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Baronial Webminister

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Dahrien Cordell (Carlos Vigil)
Reveal E-Mail Address
Phone Number: 414-442-2720
Please do not call after 11pm Central Time. We have an answering machine; please leave all messages with it. If any human being answers, please tell them that you will hang up and call back for the answering machine, then do so. Not only is the machine less likely to get lost than paper notes or memories, but I can retrieve messages remotely at need.

Term of Office: 09/2015 - Present


PLEASE use officers' e-mail addresses when writing about things directly relating to their offices. For instance, in the case of the Webminister, anything related to the main portions of the Baronial website should be sent to the Officer's e-mail address, not the personal e-mail address of the person who happens to be the Webminister. The Webminster's office maintains a separate e-mail account for its mail, so that relevant mail may be passed on when a new person takes over the office.

Event-related "websites" -- although usually maintained in the baronial domain, and so technically part of the Baronial website as a whole -- may be treated as independent of the main portion of the Baronial website; people other than the Baronial Webminister sometimes volunteer to be Event Webministers. In those cases, mail related to Event websites may be sent directly to the personal e-mail address of the person handling that Event website's development and maintenance.

The Webminister's Jobs

The official title in use by the SCA for this office is "Webminister", a single word. The WEBMINISTER, a greater office, supervises all publishing activities of the Baronial website. The Webminister will foster the submission of information that will educate, inform and entertain. The Webminister shall work with the Chronicler and exchange information so that both offices may better inform the populace. The Webminister is responsible for all written reports to Kingdom as well as copies to the Seneschal. All reports are to be done in a timely manner and follow guidelines set forth by the Kingdom.

Release Forms

Release forms for various forms of content, including personal information, can be found on the Copyright & Disclaimers page at the point to which the link will take you.

History Of The Office
09/2015 Present Dahrien Cordell
09/2012 09/2015 Hafgrimm Kinslayer
05/2010 08/2012 Dahrien Cordell
05/2008 04/2010 Abelard die Elster
05/2006 04/2008 Corin du Soleil
06/2004 04/2006 Enika drifa Svensdotter av Uppsala
10/2000 05/2004 Betinna von Hassenfeld
09/1998 09/2000 Anders Olafsson
01/1997 08/1998 Trystan of Caer Anterth Mawr