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Click each link of interest for a listing of links to websites, resources, articles, and information.

See our Disclaimers page (link in this page's footer) for the standard verbiage, but also realize that we aren't responsible for others' web sites, and we aren't telling you to visit any of these sites. If you have a serious enough problem of a nature that makes you think we should remove a link from our lists, please do let the Webminister know. "Dead" links certainly fall under this category. Please also bring "Redirected" links to the Webminister's attention so that old URLs can be replaced with new ones, or so that misleading links can be removed.

If you would like to see a link to a website added, please e-mail me at webminister ~A~T~ caeranterth ~D~O~T~ org
with the URL of the website you wish to have added, and the words "Add Link" in the subject line. Thank you!

The Links

Arts - Fiber
Arts - Non-Fiber
Art & Clipart
Baronial Resources - including info about "Milwaukee"
Event Planning
Kingdoms of the SCA, including links (hosted by SCA website)
Kingdom of Northshield Awards (hosted by Northshield website)
You can also use a form on that site to send your recommendations for awards for worthy gentles directly to the King and Queen. In order to use that feature, though, you do (only) need to sign in; if you don't already have an account, you'll need to create one (it's free). You can (as of the last update to this page) sign in at the top-right of any page of the Kingdom site; then use these menus: Library > Awards > Award Recommendations.
Martial Arts
Mythology, Philosophy & Religion
Newcomer Information
Our Teachers
Publications, Mailing Lists, & Newsgroups
Re-enactment & Living History
The Sciences