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A Very Necessary Disclaimer: Please note that updates to this page, as with the rest of the site, rely on other people to tell the website staff about their groups and to provide information about them. At whatever point in time you happen to check this page, the list of active groups, and the list of people active in them or running them, may differ from what is presented here. As of right now [6:27 AM 10/27/2016], people still tend to use the CAM List (local e-mail list) to coordinate and plan activities, and often tend to forget to pass specific final information directly to the website staff to post here. And this is particulalry true for last-minute plans and changes. So when new groups pop up, or old ones fade into inactivity, such news doesn't always reach the website.

But this page still might be one good starting point if you're here trying to find out what some people are doing, or have done in the past -- or if you're looking for ideas about what kinds of things you might do by joining or starting a group. And if someone listed on a group page is not currently participating in the listed activity, they did at one time, and might be a good resource for connecting with others if you reach out to them.

One other note, for people who may be used to the customs of other places: In this Barony, we tend to use the term "guild" for many on-going, regularly-meeting groups, without regards to whether there is any formal structure or charter; in this context, it just means "group", but sounds "more medieval" and cooler in this club. Some of them might have structure or a charter, but it isn't the rule here, by any means.

Current And Past Guilds Still Listed Here

  • Active at last check
  • Inactive at last check
  • Unknown at last check
  • Please take note of the fact that few groups report when they just fade into inactivity.
    Check the Calendar of Events & Activities and CAM List to see if there is information about current gatherings.