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Events & Activities Calendar

If you are going to be the Moot or Event Steward for an upcoming moot or event, or have an SCA-related activity you want listed on the calendar, please contact the Webminister!

If you have questions about any of the activities here, and find no contact information listed for the particular activity that interests you, please contact the Seneschal or the Chatelaine! Also note that the populace of our group tend to use the CAM List (group e-mail list) to announce last-minute changes, or plan activities, often forgetting to let the Webminister know to update these pages. Being subscribed to the CAM List is the best way to stay informed, long-term!

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    One-Time & Infrequent Activities

    When What Where
    January 20, 2018 Yule Moot Frame Park - Schuetze Recreation Center
    1120 Baxter St.
    Waukesha, WI 53186
    May 19, 2018 Tent Day/Border Skirmish Planning Meeting TBA
    June 7-10, 2018 Border Skirmish Walworth County Fairgrounds - Elkhorn, WI
    September 23, 2018 Baronial Championships TBA
    November 3/4, 2018 Baronial Planning/Boar's Head Planning Meeting TBA
    December 1, 2018 Boar's Head XLI TBA

    Regularly Occuring Activities

    Curia (Officers' Business Meetings - Everyone is welcome!)

    Unless noted otherwise, Curia will meet on the third Tuesday of each month.
    Day & Time Event Location
    Tuesday, November 21, 7 PM Curia (Business Meeting) UWM Union Room 250
    Tuesday, December 19, 7 PM Curia (Business Meeting) Brookfield Library
    Curia Locations:
    All members are encouraged to check out their local libraries, and other public areas, in which to hold curia and other meetings.
    We are also looking for another Brookfield resident, who can act as a back-up library contact for Baroness Alice.

    Shop/Sewing/Project Nights At The Lord Randall's

    Day & Time Event Location
    Tuesdays, 6 PM Metal & Wood Shop, plus space for sewing & other projects, are available. Woodworking, metalworking, etc. Helmets drilled, things welded. "Have hammer, will travel." If you have a question about what equipment and tools are currently available, please contact The Lord Randall. The Lord Randall's Home:
    1150 S Elm Grove Rd
    Brookfield, WI 53005

    Fighter Practices (Armored Combat & Rapier) & Socializing & Projects

    Come hit people with sticks! Or metal, if you're an unarmored/rapier/light weapons fighter!
    Learn historical combat techniques, as taught in the Middle Ages!
    Or come watch people get hit with sticks!
    Or come sit in the gallery area and ignore the fighters while you sew, do hand-work, socialize, dance, eat, drink, and/or be merry!
    After fighting, folks typically go somewhere nearby for food and/or beverages and more social time.
    So come on! Come play!

    Day & Time Event Location
    Note: To find the nearest practice in the region, please refer to the South Eastern Wisconsin Armored Combat Google Calendar (This is maintained by Master Abelard die Elster, not the CAM webminister.)
    Sundays, 1pm (no specific end time) Fighter Practices run by House Greyfox (TE Leif & Astrid's Household)
    If the weather is bad, there will be no practice. "Things such as rain, strong winds, extreme cold, unsafe footing (mud)." Practices should continue throughout the summer/fall for as long as the weather is good enough. Shaun or His Excellency Leif Greyfox can let you know when there are any changes.
    7825 1st Ave, Kenosha, WI  53143 (links to Google map)
    We will be fighting in that park outside off the beach house area -- very hard to miss us.
    Mondays, 6:30 PM "Combined Practice": rattan & rapier combats, archery, projects, sewing, & socializing & ...) "Kinnickinic Parkway": Parkway Dr between S 22nd & S 20th St. in Milwaukee
    * Can be reached at one end via 27th St., just north of St. Luke's Hospital on 27th & Oklahoma.
    * The greenspace on Parkway Dr. is just north of the baseball field, south of the archery range.
    - map
    For practices at Redeemer Lutheran, notes from Abelard: The church is on the southwest corner of 19th St. and Wisconsin. There's a parking lot behind the church (enter on 19th St) and half a block north of the church (also enter on 19th St). We have official permission to park in the 'back lot' of the church, and that's the door my key unlocks. I'll be there a little before 7 to open it. Practice is from 7-10pm. If you get there and find yourself locked out, look for the doorbell to the left of the door (taped to the wall) - it rings *and* it flashes a light. Or, call me or someone else whose car you see in the parking lot. (Email me or send me a message on facebook if you need my phone number.) The practice space overlooks the back lot and we'll check out the window periodically (which will not be open, so you might have to yell pretty loud for us to hear you - but if there's snow, please don't throw snowballs or rocks at the windows). Practice itself is on the second floor - if you can't handle the stairs, we can open a different door for you. There are plenty of chairs and tables. See you there!
    Thursdays, 7:00-10:00 PM Fighter Practice ($5 fee to help pay for site rental; FREE for students, though.) Redeemer Lutheran Church at 19th St. and Wisconsin Ave. (631 N 19th St, Milwaukee, WI 53233)
    Second Thursday Each Month*, 7:00-10:00 PM
    * "With infrequent exceptions. (May 2017, July, and August, namely.)"
    Sponsored FREE Fighter Practice
    One practice each month is usually sponsored by a different individual or group who offers to pay the $75 site rental fee, meaning that everyone can attend without having to pay the $5 fee. (Donations are still welcome, as always, but nobody *has* to pay.) There will be rapier and armored combat fighter practice, also dance practice, and possibly other shenanigans scheduled, and there's room enough for C&I or to just hang out.
    Redeemer Lutheran Church at 19th St. and Wisconsin Ave. (631 N 19th St, Milwaukee, WI 53233)

    Archery Practice

  • West Town Archery: 4135 N 126th St, Brookfield, WI 53005
  • 6:45-TBA

    Thrown Weapons Practice

    Day & Time Event Location
    On Hiatus Thrown Weapons Practice "Kinnickinic Parkway": Parkway Dr between S 22nd & S 20th St. in Milwaukee (link is to a "Directions" page)
       * Can be reached at one end via 27th St., just north of St. Luke's Hospital on 27th & Oklahoma.
       * The greenspace on Parkway Dr. is just north of the baseball field, south of the archery range.
       * Here's a map to one of those intersections.

    Guild And Group Meetings

    Weekday, Date, Time Event Location
    Fourth Wednesday of the month, 7pm Scribal west/project night at Sofonisba's home (Calligraphy & Illumination, and other projects) Brandybrook Manor (Sofonisba & Armond's home)
    W299S1208 Brandybrook Rd
    Waukesha, WI 53188
    (Map in Satellite View shows the driveway and house.)
    YOUR GPS MAY LIE TO YOU if you use the address. It's the 2nd house on the left coming from Hwy 18. Message "Dawn Gund" on Facebook or email Reveal Address for directions (or use these GPS coordinates: 43.019239, -88.344965)
    Sometimes; none scheduled now. Cooking Group. Theme: TBD
    None scheduled at this time; on hold Herbalism Group
    1st & 3rd Wednesdays of the month, 4:45-6:45 PM UWM Students for Creative Anachronism -- All folk welcome to come! The focus of each meeting will vary, sometimes being the same as the following activity, and sometimes different, and special topics will be announced (when available) in advance.
    Contact info: The Lady Beatrice della Campana.
    UWM Student Union (2200 East Kenwood Boulevard, Milwaukee, WI 53211). For the room number: 1) You can ask at the Info desk (ground floor, Concourse) for "Students for Creative Anachronism"), or 2) you can check the printed papers that are posted at the elevator on every floor -- they will always list the room number -- just look for "Students for Creative Anachronism". (And events are listed by start time, so they generally are listed around 4:30pm which is when we start having the room for the evening; also make sure it shows the current date, that it isn't tomorrow's put up early or yesterday's left behind.)
    "On Call Only" -- (Times are scheduled based on those interested in attending. Please contact William directly to request that one be held.) Fletching Workshop Home of Lord William of Mann
    Second Tuesday of each month, 7pm Jararvellir (Regional) Jewelry Guild MADISON, WI - The guild will normally meet at the home of Gerald Loosehelm and work will be done in his shop. This is in Madison WI. We may meet at other locations occasionally if we are doing something such as smelting metals or making very large objects. Best to contact Gerald; see the Jewelry Guild page for means of contact, or reach him via FaceBook if you know his ID there.