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Contact The Chatelaine (Contact For Newcomers & Our Welcome Officer)

There is also information for newcomers on our home page and at the SCA's Welcome page. If you want to ask any questions or look for more information, this form e-mails our Chatelaine.

The Chatelaine is the officer who volunteers to act as a sort of designated Welcome Wagon to the Barony and the S.C.A.; they're specifically available to help people who'd like to learn about and get involved with the local S.C.A.

The information from your completed form (below) will be e-mailed directly to the Chatelaine, and you will also receive a copy if you provide your e-mail address.

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You don't need your own e-mail or a phone to contact our staff! An e-mail with the information you enter below is sent to our staff by our ISP's machine, in your name.

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