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On-Line Directory of Contact Information For Many Members of the Barony Of Caer Anterth Mawr

First, remember that individuals decide for themselves if they want their information to be available, and that each person has to make it available themselves, by creating a profile on the Northshield Kingdom website.

If you're trying to find one of our members who isn't an officer, or you are one of our members who wants to be found, then head on over to the Northshield Kingdom Website. The "Members Directory" link will take you to Caer Anterth Mawr's information page on that site, then look for the "Populace Listing" on that page. Clicking on any name in the listing will bring up their profile information. If you have a profile on the website -- create one for free if you need to -- and are logged in, then you can see more information than if you are not logged in. Members decide what information is visible to website visitors who are not logged in and to those who are.

If you want to create a profile there, to see others or to share your information, you can use the NEW REGISTRATION link. Currently (6:50 AM 10/19/2016), that's at the top-right of every web page on the Northshield Kingdom website; you'll see three "hanging banners", a wider one with fields for logging in, one for NEW REGISTRATION, and one reading FORGOT PASSWORD. Once again, you decide what kind of information you share there, and can make certain things visible ONLY to logged-in visitors if you want. There are a lot of other benefits to having a profile there, besides sharing contact information. Check it out!

Our own Barony's Webminister is glad to help with any questions about why things are as they are, and the Kingdom Webminister is glad to help with anything to do with the Northshield Kingdom website.