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Officers Of The Barony

Some of the job titles used here may be familiar to the modern reader, and many may not be; if you have any real question, just click on the link to the officer's page. If that doesn't explain it well, you can try contacting the officer in question, or the Webminister, to find out what they do and to suggest how the page might be improved.

Current Officers (And Links To Individual Office Pages)

OfficeOfficer NameE-mail
Marshal badgeArchery Captain Rhys ap Ishmael Llygad Odd Reveal
Baronial ArmsBaronial Coronet (Baron(s) and/or Baroness(es)) Armond le Charpentier (Baron)
Sofonisba Vespasiana Gabrielli (Baroness)
Baron: Reveal
Baroness: Reveal
Both at once: Reveal
Chatelaine badgeChatelaine ("Contact for Newcomers") Adriana Karafantoni Reveal
Chronicler badgeChronicler ("Newsletter Editor") Arnbjorn Karlsson Reveal
Exchequer badgeExchequer ("Treasurer") Asabella of Caer Anterth Mawr Reveal
Marshal badgeKnight's Marshal ("Armored Rattan SCA Combat") Jean du Mal Chance Reveal
MOAS badgeMinister of Arts & Sciences (A&S = "Medieval Crafts and Research") Sibillia d'Orange Reveal
MOC badgeMinister of Youth OPEN Reveal
Herald badgePursuivant (Herald) Beatrice Domenici della Campana Reveal
Quartermaster badgeQuartermaster ("Baronial General Property") Armond Le Charpentier Reveal
Rapier Marshal badgeRapier Marshal ("SCA Fencing / Unarmored Combat") Arthur Angus Reveal
Seneschal badgeSeneschal ("Chapter President") Geoffrey de la Brugge Reveal
Marshal badgeThrown Weapons Marshal Arnbjorn Karlsson Reveal
Ye Olde Badge of Ye Olde Minister of Ye Olde WebWebminister Winifride Barnes Reveal
Marshal badgeYouth Combat Marshal Abelard die Elster Reveal

Help Wanted!!!
Open Positions: Officers and Event Stewards

The following Baronial positions are currently available! If you are interested in serving the Barony, send a Letter of Intent (LoI) to the Coronet & Seneschal. The Seneschal will see to it that copies reach the other officers as appropriate.

Exchequer badge Chancellor of the ExchequerLetters of Intent due by January 9, 2018
Seneschal badge SeneschalLetters of Intent due by February 13, 2018
Quartermaster badge QuartermasterLetters of Intent due by February 13, 2018
Minister of YouthOPEN
Boar's Head 2018 StewardOPEN

Most of our Officers would gladly welcome a Deputy! If interested in helping as a Deputy, please contact the relevant Officer directly.

Archery Captain (December 2013-2016)
Baronial Coronet (December 2016-2019)
Chatelaine (January 2017-2019)
Chronicler (December 2016-2018)
Exchequer (Treasurer) (April 2015-2017)
Knight's Marshal (September 2015-2017)
Minister of Arts & Sciences (December 2016-2018)
Minister of Youth OPEN
Pursuivant (Herald) (December 2015-2017)
Quartermaster (September 2016-2018)
Rapier Marshal (February 2017-2019)
Seneschal (June 2016-2018)
Thrown Weapons Marshal (May, 2017-2019)
Webminister (September 2017-2019)
Youth Combat Marshal (January, 2017-2019)