunteers. Estimated cost, $2000. We voted on the proposal and approved it - we'll do the event.
Moot proposal: Nikea proposed a "Mini-feast" cooking moot in October at St Ed's. Everybody who wants to can cook something, and others can come to eat. Cost would be the cost of renting St Ed's. Will pick a weekend with Alice.

Guilds and Groups:
Herbal Guild: July 2 at Alice's.


Officer Reports
Chatelaine: Talked to the new Kingdom Chatelaine, and we're doing everything correctly. We'd been talking about doing demos at smaller church faires or festivals, but be aware that they're mostly on the south side. We have three new people, two of which are at UWM. The third one came from the Bayview Bash last year. We would like to focus more on families and adults than just university students - we don't want to exclude the students, of course, just not put our focus there. We will have a demo at Kletzsch Park on Sunday May 22 - please bring banners and dress in garb (or armor). We should also help the students who are going home for the summer find their 'local' groups.
Exchequer: We stil have money. Quarterly report has been turned in.
Herald: Term ends in abou six months. Would like to find a successor sooner rather than later - wants to step down in September.
Minister of Children: We still have children. Michael took over running youth activities at a recent event and did a great job. We'll be doing Capture the Queen again at Border Skirmish, as well as a Youth Eating Contest (that is, an eating contest for the youth). This information will be on the Border Skirmish site. Stepping down in September.
Chronicler: Moving to Florida in a couple weeks. The new interim Chronicler is Abelard, until someone else volunteers, so the position will remain identified as 'open'. We do need to publish at least quarterly. We could also put officer reports on the website...
Web Minister: Volunteer sign up sheets are in place on the Boar's Head and Border Skirmish websites. Web Minister is making updates a couple times a week. If you have immediate changes, please send them to Dahrien's personal email address (AT vigil DOT com). We should change the front page so that we don't greet people with a big block of text - please make suggestions to Dahrien. Also, if you want any of the details about your activities or events - meetings, potlucks, fighting, whatever - please submit them to the webminister.
Knights Marshal: Practices will continue based on weather. Thursdays at KK Park, Sundays at Kletzsch Park. Tune in to the various communications (CAM, CAM-heavy, etc) to find out when we're going to have a Sunday practice at another location, such as Fort Atkinson, Jara, Racine, or whatever. If we get permission in advance, we can set up pavilions at Kletzsch; this weekend please bring banners.
Archery: Twice a week, please see the website.
Seneschal: Office is open.

Old Business:
Border Skirmish: Prince and Princess Northshield will be at Border Skirmish. (Midrealm does not have a Prince and Princess at this time, so we don't know about them yet.) Kateryn is the royalty liaison. We need to make royalty gift baskets for Their Highnesses. We want to give Their Highnesses a , which we voted on and approved. All the major positions are filled. Contact the position chiefs if you want to volunteer. Site will be almost the same as last year, with the exception that we won't have a gate at the north end. (We'll have security fencing across it.) We'll also extend security fencing right up to the gate on the south end. Don't camp on the battlefield. We're working on an offsite shower location through the Kenosha schools. People are working on everything they need to work with. Schedule should be done in the next week or so. There will be a parking coordinator. We will have the torchlight tourney Friday night on the beach (same place as last year).
Boar's Head: Website will be up soon.
Meadowbrook Demo: Murdoch reported that he had fun, and they sent us a letter of thanks.
May Court: We forgot to put out a donation basket. Communication is important - remember that the moot steward is in charge at a moot.
Janesville Demo: Saturday was cold and wet but still fun. Sunday we only had a couple people representing us. We need to make sure that people sign up in advance, realizing that sometimes people can't make it at the last minute. Next year we should invite Jara and make a bigger deal out of it.
Scottish Highland Games (Demo): We're always welcome. Coronation: Nobody in CAM put in a bd, so the group will not be putting in a bid to host this time. We should look at Coronation a year hence, though, and strongly consider DeKoven. We should also look at hosting Crown, but be aware that the local group's energy levels are low.
Curia Locations: Eva will look at Greenfield Library for 6/21 and 8/16. We're going to skip Curia in July. Eva and Albrecht would like to volunteer their house for a Curia/potluck/moot in the future.
Long Term Planning Meeting: Corin and Fancy's house, May 24, 6 PM. Bring a side dish. Submit your three topics by Sunday at 7 pm.

New Business:
Border Skirmish 2012 Date: Someone wants to get married at Border Skirmish in 2012 and wants to know what the date will be. It's too early to say for sure, since we aren't sure that we'll still be at that site. In theory it will be the second weekend in June, but we'll decide for sure after this year's event.

Guilds and Groups:
Cooking: June 5, Typhaine and Corydon's.
Herbal Guild: July 2, Alice's. Herbal potluck! Also, we have clippings. We'll also have an "eat what we harvested" potluck.
Marquette: No fighters practice over the summer, but they have reserved Practice Space East (aka the Old Open Pantry location) for Mondays through the whole school year next year. And thank you to everyone for teaching classes, attending moots and events, and generally supporting the group this year.


Officer Reports
Baron & Baroness: Officer's Day/Project Day was great. The May Moot is coming up quickly - please submit award recommendations. (Please use the online form, and you can follow it up with an email to us if you wish.)
Chatelaine: Meet and Greet at UWM went well - we had three students, one of whom we'd never met before. They're all on the mailing list now (or will be soon). They want to learn to make their own garb, among other things. Julianna will also be in charge of Chatelaine activities at Border Skirmish, including tours. (Will need tour guides. Please volunteer!)
Minister of Youth: There's a demo at Meadowbrook Elementary School on May 6. Nikea will be unable to attend. If you're still interested in doing this demo, please let her know. She will also be running the kids acticities at Border Skirmish (Capture the Queen), at the May Moot (to be announced), and is working on a series of classes (details coming in the fall). Office is open if anyone else wants to be Minister of Children...
Knights Marshal: New practice schedule! As of May 12 we'll move Thursday night practices to KK Park (armored, rapier, and archery). As of May 22 Sunday practices will begin at Kletzsch Park. We'll do three Sundays of each month at Kletzsch and make the fourth Sunday a 'travelling' practice - we can visit Frame Park or Fort Atkinson or Ayreton or Windhaven or whatever. We might be able to use Stritch as a rain location. For the May 22 practice we should treat it as a demo - pavilions, banners, garb, the works. Until then, Thursdays at Marquette, Fridays at Leif's, Sundays at Stritch - with the exception that there's no practice this week (Thursday the students will be on break, Sunday is Easter).
Exchequer: The quarterly report is almost done. Magnus learned some things at Officer's Day.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Lots of events coming up for people interested in Arts and Sciences: Bardic Madness, Silks and Needles, Games People Played, Quest for Camelot, Burn Baby Burn, and Lamb to Loom. Also the Pentamere Squires Tournament in the Midrealm will have an A&S component. Corin went to Officer's Day and met his regional officer, and also learned things. What kind of A&S Moots would people like? (Silk banners and metalworking were mentioned.) With the Northwatch moving from paper to electronic format, we expect to see a supplemental publication as well (possibly the North Star will return), so we'll have a new place for recipes, blueprints, and other instructional articles; people can also submit such things to the Song of the Tower. Also, take a look at the Atlantia website for their links (, and at Google Scholar ( - these are excellent resources.
Chronicler: Articles are due Sunday 4/24 for Geoffroi's last issue of the Tower. Abelard will step in as an interim Chronicler until someone else wants the position.
Herald: Send in award recommendations to Their Excellencies for May Moot!
Webminister: Dahrien is hard at work on the Border Skirmish website.
Seneschal: Looking for a deputy. Stepping down in six months (September).

Old Business:
Officer's Day: 62 attendees. Cost for the event was under $50. Very well done.
Border Skirmish: We have a site. We have most of the staff positions filled, except Archery Marshal (waiting for confirmation from William) and Merchants Steward. We have commitments from the Midlands Army - they'll be here despite two other events in their Kingdom and lack of royalty. The generals (Stephen and Ix) will be the Marshals in Charge, and they will use Saturday's fighting as a place to train for Pennsic. We'll also have a torchlight tournament on Friday night. We'll have a meeting with Ravenslake at the site in a few weeks. We do have someone in charge of parking, and have someone in charge of security. (We also have a certain household from Jara as a brute squad.) Security teams will have general local information and maps as well so that they can be helpful to the public. We won't have showers. Also, the autocrats are keeping a three-ring binder (Book of Knowledge) detailing everything they're doing, how much things cost, who they've talked to, and so on, so that future autocrats have this information at hand. We know that we've outgrown the site, so start looking for a new site for next year. We won't get the Northshield pavilion this year, so please bring shade flys. (Can we build a reviewing stand like the one in the Nordskogen area?)
Boar's Head: Most of the officer positions are filled. We're working on a theme. We will have a meeting soon so that we can start advertising early. Stritch students have offered to help in the kitchen. Marquette students have offered to help whereever they can. We will have archery and youth activities again. Every staff position needs volunteers to help them out. If you want to volunteer, please tell Kateryn. The places that almost always need more help are Troll, Royalty Room guards, and kitchen help. Note: You must be a member to actually handle the money.
Strategic Planning Meeting: We need to have the next Strategic Planning Meeting. This should be in May - maybe May 15? Abelard will send out the planning meeting notes again. Everyone should choose their top topics from this list and send them to Katlin and Their Excellencies, who will select the top 3 topics and make up the agenda for the meeting. We can shoot for a weeknight if we meet from 6:30-9. Maybe a Tuesday?
May Day Moot: Can Gabrielle have $150 for the moot? Yes she can. Their Excellencies will be there and holding court. It's Sunday, May 1, at Rock River Parkway in Fort Atkinson.
May 6 Demo at Meadowbrook School: Nikea can't make it. Please confirm with her if you can.
Known World Handbooks: Magnus has them, so please talk to him if you ordered one. Also, we have extras.
Baronial Championships: We have reserved Rock River Parkway as a tentative location - if anyone has any other ideas, please tell Katlin or Their Excellencies.

New Business:
Crown Tournament/Coronation: Do we want to host either Crown Tournament or Coronation in the Fall? Bids for Coronation are due by June 1. (Event would be September 10.) We can't get Stritch. Fancy will talk to DeKoven. (We would need rooms for court, meetings, fighting, feast, and kitchens.) Other places to look at: Marian Center, Kemper Hall, Tripoli Shrine Hall, Bavarian Inn. We also need to find an event steward. We need to know by next Tuesday (4/26). Also, the officers will help put the bid together. We voted and agreed to fact-find.
Curia Locations: We can still use Stritch as a meeting space in the summer if we want. Can we move Curia to another day? Maybe Sundays?

Guilds and Groups:
Cooking: Next session will be Eastern European. People should select what they want to bring. (They need to set a date.)
Marquette: Camping at Ledge Park on April 29-30. Please let Annamarie know by Friday (April 22) if you're coming.
Stritch: May have a new advisor. They want to put in a bid for SUN - probably for next year. (FYI: SUN is the second Saturday of November.) Stritch needs to file the paperwork to become a group.


Officer Reports
Baron and Baroness: Glad to hear that so many people are going to Coronation. Not sure if there will be a theme, as there sometimes is, but currently we expect "Northshield colors". We had a great time at Gulf Wars - fighting, learning, retaining, relaxing, all excellent. Please make award recommendations for Spring Court.
Chiurgeon: Office is open. (We have a potential applicant, who is still thinking about it.)
Chatelaine: Nothing to report.
Exchequer: The final CD has matured, so we will sign it over. Has some checks for people to sign. We expected to receive the Known World Handbooks by now, but there was a mistake in the shipping address; they've been re-sent and should arrive soon. Also, we've sent a check to the Washington County Fairgrounds to reserve it for Boar's Head.
Herald: See the Tower.
Minister of Children: Nothing to report.
Chronicler: Please submit your reports, articles, and other content by March 27th. Also, the office is open - please send letters of intent to the Baron, Baroness, and Seneschal.
Web Minister: Nothing to report.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Nothing to report.
Knights Marshal: Nothing to report.
Archery Marshal: William has a budget request to replace some archery equipment. This happens every four or five years. We voted and approved the request.
Seneschal: Wants a new brain. Gulf Wars was awesome - this one even more than the ones in the past. Coming home was very difficult.

Old Business:
Boar's Head: One bid, which Curia accepted. Kateryn will be the autocrat. The site is secured: Washington Country Fairgrounds. (Contract and check have both been handed over to WCF.) If anyone wants to volunteer, please talk to Kateryn.
Officer's Day: April 16. Wm Weir Physics Building at Marquette. Ads are in the Northwatch and on the Kingdom calendar website. Need to get some more classes from the Kingdom Greater Officers. The Kingdom Chatelaine will handle a beginner's class track. We will also have a room for projects. We need to talk to the Dept of Public Safety at Marquette re: putting up signs to direct people to the building.
Baronial Championships: Where do we want to have this moot? Should we stick with Ft Atkinson/Rock River Park, or try somewhere new? We discussed looking at Cliffside Park in Racine, Simmons Island Park in Kenosha, Kletzsch Park on the north side of Milwaukee, and other places. We decided to reserve Rock River Park for now, and keep looking.
Site Hunting Group: The group needs a fourth member. If you're interested, please contact one of the current members (Arnbjorn, Annetje, and Nikea).
Border Skirmish: Any news? So far, same as last year. Dahrien is in charge of the website, and has made a copy of last year's site. He's replacing old data with new data as it arrives. We have learned that no Majesties will be there.
May Moot: Their Excellencies will formally invite Their Excellencies Jara, and then we can further investigate inter-Barony archery options.

New Business:
Fighting in the summer: We had discussed this at the planning meeting. Should we keep Sunday practices at Lake Park, move to another park, or rotate between locations? (Discussed Frame Park, Kletzsch Park, Cliffside Park, place by Their Excellencies house.) Fighters should discuss and decide - Abelard will bring it up in various venues. Also, do we want to have joint practice at KK Park on Thursday nights again this summer?
Melee Unit: We're looking for something that a unit of CAM fighters can wear to identify them as a unit of CAM fighters. Perhaps tabards? Maybe not, because different periods have different styles of tabards and because the fighters are all different sizes. What about patches, split top and bottom, with the Northshield device on the top and the CAM populace device on the bottom, made with embroidery sewing machines? Fighters could then sew them onto their armor where-ever they want...

Guilds and Groups:
Brewing and Vintning: Nothing to report.
Calligraphy and Illumination: Nothing to report.
Marquette: Five people went to Gulf Wars and camped with CAM in 'Northshield South'. It was great. We have nine rooms reserved for Officer's Day. Might sell food - how many people do we expect? (50-75) Please teach classes for us: Pewter casting, alchemy, cooking of some kind, cloak making, calligraphy & illumination, jewelery-making.
Cardinal Stritch: Fighter's practice starts again Sunday 3/27 at 1 PM.
Cooking Guild: Meeting on Sunday 3/27 at 3 at Corin and Fancy's house. Don't bring kids, and be aware that they have cats.


Officer Reports
*Baron and Baroness: We had an herbal event on Sunday and Stritch Project Day, and they were great. Thanks for coming and having fun. Also, Hamish and Abelard approached us about more formal melee training and forming a CAM melee unit, and we approve.
*Chatelaine: Been checking into Harbor Market about doing a demo there. She needs to get the loaner garb and the list of people from Bayview Bash to organize another meet and greet. Bayview Bash will happen again this year - think about things you want to bring and show. Maybe this year we can do street skits, like the ones that Bristol Faire has? Maybe fundraisers? Meadowbrook School Demo on May 6 from 1-3, but we haven't heard back from them regarding confirmation. (Murdoch has volunteered for that demo.) We'd like to do more school demos, but we need more organization. Maybe next year. Also, Nikea is in charge of the Dover School Rummage Sale during Bayview Rummage, and can provide a place to sell some of our SCA things and maybe do a demo. Also, we should add a Demo section to the Curia meeting agendas. Do we want to do a demo encampment at the 10th Annual Highland Games (Labor Day Weekend)? Will discuss later.
*Exchequer: Domesday is submitted. Boar's Head is sumbitted. Have some additional reports to submit and checks to send in, such as the domain name registration for our website and a payment for May Moot.
*Herald: Read the Tower. Purchased the Dictionary of English Surnames.
*MoC: Open. Nikea has been approached to do a youth event again, and is considering a one day event in 2012 involving chariot racing. Also possibly some youth activities at Border Skirmish.
*Chronicler: Office is officially open. Please submit articles by Sunday, Feb 25.
*Webminister: Same old, same old. In order to be compliant with rules about publishing personal information on the website, we need to have people sign the new 'consent to publish' form. In answer to the question 'How do I get my information onto the online directory, which is broken?' Dahrien changed the submission page to declare itself broken. If we want to change the paper directory back into a database, we could link to it from the website as well as print the paper copy ... but again, need to sign the consent forms.
*Minister of Arts and Sciences: Project Day and cooking were great. Ravenslake is hosting an A&S day on March 5. See the CAM mailing list for more information.
*Knights Marshal: Fiore and fighter's practice on Sundays at Stritch. Fighter's practice on Mondays at Marquette through the end of the month, switching to Thursdays at the 'practice space east' on March 10.
*Seneschal: Nothing to report.

Old Business:
*Border Skirmish: Kenosha has approved the use of Simmons Island Park this year, so we officially have the site.
*Heraldic Symposium Bids: Stritch isn't sure they'll be here the proposed weekend of Labor Day. Do we still want to put in a bid? Does Kingdom still want us to put in a bid?
*Boar's Head bids: Does anyone want to do Boar's Head? Should we skip it this year? We will reserve Washington County, and extend the call for bid submissions until next Curia (March 22). Please put in a bid, and encourage others to do so as well. Get excited, get involved!
*Officer's Day: Arnbjorn is collecting classes - if you're interested in teaching, please contact him. Nikea has volunteered to run the registration table and coffee cart. Arnbjorn is working with Mysie to set up the reservations. The event will also be a Project Day and a Newcomers Day. It will be a free event.
*Project Day Recap: Awesome. We ate like kings, learned how to make medallions, learned illumination, did sewing and embroidery, and had a totally great time.
*Known World Handbook: We have 20 people pre-registered to buy them. We'll purchase five more than the number of books requested.

New Business:
*May Day Moot: We have reserved the clubhouse. (The price has increased.) Money is due April 1.
*Possible locations for Baronial Champions: Rock River Parkway, Kletzsch Park, Whitnall Park. Annetje would be willing to steward this moot if someone will show her what to do.
*Curia Locations: We've lost Shorewood Library as a meeting location because they've changed their hours. It's confusing to switch between different locations, but not insurmountably so. Let's look at Curia locations in Franklin, Oak Creek, Greenfield, and South Milwaukee. We'll need a place for June and August Curias - maybe one of those will have a place. A note: Our populations tend to center in the southeast corner of Milwaukee County, the Tosa area, and the Bayview area.
*IKCAC Event: The Cheshire Archers (combat archers from Jara) are interested in running an Inter Kingdom Combat Archery Challenge shoot at Fort Atkinson sometime this spring. Perhaps it can be combined with May Moot? Abelard will look into this.
*Simmons Island Park Renovations: The Kenosha City Council is entertaining proposals for renovating/revamping Simmons Island Park, which is where we have Border Skirmish. If you go to the City of Kenosha website, Parks page (, you can see their proposals. You can also submit comments and email on the subject. Please do make comments, because some of their proposals will make it impossible to use the park for Border Skirmish in the future.
*Legends Moot: Nikea will be the steward.
*Site Locations: We need to find some new site locations, for moots, events, and meetings. We need a committee to find new sites, nicknamed "Committee to Find Sites". Volunteers so far: Nikea, Annetje, Arnbjorn. If you're interested in joining this team, please contact the seneschal, Baron, Baroness, or one of the members. These people will gather information and explore site location possibilities. This is a great way to learn how to run an event, because you'll learn what an event needs.

Guilds and Groups:
*C&I: Mysie is not in charge of C&I. We need a person to run it.
*Cooking: Sunday, German dinner, 3 PM, Fancy and Corin's house.
*Marquette Group: They are transitioning to new officers. Amanda is here, and will be the new president. Fighting on February 28th at the Annex, then March 10 at the Practice Space East (which we'll have through May). The club wants to learn how to make things - for instance, Nelson wants to learn leatherworking (belts and pouches). Anna Marie wants to learn bardic stuff. And the basics of clothing. Basically, the basics.
*Stritch Group: Project Day was fun. Fighting on Sundays. Please come!
*Herbal Guild: We had Lavender Day. The next one will be March 20, odds and ends. Plans include cordials with herbs, breads, and so on. We'd like to do a formal tea. We'd also like to explore herbal remedies and medicines.


Officer Reports
Officers Reports:
*Chiurgeon: Office still open.
*Chatelaine: Trying to connect with a guy in Greenfield who has some armor and rattan to donate. Also, Gabrielle from UWM has been attending meetings lately, and welcome to her. Transferring the office from Baroness Eva to Julianna. (Change now made on the website.)
*Herald: Read the Tower.
*Minister of Children: Nothing to report.
*Chronicler: Office is open. (Will step down in April.) Please submit Tower articles and reports by Jan 28.
*Web Minister: Changed email and officer page to Julianna. Please let web minister know if and when things need to be updated, changed, or removed.
*Knights Marshal: Fighter's practice Mondays (Marquette) and Sundays (Stritch). Fiore will move to Sundays at Stritch as well.
*Minister of Arts and Sciences: A&S is happening at fighter's practices. The cooking guild will meet on Jan 30th. Project Day at Stritch on Feb 12. Let MOAS know if there's anything you want to include in his report to Kingdom. Also, Ravenslake is hosting a Project Day on March 5.
*Exchequer: We have money. Reports are signed for Kingdom, and wrap-up is complete for Boar's Head. We have converted to the new bank account except for the CD which comes due in March.
*Baron & Baroness: Thanks for coming to the planning meeting and to Curia. More to come under New Business.
*Seneschal: See New Business and Old Business.

Old Business
*Boar's Head Wrapup: Got the final numbers. We finished in the black. Arnbjorn wrote up suggestions for the Boar's Head 2011 steward, which he will send to the CAM list. Otherwise, thank you to everyone.
*Planning Meeting: There are two sets of notes from the meeting, one of which was sent earlier today (1/26) and one which will be sent later. Everyone should review these notes and list five things to work on. Send your lists to the Seneschal, Baron, and Baroness and they will consolidate the lists down to five major talking points to work on over the next five years. These will then be addressed at the next Planning Meeting, in three months.
*Border Skirmish: Two bids have been submitted. Hamish's bid has been accepted.
*Heraldic Symposium 2012 Bid: On hold for now. Does anyone want to work on it? Bids are due to the Society in April 2011, so we need them submitted to Curia by Feb Curia.
*Bylaw Amendments appear at the end of this message.

New Business
*Boar's Head 2011: Bids due by February Curia. If anyone is interested, send bids to Seneschal and/or Baron and Baroness. We also need to tentatively reserve the Washington County Fairgrounds for December 3.
*Officer's Day: We have been chosen to host Officer's Day, which will be Saturday April 16 at Marquette. More information to come.
*Known World Handbook: Would we like to make a group purchase? Books are $25 each, and a bulk order of 20 or more lowers the price to $22 each. We decided to place an order. If you are interested in getting one, please let Magnus know before February Curia. He will order 5 additional copies for the Baronial Library.
*Baronial Progress: Their Excellencies intend to hold a 'Baronial Progress' throughout the Barony, in which they visit the far-flung regions of the Barony. For instance, over the next few years we will have Curia meetings in the far reaches of the Baronial lands, such as Racine/Kenosha and western Waukesha. More information to come. Also, Arnbjorn is working on a census map.
*Demo: Meadowbrook Elementary School. They would like a demo on the afternoon of Friday, May 6. It should not involve fighting, but can involve armor. The school is just off Hwy G and 94. More information will be posted to the CAM list.

Guilds and Groups
*Herbal: The herbal guild will meet at Alice's house sometime in February.
*C&I: Celtic and pictish design work is the root of all evil and shall be abolished from the Barony. Flemish design, however, is ... I'm kidding. Abelard, stop writing. *Cooking: January 30, Corydon and Typhaine's house, 3 PM, modern food. (For instance, kringle and various flavored pastas.) The next meeting after that will tentatively be February 20 and will feature a full meal, probably 15th century Italian. This needs coordination, and more information is forthcoming.
*Marquette Group: We're having fighter's practice at 7 PM on Mondays at the Annex in January and February, switching to Thursdays for March, April, and May. The student group also meets on Thursdays, and if people are interested in teaching classes on Thursday evenings please contact AnnaMarie.
*Stritch Group: Demo, Thursday Feb 3 from 1-3 for their Club Carnival. They will have a space for fighting with a high ceiling. Project Day on February 12, followed by a potluck dinner. The space for Project Day has electrical outlets, and we have a fighting space as well. Every Sunday from 1 till whenever, fighter's practice, dance practice, and whatever else people want to do. (They also have brunch from 11:30-1.) Also, in a couple months they want to do a demo in conjunction with Food Services, and are looking for period recipes for large groups.

Bylaw amendments
*Part X, Sections B, C, and D were changed as follows:

X. Voting
b. A voting quorom consists of: Baron and/or Baroness, Seneschal or Baronial approved representative, and a majority of the remaining Greater Officers or their representative(s).
c. Telephone voting is used only in the event of emergency or extenuating circumstances and must be conducted by the Baron and/or Baroness and/or Seneschal. Only the Curia will be polled. If the situation is not an emergency, the item is to be presented and discussed at the next Curia meeting.
d. Other electronic communication will not be used for voting purposes.
X. Voting
b. A voting quorum must be counted in order to conduct Baronial business. A voting quorum consists of: Baron and/or Baroness, Seneschal or Baronial approved representative, and a majority of the remaining Greater Officers or their representative(s).
c. Telephonic or email voting is to be used only in the event of an emergency or extenuating circumstances and must be conducted by the Baron and/or Baroness and/or Seneschal. Only the Curia will be polled. If electronic mail is used, the conducting official must call the Curia, notifying them that a polling message has been sent to them and that they must respond within 24-72 hours. The results of a telephonic or electronic email vote must be presented at the next scheduled Curia meeting. If the situation is not an emergency, the item is to be presented and discussed at the next scheduled Curia meeting.
d. Other electronic communications will not be used for voting purposes.
Also added Guideline 1:
I Events
A Definitions
1) Moots: Local events that are not typically published on the Kingdom calendar
2) Events: Local events that are published on the Kingdom calendar
3) Kingdom-sponsored Events: Events under the purview of the Crown and/or Stallari Council. These include Coronation, Crown Tournament, and other events the Stallari Council may designate. These are published on the Kingdom calendar
4) Known World and/or Society Events: inter-Kingdom events that are under the purview of the Society Officer(s) or other inter-kingdom bodies. These are published on the Kingdom calendar.
5) Events Stewards (autocrats) are ad hoc deputies of the Seneschal

B Bids and proposals for event steward
1) All event proposals and bids shall be submitted to the Curia by the announced deadline. The Curia will determine which bid or proposal it will accept.
2) Proposals to steward moots may be made simply by volunteering, unless otherwise stated by Seneschal
3) Kingdom-sponsored event bids must include the required information as specified in kingdom policy.
4) Known World and/or Society event bids must include the required information as specified by the Society Officer(s) or other inter-kingdom bodies 5) Event bids or proposals should include at a minimum the proposed venue, costs, and fees.


Officer Reports
* Baron and Baroness: Boar's Head went great. Arnbjorn makes running an event look easy! The Moot was also great. Thank you all!
* Chatelaine: Office is open.
* Exchequer: Gate from Boar's Head is settled, but we aren't finished reimbursing people yet. Looks like we're in the black. Also, we've received a donation from the old keyholder's site which will be devoted to martial activities (renting a space for a regional fighter's practice, hiring an instructor, purchasing rattan, etc.).
* Herald: Read the Tower.
* Minister of Children: Was not present, but did a great job with the Yule Moot.
* Chronicler: Articles for the Tower due Sunday, 12/19/10. Remember, Officers, you need to submit articles.
* Webminister: Working on a handbook for the office. We're in compliance with the newest webminister rules. Yay!
* Knight's Marshal: This week is the last Thursday practice of the year. Sundays are also finished until next year. Fiore practice is still on Mondays.
* Seneschal: Someone has put in a letter to become the new deputy; will decide soon about the applicant.

Old Business
* Boar's Head Recap: Roughly 360 people. Feast was great! The event went very well - the only hiccups were a merchant who cut himself and had to be rushed to the ER (he's fine, and many people helped take his booth apart for him) and an incident with the children using the classroom unsupervised during feast. Weather was bad and affected attendance (a storm effectively shut down travel west of Madison for most people). The Fair Park is willing to waive the fee for lunch catering (they currently take a %20 cut from lunch) in favor of a $1 fee per attendee, in return for which they would allow people to bring in food. This would open the opportunity of an off-board feast. The exchequer requested that a space be set aside for troll/gate reconciliation at future events. We also need a stronger volunteer base, because cleanup is taking longer and longer - perhaps people who sign up in advance to volunteer to clean up after feast could be comped for feast? Maybe we can hire professional dishwashers? Do we need an explanation of the Non-Member Surcharge (NMS) on the website? We'll look to see if it's explained anywhere else, but the webminister was not able to find it so he included it here. The Exchequer also raised the question of multiple fee levels for the event, which makes bookkeeping difficult. The group decided that we could probably cancel the 'pre-reg discount' option for the future, which makes it easier. Perhaps we can also figure out a way to make the troll/gate/check-in process easier (which would also make reconciliation easier) - the Kingdom SUN event registration was not the 'standard' form, but a 6-column sheet listing Member/Non-Member/Feast/No Feast/(two others I didn't get). People showed their membership card to the gate staff, who marked the appropriate columns and quoted a price accordingly. Names and card numbers of attendees were not recorded (except for non-members, who had to sign the waiver) which made the overall process easier. Someone will check with them about this, and can check the rules about what's required...
* We should reconsider the DeKoven Center in Racine as an event site - it has been re-wired and refurbished, and in the process of doing the work they've 'found' another Great Hall. Fancy will organize a trip to see the space.
* Long-Term Planning Meeting/Strategic Planning Meeting: January 22 at St. Ed's. Meeting will start at 1, then a 'tavern moot'/potluck/project day. Where do you see the Barony in a year? In three years? In five years?
* Border Skirmish: June 24-26. Caly is the autocrat from Ravenslake, and we need an autocrat from CAM. (Kateryn can't do it.) People remembered that Simon said something in an email...
* Heraldic Symposium: If you have an event bid, please submit it by January Curia (1/18/11, Brookfield).
* Bylaw Review: Please review the bylaws on your own, which are online ( If you have suggested changes, send them to the Seneschal, the Baron, and the Baroness. See the end of this message for a proposed change to the bylaws - the Seneschal is looking for commentary and response to this suggestion.
* Officer's Handbooks: The officers should be working on handbooks/guidebooks/guidelines documents. These won't be full-on handbooks, but addendum to the Officer Handbooks (available on the Northshield website) detailing some of the nuances of the local office.

New Business
* Northwatch Cover: One of the fundraisers from Boar's Head raised money for the Northwatch. Shava asked if she might use the money to commission and print a 4-color cover. The Curia decided that they would rather that the funds go towards general operating costs, but suggested that a color cover be created and loaded onto the website; a black-and-white version could be used for the printed cover, with a note that the full cover can be viewed/downloaded from the web.
* Boar's Head 2011: We are officially accepting bids for Boar's Head 2011.

Guilds and Groups
* Cooking Group: Will meet sometime toward the end of January. No theme yet. For the February meeting, Gwyneth would like to plan an actual meal... more information to come.
* Stritch: Stritch is on break.
* Marquette: Aine sent this letter to Curia: To my friends of the Barony, It's been an amazing semester here at Marquette. Thank you for your help, your support, and your friendship. Whether it's been teaching a class or showing some of our new fighters the ropes, we have had new interest sparked and the club has been reborn in all of the new people who have joined our ranks. I hope you understand how far reaching my gratitude is. The organization that became a family for me my freshmen year has resulted in far more than I ever imagined in friendships and opportunities. Again, thank you on behalf of my student group and myself. As for Fighter's Practice, we will have one more this Thursday, December 16 at 7 pm until 9 pm or so at Practice Space East. Practice for next year will resume on Monday, January 24 at 7 pm at the Annex and continue on Mondays in the Annex until they kick us out like they did last year in March due to March Madness (they like doing this apparently). However, from then on Practice in March through May will be on Thursdays at Practice Space East again at 7 to 9 pm. I know it's confusing and I apologize for the way it ended up, but I may have a surprise for April and May (as in maybe more practice time). I will have to talk to the club about this though since our regular meetings are going to be on the opposite days of Fighter's Practice (ie. Thursdays in the beginning and then Mondays in March through May). As well, it may help if you also realize that my reign of Terror will be over in March. As in, when we switch in March to Practice Space East, new people are in charge of Marquette's group for the rest of that year. Amanda Skowronski aka Alys aka My Scribe aka My Left Hand aka The Faithful One will be taking over for the rest of the semester then as club president. Well, I hope this updates you all well enough on Fighters' Practice and the like. I do plan on being at Curia in January so you will hear all of this again. Love to you all from Marquette and Blessed Holidays... (Signed) Aine of Caer Anterth Mawr

Bylaws Suggestion
* The Seneschal has proposed the following change/addition to the Bylaws:
*Seneschal would like to make a suggestion that from now on a person who wants to run an event should put together an event bid - that is, the collection of information assembled by a potential autocrat which states 'I want to run an event, and here's the theme, the menu, the schedule, etc'.
*Event bids should be submitted to Curia by a particular deadline.
*Curia will then vote on which event bid they want to use for that event. (This will no longer be determined only by the Seneschal, Baron, and Baroness.)
*Designate a difference between different kinds of event bids:
*Moots (small, local events),
*Big events (large events hosted by CAM),
*Kingdom level events,
*Known World Events.
*Each level of event ought to have different requirements. For larger events, bids should be submitted to the Curia to vote on, and then the bid becomes the proposal which we send to Kingdom or Known world. On the flipside, a short description is probably sufficient for a moot.
*A bid needs to be a complete bid. If one wishes to do a feast, then can announce this on the CAM list to drump up interest in doing the event.

The Seneschal feels strongly that this should be a bylaw change, not a guideline. These are simple statements of fact, no opinion is involved in them.

The manner in which one wishes to submit their bid is entirely up to that person or group. They can make it as elaborate or as simple as they wish, as long as they have the required information included:
*Date, Time, and Address of the site
*Estimated costs for site as well as any other funds that will come out of the Baronial coffers for the event.
*Cost to the populace for attending the event
*List the names of the people in key positions (if they are known at the time): Event Steward and Feast Steward are the only two required
*State if the site requires a certificate of insurance with their name on it.

These will be discussed again at the Planning Meeting in January.


Officer Reports
Baron and Baroness: This is our last Curia. Thank you all. Please send award recommendations to the King and Queen for Kingdom-level awards. Please send recommendations for Yule Court to the Baron and Baroness (you can use the form on the website), and please send them in writing or electronically because we don't want to lose or forget them. Please give the Baron and Baroness largesse and/or tokens, which they can use as gifts and rewards. CAM will have a new Bardic Champion, to be decided at Yule Court. We're also having a long-term planning meeting in January, and it would be great to see people there to help plan. Note: This is to plan the long-term goals ("Where does the Barony want to be in three years? In five years? How can we get there?"), not just for the rest of the year. (More information about that below.)
Chatelaine: The office is open - if you're interested, please send letters of intent to the current Chatelaine, Baron, Baroness, and Seneschal. Got some interesting email from people who are moving into the Kingdom from another Kingdom - they would like to know where there isn't more A&S on our calendar. Since people do A&S every week at fighter's practice, maybe we shouldn't call it "fighter's practice" anymore. Let's rename it...
Exchequer: Has some checks to hand out, and some reports to correct. Finished the event report for the Youth Event, which was great in every respect except financially. Talked to the bank about new rubber stamps for checks (for deposits and for Troll), and with OfficeMax, and would like some money to spend towards acquiring them. Seneschal gave permission to use her funds to do so, since the yearly Exchequer funds have already been spent. We also need to address the storage locker bill someday, which is currently being sent to the previous seneschal instead of the current one. Merchant Coordinator and Pre-Reg Coordinator are sending checks to Exchequer weekly - Seneschal wants to be cc:'d on those communications.
Herald: Looking for a deputy. Will step down at Yule Court 2011 (just over a year from now).
Chronicler: Please submit Tower articles by Sunday 11/21/10.
Webminister: Nothing new. You can submit award recommendations via the website, as well as suggestions.
MoAS: Chausses and Cotehardies Weekend went well, and we should do it again. Project Day was also a great success. SUN was last weekend, and it was great (except for the weather). RUM is this weekend in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. We currently have three classes per hour for Boar's Head.
Knights Marshal: We have fighting on Thursdays at Marquette (but not on Thanksgiving). Fiore on Mondays. Cardinal Stritch has gotten permission to hold a Sunday practice, 12-4:30. More information coming.
Seneschal: Has things to say, which will wrap into both Old and New Business.

Old Business:
Heraldic Symposium: Need to take an official vote about whether or not we want to put in a bid for this event. (At last Curia we decided that we needed more information - essentially, needed to make sure we could do it and not conflict with Border Skirmish.) The current proposed date is Labor Day weekend (September). Curia voted yes. People who are interested in putting out a bid should submit proposals by January Curia.
Boar's Head: The event is in a few weeks. Merchant spaces are sold out. Pre-registrations are coming in. There are volunteer sheets on the website. Their Majesties and Their Highnesses Northshield will be in attendance, but no royalty from Midrealm. Rowan and Johan are running Troll. The deadline for pre-registration is next week. Don't forget that we'll have archery! The next Planning Meeting is this Saturday at 1 PM at Payne and Sigrid's house.
Long-Term Planning Meeting: January 22, probably from 1-9 at St Ed's. (This needs to be confirmed.) If you have ideas for things to do, please post them to the CAM list. This is not just a "plan the year" meeting, it's a meeting to plan the next five years - to look at the big picture of where the Barony wants to go or be. How do we support the Barony, what can we do to help the college groups, what demos do we want to create or repeat? Suggestion: Read Guinevre's email about recruiting.
Border Skirmish: The date we wanted for Border Skirmish (June 10-12) conflicts with a Midrealm event. Kateryn suggested that the best weekend is probably June 24-26. She talked to Alexander de Seton (current Ravenslake seneschal) about it, and Ravenslake's officer group needs to discuss and vote. We discussed and voted that June 24-26 looks like the best weekend. We should pick a 2012 event date at March Curia.

New Business:
Handbooks: Officers should create handbooks for their offices. The Seneschal proposed that the current officer in each office should create a CAM-specific handbook or guidelines, which will supplement the Kingdom handbooks. If you have served in an office and have suggestions, please contact the current person in that office with them. (This is not restricted to Baronial officers - we also want event staff.) The Baroness proposed a motion: Each officer in CAM be responsible for creating a draft copy of the handbook for their office, by January Curia 2012. Motion carried. Note: The individual officer should be responsible for seeing that the draft be created, he or she doesn't necessarily have to do it himself or herself.
Changes to Bylaws: Seneschal proposed that we add an amendment to cover Bids/Proposals for Events: Seneschal would like to make a suggestion that from now on a person who wants to run an event should put together an event bid - that is, the collection of information assembled by a potential seneschal which states 'I want to run an event, and here's the theme, the menu, the schedule, etc'. Event bids should be submitted to Curia by a particular deadline. Curia will then vote on which event bid they want to use for that event. Designate a difference between different kinds of event bids: Moots (small, local events), big events (large events hosted by CAM), Kingdom level events, Known World Events. Each level of event ought to have different requirements. For larger events, bids should be submitted to the Curia to vote on, and then the bid becomes the proposal which we send to Kingdom or Known world. On the flipside, a short description is probably sufficient for a moot. A bid needs to be a complete bid. It was suggested that instead of making this an amendment to the bylaws, we instead make up a list of 'Guidelines and Traditions'. Quote: "We don't want to legislate our culture." In the end, we ran out of time and will table this conversation until the next Curia.

Guilds and Groups:
Cooking: Cooking Guild Sunday at 4, Katlin's House, Theme is Pumpkins.
Marquette: They've elected new officers: Amanda is president, Cameron is vice-president.
Cardinal Stritch: They have a meeting on Wed 11/17 at 6:30. They have secured fighter's practice space: Sundays from 12-4:30. More information to come.


Officer Reports
B&B: No update from Their Majesties regarding the Baronial transition. We have some new people tonight from Cardinal Stritch University (more on that later), and Andy, who has been a member for a few years but has been working nights and hasn't been able to attend events or meetings. Also, the youth event was great.
Herald: Boar's Head is in six weeks. Please send in award recommendations.
Heraldic Consulting office hours are during Thursday night fighter's practices at Marquette. If you're interested in being a deputy herald, please contact Arnbjorn. Read the Tower!
Arts and Sciences: Cotehardies on Saturday Oct 23, for the ladies, cotehardies and chausses on Sunday Oct 24 for the men. This weekend is also the Midrealm Cooks Symposium (in the Chicago suburbs). Project Day on Oct 30 at Marquette. SUN is November 13 in Nordskogen (Minneapolis), RUM is November 20 in the Midrealm (Chicago).
Youth: We had an event. More information below. Nikea will serve another year as Youth Minister.
Webminister: We still have a website. Please give Dahrien any borders or artwork which you would like to see on the website. Also, please let him know if you're doing things so that he can put it on the website.
Chatelaine: New people! Also, read the Tower. We've gotten large donations of fabric, so we should be able to garb anybody who wants it.
Knights Marshal: Fighters practice on Thursdays at Marquette, Sundays at Lake Park, and Fiore practice on Monday nights. Read the Tower.
Exchequer: We're still solvent. Curia voted to not purchase another CD at this time. Working on the third quarter report.
Chronicler: Articles are due on Sunday, Oct 24. You're officers, send in reports!
Seneschal: The youth event was awesome.

Old Business:
Youth Event: It was fantastic. Kids and adults were exhausted. We had 59 people, 16 of which were kids. We did not break even, but the event was a success in many other regards. The site was amazing, and period-looking - there is no modern architecture in sight from the castle. There are many huge fire pits around the area. The site also includes a 'viking' fort with battlements suitable for fighting on. Katlin wants to reserve the castle campsite for next year for another event. The Northshield Kingdom Youth Minister has requested that this event become annual, but rotate between multiple locations - Nordskogen and Silfren Mere have a castle campground available to them as well, and are in the process of reserving it for the event for next year. The Boy Scouts (who own the site) would like us to return to this site in August for a demo. There's plenty of parking available (parking was a problem initially because there was training as well as other camping, but they have a second parking lot which wasn't utilized), and the owners are flexible about parking. These buildings are furnished with donations, so perhaps we could donate a trestle table and benches or similar period furniture. Note: Between October and Springtime, campers are responsible for their own garbage removal because the garbage trucks can't get to the bins. Testimony from kids and adults included some folks who had stopped playing years ago because they had kids and stopped attending events which didn't have kids activities, and this was the event that brought them back. Overall, a great site, a great event, and many thanks to Nikea for it.
Boar's Head: 3 merchants are reserved. All Northshield Royalty will be in attendance. Midrealm King and Queen can't make it, but we don't know who the Prince and Princess are yet. Next planning meeting 10/28 at fighter's practice at Marquette. We still need someone to organize youth activities. More information the planning meeting. There will not be a pre-cook, but the cooks/feastocrats request lots of people to help chopping and prepping the food on Friday (12/3) at the site.
Demos and Faires: Kenosha Harbor Market is an indoor/outdoor (depending on the season) market, close to the place we had Border Skirmish the last couple years. Lots of people attend. Do we want to have a booth there? More information forthcoming. ( Also, the VA Medical Center has an event each year called 'Reclaiming Our Heritage', which features war reenactors from various American historical battles (beginning with Jamestown). We are obviously outside their period, but perhaps we can work something out. (Website at And, the potential demo at the German Immersion Camp has fallen through - it's the same day as Yule Court, so we won't be doing it. Also, we could use an official demo coordinator...

New Business:
Baronial Planning Meeting: November 9, 7 PM, Wehr Physics Building at Marquette.
Cardinal Stritch University Group: A group has spontaneously formed at CSU, and they would like to petition CAM to become a Shire of our group. The Baron and Baroness suggested that they formally make a request at Boar's Head.
2012 Heraldic Symposium: Do we want to host the 2012 Heraldic Symposium? Need more information, but generally yes as long as it's not in June. (Because then it could conflict with Border Skirmish.)

Guilds and Groups:
C&I: Mysie will take over C&I, since Genvieve is moving, and will hold it at Marquette. More information forthcoming. Jara has presented a challenge to create scroll blanks and present them at Boar's Head.
Cooking: Next cooking night will be Novemeber 21 at Katlin's house. Theme will be pumpkins.
Marquette: Project Day, October 30 from 10-5. We have the site from 8-6, so people can arrive early if they wish. Marquette has asked specifically for garb projects, as well as armoring. Please also bring personal projects - needlework, leatherwork, woodwork, whatever - but be aware that other people might see what you're doing and ask you to teach them something.
Herbal Group: Meeting on October 26 at Arnbjorn's at 6:30. The herb will be basil.


Officer Reports
B&B: Good turnout at the Bayview Bash.
Chatelaine: We got 13 email addresses at the Bash. We're having a newcomer's meeting next Tuesday (9/28) at Anodyne Cafe in Bayview.
Exchequer: We still have money.
Herald: Added some books to the library. We'll have heraldic consulting available on Thursday nights (at fighter's practice).
Minister of Children: Office is open. Will be stepping down in October/November. We've added a new kid to the Barony!
Chronicler: Tower articles due Friday, 9/26.
Webminister: We have a website. We need to remove (or mark inactive) some guilds and groups - please contact webminister to tell him what you want removed.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: We will set up an evening to figure out/learn how to drape chausses.
Knights Marshal: Still have Thursday night practices at Marquette, Sunday afternoons at Lake Park until it gets too cold. Please come, even if you can't fight; we're doing both in-armor and out-of-armor practice.
Archery Marshal: Archery has moved to Monday nights at West Town Archery until May.

Old Business:
Baronial Transition: Send in your poll. Really. Right now. (Contact Elspeth - the TANG - if you have not sent yours in and still want to.) As of Curia, roughly half of the polls had been sent in.
Bayview Bash Wrap-up: Curia voted to reimburse Julianna for bagels and pizza which she provided. The Bash was a blast. We had a fighting demo and a fashion show, as well as 16 people or so (at various times) at the booth talking about garb and costuming, armor and weapons, heraldic things, food, and many other things. Both kids and adults tried on armor and took pictures, Rose Marian and Baroness Kateryn callig'd people's names for them, and everyone had fun. This should be an annual thing. Next year we should strike sooner - this year the drunks turned up around dark, just as we were starting to clean up.
Baronial Champs: This Saturday (9/25), 10 AM - 10 PM. Event Stewards are Gabrielle and Armond. We will provide lunch and the main course of feast, please bring other food for potluck feast. There will be a heavy weapons championship at the barrier.
Kid's Event: We did not cancel the second building (the ship) because we had a big response, though we don't have a lot of pre-registrations yet. Plenty of activities including a quest and a subtlety class, as well as the main event. There may be archery and rapier, if marshals are forthcoming. We're behind on making things for the event. If you pre-register, you must include the waivers - Boy Scout rules. (The site is a Boy Scout camp.)
Boar's Head: Planning meeting this past weekend. The website will be up shortly. Volunteer! We need someone to run troll. We'll talk to Balthazar about the pre-cook.
Marquette Collegium: Rather than a formal, class-based Collegium, MMS will host a Project Day on October 30.
Marquette Classes: Next class will be October 4. Kateryn will teach making basic jewelry. (Estimated 8-10 students.)

New Business:
German Demo: There's a potential demo approaching at a Milwaukee German Immersion school, Dec 11. $30 for a space.
Demo Notes: We should build a demo kit: 2 tables and tableclothes that go to the floor, a tote with flyers, cards, photocopied/laminated scrolls, maybe feast gear, maybe spare armor. We aren't supposed to provide food for the general public to consume, unless it's pre-packaged and/or we have advance permission. We shouldn't have live steel available unless it's somehow fastened down. (When the drunks get hold of it, it can be dangerous.) We need a banner which says 'SCA', like the one we borrowed from Turn an dem See.

Guilds and Groups:
Marquette Group: MMS has 6 new people. Yay! The group will be focusing on what the new folks want to do. They will attend Novices, Neophytes and Knaves on October 2. Project Day on October 30 at the Marquette Physics building - bring your projects and work on them!
Cooking Group: Next meeting will be at Katlin's house, date and theme to be announced.


Officer Reports
Baron & Baroness: The Legends Moot is this weekend. Baronial Champions is next month - please submit award recommendations. This will be Alasdair and Kateryn's last court as Baron and Baroness.
Chatelaine: We should get Baronial business cards again. The Baroness will make her business card template available for use. Simon has offered to donate a print run (10,000 cards?) to the Barony for general consumption. These cards would not be personalized, but will have the website address on them.
Exchequer: Finally wrapped up the Border Skirmish paperwork, though we still need to finish a few things with Ravenslake and cut a check for the Royal Travel Fund. The 2nd Quarter Exchequer report is also complete. We are now using our new checking account, and we should get a stamp with the new name on it (Society for Creative Anachronism Wisconsin, Inc. Caer Anterth Mawr).
Quartermaster: Jean is now the Quartermaster. Nothing to report.
Herald: See the Tower.
Minister of Children: The office is open.
Chronicler: Articles are due by Sunday, August 22. Officers must submit articles.
Webminister: The candidates for the Baronial Poll should submit information to the Webminister, Dahrien Cordell, to be posted on a website so that the populace can read about them. Also, will work on the Online Directory Submission Form to make it functional. [1:25 AM 8/20/2010: This is done now.]
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Corin has volunteered.
Knights Marshal: Fighting on Tuesday (or Wednesday, depending on what else is scheduled on Tuesdays) at Nikea's, more fighting on Thursdays at KK Park, more fighting on Fridays at Leif's, and even more fighting on Sundays at Lake Park. Question - should we try Kletzsch Park for a Sunday practice? What if we rotate between a central location (Lake Park in Milwaukee), a northern location (Kletzsch Park in Glendale), a southern location (Cliffside Park in Racine), and a western location (Frame Park in Waukesha) for Sunday practices?

Old Business:
Legends Moot: Among the other planned activities, we should have a Meet and Greet for the polling candidates. We'll have a panel discussion from 3-4 and 'private time' from 4-5, during which the candidates can each find a place to sit down and be approached for more questions. Also, after the tournaments Alice would like us to have a fighter's practice until we're all too tired.
Youth Event: Just sent in the Northwatch ad for September. If we don't have enough people preregistered by her date in September, Nikea will cancel the Ship campground and just use the Castle. We need more black fabric to make adult-sized cloaks and favors. If anyone has some time to volunteer to help make the cloaks, favors, and other things, please contact Nikea. We have time slots for classes, if anyone wants to teach any. We will also have combat, a coronation, feast, a campfire, breakfast, and other activities.
Boar's Head: Drafting the ad for the Northwatch and the Pale. Will find out when we need to do the insurance certificate. Will post the staff list soon. Next planning meeting in September.
Baronial Changeover: Polls will be sent out on August 24. Please meet the polling candidates and ask them questions. We (the populace) are providing our opinions to Their Majesties, who actually make the final decision; the comments that people write are often as important as how they rank the candidates. Note, only the TANG and King and Queen will see these results. Also note, the polls are not due until after Coronation - Siri and Tom will not see these, Anne and Hrodir will.
New Business:
Demos and Fairs: How about we enter the Arts competitions at State Fair and other smaller fairs? Some of them will allow a group's entries to be presented together. We should, as a whole, do more demos. There are opportunities out there, such as Bayview Bash, Chill on the Hill, parades, etc. We should also script out a demo, more than just hitting each others' shields with sticks. We should really have a demo coordinator. Tatiana offered to make a display for use at demos or fairs. Julianna offered to be part of a group to investigate and organize demos, in lieu of a single point person.
Her Excellency purchased a Baronial Hatbox to pass along to the new Baron and Baroness. The Curia approved a reimbursement for it.
Border Skirmish site report: Still looking around.

Guilds and Groups:
Brewing and Vintning: There will be a tasting at Legends Moot.
C&I: Nothing to report.
Cooking: Still planning to reschedule.
Marquette: Would like to have another Collegium in October. Perhaps 10/30? Also would like to invite people to teach classes. AnnaMarie will send an email to CAM with more information. O-Fest will be September 2.

July 20, 2010

Officer Reports
Baron and Baroness: Stepping down at Boar's Head. Please come to Day of Legends!
Chatelaine: Please see the Tower.
Herald: Please see the Tower.
Chronicler: Please see the Tower. Reports and articles due by July 25 (Sunday). Remember, all officers should submit a letter every month.
Webminister: A change is coming to the web site soon. Otherwise, please see the Tower.
MoAS: Needs to step down very soon. (She'll explain why in a week or so.) Please submit letters of intent by August Curia.
Knights Marshal: Fighting at least twice a week (or up to five times a week, depending on how you read the schedule.)
Seneschal: Will step aside for all functions regarding Baronial Transition. Valerius will be in charge of the Transition process from a CAM perspective.

Old Business:
Youth Event: Event is still on. Still need volunteers. Construction this weekend at Tatiana's and ongoing. Do we want the treb at the event?
New sites: A new restaurant has opened near the airport called Stone Sword, which we'll pay attention to. Also, a new place will be opening sometime soon called the Uberdork Cafe. Either of these might be good places for meetings, though probably not for events.
Fundraiser: We have 100 medallions so far. We've sold 55 of them. Contact Tatiana for more information. Also, you can order mugs from Elspeth.
Boar's Head: Had a meeting on Sunday the 18th. Will be going to site next Tuesday to get measurements. We will be using the pavilion building for indoor archery. There are still jobs available for anyone who wants to volunteer - talk to Arnbjorn. Also, Arnbjorn might have a replacement idea for flowers in the flower tourney - pipe cleaner flowers. Pre-cook to be rescheduled.
Legends Moot: August 21, at Alice's house. After the Mama Kat Tourney, we will have a 3-person team melee in Price's honor. We'll also have a 'dress up your favorite animal as a legendary person from CAM history' contest. There will be a B&V tasting. There will be a costume contest: How would you dress if you were a CAM legend? We will have a potluck dinner.

Guilds and Groups:
Cooking: Next meeting will be at RoseMarian's house, more information will come through the mailing list.
C&I: Please get scrolls to Gwyneth for the 'let's make scrolls for Pennsic' challenge.
Marquette: They propose the following dates for classes. Please volunteer to teach on one of these days. Sept 13, Oct 4, Oct 25, Nov 15, Dec 6. They would also like to do another Collegium, and we'll start planning it in August. Fighting will be Thursdays starting Sept 2, from 7-9 in the 'old' practice space.

New Business:
We've been asked to put in a bid for the 2012 Known World's Heralds and Scribes Symposium. More information forthcoming.

Baronial Transition: Valerius is the local contact person for the process, and will run all aspects of the process instead of Katlin. Elspeth is the Northshield TANG. Candidates: Geoffrey and Tatiana, Nikea, Murdoch and Katlin, Albrecht and Eva, and Dahrien and Guinievre. We will have a 'Meet and Greet' opportunity at the Legends Moot (August 21). Anyone can write a letter to the King and Queen to advise Them or make comments about the candidates, but only Baronial members will be polled. If you think that there is a chance you will not receive a poll, please contact Elspeth (TANG ~A~T~ northshield ~D~O~T~ org) or Valerius. The polls will be mailed to all paid SCA members who live in the zip codes which are designated as the Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr. Poll will go out on August 23. There will be a definite deadline by which everyone must return their polls to be considered. Changeover will happen at Boar's Head. Dahrien will post bios and other information on the website.


Officer Reports
Baron and Baroness: Due to modern life needs, Their Excellencies announced that They are stepping as Baron & Baroness at Boar's Head. They are beginning the transition process, as stated in the by-laws. Letters of Intent are due to Their Excellencies and the Seneschal by July curia. More details will be posted to the baronial email lists and the Tower.
Chirurgeon: Position is vacant
Chatelaine: Things have been quiet this month.
Exchequer: The WI groups will be spun-off into the SCA, Inc- Wisconsin. This will occur on 7/31/2010, While we are waiting for the new Tax ID # for SCA-WI, groups that are holding events after 7/31/2010 are encouraged to send money to kingdom to cover the events. Separate event accounts will be set-up by kingdom to pay event expenses. After 7/31, checks to Caer Anterth will need to be made out to "SCA, Inc- Wisconsin- Caer Anterth Mawr" . Rose Marian suggested that we should buy check stamp for people filling out checks at troll, given the long name.
Quartermaster: Dahrien reported that the missing water cooler has been found.
Herald: Encouraged people to send recommendations for awards year round rather than before Boar's Head. It allows for shorter Boar's Head courts and more business at Border Skirmish and other events.
Minister of Youth: The office is open, please send letters of intent to Their Excellencies, Seneschal, and Lady Nikea. Nikea may be considering applying for a third year.
Chronicler: Could not make it to curia due to work. Submissions for the Tower are due 6/20/2010.
Web Minister: Will be upgrading the left hand menu links on the website. Any updates for the website should be emailed to webminister at caeranterth dot org.
MOAS: Please let Lady Genevieve know about what A&S projects you have worked on this year for her quarterly report.
Knight's Marshall: Fighter Practice is held on Thursdays at KK River Parkway, with the archery and rapier practice. Sunday practices at Lake Park are also resuming.
Seneschal: Katlin is out of town

Old Business:
"Sister City"- Mysie suggested contacting Shattentor to see if they wish to be our sister group.
Border Skirmish Recap- Approx 383 attendees, despite weather. Approx. 200 general public took demo tours. Thanks was given to the staff and all the volunteers. Recommendation was made that a pavilion be rented from a commercial vendor rather than renting the kingdom pavilion. Concerns were expressed about the site (difficulties with the parks department, hostile general public, lack of showers, etc...) Deonysia volunteered to gather information for alternative sites.
Youth Event- Nikea is simplifying the "King" & "Queen" selection to a larger version of Capture the Flag.
Moots for rest of 2010- Confirmed the dates and stewards for the Day of Legends Moot (8/21 at Alice's Home, Rose Marian- Steward) and Baronial Championships (9/25 at Rock River Park, Armond & Gabrielle- stewards). Decided to not hold a changeling moot in October due to Youth Event and the Newcomer event in TADS. Rose Marian will check with Fancy to see if she wants to hold a Boar's Head pre-cook in November. Nikea volunteered to steward Yule Court on 12/11. Will check to see if St Edmund's is available.

New Business:
Boar's Head- The first BH planning meeting will be on July 18, at 1:00 pm at Greenfield Park (Lincoln Ave Pavilion).
WW Security- CAM will volunteer to provide security on Friday night at WW for the 14th year.
6/27 Fighter Practice and Treb firing- We have been invited to hold a fighter practice and trebuchet firing on the property of friends of Mysie & Dahrien, near 76th & County Line Road, starting at 1 pm.

Guilds and Groups:
B&V: Tasting at Day of Legends Moot.
C&I: Making scroll blanks for the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann.
Marquette Medieval Society- Fall fighter practice will be on Thursdays, in the Old Open Pantry. Spring is still up in the air. Their meetings are on Mondays. Will discuss when to hold another collegium and other lectures at a later date.

May 18, 2010

Officer Reports
Baron & Baroness: Their Excellencies' divorce will not affect their standing as Baron and Baroness. Please send them award recommendations. They will be attending Mermaids and Border Skirmish.
Minister of Children: Nikea is doing lunch for Mermaids and cooking all day with the kids. That night there will be a teen/youth encampment, including a campfire. (The older kids will help with the fire, the rules, and so on.) At Border Skirmish she's teaching a class, and also running Capture the Queen in the afternoon. She's looking for a deputy, and her office is up in November. We need to move the CAM grills - Tatiana and Geoffrey will help with that.
Knights Marshal: Moving to Kinnickinnic Park on Thursdays, Sundays at Lake Park until someone comes up with a different park (with better parking).
WebMinister: Some pages have been updated, including the Baronial OP.
QuarterMaster: We found the shade fly, but are still looking for one of the orange water jugs. It's labelled 'CAM'.
Herald: The Baronial OP is on the website.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Next Tuesday, Eithni will be teaching documentation at the Shorewood library at 7 PM. Please come!
Seneschal: If we keep Curia as the third Tuesday of each month, she'll be late for the forseeable future. Can we move to another night or another location? (Genvieve will run the next Curia, June 15.)

Old Business:

May Moot: Fun! Food! Friends. There were old people who we haven't seen in awhile, and new people. And Court! Yay!

Youth Event: We need someone to organize rapier and archery activities. (Leif will handle the heavy weapons portion.) They are organizing a game which involves fighting through the woods, onto the ship, and hanging a banner. Still working out the details.

New Business:
Pelican Meeting Report: The Pelicans had a meeting. There are lots of conflicts arising between the smaller events (Moots and things). Seneschals should check with other seneschals to see what might be scheduled which isn't on the main Northshield calendar yet. And, groups should put their activities on the Northshield calendar. In addition, we might consider 'adopting' a smaller group somewhere else in the Kingdom.

Guilds and Groups:
Marquette: The Marquette group thanks everyone for their help this past school year, and will be back next school year. Also, Anna Marie will be at the June moot (which will include some planning) to discuss possible future plans.

Cooking: Cooking is cancelled this month.

April 20, 2010

Officer Reports
Baron & Baroness: May Moot is coming up. We need award recommendations. Also need largesse - please make or donate things (trinkets, jewelry, trim, notebooks, personalized notecards, etc) which we will then give to Their Majesties to use as largesse. Coronation was fun. We have a new King and Queen! Come to Mermaids - Baron Alasdair will be cooking feast. (Alasdair and James vs Trite and Lucretia: Best of the Wurst Throwdown!)
Chatelaine: See the Tower.
Exchequer: We have money. Working on reimbursement checks for Coronation and the first quarter report. Hasn't seen any checks for Border Skirmish yet.
Herald: Updating the Baronial OP - will have a rough draft by May Moot. Should have a PDF ready to upload to the website by June.
MOC: Doing lunch at Mermaids (Nikki's Grill). Proceeds will be split between Northshield's youth and CAM youth programs. At Border Skirmish the kids will play Capture the Queen. Nothing new to say about the youth event.
Chronicler: Tower articles are due Sunday, April 25. Please send in articles and pictures. (You don't have to be an officer to write an article.) If you send pictures, please include permission to use it and identify the people in it. If you send an article via email, please include 'Tower' in the subject line.
WebMinister: Stepping down at May Moot. The new web minister will be named soon.
MOAS: Working with Eva to comobine A&S night with a night of garb repair and photographing.
Fighting: We have practice. The Marquette site is reserved for Monday nights through May 17.
Seneschal: Will purchase insurance for Border Skirmish.
Quartermaster: Dahrien is the new Quartermaster, and the office will officially change hands at May Moot.

Old Business:
Coronation: Everything seemed to go fine. Feast was a big hit and there were hardly any leftovers. The feast crew was out the door by 10 PM. We made a small profit, which we'll split with the Kingdom. We had 339 people.
Border Skirmish: It's in June. We have bathrooms and portajohns, but no showers. We still have some positions to fill. Let's get the word out. There's a walkthrough on May 15 at 11 AM. The website is up. There will be a sandcastle contest! Need to make sure that it's okay to have parties on the beach. No pets this year.
Party bus: Do people still want a bus for Quest in May of 2011? Dahrien will look into the cost of a 30-person and a 50-person bus and get back to us with numbers.
Marquette Colloqium: Anna thinks that hands-on classes are a good idea for next time. We need more advertising, more classes, more lead time, and better timing. Can we do one in the fall, advertised at O-fest? Anna will come to the June Curia/planning meeting to discuss.
May Moot: May 1, Rock River Park in Fort Atkinson. 11 AM. We'll have indoor games, space for fighting and archery outdoors. We need award recommendations. The building is not heated, so dress accordingly. Will get the signs and put them up. Also, the Orders will meet.

There is a demo on Friday, May 7 at the Meadowbrook schools. We'll have three 45-minute blocks, between 1-3 PM.

New Business:
Sites: We should expand our search for a new site, because people are avoiding CAM events because of the locations we choose. (Both the Expo Center and the County Fairgrounds prevent people from bringing in food from outside, and our general public wants to bring food in.) Maybe we can look at places that aren't as large.
Turn An Dem See has generic SCA signs available to loan.
Fundraiser idea: A person in Windhaven is putting together a fundraiser to sell ceramic Northshield amulets. (~$2 to make them, sell them for ~$5-6.) Windhaven is contributing money to this cause. Do we want to do so as well? Curia decided that we need more information.

Guilds and Groups:
Brewing and Vinting: B&V will hold a tasting at the Legends Moot.
C&I: Will meet again. They have a new project to create some scroll blanks. All are welcome to help!
Cooking: Next meeting in June.
Marquette Student Group: They used the treb on Sunday to great success. A person in Mequon has invited them and the SCA group to her home for a 'fling'. Mysie will figure out when to do this.

March 23, 2010

Officer Reports
Baron and Baroness: Send in award recommendations for Spring Court (May 1). Kateryn went to Gulf Wars and had lots of fun.
Exchequer: Changing officers from Jean to Magnus. Paperwork is underway. We still have money.
Quartermaster: Changing officers from Tatiana to Dahrien.
Herald: Quarterly report is in. Banners are going well.
Chronicler: Submit articles for the Tower! (Due by Mar 28)
Web Minister: See the Tower. My office expires in April, and I'm looking for a replacement - send letters of intent to Baron, Baroness, Seneschal, and web minister.
MoAS: Won't be here for Coronation or Border Skirmish. If you need anything from her, let her know.
Seneschal: Our insurance is renewed.
Chatelaine: Still working on the photo catalog of the gold key. Can we add the garb which comes in from the 'give-away table' (see below) at Coronation to it? Theodwyn will act as Eva's second deputy.

Old Business:
Regional Fighter's Practice: Went well, though attendance was a little light (six heavy, four unarmored, three A&S). Next time we'll advertise better.
Coronation: Dress in Northshield colors! There will be fighting. There will be court. There will be feast. (3 course steak dinner! - salad, cheese fondue on bread, mac and cheese, veggies wrapped in bacon, steak, custard, and cookies.) Bring back the old school SCA, with pageantry and day camps. There will not be bleachers. We expect a bunch of Midrealmers. If someone wants dancing at the event, someone needs to volunteer to run it. There will be a number of prizes given for things like best garb, most period feast gear, and door prizes. We're splitting the merchants into two rooms to try to manage the flow of traffic. Table decorations for feast will be period-dyed eggs, which will also be used for gaming during feast. Also, there will be a 'give-away' table - people can bring SCA things that they don't need anymore and drop them off; people can also come to that table and take things from it.
Bus Report: Maybe we can take a bus to Quest for Camelot in May?
Marquette Group/Colloquium: Facebook group is up at . We have six or seven classes arranged, and there are spaces for more - we have four "smart" rooms reserved from 8 AM - 6 PM. (Smart rooms = computer and projector hookups available.) Not sure what to do about lunch. Garb is optional. First class at 9, last class tentatively at 1:30. Should also have a roundtable at the end.
Fighter's Practice at Marquette: Potentially have practice on Thursday (Mar 25) and Monday (Mar 29) at the Annex. More info to come.

New Business:
Melee in the Fort: Donald suggested that we have melees in the Fort (at Fort Atkinson) this summer. Potentially we can do it once a month on Sundays, more often if people prefer. No charge. More information to come.
Demo at Janesville Ren Faire: Arnbjorn is looking into whether we can do one there or not.

Guilds and Groups:
Brewers and Vintners: Should have another tasting soon.
Cooking: Has been happening, and people have had fun. More folks should come to eat the food being prepared.
Calligraphy and Illumination: Too busy to schedule lately.

February 16, 2010

Officer Reports
B&B: We received thank-you letters from His Highness Midrealm Radagaisus, Her Excellency Castel Rouge Isobel, and Their Excellencies Nordskogen Saraidh and Ilya. 12th Night Nordskogen was fun.
Chatelaine: Still cataloging. Can I buy some bins with lids? (Answer: Yes, you have a budget of $50.)
Demo Coordinator (new office): Adelicia is our new Demo Coordinator, a position we used to have which has gone unfilled for a long time. This office is a deputy of the Chatelaine.
Exchequer: We have money. Jean is stepping down next month and Magnus is stepping up. The Troll Manual is in basic form, and the Exchequer Manual is on its way. Incidentally, the refund policy is a guiding principle and not a bylaw.
Quartermaster: Dahrien will be the new Quartermaster.
Herald: The heraldic library is catalogued in last month's Tower and on the website.
Minister of Children: Looking for a deputy.
Chronicler: Articles for the Tower due by Sunday, Feb 21.
Web Minister: Office is open in April. Please submit letters of intent to Baron, Baroness, Seneschal, and Web Minister.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Next Tuesday (Feb 23) there will be a Calligraphy and Illumination/Arts and Sciences gathering at Alasdair and Kateryn's house, in which we will discuss documentation.
Knight's Marshal: Weekly practice (every other week or so) at Marquette. Check the CAM and CAM-Heavy email lists. We are looking into another potential space for practices as well.
Seneschal: We've sent the money to reserve the space for Boar's Head.
New Business:
Boar's Head: Arnbjorn will be the event steward. The theme is Boar's Head: The Thistle on the Moors - a Scottish Boar's Head.
Banners: We should replace the Midrealm banners with Northshield banners. Perhaps use the swaths of black fabric we still have in the storage locker?
March Curia: March 23 instead of March 16th, so as not to conflict with Gulf Wars.
Future Moots: We need to plan the October 30th potential moot and the Boar's Head Pre-cook Moot.
Old Business:
Regional Fighter's Practice: We have a regional fighter's practice scheduled for Sunday, Feb 28 from 1-6 PM at the Schuetze Center in Frame Park, Waukesha. ( No site fee, donations welcome.
Demo: Demo on May 7, from 1-3 PM, at the Meadowbrook Elementary School in Waukesha. Need more people.
Demo: Demo in Racine - need to get back to them about the date (March 13th or 20th). Want to discuss knights.
Coronation: Need more information in order to report.
Border Skirmish: We have official permission to use the site. A few changes from last year. There are some questions about how feast will work.
Youth Event: We need a check in order to reserve the space. (Taken care of.)
Group trip: Where can we go as a group in the September time frame? Please chat with the Baron and Baroness on the subject.
Guilds and Groups:
Marquette Group: The group is planning to attend fighter's school this weekend. The group is building up again, and would like to invite people to teach classes or lecture on things like events, politics, and people in history during the weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 7:30 in room 154 of the Marquette Physics building.
MU A&S Collegium: Will be holding an A&S Collegium on March 27th in the Physics building at Marquette. Deonysia is collecting people to teach classes, and is looking for lecture-based topics instead of crafting or 'doing' topics - for instance, relgion in medieval times. (The MU group wants to entice students with lectures for which they might get extra credit.) It will last most of the day. Deonysia is inviting people specifically to teach particular things.

January 19, 2010

Officer Reports
Baron and Baroness: Kateryn is home sick. She will not be at Flesh Wound, though Alasdair will. Next court will be May Day (May 1).
Chatelaine: Read the Tower. Need another night of photographing garb, possibly overlapping with an A&S night, and will need models. She will also publish what she needs when she has a list compiled. We should expect this to be a slow process.
Exchequer: Has copies of the event report from Boar's Head, as well as the end of year report. Our net worth has increased. We have balanced our books. Don't forget to pick up forms (or fill out forms) for the Pick and Save "We Care" program, which donates money to us every time someone in our group shops.
Herald: Has inventoried the heraldic library, and a copy of the inventory will be in the Tower and on the website. Hopes to get the OP completed by Border Skirmish.
Minister of Children: Read the Tower. We've been contacted by Meadowbrook Elementary School (in Waukesha) to do a demo on May 7, for 40 minutes, between noon and 3 PM. They were hoping we would do heavy weapons. (Target audience is 4th-6th graders.) She saw us at the Highland Games.
Web: Nothing.
Chronicler: Reports due by Sunday, Jan 24.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Deonysia is stepping down, Genvieve is stepping up. Next meeting is February 9 at Alasdair and Kateryn's - there will be a guest speaker to discuss documentation.
Knights Marshal: Fighters practices moving to Thursdays at the Annex. Will keep the calendar on CAM-Heavy up to date. (Contact Valerius or Abelard to be added.)
Seneschal: See New Business.
New Business:
Event Submission Forms: Caitlin has created a sample bid packet and is collecting feedback. Once it's more or less compiled, she'll provide it to the web minister to post on the website. This form is not required, but is heavily recommended for larger events (not moots). It includes a worksheet which ties closely to the 'end of event report' which the Exchequer must turn in, and should help autocrats figure out pricing and other details for an event.
Exchequer Duty Additions: Caitlin suggested a policy change, which would make the Exchequer the pre-registration coordinator for future events. After discussion, we decided that the pre-reg coordinator, the merchant coordinator, and the Exchequer will work closely for future events - they must communicate weekly to make sure that checks are deposited in a timely manner and pre-registration goes more smoothly. The Exchequer can also pre-address and stamp envelopes for this purpose. The Exchequer will also write up a 'how to handle pre-reg' document (outline due by February Curia, to be complete by March Curia).
Other suggestions which arose from this conversation: The group will put together information packets about how to run each area of an event - autocrat, troll, pre-reg, marshal in charge, feastocrat, etc - so that future 'crats will have information at their fingertips. This information will expand the Event Steward Handbook and will live on the website. Please get this information to Alasdair.
March Moot: Deonysia is in charge. The Marquette group has requested a Collegium on March 27. Garb will be optional (don't want to scare people away, but want to draw people who will be drawn by the garb). Event will be free, accepting donations. Open call for teachers - no time limit on classes. Event may include a white-glove walkthrough of the Haggerty Museum's collection of Medieval Manuscripts, and also might include a ball of some sort at the Haggerty. This will not be on the Northshield calendar.
Old Business:
Coronation: Menu is just about set. There is a meeting on Sunday, Jan 24.
Border Skirmish: We are responsible for site this year. There was a meeting at TGS 12th Night. There will be some changes in site layout this year - merchants which were previously at the bottom of the hill will be at the top of the hill, among other things. There will be more formal tours this year, with actual tour guides and pre-determined routes beginning at Chatelaine Point. There will be Artisans Row added to the Merchant area. The general public will not be amongst the private camping areas. Recommend that people erect sheet walls to delineate edges of their space.
Regional Fighter's Practice: We are reserving the Activity Room in Frame Park in Waukesha for regional fighter's practice on Sunday, February 7 from 1-6 PM.
Baronial Bus to Cecil's Siege: This event may not happen. More information coming later.
Youth Event in October: Nikea visited the site and took lots of pictures. It's very cool. Most of the activities will be outdoors, with camping indoors (in the castle and viking ship). We can fly banners from the ship. The castle has a moat and working drawbridge. Sleeping/camping space will be available by pre-registration only, because they must be assigned in advance. There is space for 95 people to sleep indoors; attendance will be capped somewhere between 15-200 people (including people day-tripping the event). We have until June 1 to get in the deposit. If we can't get enough people by April Curia to justify both the castle and the ship we will drop one or the other.
Guilds and Groups:
Cooking Group: Next meeting is February 28 at Typhaine's.

December 15, 2009

Officer Reports
Baron and Baroness: Thank you to Gwyneth, who was the steward at Yule Court, and for all the people who made it so much fun. Had a great time. Boar's Head was also great, and thank you to everyone for that. Send in award recommendations to the Baron and Baroness, as well as to Their Majesties.
Chatelaine: There are new people (Emily and Casey) at Curia! Some of the gold key garb (the loaner garb) is not fit to be worn. In keeping with the office's mandates, it will be maintained accordingly. The chatelaine will also go through all of the available loaner garb and inventory it, including photos, in part so that people know what we have, but also so that people know what we don't have. (For instance, we have some women's garb which requires an underskirt, but no underskirt.) For these photos, she would like people to model the garb. (Perhaps we can have a Baronial loaner garb fashion show.) And, as you go through your old garb, please consider donating it to the Barony. We should also have an A&S day focused on making garb.
Exchequer: Working through the numbers on Boar's Head. It looks like we made money. Will be stepping down in March or April, so LOI are due.
Herald: Going through the library. We need name source books. He will put together a list of books to look for, which we can put on the website. We also need the Baronial OP (the website version is broken), to post on the web by the summer.
Chronicler: Waited to run the Tower until after Boar's Head, but didn't get enough articles. Will cancel the December issue and run January instead. Articles are due by December 20.
Web Minister: The 2010 calendar is posted. Will remove C&I from the schedule page until the times are established. The new resources are posted in a hidden location. Will fix the OP/address book when he has a few free days.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Letters of Intent are due - the office officially ended in November, so she's on extended time. Please tell her what projects people have been working on since July 15 for her Domesday report. She hopes to still have A&S nights once a month at the library.
Knights Marshal: Valerius was approved as the new Knights Marshal.
Seneschal: Please make sure you turn in copies of Domesday reports to Seneschal, Baron, and Baroness. Will call Washington Country Fairgrounds about Boar's Head 2010 contract.
Old Business:
Boar's Head report: 545 people were at Boar's Head. Exchequer is working through the financial numbers - the different prices for different registration times for different people has made it complicated, but not impossible. Next year Jean would like to run troll to try to minimize potential accounting snafus. We also should establish the rates as early as possible. Overall, the event was a great success - longer report next time. (The autocrats were not at Curia due to illness.) The autocrats still have the Lost and Found, and will re-post after the holidays.
Border Skirmish: Deonysia and Sigrid are the autocrats. There will be a meeting in January, possible at Tree Girt Sea 12th Night on Jan 16.
Youth Event: We have until June to turn in the reservations. Nikea will collect numbers to find out if it's feasible to rent both the castle and the viking ship, and will cancel the ship if numbers are not high enough. The event will be October 15-17. She has approval from Turn An Dem See to use their lands.
Officer Badges: Two are complete.
Trailer: What if we get a trailer and park it in the storage locker? A three-day rental of a truck or trailer (to haul things for Boar's Head or Border Skirmish) costs money, but the money is currently budgeted for in the event funds. As long as the driver of the vehicle hauling the trailer is a paid member of the SCA, they are covered under Corporate insurance. The size of trailer we will need may require license plates - in whose name would they be registered? Do we need a trailer for everything in the storage locker, or just for everything we need for Boar's Head? More investigation required.
Coronation Bid: We don't have answers yet from Isabella. Kaitlin will try to get a deadline from David de Bohun about when the bid is due, Geoffroi will investigate the use of the Scottish Rite Mason Hall on Van Buren, and Kateryn will investigate the use of Frane Park in Waukesha.
New Business:
September Trip to Cecil's Siege: Dahrien will look into getting a bus for the trip.
Boar's Head 2010: Bids are due 2/16/10. Feast and event bids can be combined or separate.
Guilds and Groups:
Brewers: There was a tasting at the Yule Moot. Jean's stout was great.
Calligraphy and Illumination: Starting up again.
Marquette: They would like to hold a colligeum in April, with classes during the day and a ball in the evening. Perhaps it can be combined with the March Moot?
Cooking Group: Will meet again January 17 at Countess Gwyneth's house. The theme is almonds - everyone bring your favorite almond dish. There will be prizes for the best period almond dish!

November 17, 2009

Officers Reports:
Baron and Baroness: Submit award recommendations for Boar's Head and Yule Moot! We need to collect items for royalty baskets for Boar's Head (there are seven Royals coming - King, Queen, Prince, and Princess Northshield, King, Queen, Prince Midrealm). Alice is embroidering napkins. Donate stuff! Also, the planning meeting has happened. More planning will happen in June.
Chatelaine: The Marquette group would really like a demo to drum up interest on their campus. We should look for a demo coordinator...
Exchequer: Give me receipts for Boar's Head in advance, if you can. Deadline will be Yule Moot. We have no outstanding debts. Officially looking for a replacement - stepping down in March/April. We need to pay taxes at Boar's Head - will do the usual ($250, half to travel fund, half to general fund).
Quartermaster: If you need anything out of the storage locker for Boar's Head, let me know by November 20th (Friday). I'll go this weekend to pull everything we need off the shelves and put it all in a pile so that the Boar's Head autocrats can load the truck faster.
Herald: Still herald. Today is the deadline for letters of intent - and the new Herald will be Arnbjorn, as of Yule Court.
Minister of Children: We'll have stuff for Yule Court. Local kids aren't doing anything special right now.
Chronicler: Deadline for Tower submissions will be December 8, to include Boar's Head stuff.
Web Minister: Will post the Yule Court stuff with the Curia notes, and try to post the new Resources information this weekend.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Nothing new.
Knights Marshal: The office is officially open. Only one person has expressed interest, but has not yet put in a letter. We still have practices at Marquette, but the weather is getting cold for Lake Park.
Archery Marshal: No archery practice November 23rd because of hunting season.
Seneschal: Out sick. Thanks to Gwyneth for filling in!
Old Business:
Boar's Head: Website continues to be updated. Scheduling has shifted slightly to add a 10 AM morning court, which moves afternoon court to 4:30 and feast to 6:30. Bar opens at 11. All tournaments will immediately follow morning court. Send Nikea stuff for the booklet. There won't be a dais, but will be a raised platform for the royalty. The autocrats have a plan to get stuff in place early. Re: the Cookie Caper, we may have Princess Bride cookies. Bring containers! There will be a notice stating that no care will be taken to keep the cookies separated (that is, people who are allergic to nuts should avoid the cookies). We have filled all of the merchant slots and have an overflow list. People can get in to site to set up between 7:30 AM and 10 PM.
Border Skirmish: Today was the deadline for bids. An announcement will occur soon.
Officer Badges: Two of them are complete.
Yule Court: See the website at Info went out to the email list. It's the weekend after Boar's Head, at St. Ed's, and setup is at 3:30. There will be a potluck feast and things to do.
Coronation Bid: Waiting for Mistress Isabella to complete the bid and submit it.
New Business:
Youth Event: Looking at the Bay-Lakes Council Boy Scout camp "Kohler Castle" (and possibly the Gunderson Viking Baten) as a location for a youth event October 15-17, 2010. Can rent just the castle or also the viking ship. Can also camp on the grounds. CAM voted and approved the event. Site information at:
Guilds and Groups:
Brewing and Vintning: Bring stuff to Yule Moot for drinking and tasting.
Calligraphy and Illumination: Will begin again right after Boar's Head.
Marquette group: Fighting site moving to the Annex for next semester. Practice will be Thursdays from January through March, then Mondays in April and May.
Cooking: Maybe November 29. Definitely January 17.

Baronial Planning Meeting

Dec 2009
5 Boar's Head
12 Yule Court
15 Curia - Shorewood

Jan 2010
Too many events so no special items for CAM this month
19 Curia - Brookfield

Feb 2010
7 Regional Fighter Practice, need a steward, tentative location: Frame Park
16 Curia - Shorwood - At this Curia - Boars Head Bids are due to us to be voted on
Too many events so no special moots

Mar 2010
16 Curia - Brookfield
Gulf Wars is this month
27 - Moot - Steward gets to suggest theme & location (we need all 3)

April 2010
10 Spring Coronation
20 Curia - Shorewood
Since we might be doing Coronation - no moot is scheduled

May 2010
1 May Day Moot & Spring Court, Steward: Arnbjorn, tentative location: Rock River Park
18 Curia - Brookfield

June 2010
12 Border Skirmish
22 Curia - Shorwood - at this Curia - we will Discuss the Changeling Moot and the BH precook Moot ideas

July 2010
20 Curia - Brookfield

Aug 2010
17 Curia - Shorwood
21 Day of Legends Moot, Steward: Rose Marian, Location: TBA

Sep 2010
18 Cecil Siege - possible Group Trip - chartering a bus and all go together
21 Curia - Brookfield
25 Baronial Championships, Steward: TBA, tentative location: Rock River Park

Oct 2010
16 Possible Youth Event - voting on at Nov 09 Curia
19 Curia - Shorwood
30 Changeling Moot possibly

Nov 2010
9 Planning Meeting for 2011
16 Curia - Brookfield
27 Possible Pre-cook for Boar's Head

Dec 2010
4 Boars Head
11 Yule Court Moot, Steward & Location: TBA
14 Curia - Shorewood - this moved up to the 2nd Tuesday because the 3rd Tuesday is too close to Christmas.

Possible moots to be reviewed in June: 10/30/10- Changeling Moot, 11/27/10- Boar's Head Pre Cook & Dance Moot

October 20, 2009

Officers Reports:
Baron and Baroness: We had the 30th Anniversary Moot, and it was wonderful. Everybody was there. The site was great - we couldn't hear any traffic noise or general hubbub from the pool or the football games. Arnbjorn and his staff did a great job.
Exchequer: We have money. Boars Head prereg is about as high as usual. We will make a donation to the Kingdom at Boars Head. If you submit a receipt, please put the amount of the receipt at the top to make it easier to read.
Chatelaine: We had a lot of people at Lake Park on Sunday, which drew more people. Bayview Bash also drew lots of people.
Herald: Nothing to report. Office changeover at Yule Moot.
Minister of Children: Nikea's kids went to Griffin's Needle and did great things - one spent time entertaining the Queen and the other made a name for himself ironing. Next year they will put together a team of teenage boys ("The Beasts") to compete. We may have some new youths joining us - the National Honor Society at Ronald Reagan High are interested in putting in volunteer hours at Boars Head and possibly Yule Court. Also, Nikea is planning something for WW (chariot races?). What happened to the demos we used to do at local high schools?
Webminister: We have a website. If you have problems or questions, please contact webminister.
Chronicler: Deadline for articles is Sunday, October 25. He will distribute new permissions/right to publish forms.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: A&S on alternate Tuesdays at Shorewood Library.
Knights Marshal: Sunday fight practices still going on, while the weather holds. Marquette on Mondays. Looking for a new knights marshal. Will request letters of intent in the new Tower.
Seneschal: Doing paperwork.
Old Business:
Boar's Head: Walkthrough and Planning Meeting at site on Saturday October 24 at 2 PM. Expect to have 8 royals on the dais. Court will be before feast. We will have a cookie caper this year. We will also have a 'casbah', with turkish coffee. There will be a bones tournament, so bring your bones. Autocrats will make arrangements to get things out of the storage locker on Thursday night so that they can be on site Friday morning at 7 AM.
Yule Court: Saturday, December 12, St. Ed's.
Border Skirmish: We need an autocrat, and we need one soon. Volunteer!
Officers Badges: Chronicler's badge is nearly done.
Bylaws: The changes to the bylaws were read into the meeting and accepted.
New Business:
Coronation Bid: Since three out of four royals would not have to travel far, we ought to put in a bid for Coronation. Isabella has volunteered to do the legwork - she will be the event steward, find a site, put together a staff, etc. She's already talked to a possible feast steward. Coronation would be April 10. With Border Skirmish in early June, can we do this? Curia voted yes, we will do this.
Trailer: What about a trailer instead of a storage locker? Discuss. (Do we have to license it? What about insurance? How big does it need to be? We
need to have big trucks to haul a big trailer. The storage locker is ~$800 per year. How many years will a trailer last? And does that make sense financially? (How much does a trailer cost?) Where do we park it? If the huge trailer isn't a good option, what about a small one for hauling things?)
Guilds and Groups:
C&I: Genvieve is taking over C&I.
MMS: Full moon party was fun. They'll have another one in November. They'd also like to do games night once per month, on a Thursday.
Don't forget: Planning Meeting is November 10 at Marquette.

September 15, 2009

Officers Reports:
Baron & Baroness: Happy 30th Anniversary to everyone - 30 years ago today (Sept 15) the first Baron and Baroness were invested and the Barony was born. We will be attending CeCil's Siege this weekend. Today is Geoffrey's last Curia. Please send in award recommendations, both for Baronial awards and for Kingdom awards. (Their Majesties and Their Excellencies will be holding Court at the 30th Anniversary/Baronial Champions Moot next weekend.) Please also consider bringing contents for gift baskets for Their Majesties.
Chatelaine: There are some new people - please keep an eye out for folks you don't recognize and greet them.
Quartermaster: Nothing to report, except that Murdoch and Caitlin will store the Baronial Carport for the winter.
Herald: A few devices are in process. The office is open, and Letters of Intent are due by next Curia.
Minister of Children: Nothing to report.
Webminister: There is a new Kingdom Webminister.
Knights Marshal: We have 3 practices: Monday at Marquette, Thursday at Kinnickinnic, and Sunday at Lake Park. The new potential Knights Marshal has plans for new practice formats...
Archery: We have moved to West Town Archery until next May.
Seneschal: The office will turn over at Baronial Championships. The Seneschal report has been turned in. The Seneschal boxes should probably be stored electronically.
Exchequer; The old bank account is finally closed. We have all the signatures we need for the new bank account.
Old Business:
Boar's Head: We have so many things happening that we're running out of space to put them all. Otherwise, everything's fine. Next meeting will be in October. The Young Marines will be present again - they will help with setup and takedown, and will also collect the toys during Court (with Their Majesties permission). The theme for the fighting includes gambling of some sort - Leif is having coins made for this purpose. We have the site for the entire day before the event to set things up (7 AM - 10 PM, but please let the autocrats know when you'll be there). We might allow merchants to set up the night before. All of the merchant spaces have been filled. There will also be a bones tournament of some sort. And please look at the menu for feast and lunch.
Baronial Champions: Rock River Park, next Saturday (9/26), in Fort Atkinson. Non-members and kids will still have to sign the waivers, though there is no site fee. (Though we are accepting donations.) We need at least one Baronial grill. Does anyone know if there's a microwave on site? People need to bring things other than just desserts, but we need desserts too. (Not just 'meats and sweets'.) The Baronial sunshade will make an appearance. There will also be a youth champion for the Barony, to be chosen through pan-athenic games.
Border Skirmish: Still need an autocrat.
Baronial Badges: Albrecht is still working on this.
Midrealm 40th Anniversary and CAM History display: This will be complete in time for the Champions moot next weekend. If you have photos from the last 30 years of Baronial history, please send them to Arnbjorn. Does anyone have a photo of Rissa, the first Baroness? Also, please send historical recipes to Sir Fern (or to Rose Marian, who will get them to Fern).
New Business:
Bylaws meeting: October 6. Maybe at the Shorewood Library.
Planning meeting: November 10, at Marquette.
Yule Court: December 12. Gwyneth is the autocrat.
Guilds and Groups:
Brewers and Vintners: Had fun at the moot, and will do more tastings soon.
C&I: Nothing to report yet.
Marquette Medieval Society: They would really like to get things moving again, and hope to send representatives to our events and meetings but they're still getting their feet back under them. They would also like to host some sort of Collegium again.

August 18, 2009

Opening Comments: Pennsic was fun.
Baron & Baroness: Pennsic was fun. Jara and Castel Rouge Baronial changeovers are coming soon. If you have largesse - trinkets, necklaces, unscented candles, beeswax, honey, whatever - which you wish to donate, please give them to Kateryn. The Legends Moot is this weekend, and there will not be court. There will be court at Baronial Champions, and we need award recommendations. If you don't know what award to recommend a person for, just tell the Baron and Baroness what thing you saw the person doing and they'll figure it out from there.
Chatelaine: Nothing new.
Exchequer: There are still some accounts left at the old bank, but they will be closed out soon. Otherwise, we're at the new bank.
Herald: Handing off the office at Yule Moot.
Minister of Children: Nothing new.
Chronicler: Thanks for input re: layout of the Tower. Still learning and playing with the software, but I've mostly settled. The deadline for the next Tower is Sunday, August 23.
Webminister: Nothing new.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: The time to step down is approaching soon, and someone is interested. The sunshade made it to Pennsic and was set up.
Knights Marshal: Still fighting at KK Park on Thursdays. People tried a new Sunday location (Riverside Park, Oakland and Newberry) while he was at Pennsic, and they liked it. Someone needs to talk to Marquette about winter indoor practice space, unless U of M can provide one...
Seneschal: Still waiting to hear if we can possess the Washington County Expo zip code.
Old Business
Boar's Head: Met over the weekend. Built the platform. Have ideas for pillars. We have a feast menu and most of a lunch menu. We will be getting a truck. The Baronial Tournament (fighting) will be at 10 AM. (Can we get the list board from Gunther?) Fighters should bring their own heraldry. Don't forget to pre-reg! Toshi wants to build list poles - please donate one gallon paint cans to him. (You can use cat litter to dry the paint faster.) The Curia approved his request to spend money to build said list poles.
Baronial Champs: Links are up and working. Expect 150 people; plan to feed 100. Tig has a "different" tournament in mind for the fighting.
Border Skirmish: Still no autocrat. Planning to have Simmons Island Park again. Deonysia will be running the "demo"/guided tour portion of the event, and will coordinate a period encampment, A&S Artisans Row, and other things to show the tours.
Baronial Badges: Arnbjorn is still working on these.
Brewing and Vintning Guild: Will be having a tasting this weekend at the Legends Moot.
Legends Moot: This weekend! Bring trinkets to play bones, but no money! Does anyone have a shaved ice machine?
C&I: Will be starting again. Want to make scroll blanks and a Baronial model book. These will be at Marquette.
New Business
Midrealm 40th Anniversary is in October, and other historical things are happening. To that end, Arnbjorn would like some money to build tri-fold exhibits of photos and other historical records. Approved.
Bayview Bash: September 19, we will have an hour of demo time on the stage. So, we need people to do an hour of stuff.
Bylaws: We will have a separate meeting to discuss bylaws in October. They will be printed in the Tower. (They are already on the website.)


Old Business:
Baron and Baroness: Border Skirmish earned us some money, which is good. There are still comments coming in, but overall people liked the event and the site. This is also the anniversary of CAM as a group. Valerius is working on new coronets, which look spiff. Please send in award recommendations!
Seneschal: The Baron and Baroness Poll is complete - the results were overwhelmingly positive and Kateryn and Alasdair will remain Baron and Baroness. Side note: When the bylaws come up for review in September and October we should clean up the language of how the transition process works. Everything else is fine. Term ending soon...
Chatelaine: New people are still turning up. Yay!
Exchequer: We have money. We're in the process of transitioning into the new bank, and we need some signatures. Exchequer report is due at the end of the month.
Quartermaster: Position is open. Apply! Thank you to everyone who helped clean the locker - it looks great.
Herald: Deputy has been helpful. People are working on names. Term ends in December (Yule Moot), and there is an applicant for the position.
Minister of Children: An activity is planned for the Legends Moot.
Chronicler: Still some directories left! See Arnbjorn! Experimenting with Scribus for the next Tower. Articles are due by July 26. Officers, if you're not submitting an article this month please email to let him know that you're not submitting one. And thank you for the AoA.
WebMinister: New deputy (Simon)! Please let me know if you're not receiving email.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Three Stars Challenge is coming. Thank you to everyone who helped on the shade fly, which is going to Pennsic. There's no A&S night next week (7/28). Report got in on time. A&S Challenge for Boar's Head: Italy through all of period.
Knights Marshal: Still fighting. Adeliz is authorized. Term ends at the end of September.
Old Business:
Boar's Head: August 16: Building Party/Planning Party/Fighter's Practice/A&S/Potluck at Nikea's house, August 16 at noon. (Building pillars, in case you wondered.) We'll probably use the risers from the site as the throne dais instead of building/transporting our own. We will do Toys For Tots again, and the Young Marines will probably be on hand to receive them. Merchants are registering. Still waiting to hear what the menu will be. We need volunteers for setup and takedown. Kids Activity at Boar's Head: Queen's Spy.
Baronial Sunshade: Complete! And, within the cost allocated to it. Look at it sometime, because we want to use it for demos, camping events, and so on. We want to see it get used. We will store it in the storage locker.
Baronial Champions: Rock River Park, September 26, clubhouse building. Feast is likely - Barony will probably do the main dish, and everyone can bring side dishes. $3 donation recommended (per person) - $1 per decade. Need to get information to website, Northwatch, etc.
New Business
Border Skirmish 2010: June 11-13. Need autocrat, etc. Also need to contact Stallari about holding event second weekend of the month.
Officer Badges: Some are missing, some are damaged. Albrecht has volunteered to remake them. Barony will reimburse him. If you're an officer and you need one, let him know.
Bay View Bash: Sept 17-18. Need more information.
Legends Moot/Mama Kat Tourney: Aug 22, Noon, Alice's house. Court if needed. Potluck feast: Bring your legendary recipes. Kids activities, African dance class (bring your drums), B&V tasting.
C&I: On hiatus. Heralds and Scribes event has been combined with SUN.
Marquette Student Group: Some of the students will be at Pennsic.

June 16, 2009

Officer Reports:
Baron and Baroness: Hi! Don't forget to give us award recommendations.
Chatelaine: We had one person contact us through the normal channels, and lots of non-SCA people came through the gate at Border Skirmish (55-60). Security also handed out info to the public at the event. Also, Adelicia is the new Deputy Chatelaine.
Herald: See the Tower. Minister of Children: Of the 44 kids at Border Skirmish, 22 played Capture the Queen. Leiflette and Sascha won. Jasmine (a young lady in the group) is putting together a creative writing/arts website/discussion forum specifically for kids (though adults can play too).
Chronicler: Reports are due Tuesday 6/23. The theme for this issue is SCA Networking (for instance, Legio Draconis, Armour Archives, etc.) Also, please submit photos so that he has some to use.
Exchequer: We got a letter from the bank that they'll start charging us on July 1, so we'll switch accounts at the end of June.
Web: See the Tower.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: A&S night next Tuesday. Might be movie night - theme to be announced. MoAS reports is due, so please send her lists of projects. There will be an A&S Tournament at Baronial Championships: Three projects, of which one must be in an art or science you've never done before. The theme is stars and/or towers. No more than 5-6 pages of documentation for the entire project. No performances because there's no space for it.
Knight's Marshal: KM report is due. We're still practicing Thursdays and Sundays. We beat the Midrealm in everything except for one engagement. We had a significant numerical advantage, and also had lots of fun.
Seneschal: Event report was turned in. Kaitlin will be the new Seneschal - changeover will be at Baronial Championships.
Old Business:
Storage Locker Clean-up: Things got thrown out, things got reclaimed, things got removed and repurposed. Things which were in the inventory lists were recorded as disposed of.
Baronial Poll: So far, roughly half of the Barony has responded. Geoffery will continue to gather votes.
Boars Head: Planning meeting will be June 26 at 7 PM - IHOP at 43rd and National off 41st. The exact address is 110 Miller Parkway. Lots of volunteers!
Border Skirmish: Thanks from the autocrat. People liked the site. We raised over $600 for Alice. You can send comments to Albrecht and Marie, but especially send them to RLEventSteward ~A~T~ gmail ~D~O~T~ com. Some specific comments: Those weren't mosquitos. It wasn't well-publicized in Kenosha. It was a requirement from the city that we have 'open to the public' hours. Maybe we should have a guided tour - make the public entrance near the battlefield so people have something to watch, and schedule tours to leave every twenty minutes.) Need better signage. Need more (or better marked) parking.
Baronial Sunshade: Deonysia is in charge, and plans to have it done by July 1. White, blue and green, and made out of trigger. Waiting to hear back from Corin and Fancy about using their big sewing machine. Waiting to hear back from Danr about stakes (or maybe we can make our own). Need rope.
WW Friday Night Security: Arnbjorn is in charge, and he will send out another request for people to work. We can still use people for all shifts.
Menomonee Falls Park: We haven't heard anything new from them. Don't plan to go back there ever again.
Baronial Directory: Directories are printed and available from Arnbjorn for $2 each.
New Business:
Border Skirmish 2010: Proposed date is June 11-13.
Ravenslake would like to invite everyone to an event soon, and will send people to our Baronial Championships.

May 19, 2009

Baron and Baroness: Went to Caravan in the Midrealm, and had a great time (though traffic was awful). Neat themed fighting, in which the fighters were divided into 'caravan' and 'bandits', and they had to escort non-combatants (designated as 'mules') from point A to point B. Their Majesties Midrealm have told their western fighters to come to Border Skirmish, so we expect a large turnout. Also, it's the end of the term - more information from Seneschal.
Chatelaine: Moot was good and had new people. The Meet and Greet was also fun and had more new people. Whee!
Exchequer: There was no fee on our April bill from the bank, so maybe we don't have to change banks ... but just in case, he's following up with other banks (Associated and USBank).
Herald: People are interested in taking on the job of Herald, so once the job is announced as open there will be letters of intent to read. Others are helping with names and devices while Albrecht focuses on court heraldry.
Minister of Children: Nothing to report.
chronicler: Articles are due Monday May 25.
Web Minister: Nothing to report.
Knight's Marshal: We've moved to outdoor practice. Lake Park has been beautiful. We'll keep Thursday nights at Kinnickinnic Parkway for now, but keep your eyes open for other parks with archery and space to fight. (We may also get space at UWM.)
Seneschal: Lub Siochail is talking about going with Turn an dem See, but we are still trying to get the Washington Country zip codes. Will send the Baronial Confidence Poll to the CAM list and then to the recipients of the (snail) mailing list. If someone has no internet access and is a paid member, please have them contact Geoffrey. Poll responses should be turned in by the end of June.
There is still wood at the rectory. Contact Murdoch about it if you want some.
Old Business:
Baronial Championships/Menomonee Park: We are still negotiating with the Waukesha County Park Systems. (They've decided that we need to put them on our waiver. Milpitas says no way.) We're waiting for some information from Corporate. So, we need to find another location for Baronial Championships. Please send ideas to the CAM list or directly to Geoffrey.
Boar's Head: Platforms are coming together, but need a way to transport them. (People are offering trailers.) Simon will be the cleanup coordinator. We still need volunteers for Troll.
Storage Locker Cleanup Party: June 8, 5 PM. Location: A Just Storage: W220N515, Springdale Rd, Waukesha, WI 53186. (JJ and Springdale, across from Sam's Club.)
Border Skirmish: Potluck Saturday feast. Beach house plumbing is being renovated, but should be ready for us. 6 portapotties. No food permit (so we can't sell any). Can have ground fires if we cut the sod and replace it. Need source of firewood. Limited driving on the grass. Archery range will move. The city will set up a wooden barricade (stockade style), which they also set up for the Civil War thing. Alcohol policy: BONE DRY during demo hours, discreetly damp during non-demo hours. Questions: Can we set up pavilion camping separated from modern tents? Where will get ice?
Baronial Sunshade: We still want to do this. We should use poly/cotton cloth, which isn't actually waterproof but can be treated to become so. We want these done by WW. Pictures are available online. We need someone to lead the project. What colors should we use? Do we want to make more than one? (Jara's making 2 and Nordskogen's making 5.)
New Business:
Do we want to do Friday night security at WW again? Yes. Arnbjorn will send around the sign up sheet.
Do we want to do Highland Games on Labor Day weekend? No.
Arnbjorn is almost done with the 2009 Directories. He will send email about it - please let him know if you need to update your contact information or award information. The price will increase to $2.00 per directory.
Coronets: We have the leather ones and the fluffy ones, but don't have nice shiny ones. Valerius is currently designing some, which will probably be done by Boar's Head.

April 21, 2009

Baron and Baroness: Spring Court is May 2! Please submit award recommendations!
Exchequer: Time to change banks, because ours wants to charge a fee. Will do research and wrap this up via a phone Curia before the end of the month.
Herald: Lots of things going on in the background. Arnbjorn is the new Deputy Herald.
Minister of Children: Needs to talk to Albrecht about Border Skirmish. (See "Border Skirmish", later on this page.) There will be childrens' activities at May Moot - rhyming contest, candle making, etc. Note from Seneschal: Need to make totally sure that we're set up for having kids on site at events, to avoid potential problems down the line.
Chronicler: This is Arnbjorn's last Tower - the new Chronicler will be Geffroi. Send articles by April 26. Arnbjorn is also making changes to the Baronial Directory - hopes to have it completed by June or July.
Web Minister: Working on the Baronial Resources area of the site. Please send me information about local resources: fabric stores and restaurants have been covered, but we also want brewing and vintning supply stores, embroidery supplies, leatherworking, pottery, glass, etc. Any craft which requires shopping, we'd like to know where to shop for it.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: A&S night next Tuesday (April 28), 6 PM, Shorewood library. Might have a movie for people to watch. There will be an A&S competition at Baronial Championships.
Knights Marshal: We continue to have fighting. Need to have an outdoor place as well - this week's practice will be at Kinnicinnic River Parkway at 6 PM. Note also that we're about to change Kingdom Earl Marshals (from Sir Tristan to Sir Gunther Kegslayer). Check out the new thrusting tip rules.
Seneschal: Office is open. We actually have an applicant, but we can take more than one...
Old Business:
Boar's Head: We need volunteers for Troll and a few other positions (Rapier MIC, Herald, Cleanup Coordinator...). Meetings will start after Border Skirmish.
Storage Locker Party: Monday, June 8, 5 PM - and don't be afraid to arrive late. Actual location forthcoming.
Border Skirmish: The website is up and running. Need more volunteers - see the website for more details. The city expects us to have a window of time for the public to visit. The Northshield Pavilion will be there. We will also have a silent auction for Aesa and Wilhelm to cover their personal expenses. We will also have a children's Capture the Flag event happening. (The kids will split into teams, strategize, design their own flags, and play.) Need adults to wrangle that.
New Business:
Baronial Sunshade: Their Majesties have requested that each Barony make their own sunshade, using a simple pattern that they will provide. More details forthcoming. (Note: Check out Hamilton Dry Goods - - for inexpensive sunforger fabric.)
Taxes: We typically pay taxes at Border Skirmish. We intend to do so again.
Castle Fever: People should go to this event. May 22-25. It's also a ToC.
Highland Games: Sept 5-6 (Labor Day weekend). Should we do it as a demo again?
Spring Court/May Moot: May 2. cooking outdoors! How to put up four different styles of pavilion! Campers round table! Other stuff! Submit award recommendations!

March 7, 2009

Happy anniversary, Murdoch and Caitlin!
Baron & Baroness: Alasdair is sick. The bathroom is finished. Thanks to everyone for the good wishes and support regarding Baroness Kateryn's mother - she's now healthier, and still getting better. Baron and Baroness will not be at WW this year.
Chatelaine: There's some new interest from various folks. Still getting stuff from the previous officer.
Exchequer: in Antartica. Nothing to report.
Herald: People are working on device and name submissions. Would like to have a banner-making party when the weather gets nice.
Minister of Children: The kids of the Barony are doing things. This summer MoC will have a rummage sale, the proceeds of which will go towards the children's fund. We may combine the rummage sale with fighter's practice. Kids should let her know if they have questions, project requests, project ideas (maybe outdoor cooking?), etc.
Chronicler: Due date for the Tower newsletter is March 22. (This is for the April Tower, which will be the April Fools Edition, so feel free to submit a real report and a humorous one.) The office is open - term expires next month. Be aware that this office only takes about 2-4 hours per month of real work. Also, Chronicler is updating the Baronial Directory.
Web Minister: Email addresses and various pages have been updated.
Minster of Arts and Sciences: The A&S nights continue. This month there are two. MoAS is looking for a deputy.
Knights Marshal: Everyone should fight. Looking for a deputy. We need to continue to look for other fighting spaces, because we only have our current indoor space confirmed through the end of Marquette's semester. Also, KM has some of the loaner armor.
Seneschal: The Senescal is in Ireland. (This meeting was run by Caitlin.) Office is open and looking for new Seneschal.
Old Business:
Storage locker party still on hold until Spring. We'll pick a date next Curia. Border Skirmish: The event is June 12-14, at Menomonee Park (same place as last year). HRH Northshield received a phone call from HRH Midrealm because he can't make it to the event this year, but he expects to send 75-100 Midrealm fighters to the event this year. Ravenslake is hooking up online prereg. Dahrien will be webminister. Marie is holding an A&S challenge to create the design for the t-shirt and logo for the event - Lindesfarne Strikes Back. There is a meeting on Tuesday, March 10. Will post a list of open staff positions on the CAM list.
Baronial Champions: The event is Sept 25-27, at Menomonee Park. There will be camping at the beachhouse enclosure, as there was ten years ago. It's on the Kingdom calendar and will be in the Northwatch. Waiting to get the event agreement from Seneschal.
Boy Scout Demo: March 29th (Sunday) at St. Gregory at Oklahoma & 60th, beginning sometime between 1 and 2 PM.
Black Fabric: We have 4 bolts. Curia voted to donate 2 bolts towards projects for the King and Queen.
Boar's Head 2009: We have the site secured (Washington County Expo Center). Waiting for the Baron to send the dimensions for the hall. Side note: Baroness will send the event steward handbook to be posted on the website. We still need volunteers for staff positions for the event. Final bids for the feastocrat position are due by April 1, and the feastocrat will be chosen by mid-April.
New Business:
Gaming Demo: March 21-22 at UWM.
Guilds & Groups:
C&I: Please let Mysie know when people are available to meet.
Marquette Group: They would like to do some non-fighting things, perhaps a medieval bookclub. General feeling is that someone should talk to them and find out what they want, and we'll figure out how to make it happen.

February 17, 2009

Baron & Baroness: Nothing to report.
Chatelaine: Eva is now the Chatelaine. Would we be interested in the USM International Faire on March 10? Probably too late, and not on a weeknight. Also, a Boy Scout troop has asked for help. And Armand's daughter Katie wants to have a medieval-themed 18th birthday party. More information forthcoming.
Herald: Nothing to report, except that there are some submissions that we're waiting to hear back from.
Quartermaster: Nothing to report, but the job is open.
Minister of Children: Nothing to report.
Chronicler: Deadline for Northwatch articles is Sunday, Feb 22. The office is open, and letters of intent are due by March 7.
Webminister: Nothing to report, except that our sitename is renewed.
Knight's Marshal: We have a local fighter's practice. We want to get a .permanent one.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Nothing to report.
Seneschal: Office is open. Please submit letters of intent by June Curia.
Old Business:
Boar's Head: The site contract is signed. The event is December 5. The theme is "Medieval Faire with a Roman Flair". The site will have a new layout, with the list fields (armored, unarmored, and "play") at the center with everything else around it. ("Everything else" is merchants, A&S displays, Artisans Row, raffle, and an area for performances.) Royalty will be on a raised platform or dais so that they can see everything. Please submit 'roman feast'-themed feast ideas and feast-o-crat applications by April 1. Lunch will be by Turn an dem See - we've requested a "hardy" lunch, a la carte. We need volunteers!
Storage Locker party will be when the weather gets warm. (May?)
Border Skirmish: No response from Marie, but we need to move on it.
Cedarburg Demo: About a dozen people. Much fun was had.
New Business:
Baronial Championships: Will be at the Menomonee Falls Beach House. Arnbjorn is planning to make it a camping event, from September 25-27. More information forthcoming.

January 20, 2009

Baron and Baroness: This weekend is Yule Moot. Kateryn's mom is improving.
Chatelaine: Demo coming up, first weekend in February. Deonysia is in charge. RoseMarian stepping down at Yule Moot, Deonysia stepping up.
Exchequer: Domesday is in. Overall for the year we spent a little more than we earned.
Quartermaster: Stepping down in August. Office is open.
Herald: Has renewed his office for another year. Deputy is Arnbjorn.
Minister of Children: Nobody has returned any surveys. Please do! Information is on the Minister of Children and the CAM Youth pages on the website ( Shark tournament and candle thing at the Yule Moot! We will also be having an in-house rummage sale, probably in late February.
Chronicler: Office is open. Letters of intent due by March Curia. (Stepping down in April.) Anyone can sponsor an issue of the Northwatch for $10. (So far, three people have done so.) If you sponsor it, you get your name in the issue. You can see how the Tower is put together at the Feb 15 gathering at Arnbjorn's house. Tower articles due Sunday, 1/25.
Web Minister: Nothing to report, except that there's an active Web Minister mailing list.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Next Tuesday (Jan 27) is A&S. Adeliz is teaching sari wrapping. It's at the Shorewood library at 6 PM. The following Tuesday is general A&S, same place and time. Valerius is going to teach shoemaking soon. A&S is meeting on the last Tuesday and first Tuesday of each month (so, two weeks on, two weeks off).
Knight's Marshal: We need a practice space. Gwyneth approached the Shorewood schools and is waiting for an answer. Rec Center has three gymnasiums, for $65 per hour. (The church was $25 per hour.) There are two other lodges, at $22 per hour. What about St. Augustine, Saint Sisters of somebody, the big church at the corner of 92 and North? Winter will talk to his roommate about the Klotsche Center at UWM. What about the Buella Brinton Center and Hide House? Maybe we can be sponsored by a student group at a school - we'd be happy to do educational things in exchange for space. We could also donate money to a student group. Remember floor coverings - fighters might want to consider buying rubber mats. And what about Frame Park ($25 per hour)? Let's get that, maybe on a Sunday...
Seneschal: Office is open in August, please apply now.
Old Business:
Boar's Head: End result, made money. Thanks to everyone. Should we stay at that location or move? This place was 24,000 square feet, and we had 488 people. Serb Hall is $3500. Geoffrey thinks we should go for Washington County on December 5, new building.
Storage Locker: Waiting for spring. (Picnic party!)
Border Skirmish: Proposal has been made for Simmons Island Park in Kenosha. Expect to hear more in the next week or two.
New Business:
Curia dates: For now we'll switch between Shorewood and Brookfield.
We're changing the date of Feb Curia to Feb 16 (Monday).
Windhaven Investiture: Investiture is February 14. (Investiture and ToC.) We need a gift basket for Grimmund.

December 16, 2008

Baron and Baroness: Thank you for coming out in the lousy weather.
Exchequer: We made money on Boar's Head. Needs the 'stuff' inventory from the QuarterMaster. Corin gets a Nesco. Position open in November - will probably request an extension.
QuarterMaster: Position open in August. If anybody has stuff that belongs to the Barony, please let Tataina know.
Herald: Office is filled (again), by Albrecht for another year. Arnbjorn is the backup/deputy Herald.
Minister of Children: Planning youth activities for Yule Court. Parents and children, please fill out the survey (which was emailed, but is also on the website at There is a secret project underway, whose details are known only to the Queen. There will be an MoC article in the Tower. Also, she has ideas for Boar's Head next year and requests an extension on finding a new site.
Chronicler: Office is open, please submit letters of intent by March Curia. Idea to help donate money for the Tower: Allow people to sponsor issues. $15 per issue. December 28 is the deadline for Tower articles.
WebMinister: Still planning to move the website. Please let me know if there are changes or updates. There will be a website for Yule Court.
Knight's Marshal: Update your info on the roster ( or send it to Murdoch. We'd like to start practices at St. Marks or some other location again.
Seneschal: Office opens in August.
Old Business:
Boar's Head 31: We win. Some complaints that the fighting space was too small. Rave reviews for the feast. People really appreciated the populace space. There is some question as to whether the merchants did well or not. Her Majesty was pleased, especially by the volume in the hall during court (which was generally quiet enough that She didn't have to move court). We had roughly 480 people.
New Business:
Boar's Head 32 (2009): Sigrid will be autocrat, Nikea and Julianna will be deputies. Let's consider new places for next year (we'll decide at next Curia), but we're leaning towards Washington Park instead of Waukesha Expo.
Border Skirmish: June 12-14 (according to Ravenslake autocrat). Marie thinks she has a good site, but isn't sure that it's locked down for that weekend. We still need to have the date locked down by TreeGirtSea's 12th Night event.
Curia in 2009: We will discuss changing meeting locations at the next Curia meeting. (Which will be in Shorewood.)

November 18, 2008

Officers' Reports:
Baron and Baroness: Please make Award Recommendations to the King and Queen for Boar's Head. Send in Award Recommendations to Baron and Baroness for Yule Court.
Chatelaine: Greetings to Eileen.
Exchequer: We're collecting checks for Boar's Head. Please encourage people to pre-register.
Herald: People are working on devices. Currently accepting letters of intent - office will expire soon.
Minister of Children: We have a Minister of Children: Nikea.
Chronicler: The deadline for the Tower is 11/23, by noon. (Arnbjorn will be demonstrating how he puts together the Tower to a potential applicant that day.) Office is open - letters of intent are due by the March Curia meeting. We'll continue to have the Tower available for free, but might accept donations of 'sponsorships'. (He's checking to see if this might be tax deductable.)
Web: Nothing to report. Send changes and updates to me and I'll post them on the website.
Quartermaster: Needs to know what people need from the storage locker for Boar's Head.
Knight's Marshal: Encourages people to go to practice. Note: Ravenslake practice is now on Monday nights. Contact Murdoch about rides to other practices.
Seneschal: Office is open. His term ends in August, but he'd like to have it filled by June so that he can train someone.
Old Business: Boar's Head: Trying to set up a night next week to visit the site. Four spots left for classes. Pre-reg! 38 out of 45 merchant slots are filled. The pre-cook was *great*. Please consider sponsoring flowers for the flower tournament. (Currently $7.20 per dozen.) The Princess' Sleeve rapier tournament will be held at BH. Come, volunteer, have fun.
Storage locker party will happen next year.
Border Skirmish: The group is trying to find a place before the end of 2008, though they need to meet to discuss it. Rumor has it that His Excellency Stephen will attend Tree-Girt-Sea's 12th Night and would like to challenge the Prince of the Midrealm to attend Border Skirmish.
Cookie Caper: Bring cookies, bars, brownies, or other items which can be served in individual portions. We need boxes for this, though they've already got a scale or two, disposable gloves, wax paper, tongs.
Bylaws: The current changes for the bylaws will be published in the Tower.
New Business Boar's Head 2009: The event steward has been chosen. Geoffrey has spoken with the Sports Complex guy, and it didn't go great. Fee would be $1800. The covers for the basketball courts would be canvas, and he would lay plywood over those to make a fighting surface, which is not ideal. The site is nice, but the kitchen facilities are also small. Perhaps we should go elsewhere - people will look into Jefferson County Fairgrounds, Waukesha Expo Center, and the Union Grove Expo Center. We'll need to make this decision soon to get on the calendar.
Wine tasting: Alice and Tatiana will be hosting a wine tasting at Alice's house, Friday Nov. 21 at 7:15 PM.
Yule Court: Yule Court will be Jan 24, 2009 at St. Ed's. It will feature the fourth annual gift exchange! And Baronial Court - don't forget to make award recommendations!

October 21, 2008

Officers' Reports:
Baron and Baroness: Went to Creating the Creative. TRM Raito and Aesa are looking for award recommendations, and mentioned specifically awards for "spreading the wealth, spreading the knowledge" - people who travel, people who teach, people who share, people who contribute in meaningful ways. You can make award recommendations for any level of service and any award. Please fill in the 'Where will this person be?' area so they know where to expect to find the person. Next year's Mermaids will feature an Iron Chef-style feast challenge. Remember that Boar's Head is coming up.
Chatelaine: Things have been quiet. Stepping down in December - submit letters of intent to the Baron & Baroness.
Exchequer: We have some money in the bank.
Quartermaster: We'll put off the 'cleaning out the locker' party until Spring.
Herald: Stepping down in January - submit letters of intent to the Baron & Baroness.
Chronicler: Articles for the Tower due by Sunday, Oct. 26.
WebMinister: Nothing of note to say. Let me know if there are problems with the website.
A&S: No meeting this month because of the Baronial Planning Meeting.
Knight's Marshal: We have a fighter's practice. The Earl Marshal is trying to ensure that the database is up to date, so please visit it at and do so. See below for more information about the fighting site.
Old Business Boar's Head: Scheduling another walkthrough. Setting up another meeting. Turn an dem See is doing lunch.
Bucketworks still hasn't gotten back to us.
Changeling Moot: This Saturday night (Oct. 25) is the Changeling Moot. Don't forget to make guesses about who people will dress up as, since the theme is 'come as your own worst enemy'.
New Business St Mark's Rental: The group decided not to continue practice at St. Mark's in November because turnout is too low to justify paying for it. Recommend starting it up again in February. PLEASE look for other locations, otherwise fighters are encouraged to go to Jara (Wednesdays) or Ravenslake (Tuesdays).
Border Skirmish: Albrecht has volunteered to be the CAM autocrat for this year's Border Skirmish. Ravenslake is looking for BS sites closer to the border. We should keep in mind the Menomonee Park location for the following year, which will have running water and showers in the area we camped.
Baronial Planning Meeting is next Tuesday, Oct. 28, at the Shorewood Library.
Cookie Caper: At Boar's Head, we will sell cookies by the pound. (Probably $5 per pound.) Please bake cookies and other baked goods for this so that we have something to sell! Proceeds will go to the travel fund.
Note: Their Royal Highnesses will be at Boar's Head and Border Skirmish.
Bylaws: The Baron has requested a re-wording of section 5 of the Bylaws.

September 17, 2008

Officers' Reports:
Baron and Baroness: Boar's Head is coming up. Baronial Championships is coming up. We have received award recommendations, but feel free to make more. We have new people, as well.
Chatelaine: Scrambling to keep FrodoFest stable amidst changes. She needs someone to run the 'garb petting zoo' on Friday and Saturday. Office expires in January - accepting applications now.
Herald: Read the Tower. What does everyone think of the Crestfallen Tournament idea?
Chronicler: Deadline for the Tower is September 28. No extensions this time! There are three more directories available for purchase at $1 apiece. The October Tower will also include the bylaws.
Webminister: Nothing to report. Please let me know if there are problems with the website.
A&S: Next week (Sept 23), Mysie will teach a class about Gutenberg as a dry run of the class she'll be teaching that Thursday at Marquette. The docents and representatives from the Haggerty and art clubs at Marquette would also like to see some of our artwork - fiber arts, metal arts, armor, etc. This might lead to an exhibit of some sort at the Haggerty.
Knights Marshal: Thursday is the last outdoor practice. Where will go next? Marquette's Sunday practice is cancelled. Magnus will talk to a possible warehouse in Waukesha. Tatiana or Geoffrey will talk to St. Mark's. Deonysia also suggested a school on the northeast side.
Exchequer: There is money in the accounts. We lost some money on Border Skirmish. We will share that loss with Ravenslake.
Old Business Legends Moot: It was fun. The Baron fought, even with a twisted ankle. Alice went over the wall.
Baronial Planning Meeting: October 28, Shorewood Library. Time TBD.
Next Boar's Head Meeting: September 24. Location TBD. We need someone to do lunch. We have a rapier marshal. Dahrien will build the website sometime.
Frodo Fest: Might have archery. We'll have people there from Noon until 5 or 6 on Friday, and 10 AM until 5 or 6 on Saturday. Fighting is at 11, 1, and 3. (Fighters, remember to get there early enough to put on gear.)
Clean Storage Locker Party: TBD.
Baronial Champs: Site opens at noon. Two tournaments. First tournament: Potential Champions only. Second tournament for everybody. The first tournament will begin at 1 PM, but all fighters in that tournament must first fight the Baron. He'll be in armor at 12:30 to face all comers. There will be a drum circle, so bring your drums. And your kids. Potluck feast - more info forthcoming. Court is at 6. Meetings with Orders between the tournaments and court.
Changeling Moot: Eva and Albrecht are 'cratting. "Come as your own worst nightmare, or your own worst enemy." 5-10 PM, Oct. 25.
Talk to Alice about hurricane relief. Maybe we can donate proceeds from the auction at Boar's Head?

August 19, 2008

Officers' Reports:
Baron and Baroness: Border Skirmish was fun. It was beautiful. It rained a little, but the weather was kind to us - it waited to rain until the NS Pavilion was down. Yay for Tatiana for autocratting! Baronial Champions is coming up in September - get in your award recommendations! (Please re-submit any from the last few months, because the Baron's computer ate itself.)
Chatelaine: We had several new people at the event, who had a good time.
Exchequer: It's too soon to say whether we made money from the event or lost any. Get receipts and bills to him as soon as possible. What message do we want on the issue of the Northwatch which we're sponsoring?
Quartermaster: Other people now have keys to the storage locker. And the Exchequer now knows where it is.
Herald: Accepting letters for Herald.
Chronicler: Please turn in articles by August 24. We'll have spare copies of the newsletter at the three demos in September, so if you want to write something extra for this month's issue of the Tower please do so. Also, in the process of looking at old, old newsletters it's amazing how much we've grown up.
Webminister: Still moving to a new server. Also, the Highland Games location has been changed on our website to reflect the actual location - Waukesha Expo Center.
Knight's Marshal: Still having fighter's practice.
Seneschal: Need to schedule the next planning meeting, so come to the next Curia with dates in mind to do that.
Old Business
Border Skirmish: The event went well. It was nice and small. The site was happy with us. Thank you to the staff for all their hard work. It's probably too expensive to rent a shower for this site, though we do have showers at the Beach House just up the road. The park is planning to run water to the camping area we used and install some sort of toilet facilities, to make it a more 'finished' camping area. Ravenslake might have a new location closer to the IL/WI border, but we'll wait and see. Tatiana has begun the process of finding a site for next year (we can re-use this site if necessary, but we would like options), though she isn't planning to be autocrat. She suggests that we re-use this site if a new location has not been found by January.
Boar's Head: Sign up for jobs. We'll be in the Washington County Fairground, which has a new building. It's 4000 sq ft bigger than the old building, though the size increases aren't in places where they're obvious. There are no pillars, so it does look larger from the inside. (Also, the carpeted rooms that we've used for rapier and court in the past have been absorbed into the larger room.) There is a big sliding wall which splits the big room into two smaller ones, but it may not be in place by the time of the event. Perhaps we should bring artificial dividers to break up the room somehow, so it doesn't get too loud and overwhelming, such as the latticework from last year, carports, or banners. We should at least use something to differentiate the fighters' space from the populace space. (One of the autocrat's goals is to provide more populace space.) The floor is the same (slippery) floor as the other building. Alasdair will set up another time to look at the space. And hey, we might have a staff room for a change. The date of the event is December 13. There will be a Boar's Head meeting sometime in September.
Highland Games Demo: September 6. We have the interior (table) space from 9-6. (This space will be 10'x20'). We have the outdoor fighting demo space from 4-5. The names of the seventeen participants have been sent to the Highland Games people, and those people should receive more information in the mail.
St. Ed's Demo/Day of Legends Demo: September 7. They would like us to set up 5-6 pavilions. They'll be roasting pig for their feast. We'll have the Mama Kat Tourney as the fighting demo. There will also be a Bier Garten, Root Beer Garden, and Pastry Tent. ("Hope it doesn't rain and ruin the pastry tent." A black-and-white copy of their flyer is here. (It's nicer in color.)
FrodoFest Demo: September 19-20 at the Salem, WI library. This event is on the library's calendar at They sent us a contract.
Baronial Championships: September 27 at the Beach House, from Noon till 10. Mikea is the moot steward.
October Moot (Festival of Changelings): October 25. Need a moot steward.
Bucketworks: They said they'd get us a proposal package. We haven't seen one yet.
Marquette: Working on getting us a space for fighter's practice, but we haven't heard anything yet.
New Business
Caitlin needs to get a couple more people to help her at the Griffin's Needle Challenge this weekend. (She needs people who can do hand-sewing.)

July 15, 2008

Officers' Reports:
Seneschal: WW was fun. Don't forget that Border Skirmish and Boar's Head are still coming up.
Baron and Baroness: WW was fun. There were awards, and Ian passed his fighter's authorization.
Chatelaine: WW was fun. FrodoFest (Salem, WI, which is western Kenosha County) is scheduled for September 19-20, and they would still like us to sign an unofficial contract to a demo. The group approved this, pending the Seneschal's review of the contract.
Quartermaster: We've cleaned stuff out of the storage locker. Maybe we can have a potluck and go through the locker front to back, so we can decide what else we can get rid of and what needs to be replaced. The old keyholders' devices are still there (painted on 2'x3' pieces of plywood), for instance, and some old 'wardoor' shields. Let's do it in September or October.
Herald: More people have submitted devices. Banner making was cancelled, and we'd like to do it informally instead of formally. Probably after Pennsic. And, the badge and name for Caer Anterth Mawr are approved.
Exchequer: It's been slow. We have money.
Chronicler: Reports are due July 25. Please send them on time or early. Think about things we might distribute at demos, such as flyers. (That is, think about what you might want on the flyers.)
Web: Test the new award recommendation system at
MoAS: Report is in on time. Everything's fine. No A&S meeting in July, there will be a C&I meeting for Pennsic (she thinks) at which we'll be doing actual painting. A&S will restart in September. Something coming up is an outdoor cooking activity.
Side note: Banner Crafts is going out of business and everything's on sale. Store is in Fox Run, near Alasdair and Kateryn's house, at the corner of Sunset and St. Paul.
Knight's Marshal: Practice Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. Congratulations to Ian.
Old Business Border Skirmish is still on. Ravenlake's attendance will be low because they're not available, but we can cover it from our group. We still need people to cover Troll on Friday. We still have the land permit and the portajohns ordered.
Boar's Head 08: Probably meeting in late August. Getting paperwork in order.
Legends Moot (Sunday, Septemer 7): The church is meeting tomorrow. The press will be in attendance at the moot/demo, so be spiffy. A German vendor will be there selling potato pancakes. There will be a German beer garden, serving Sprecher's beer and rootbeer. They plan to have a jailer again. They'd like us to bring banners (and banner stands). At 5 they'll have their own feast, at which point we'll move to Caitlin and Murdoch's house for a potluck dinner and Court. We'll table the Crestfallen tournament until next year.
Highland Games Demo (Saturday, September 6): We'll have a table inside, with fighting from 4-5.
Bucketworks: We'll talk to them and see if we can try it out for three months or six months. But we need something from them on paper first.

June 24, 2008

Officers' Reports:
Chatelaine: FrodoFest (Salem, WI, which is western Kenosha County) is scheduled for September 19-20. They have asked us to sign an unofficial contract to a demo. (Fighting and treb, at the least.) They also would like our permission to use our name and photos. We will wait until next Curia to decide. Also, 3 more people want more info about the SCA.
Exchequer: Need more info about where to send money for the donation challenge. Need contact info for the issue of the Northwatch that we're sponsoring. Info was provided. The bill from Crown has arrived. Will follow up with Gwynedd. We've spent money on Border Skirmish already.
Quartermaster: The storage locker leaks. (This is something we already knew.) She proposes that we have a day when people come to help clean out the storage locker, to see what's in there.
Herald: Banner-making weekend, maybe Menomonee Park Rec Center on 6/28. Will report more when it is confirmed. There will also be a class on Tuesday, 6/24 at the Shorewood Public Library, at 6:30. This class will be for Heraldry, Yarn, and C&I.
Chronicler: The deadline for the July Tower is Sunday, June 22.
Webminister: Will move the site to a more advanced server to take advantage of more advanced functions.
MOAS: Nothing to report, except the class (above) on the 24th. Also, time for the mid-year report - please notify MOAS of A&S projects.
Knight's Marshal: The road between here and Jara is washed out, and will be for a few weeks. Also, Murdoch will be out of town for 10 days. He encourages fighters to keep practicing in his absence. We can have practice Thursday and Sunday as scheduled. Also, Tuesday nights at Glenbrook North. Tiggod has offered his barn in a few weeks - we'll do a Sunday practice there to try it out. His Majesty has asked that all fighters read the tactical information at Please pass it along to all fighters.
Old Business
Border Skirmish report: We would like to reschedule. Tentatively looking at the weekend of Aug. 15-17. We will use the same location.
Boar's Head: We will start meetings soon.
Bucketworks: We have not heard back from them.
Brewers and Vintners: Oeach mead rocks.
C&I: Twice monthly meetings for C&I at Marquette. They've been projecting Illuminations on the big screen, which makes a big difference. And, we will still be doing a demo at Marquette.
New BusinessThere will be a picnic at Marquette University on the 4th of July (Laumier field), starting between 3-4 PM. Fighting and treb!

May 20, 2008

Officers' Reports:
Chronicler: Deadline for Tower submissions is Monday, May 26th.
Baron and Baroness: One of the banners at Crown, created a few years ago, features the devices of Baronial members. The Baron and Baroness will get the measurements of these devices so that current members can add their own. Registered devices only, please. (Contact Albrecht to discuss how to register your device.)
Chatelaine: People had fun at Crown, and some new people were present.
Exchequer: There are some outstanding (uncashed) checks. If you have a check from the Barony, please cash it.
Quartermaster: If you wish to donate something to the Barony, please make sure it has a container in which it can be stored. And please don't put staples in banners.
Herald: Heraldic Commenting webpage has been updated. Please attend the A&S /Heraldic Commenting night in June. We will paint banners again after Border Skirmish and before WW.
Web Minister: There's now a calendar view of the calendar.
MoAS: A&S nights are going well. Upcoming events will be posted on the website. June will feature knitting and Heraldic Commenting. July will be free.
Knights Marshal: We're going to look at Bucketworks next week. Sunday practices at Lake Park, Thursdays at Kinnickinnic.
Archery Marshal: Monday's practice (Memorial Day) will be at 3 PM at Menomonee Park and will include a picnic. Plotting evil shoots for Border Skirmish.
Old Business
Crown: Report will be sent out when completed. The event was very good. The food was scrumptious. Thanks to everyone who helped. Attendance was low, but the event ran smoothly. The girdle books were a big hit - we will donate 50 of the remaining books to the Group Heralds, the rest to the Baron and Baroness for largess. We have other leftover materials from the event which will be held for future projects.
Border Skirmish: We are getting the Northshield pavilion. We have some merchants and some teachers, but more are welcome. We will be buying a portable carport for Troll. There is no feast, but we'll have a barbecue on Saturday night - we'll provide potatoes, people should bring other food on their own. (See the website.)
Boar's Head: Please volunteer for positions.
Possible New Boar's Head Site: Baron and Baroness will take questions back to the owner and get answers.
New Business
We will donate some money to the Knightly Quest group, to support Leukemia and Lymphoma research.
We will have a table in the Cultural building at the Highland Games on Saturday, September 6, and have a fighting demo outside.
We will have the Day of Legends Memorial Moot at St. Ed's, to coincide with a demo at their location on Sunday, September 7. The demo will be from Noon till 5, but the moot will start earlier and end later at Caitlin and Murdoch's house.
We will donate money to the Northwatch, hopefully for December.
We will volunteer to do security Friday night at WW.