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Better Menu Font:
What Happened?
And How Do I Change The Font To Something More Medieval Again?

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What Happened?

The links in the navigation menu at the left of the Barony's web pages used to be rendered in a "pretty, medieval" font. Now they are displayed in a modern font (unless I've already installed the "pretty, medieval" font provided in the new menu). What gives?

Well, the short answer is that if you recall seeing the navigation menu printed in a "medieval" font (since 2010), I can think of three possibilities. You saw it on a different computer. OR your computer lost that font. OR, maybe, the webminister has decided to code the navigation menu to use a different font since I wrote this.

In all cases, the solution is either to enjoy the font you're seeing now, or to download & install the font currently provided in the navigation menu, right above the link you followed to this page.

There are very few fonts that exist on all types of computers/operating systems. And there aren't any "pretty, medieval" fonts that I can count on all of you having, or even just most of you having. I can set words to display in any font I want, but if you don't have that font on your computer, you won't see anything in that font.

However, I can also set up a list of fonts that your PC will try, in order, until it finds one your computer will display. So I found a free "pretty, medieval" font, and chose to use that; it is the first font in my list. Behind that, I tried two more progressively generic, modern fonts. I made the "pretty, medieval" font available for you to download from our web site, so that we can always have it without worrying about whether some other web site goes away. As soon as you install that, the menu font will be "pretty, medieval" again. Until then, its links will display in Arial if your computer has a font with that name, or in whatever font your web browser has designated as its "San Serif" font. (Don't worry -- All web browsers do designate a font to be used as a "san serif" font; it is part of being a web browser, so to speak.) This is the best I can do to provide a uniform view of the web site to everyone. And that is why you probably see a modern font in the menus, all of a sudden.

How Can I Make The Navigation Menu's Links "Medieval And Pretty" Again?

Let me emphasize this point: The links work; you can use them to get around the site. This step is only necessary to change how they look. If you can't install a new font on the computer you're using -- for instance, if it belongs to someone else, or you don't have permission to install new fonts -- do not worry about it. Just use the navigation menu as it is. Now ...

At the bottom of the navigation menu -- and it's on this very web page, too -- above the "details" link you followed to reach this page, there is a link reading "better menu font". Click on that to download a free "pretty, medieval" font from our web site. Save and install that font as appropriate for your computer system; most modern systems make it a very easy process. You're done. After that, any time you come to a web page you haven't visited before (or that's been cleared from your history since your last visit to it), or refresh an old page, the navigation menu will use that font. (And if you ever want to go back to the plain modern font, just uninstall the one you downloaded from here.)

If you don't know how to install a font on your computer once you have it downloaded, don't worry too much. Like I said, most modern systems make it a very easy process. In most Windows systems (say from Windows 95 on), you can probably get somewhere useful just by double-clicking on the font file. You can either ask a tech-savvy friend to help, or just use a search engine like or to search for something like "install font" followed by the name of your computer operating system to get useful results, probably detailed instructions.

In case you are wondering, or your computer whiz asks you, you can tell "what kind of font" you got from our site by looking at the end of the file name (after the period). If it ends in ".ttf", it is a true-type font, supported by pretty much every graphical operating system available at the time of this writing [11:55 PM 8/19/2010]. And that is the kind of font I made available when I wrote this page and made the initial sweeping changes to the navigation menu. Of course, a later Webminister might make new changes and set things up to use a different font for the navigation menu, which they should also make available through the same link. So that might be a different kind of font.

Yours In Service,
-- Master Dahrien Cordell  =)