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Baronial Chatelaine (Contact for Newcomers)

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Adriana Karafantoni (Kiana Liesch)
Reveal E-Mail Address
Term of Office: April, 2017 - Present

The Chatelaine's Jobs

The CHATELAINE, a greater office, is responsible for the fostering of new members to the Barony through educational/informational literature as well as conversations, seminars, or workshops. The Chatelaine will forward the names of new or prospective members to the Chronicler. The Chatelaine is responsible for all written reports to the Kingdom as well as copies to the Seneschal.

Loaner garb (and even a bit of loaner feast gear) is available. Garb sizes range from toddler to XXL, in male and female styles. Anyone who wishes to borrow garb or feast gear, or other things, or has any questions about our group and how to get involved, should contact the Chatelaine directly at the e-mail address provided above. If you wish to borrow items that the Barony does not own, the Chatelaine may even be able to connect you with individuals willing to help out.


Gold Key - in charge of loaner medieval clothing (which we consistently refer to as "garb") available for people to borrow when they do not have garb of their own; please make arrangements in advance of need. - Signora Beatrice Domenici della Campana. Beatrice also receives mail sent to the Chatelaine e-mail address.

Links, Documents, And So On

History Of The Office
04/2017 Present Adriana Karafantoni
04/2015 01/2017 Signora Beatrice Domenici della Campana
04/2013 04/2015 Asabella of Caer Anterth Mawr
01/2013 03/2013 VACANT
01/2011 12/2012 Julianna deLeon
01/2009 12/2011 Eva of Greenfield
01/2007 12/2008 Rose Marian of Edgewater
06/2004 12/2006 Ysolt Pais de Coeur
12/2003 05/2004 VACANT
11/2002 11/2003 Grecia de Caunteton
10/2000 10/2002 Anne Meyer von der Lutheranan
07/2000 09/2000 Ian of Lanarkshire
01/2000 06/2000 Lewina of Sussex
09/1998 12/1999 Sigrid de la Mare
01/1997 08/1998 Arnbjorn of Burning Stone
02/1995 12/1996 Dorothea vander Zee called Dore'
02/1994 01/1995 Margaret Malise de Kyrkyntolaghe called Mysie
01/1994 01/1994 VACANT
11/1990 12/1993 Marisela de Llewellyn the Vinter
02/1989 10/1990 Gwynfreya ab Llewellyn ab Morganwyn of Gwenydd
08/1988 01/1989 Cameron Ian MacLaird
02/1987 07/1988 Ciara ni Mhaille
07/1986 01/1987 Aylmar de North Allerton
01/1986 06/1986 Lee San Huang
02/1984 12/1985 Cathlin Kavanagh
10/1983 01/1984 Gwynfreya ab Llewellyn ab Morganwyn of Gwenydd
07/1983 09/1983 Elspeth Aislinn nic Hugh
04/1983 06/1983 VACANT
06/1982 05/1983 Gwillian St Augustine nic Lathurna
06/1981 05/1982 Elspeth Aislinn nic Hugh
09/1979 05/1981 Gwynfreya ab Llewellyn ab Morganwyn of Gwenydd