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CAM's Baronial Arms

The Barony Of Caer Anterth Mawr

Greetings! The Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr is the Milwaukee-area local branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism Inc. (S.C.A.), an international, not-for-profit, educational organization devoted to the study and recreation of European cultures, and others that had contact with them, anywhere from A.D. 600 to A.D. 1600. Fun in the Middle Ages (and early Renaissance, for some of those cultures)!

Beginning With The Society For Creative Anachronism (S.C.A.)

WELCOME.SCA.ORG is THE website to introduce our organization! If you are here for the first time, and before going on, you really just want to know what the SCA and its MANY activities are all about, THAT is the website to visit first. The national organization put a lot of work into that site, and it paid off with fantastic ways to get overviews of much of what we do! You will get a much better introduction there than we could prepare here, and even back in A.D. 600, there was no point in re-inventing the best wheel already available! Once you've got an idea of what the S.C.A. is and want to see what we're up to here in our local group, come on back to this website.

A Quick Glossary For Some Words We Use A Lot In The SCA

Really briefly, just to get you through the next section with the bare minimum understanding needed ... A barony is just one kind of local branch of the S.C.A., with the Baronial Coronet being the person or pair leading the barony's medieval activities. A kingdom is a larger regional branch that contains many local branches, with the Crown being the pair leading the kingdom's medieval activities (and much of its modern administration). The Royalty includes both the Crown, and the pair who will be the next Crown.

If you want a more detailed understanding of some of our jargon and some of our ways, you might like to look at this very short glossary. It explains those words above a bit more completely. It includes explanations of some of the words used in the other explanations, too.

Back To The Barony Of Caer Anterth Mawr

Our Baronial Motto is Certe sufficiens!, Latin for "Surely, there is enough!". In the Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr, you will surely find more than enough things to pique your interests. If it was done in the Middle Ages, chances are that someone somewhere in the S.C.A. is doing it now (although we do try to do without the less pleasant aspects of history, such as the Plague, for just one instance). And if you're wondering about something else that you don't see someone doing or talking about already, talk to us and ask around! Because there may be someone local you just haven't met yet, or one or more of us might be able to set you on the path to being the first! We might be able to introduce you to someone in another area who has the same or a similar interest and knowledge already -- one of the great joys of the SCA, for many of us, is making friends ALL over the city, region, country, or even world! Or if nothing else, someone can help get you started on the necessary research to forge a new path! How do you like the idea of becoming the expert other people come to? It's happened!

Throughout the year, Caer Anterth Mawr hosts a variety of major Events, where common offerings include tournaments of combat, games, classes, feasts, crafts, and Court -- in which the Baronial Coronet and/or the Kingdom's Royalty recognize and reward participants' accomplishments and contributions! These events draw people from around our Kingdom, and even some from other kingdoms of the Known World. We also host regular local mini-events, which Caer Anterth Mawr calls "moots"; our moots might last for an evening or afternoon, all day, or even occasionally for a weekend. (These are common in other branches, also, but they may have different names for them.) Throughout the week, you can also attend gatherings centered around all kinds of things, including different crafts (such as cooking, calligraphy & illumination, sewing & costuming, et. al.), practices for archery, and medieval combat with rattan weapons and real armor or else with steel weapons in a form of fencing that doesn't restrict itself to a line! There are also monthly Curia meetings (what our Barony calls our business meetings which anyone is welcome to attend), and other fun activities. Check our Calendar of Events & Activities page for dates, times, and locations. There is a link to that page in the navigation menu on every page on the website.

Paid national SCA membership is not required to participate in any of these activities, just an interest, so please feel free to come out and join us. As we often say, "How do you join? Show up!" Our Baronial newsletter, The Song of the Tower, is now available online, and also offers letters from the Coronet and other Baronial officers, interesting articles, and other fun stuff!

If you would like to know more about our Barony, or wish to get involved, please feel free to contact our Chatelaine (New Member Coordinator) for information! You can also sign up for the CAM List, the informal e-mail list that many of us use to stay in touch and discuss things of interest; although it is not an official channel of communication, it is often used for announcements and planning, as well. (In fact, the honest truth is that the best up-to-date information comes through the CAM List, even when it does not get submitted to the website administrators for publication on our Calendar of Events & Activities page.) Write a letter and introduce yourself, ask any questions, or just lurk for a bit. Thank you for visiting and feel free to spend some time browsing our web pages. We hope that you find them informative and useful. Should you find this website in need of any corrections or wish to add something of interest to it, please contact the Webminister.

Yours in Service,
~~ The Baronial Webminister

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