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Baronial Exchequer

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Asabella of Caer Anterth Mawr (Elizabeth Burnham)
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Term of Office: April, 2015 - Present

The Exchequer's Jobs

The EXCHEQUER, a greater office, is responsible for maintaining the financial records of the Barony, supervising the finances of the Barony, and assembling yearly (Kingdom) reports, copies of these reports are given to the Seneschal. All reports are to be done in a timely manner and follow guidelines set forth by the Kingdom. The Kingdom Exchequer (as applicable), the Baronial Exchequer, the Baronial Seneschal and two other Baronial Greater Oficers as appointed by Curia, will serve as signatories on all Baronial Accounts. Two Signatures are needed for each check issued.

Links, Documents, And So On

Forms (all are in PDF format):

History Of The Office
04/2015 Present Asabella of Caer Anterth Mawr
05/2012 04/2015 Moira MacVey
03/2010 04/2012 Magnus Vargsson
11/2007 02/2010 Jean du MalChance
02/2007 09/2007 Antonio di Casa d'Aqua, called Price
02/2006 01/2007 Genevieve de Belleval
03/2005 01/2006 Clare of Romsey
05/2003 02/2005 Sigrid de la Mare
04/2001 04/2003 Astrid fran Sverige
05/1999 03/2001 Kateryn of Cornwall
06/1997 04/1999 Moira MacVey
04/1990 05/1997 Cairistiona MacRorie, called Jondalara
02/1989 03/1990 Prisika od Cerveny Kamen
01/1989 01/1989 Antonio Preccio di Casa d'Aqua, called Price (Interim)
02/1987 12/1988 Anastasie la Defaillante
10/1983 01/1987 Antonio Preccio di Casa d'Aqua, called Price
12/1980 09/1983 Megan Barrowsby
12/1979 11/1980 Solomon ben Jacob
10/1977 12/1979 Dughall Alain mac ic Lathurna
1975 12/1976 Kyna Ciarda