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Baronial Awards and Recommendation Form

History Of The Baronial Awards

If you would like to learn more about the History of these awards, you can, thanks to the work of HL Arnbjorn Karlsson in compiling the information.

Baronial Awards - Brief Descriptions

Baronial Brassard (BB) - newcomer's award for enthusiastic service to the Barony.

Rising Star (RS) - for children who have been helpful to the Barony.

Whistling Swan (WS) - for excellence in the arts.

Flaming Heart (FH) - for excellence in the sciences.

Award of the Millstone - for excellence in service.

Award of the Zenith's Guardian - for excellence in the arts martial.

Baron's/Baroness' Cypher (BC) - for personal service to the Baron or Baroness.

Order of the Twr Mawr (OTM) - for long, unending service to the Barony.

Order of the Fortress Virtuosos - for superior skill and teaching of an art or science with emphasis within the Barony (polling order)

Order of the Castle's Commanders - for superior skill and teaching of the arts martial with emphasis within the Barony (polling order)

Council of Ancestors - previous landed Barons and Baroness, and any other long-standing member of the Barony deemed appropriate by the current landed Baron and Baroness to be a permanent councilor to the current and future landed Baron and Baroness of Caer Anterth Mawr

Honour of the Domestic Goddess exists to acknowledge those members of the Society for Creative Anachronism who have shown excellent service in the face of danger, travesty, threat, flood, siege, or other worrisome items while serving in the kitchen during an event.

Recommend People For Baronial Recognitions!

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Baronial Brassard (BB)
Rising Star (RS)
Whistling Swan (WS)
Flaming Heart (FH)
Award of the Millstone
Award of the Zenith's Guardian
Order of the Fortress Virtuosos
Order of the Castle's Commanders
Baron/Baroness' Cypher (BC)
Order of the Twr Mawr (OTM)
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