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The Artisans' Library

Welcome to CAM's Library! Listed below, are links to class hand-outs, documentation, articles, musical contributions, and bodies of artwork performed, produced, and/or written by the Artisans of the Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr, in our endeavor to share our skills and knowledge with others. All class hand-outs, documentation, articles, and works of art presented here, are the sole property of the individual author/artisan, and as such require permission from the author/artisan to be distributed for means other than personal use. Please contact the author/artisan directly if permission is warranted for use as aforementioned.

If you are an Artisan of the Barony, and wish to contribute to the Library, please fill out the required submission form, which grants the permission for us to publish your information on the web.

Bardic Arts (Music & Prose)

Scribal Arts (Illumination and Calligraphy)

A list of several of our present, and some past, members who practice the scribal arts can be found on this page. Those who choose to share copies of their work may have them displayed there as well. Do keep in mind that the page and its information are only as current as the information that people choose to actively bring to the web staff's attention.

Culinary & Herbal Arts

Interested in cooking in general? Check out "Ultimate Cooking Resource Guide"!

Literary Arts (Articles/Handouts, Documentation, etc)